25 Best Hair Dye Brands In 2022 (Popular & Unknown) (2022)

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Top Permanent Hair Dye Brands

#1. Madison Reed

The Brand: Madison Reed is a high-quality brand of hair dye founded in 2013. They produce a wide range of naturally-colored hair dyes and there’s even a quiz on their website that helps you pick the perfect shade for you.

Need To Know: Madison Reed doesn’t use any harmful ingredients like parabens, phthalates, and ammonia. They never test their products on animals. Their hair dyes miraculously cover gray hair while keeping your hair healthy.

#2. Hally

The Brand: Hally is an up-and-coming hair dye brand that created the unique Color Cloud foam hair dye. As Hally is a fairly new company, they are still working on adding colors to their collection.

Need To Know: Hally’s Color Cloud is ammonia-free as well as cruelty-free. The hair dye is permanent yet gentle enough to not cause tons of damage. Each shade is $25 and long-lasting.

#3. Clairol

The Brand: A very popular and easy-to-find hair brand is Clairol. Clairol has been named the #1 permanent root brand. You can find their products at most drug and department stores as well as online.

Need To Know: Clairol is incredibly affordable while also being high quality and highly recommended. They have hair dye and treatments not only for coloring, but touching up roots and covering gray hairs.

#4. RAW

The Brand: If you’re into bright, vibrant colors, RAW may be for you. RAW hair dye comes in many different colors sure to make you look uniquely fabulous.

Need To Know: A huge plus to this hair dye is that it comes premixed, so there’s no hassle with the developer. RAW hair dye also lasts up to 45 washes, so you’re in it for the long haul when you use this hair dye brand. That won’t be a problem, though, because their shades are absolutely stunning. They even come scented!

#5. Better Natured

The Brand: Despite being naturally derived, Better Natured hair dye brings amazingly powerful results. The brand is dedicated to bringing you clean and ethical hair dye options. Now you can change your hair color while keeping it healthy.

Need To Know: Better Natured hair dyes are all plant-based and safe for your hair. Not only do they offer hair dyes, but they also offer hair care products based on different hair needs. You can purchase a hair dye for $25 or you can subscribe and save.

Top Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Brands

#1. Arctic Fox

The Brand: Arctic Fox is well-known for having great products and being very affordable. Most of their hair dyes are colorful and unique.

Need To Know: Arctic Fox hair dyes are only $10.99 a bottle. While this is extremely affordable, Arctic Fox brings some of the highest-quality hair dyes to the table. They have plenty of gorgeous shades and even some that are UV-reactive! 15% of every purchase is also donated to prevent animal cruelty.

#2. Manic Panic

The Brand: Another awesome brand for bold and exotic hair color is Manic Panic. They have been around since 1977 and have gained many loyal customers.

Need To Know: Manic Panic stays in your hair for a good one to three months on average. They offer a lightening kit as they recommend you lighten your hair to a pale blonde before applying their colors. Manic Panic is easy-to-use and non-damaging.

#3. Good Dye Young

The Brand: Good Dye Young is a vibrant hair dye brand founded by the lead singer of Paramore, Hayley Williams. New shades are constantly being added to the product line so you have many options.

Need To Know: Good Dye Young hair dye contains no ammonia and is cruelty-free. They carry a wide range of unique colors that you can’t find with any other hair dye brand.

#4. Lime Crime

The Brand: Lime Crime is a beauty brand that sells hair dye along with makeup and other beauty products. Their products are both unique and adorable.

Need To Know: Lime Crime products aren’t too expensive with their hair dye costing about $17. They’re also very cute and come in creative packaging. Lime Crime is vegan, cruelty-free, and certified by PETA, the well-known animal rights group committed to preventing animal abuse.

#5. Lunar Tides

The Brand: Lunar Tides is a female-owned and operated hair dye brand that has over 40 shades of high-quality colors. Their hair dyes come in jars ready to be used and never cause damage to your hair.

Need To Know: Lunar Tides is unique for its space-themed hair dyes and hair dye bundles. Lunar Tides offers neon hair colors as well as split dye and ombre packs. You can order a 120-year-old dye for only $11.99!

Top Salon Hair Dye Brands

#1. Schwarzkopf

The Brand: Schwarzkopf is a 120-year-old haircare brand that also offers professional hair dyes. Schwarzkopf is one of the top three hair care brands and is used by stylists around the globe.

Need To Know: Schwarzkopf hair dyes can be found at more department and drug stores as well as beauty supply stores. Their dyes are specially formulated to cover grays and create beautiful-looking hair. Their brand uses sustainable packaging and actively works to recycle their packages.

#2. eSalon

The Brand: eSalon brings the salon to the comfort of your own home by personalizing your hair dye with the help of a professional and shipping it to you.

Need To Know: eSalon hair dye is another great choice for covering gray hairs. You can also purchase a subscription from eSalon so you always have hair dye delivered and ready to use when your roots start coming in or the previous dye fades.

#3. Paul Mitchell

The Brand: Paul Mitchell is used in many salons and for good reason. They create the ultimate professional hair care and hair dye products. They were also the first hair care company to be cruelty-free.

Need To Know: Paul Mitchell’s hair products are made especially for hairstylists. The products are of the highest quality and make the hair look healthier and more beautiful. Chances are, you can find a salon near you that uses Paul Mitchell products.

#4. L’Oreal

The Brand: You may have used L’Oreal shampoo and conditioner in your home, but did you know L’Oreal has a whole hair dye line dedicated to professional use? L’Oreal Professionnel offers hair dye, developer, lightener, root touch up, etc for use in salons.

Need To Know: Whether you’re wanting to color your hair or lighten it, L’Oreal products will do the job. Customers love L’Oreal because of how well it works and how long it stays.

#5. Wella Koleston Perfect

The Brand: Wella Koleston Perfect is a professional hair color brand that offers natural colors. According to Wella Professionals, a store that sells professional hair care products, a tube of Koleston Perfect is sold every second.

Need To Know: Koleston Perfect dyes fully cover grey hairs and prevent damage to the hair while coloring. Hair colored with Koleston Perfect ends up shiny, gorgeous, and healthy. The dyes are permanent, giving you plenty of time before needing a touch-up.

Top Vegan Hair Dye Brands:

#1. Punky Colour

The Brand: Punky Colour is a vegan hair dye brand from London. The brand focuses on exotic rainbow colors and does not test its products on animals. You can find their products on their official website as well as most beauty stores.

Need To Know: The average price of Punky Colour products is around $10, making it easy to achieve beautiful bright colors while being environmentally conscious. They offer permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary dye sprays in a large variety of bright colors.

#2. Aveda

The Brand: Aveda is an organic, vegan, and professional hair dye brand used in many salons. Aveda also owns many cosmetic schools called Aveda Institute where they use their products.

Need To Know: Even though Aveda is mostly made for professional use in salons, you can find its products in many stores. Their all-natural products are advertised as fade-resistant and stay for quite a while. They currently offer an incredible 65 shades.

#3. Splat

The Brand: Many consider Splat to be a classic in the vibrant hair dye world. The edgy hair dye brand brings forward affordable hair colors that look stunning. Splat has been around since 1991 and there are no signs of them fizzling out any time soon.

Need To Know: Many customers comment on the fact that Splat dye sticks around for a very long time. This is great if you’re looking to stick to one color for a while. Splat’s lightning kit will bring you to a light enough blonde to make any colors you put over it pop out.

#4. oVertone

The Brand: Another great vegan brand of hair color is oVertone. oVertone offers hair dye for everyone, even people with darker hair who cannot bleach it.

Need To Know: oVertone products don’t only cover your hair in a blanket of vivid colors, they also moisturize your hair and keep your hair feeling soft. If you’re struggling to pick one of their many color options, take their quiz and find out which color would be right for you.

#5. WaterWorks

The Brand: The brand, Water Works, is very different than most hair dye brands because it comes in powder form. This hair dye is activated by adding water and doesn’t contain ammonia.

Need To Know: Water Works claims to completely cover gray hairs and gently color your hair. They mostly offer natural colors, keeping the natural theme of the brand. This is a very cheap brand, with their products being between $4 to $6 on average.

Top Synthetic Hair Dye Brands

#1. Rit

The Brand: Rit dye is not made for hair, but fabric. This is a very popular option for dying synthetic hair and wigs. The dye brand has been around for over 100 years and has been used for a multitude of craft projects.

Need To Know: Rit dyes are non-toxic and safe to use. They’re also vegan and never tested on animals. The dye comes in liquid form, reducing the need to dilute it in water. This makes the dying process a million times easier.

#2. iDye Poly

The Brand: iDye Poly by Jacquard is used in another popular method of dying synthetic hair. Because iDye Poly is meant for dying anything synthetic, it works wonders on hair. It doesn’t make a mess because it comes in a convenient dissolvable packet.

Need To Know: There are 16 colors of this dye available. You can find the dyes at Walmart or your local craft stores.

#3. Sharpie

The Brand: This may seem like a funny one, but a lot of people such as cosplayers or wig enthusiasts use Sharpie markers to dye their wigs. It’s common sense. Sharpie markers are bold and permanent, so it gets the job done.

Need To Know: Sharpie markers are non-toxic and can be found pretty much everywhere. There are many colors to choose from and they’re super affordable considering they are markers.

#4. Dylon

The Brand: Dylon is another brand of fabric dye commonly used to dye synthetic wigs. Dylon dyes can be found in 19 different colors. Thankfully, these dyes are non-toxic so you don’t need to worry if you accidentally get some on your hands.

Need To Know: Dylon prices vary quite a bit depending on where you get them, but they are never very expensive. Dylon dyes can be found at JOANN’s, Walmart, and Amazon among other stores.

#5. Apple Barrel

The Brand: You may be wondering why an acrylic paint brand is under synthetic hair dye brands. This is because acrylic paint is another widely used method of dying synthetic hair and wigs.

Need To Know: The colors are always vivid, can be mixed with hundreds of other colors, and are easy to apply. You can find acrylic paint at every craft store or department store.

View Apple Barrel on Amazon

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