30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (2022)

If you are good at crafting, you see every material with a skillful and observing eye with the thought that it could be your next experimental material. But whenever you see a pop star or a filmy personality wore a leather jacket, you indeed have craved to have something in leather with you. But this heavy material may restrict regular wear use, but you can carve out many more items. To make your eyes and yourself believe whatever I am acclaiming, have a peek into these 30 mind-blowing leather craft ideas, which you can work out at home for some jaw-dropping results.

Leather is convenient, easy to handle, flexible to be mold into many shapes, and very durable and long-lasting. Either you want to add something roughen up in your indoor decor, or you want o to create something useful. You can achieve anything from the leather. You can also target many girly and guy things, from leather-like, I phone cover, leather pockets, watches, and necklaces. Things like leather key chains, dog belts, coasters, and bags would make a very inexpensive gift for the coming celebrations, saving many dollars out of your pocket. Just grab some leather pieces from a thrift store and try out these amusingand creative craft ideas at home.

1. How to Make Leather Hair Bows

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (1)

Here are these gorgeous leather hair bows that you can make and funk up your hairstyles with. These cute leather hair bows are quite simple and fun to make with faux leather in your desired hues. Other things in need are simple hairpins, glue, and scissors. These leather hair bows make the perfect gifts for your dear and near ones too. cutegirlshair

2. Genuine Leather Wallet Tutorial

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (2)

Either you need a father’s day gift or an anniversary gift for your husband, this genuine leather wallet is the best thing to get your hands on. Using leather, scissors, and some sewing supplies are the only things you need to make this wallet. The wallet has multiple pockets and sections to hold a lot of stuff at a time. Details here! handmadiya

3. Leather Pouf Ottoman

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (3)

Add more to your comfort and seating with this added leather pouf ottoman. You can easily sew up this poufy ottoman with two upholstery zippers, fabric leather, and the stuffing, which can be the bean bag pellets. This leather pouf ottoman is perfect for your chic modern home. You can follow complete sewing details here! mellysews

4. DIY Leather Cushion

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (4)

It’s time to perk up your cushion display over the sofa to live with this added DIY leather cushion. The main things needed for this DIY leather cushion are the leather, sewing machine, fabric marker, and zipper. This DIY leather cushion looks quite cool and cute, along with other fabric or crocheted cushions. Details here! collectivegen

5. Leather and Tweed Travel Documents Holder

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (5)

This leather and tweed travel pouch is one of the cutest things made out of leather. The combination of the tweed and the leather has really come out to be fascinating and cool at the same time. Other items needed for the project are the zippers, sewing machine, scissors, and a craft knife. You can grab the details here! thecraftygentle

Watch This Video: I Made Airpods Leather Case Using Starbucks Card – Leather Crafts (14 Minutes 52 Seconds)

6. Geometric Leather Mouse Pad

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (6)

Bring some utility and beauty to your desk with this geometric leather mouse pad. The leather and its cork base are cut with a geometric shape and attached. The idea is quite smart yet very simple and cheap to work on. Learn easy details and the instructions of the idea right on the link here! deliacreates

7. How to Sew Leather Tote

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (7)

Save yourself some money with this sew leather tote that could cost you a lot from a store. So get your hands on the leather fabric, sewing machine, leather glue, and a gold or silver chain to hang the leather tassel on the side. This simple and elegant bag is going to add so much grace to your overall personality. boxwoodavenue

8. Stamped Leather Coasters

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (8)

Leather is also good water-resistant, so here is this stamped leather coaster project for you. These beautiful leather coasters’ catchy factors are the embroidered edges and the delightful words stamped in each center. Your guests are really going to be impressed with these custom and personalized leather coasters, so do make them. Details here! liagriffith

9. Make a Leather Basket

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (9)

Are you looking for some fun storage options for your places? Making this leather basket is the best thing to do away with your living room or bedroom clutter. The basket would not only hold your knick-knack but also add oodles of charm to your chic home décor too. You can follow the details of the idea here! poppytalk

10. Modern DIY Leather Baby Boy Boots

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (10)

If you have a cute little toddler boy in your house, you should make these modern DIY leather baby boy boots. The pretty and traditional in design pair of boots is really going to perk up your baby boys’ outfit. They are super easy and quick to make, so do check out the details here! deliacreates

11. Ice Cream Earphone Organiser

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (11)

Almost everyone deals with the problem of entangled earphones. The easy and quick solution to your problem lies with this idea of the ice cream earphone organizer. These cute and colorful ice cream theme earphone organizers need a few things on hand like rawhide mallet, metal caps, metal setter, awl, and glue. Check out the details here! demetres

12. Upcycled Leather Boho DIY Vase

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (12)

Making vases will be so much fun with this unusual craft of the upcycled leather boho DIY vase. A plastic bottle has been turned into a vase with a complete leather wrap. A yarn and wooden beaded tassel add more to the beauty and charm of this shabby chic DIY vase. You can check out the detailed tutorial here! pillarboxblue

13. Leather Yoga Mat Strap

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (13)

Now carry your yoga mats most feasibly with this leather yoga mat strap. This is one of the easiest crafts yet so much fun and functional to lend your hands to. You can also make a bunch of them use as gifts to all the yoga persons around you. You need a wide leather strap, heavy-duty thread, and needle to work up this yoga mat strap. Details here! xoxojackie

14. Leather Tassel Keychain

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (14)

Tassels are so cute and versatile to use for a lot of beautifying and decorative projects. Here is this leather tassel keychain to make this weekend. Also, these leather tassel keychains make the perfect gifts for your dear and near ones. Use multi-shaded leather to make so many pretty colored leather tassel keychains. Details here! liagriffith

15. Leather Phone Cover or Case

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (15)

It’s time to have the most quirky phone cover ever with this leather phone cover or case. Just take a simple phone case and cut out the exact sized piece from the leather. Then glue up this leather piece to the simple case, and your super cool and totally personalized phone case is ready. Details here! downthewinding

16. Leather Handled Vase

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (16)

Sometimes small changes can bring a big style statement to your décor, which is the case with this leather-handled vase. Yes, the simply gorgeous white vase has been dressed up with a leather belt in the center. This pretty vase with the leather handle is going to look so eye-catching standing on your mantle or tables. Details of the idea here! hunker

17. DIY Leather Catchall

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (17)

Throw your keys, watch, glasses, and more in this DIY leather catchall once you are back home from a hectic day. Once relaxed, you can pick up your items from this leather catch and organize them properly. So grab a leather sheet and metal snaps to make this lovely and super cute-looking DIY leather catch-all on your own right now. theeverygirl

18. Leather Makeup Pouches

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (18)

Leather is the best material when you are looking for something sturdy and durable. Here are these leather makeup pouches, which are super quick and easy to sew in minutes. Things needed for this project are the lightweight leather cord, gold button with a snapback, leather hole punch, and some basic tools. Follow the full idea details here! papernstitch

19. Leather Bound Notebook

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (19)

Now you can make your own notebook, which is cute and customized. This leather-bound notebook is easy and cheap to make and turns out to be quite decent. You can also make one a gift to someone special who is in the habit of writing down their stuff daily. Check out the list of the supplies and making methods right here! thecraftygentle

20. Leather Book Holder

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (20)

Leather has a lot of strength to hold weight for a long time, so this leather book holder project. This simply gorgeous book holder is going to bring some really unique vibes to the library spaces or your study room. Learn to make this easy and quick leather book holder right here! dwellbeautiful

21. Faux Leather Anemones

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (21)

you can use these gorgeous faux leather anemones for a lot of styling purposes. They make pretty hair accessories for any particular dress-up day. You can also use them as the décor for your walls, vases, dresses, and so much more. They are simple to make out of leather and some felt, and the details have been shared here! deliacreates

22. Leather Cuff with Secret Pocket

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (22)

Leather is something men enjoy in their fashion too. So here is this leather cuff with a secret pocket to look cool and stylish with. The cuff is quite easy to make with leather, metal buttons and back snaps, and some basic crafty tools. These lovely manly leather cuffs make the perfect gifts for your father, husband, and even the teen son. Follow the details here! kikucorner

23. Leather Pom Pom Bookmarks

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (23)

Need a simple yet cute craft to indulge in? How about making these lovely leather pom-poms bookmarks this weekend? These adorable little bookmarks are so easy and quick to make in just a few minutes. Just cut out a bit wide leather straps and then add colorful pom-poms to their one end, and you have the cute bookmarks ready. delineateyourd

24. DIY Leather Ring

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (24)

If you are a fan of the rings, make this DIY leather ring for yourself and everyone around. The pretty rings will look quite cool, and fun and even men can easily pull them off. They are going to make easy and fun gifts for everyone around. Check out easy details right here! secondskin

25. Diamond Hanging Planters with Leather Strap

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (25)

These chic and modern-looking diamond hanging planters with a leather strap are just adorable. The diamond hanging planters are made from cardboard and spray-painted. The leather straps add more to their modern and up to dated look. You can learn the details of the planter making right on the link here! thecraftedsparrow

26. DIY Leather Sketchbook

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (26)

If a person with a love of sketching around you, this DIY leather sketchbook is the best gift for them. The only things you need to make this lovely leather sketchbook are the leather, sketch paper, cutter, a hole punch, and album posts. With album posts, you can refill the sketch pages once the book is complete. Check out the details here! themerrythought

27. Geometric Leather Earrings

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (27)

Make yourself this sassier pair of geometric leather earrings out of leather. The leather has been chosen in two contrasting hues, cut into triangular shapes, and put together with earrings, hooks, and a jump ring. If you have leather in one color, then paint the other pieces to get contrasting vibes. Details here! liagriffith

28. DIY Leather Candle Cozy

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (28)

Are you using those simple plain glass candles and want to elevate their look a bit. Just take some leather and cut a cover to wrap around your glass candle holder. Things needed are leather, cutter, leather punch, X acto knife, and ruler. The interesting thing about this cozy candle is that it gets tied up in a lace style. Follow the details more here! yellowbrickhome

29. Leather Cuff Bracelets with Cricut Maker

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (29)

Need something fun to do this weekend with your crafting tools? If yes, then making these leather cuff bracelets with a circuit maker is a great idea to get your hands on. These lovely leather bracelets have pretty designs and patterns created on them with the circuit maker. Complete instructions of the idea have been shared here! marymarthama

30. DIY Leather Chair

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (30)

It’s time to renew your beach chair then here is this DIY leather chair idea for you. You can replace that fabric seating of the chair with leather. So grab your beach chair and some leather along with the leather needle, leather thread, and the sewing machine to work up this project. Follow the detailed instructions here. kristimurphy

31. Faux Leather Belt

30 Mind-Blowing Leather Craft Ideas (31)

A leather belt can make your simple dress look stunning and fashionable in no time. The good thing is here is this faux leather belt that you can easily make at home. So get your hands on some leather sewing machine, leather glue, leather glue, and a pair of scissors to make this simple yet cool faux leather belt. Check out the details here! ohohdeco

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