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Born Rosalino Sanchez in 1962 on a small ranch in Sinaloanamed Las Flechas close to Culiacan and raised in Sanalona. He had sevenbrothers and one sister, Juana, he wasthe youngest male sibling. Everyone in Mexico has a nickname and Rosalino wasno different with various names being adopted by him at different stages in hislife including his singing name of “Chalino”.

Other names he had wereMarcelino, El Pelavacas ( the cow skinner ), El Indio, Compa Chalino and ElValiente.El Valiente was a common name in this area of Sinaloa andwas given to the rural tough guys who would shoot it out with as much relish aseating breakfast. Chalino started early with his criminal career, when Juan Quiroz lured away his sister as a concubine. Quiroz friend Hector El ChapoPerez helped him, later boasting about it claiming that Juana was bad in bed and the kitchen, blemishing the good name of Juana, Chalino's sister.

Chalino brooded about revenge but was not in a position todo anything about it for a few more years. They say revenge is a dish bestserved cold and 4 years later when he was 16, Chalino shot and killed Hector El Chapo Perez at a Mexican Revolution party.There followed a shootout with Perez’s brothers. Chalino had warned Hector that he would kill him, saying " When I buy my first pistol I will shoot you in the chest with it". Chalino later even composed " Corrido de Rosalino" about the event:
He left his homeland
Because that's what destiny wanted
To defend his family
That's why Chalino fought

Chalino Sanchez, the father of modern narco corrido, his history and death (2)

Chalino fled to the USA after his brother Armando had been involved in another shoot out and killed a local, and became just another undocumentedworker, picking in the fields of California. Chalino had had enough of thebucolic living and moved into LA, the Inglewood neighbourhood trying small jobsbut eventually becoming a Coyote, running illegals across the border.

(Video) Narco Life: Part 1- Chalino Sanchez's Son Adán "Chalino" Sánchez Became A Singer Too & Died Early

He soonfound himself in prison in Tijuana serving eight months, after his brother Armando had been murdered, which prompted Chalino to write " Recordando a Armando Sanchez".

It was here in La Mesa prison that he began todevelop his talent for writing narco-corridos. With his cousin Ismael on the guitar hewrote songs for prisoners for a small fee, his brother assures that all his corridor's were written in the bathroom, of all places.

He realized that with smallembellishments to their stories about how they overcame poor upbringing tobecome powerfulsicario's with the power of life and death over their enemies,that the hard men of the narco world and their penchant for self aggrandizement,that he was onto a winner. He wrote one corrido entitled "Rigoberto Campos", who was actually a cousin of Manuel El Cochiloco Salcido, from the Guadalajara cartel:

They say he had been in prison
For being a drug dealer
And months after he left
They found him covered in blood
His arms had been chopped
By order of an opponent

Other narco traffickers were also dedicated corrido's by Chalino such as Ines Calderon and Javier Torres Felix, El JT, while modern day corrido's are written in a style to try to intimidate rivals, including gory details of dismemberment's and decapitations.

On his release from prison in Tijuana he returned toCalifas, where the word had reached the streets that Chalino would write you acorrido in return for goods or money. His sense of style was from the borderand mimicked that of the narco’s he wrote corrido’s for. Stetson, shirt, jeans,large belt buckle, cowboy boots and the trademark pistol in la cintura. He hadbeen accepting jewellery for payment for corridos, so added gold chains andfancy modified pistols to his wardrobe.

He began selling his corridos on cassette tapes from swap meets and out of the trunk of his car, as he was virtually unknown at this time as a singer, but had been recording tracks with Los Amables del Norte.

This had appealed to many who respected the narco’s back inSinaloa, and Cholo’s who didn’t even speak Spanish began to follow his musicand dress like him. He was a trend visionary. His popularity began to rise andhe was soon singing in nightclubs to packed audiences of young Hispanic malesand their swooning girlfriends. He was receiving fifteen thousand dollars perperformance.

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His popularity would become his downfall. The machismoculture of the Hispanic males meant trouble for Chalino and a lot ofnarco-corrido singers after him. The girlfriend or wife who swooned overChalino for his rugged good looks, charismatic personality and stage presence,and not particularly his voice, made their boyfriends or husbands jealous, andwith hair trigger tempers something was bound to happen sooner or later.

Chalino Sanchez, the father of modern narco corrido, his history and death (3)

Happen it did at a gig in Coachella, Califas. Los Arcosnight club was the venue. All was going well until Eduardo Gallegos anunemployed mechanic, out of his noggin on smack and booze, stepped up to thestage to request a song and opened fire at Chalino with a .25 pistol. He hitChalino in the side, which prompted Chalino to draw his own 10mm pistol fromhis belt and the two began a shootout in the packed nightclub, with Chalinochasing Gallegos through the crowd. Seven people were shot in the exchange ofgunfire, including a local man named Rene Carranza who bled to death on the way to the hospital.

Gallegos was wrestled to the floor by a bystander and shotin the mouth with his own pistol. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison! Thiswidely reported event made Chalino famous south as well as north of the border.This was the stuff of his own corrido's, and made Chalino many, many, new fans.

He became a folk hero after this event back home in Sinaloa,and the offers came flooding in for him to appear in Culiacan as well as otherSinaloense towns. He accepted an offer on May 16th 1992, he returnedto Sinaloa and Culiacan, on the promise of twenty thousand dollars for anappearance at Salon Buganvilias in La Presita near Culiacan.

(Video) Chalino Sánchez Handed A Death Note Mid Performance Was Found Dead The Next Day

After playing the full capacity gig which had gone downextremely well with the Sinaloense crowd, Chalino received a written death threat, passed by hand to him. Chalino left the venue. In tow weresome of his immediate family, Espiridion and Francisco, his brothers, andcousin Carmelo Felix, with some adoring female fans.

Chalino’s vehicle was soon pulled over by several Chevroletsuburban Police cruisers, the Police elements left their vehicles and providedState Police identification. Chalino was told that he was required by “mycommander”.

One could speculate at this time that Chalino knew the gamewas up as he was led away in one of the suburban’s. I feel safe in saying thatfalse police ID’s and cloned police vehicles are a common ruse used by cartelsto “lift” or kidnap people, including the Sinaloa cartel.

Chalino Sanchez, the father of modern narco corrido, his history and death (4)

Sam Quinones in hisbook “True Tales from Another Mexico" in the chapter entitled “The Ballad ofChalino Sanchez” wrote that Chalino had begun in 1990 to clean up his corrido’s,where previously he would take the victims side when singing about a killing,and insult the victims opponent, often calling them cowards. As he had written about a lot of Sinaloense gangsters, there was a high likelihood that at some time this would return to bite him on the backside.

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The area where he was kidnapped was no doubt Sinaloa cartelterritory. Anybody taking liberties on their territory would be dealt withseverely and there would have been thousands of “halcones” or hawks, which arelookouts, on duty in Culiacan to report on Police activity and the arrival ofanyone who looked like they may be from another cartel. Chalinos family had received information that something bad would happen to Chalino if he returned to Culiacan.

Given this the Sinaloa cartel would have been aware ofChalino’s intention to enter the city to play the gig and at the time of hisarrival, his movements within the city. Chalino would not have been kidnappedwithout their knowledge of what was happening.

As to their motives for kidnapping him, if they did that,could have been a jealous Lieutenant whose partner had become too fond ofChalino. Chalino certainly loved Sinaloa and the narco lifestyle that he spentso much time writing songs about.

Whomever kidnapped him, killed him. Chalino’s body was foundnorth of Culiacan dumped in a irrigation ditch with the coup de grace, twobullets in the back of the head in the brain stem, another cartel signature,given that his hands and feet were bound and a blindfold was on his head. He had been tortured and severely beaten, and was only recognizable by his family members due to a small tattoo on the heel of one foot.

If we apply occam’s razor to this situation, and considerthat the most likely outcome would probably be the truth, the killers ofChalino could have been El Chapo Perez family. Chalino had killed him after ElChapo Perez and associates had raped Chalino’s sister Juana. Blood feuds inSinaloa can go on for generations, and I have no doubt that the Perez familywould have wanted revenge on Chalino, even if many years had passed. Also thatthey may have been affiliated with or worked for the Sinaloa cartel themselves.

If not El Chapo Perez's family, the second most likely would be someone insulted in one of his many corrido's. Her certainly knew this could end badly, but being true to his character, I believe he just didn't give a damn, and decided he would face his fate whatever or whenever the end would come, just as he faced life. In his corrido, "La Muerte de Pelavaca", he wrote " for all those who live hard, a grave is ready".


Chalino Sanchez, the father of modern narco corrido, his history and death (5)


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A few hours later, as dawn broke on May 16, 1992, two campesinos found the body of Chalino Sánchez dumped by an irrigation canal near the highway north out of town. He was blindfolded, and his wrists had rope marks. He had been shot twice in the back of the head.

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