Chicago By Night (Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition) - Flip eBook Pages 1-50 (2022)


developed by – Matthew Dawkins

written by – Jiba Molei Anderson, John Burke, Matthew Dawkins, Jose Garcia, Klara Horskjær Herbøl, Kira
Magrann, Crystal Mazur, Juhana Pettersson, Lauren Roy, Myranda Sarro, Malcolm Sheppard, Chris Spivey, Mike Tomasek,

Allen Turner, Rachelle Udell, Eddy Webb

editing – Dixie Cochran

additional development — Karim Muammar


art direction and design – Mike Chaney

cover art – Tomas Arfert | interior Art – Adrian Majkrzak, Amy Wilkins, Drew Tucker, Felipe Gaona, Ken Mey-
er Jr., Mark Kelly, Michael Gaydos, Mirko Falloni, Sam Araya, Sam Denmark | logo design - Meredith Gerber | coterie

chart design - Mike Chaney and Matthew Dawkins

clan symbols, clan fonts, and vampire: the masquerade logos – Chris Elliott and Tomas Arfert


Super Chris for the last-minute slam poetry and Douglas of the Kansas City Kickapoo for consultation on the best
way to portray Nerissa Blackwater’s tribe in this book. All the playtesters, with extra special thanks to Mikael Kiuru and

the fine folks on the World of Darkness 5th Edition Discord.

vampire: the masquerade creators – Mark Rein•Hagen with Justin Achilli, Steven C. Brown, Tom Dowd, An-
drew Greenberg, Chris McDonough, Lisa Stevens, Josh Timbrook, and Stewart Wieck.

VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE 5TH EDITION created by Martin Ericsson, Karim Muammar and Kenneth Hite

All rights reserved. Reproduction without the written consent of the publisher is expressly forbidden, except for the pur-
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INTRODUCTION 7 Keepers Become Magisters 43
The Reason from Above 43
Jewels Have Many Facets 8 The View from Below 44
The Other Perspective 44
RED NOº 5 15
A Tale of Two Cities 47
CHAPTER ONE: 21 The Fifth Star 48
THE WORLD OF CHICAGO Field of White 50
Truth and Lies 50
The Greater Chicago Welcome Center Introduction 21 51
Truths of Chicago 53
Olaf tells all, for those who would listen 22 Lies of Chicago 54
The Machine 54
FIRSTLIGHT Transcript CH908A 23 Homesteading 55
Homestead Traits 58
As spoken by an unidentified “Anarch” 23 Block 59
Neighborhood 59
The Hottest Invitation in Town 24 Sides 60
The Major Metropolitan 60
Text extracted from an email The Waves of Time 61
The Marks 62
regarding Blankbody #441C 24 Blue Bars 62
The Spirit of the City 62
From the secret recordings of Jason Newberry 25 The Avenues of Chicago 62
The Block 63
More from the mouth of Olaf 25 The Occult Scene 63
The Underworld 63
A Final Letter 26 Dragoon 63
People Person 63
Entelechy School Lesson #114 — The Flood 27 The Collar Counties 63
Smoke and Mirrors 63
Sheriff Damien’s Recordings #78 28 Elysia 63
Dignitaries and Debutantes 63
Slam Poetry from the Streets of Chicago 28 Red Stars 64
Elysia 64
The Professor’s Notes 29 The Laws of Elysium 65
The Rack 67
Where is Tia? 29 The “East” Side 69
The South Side 71
Shifting Crowns 30 The West Side 73
The North Side 74
From the handwritten transcript of Sullivan Dane 30 The Collar
Sheriff Damien’s Recordings #102 31 CHAPTER FOUR:
From the Diary of Sun Che 31 80
The Banu Haqim 82
Cross-Clan Invitations 33 Khadija Al-Kindi
Aicha Rana
Olaf’s Evidence 33

Sheriff Damien’s Recordings #110 34

From the records of Clan Nosferatu 34

FIRSTLIGHT Text Message Intercept #CH832 35

Text extracted from email to Blankbody #1021H 35

Sheriff Damien’s Recordings #229 35

As spoken by an unidentified “Anarch” 35

Nights of Pleasure 36

Text extracted from email to Blankbody #CodeRed19 36

Blankbody Voicemail Intercept #82CH 36

Alexa’s Dream Record #12 36

Sheriff Damien’s Recordings #303 37

FIRSTLIGHT Text Message Intercept #CH839 37


The Deal 39
The Lasombra in Society 40
Talley’s Tale 42
The Sins of Clan Lasombra 43



Clan Brujah 85 Annabelle 183
The Hellenes 85 Bret Stryker 186
85 Tamoszius “Nero” 189
Critias, “Doctor” 88 Kathy Glens 191
Damien, The Sheriff 91 Erzulie 194
Thomas Ewell, “Balthazar” 93 Helena “Portia” 196
The Furores 93 Clan Tremere 200
Anita Wainwright 96 Abraham DuSable 200
Gengis 99 “Erichtho” Tracy Graves 203
“Gérard” Marc Levesque 102 Sun Che 206
The Caitiff 102 Clan Ventrue 209
“Maldavis” Carol Davis 105 The Elite 209
Bennett Steadman 107 Kevin Jackson 209
Francois Mamuwalde 110 Horatio Ballard 213
Nickolas “Sweetie Pepper” White 112 Alan Sovereign 216
Mercy Valdez 115 Naomi Stewart 219
Nerissa Blackwater 118 The Outsiders 221
Clan Gangrel 118 Sir Olaf, the One-Eyed King 221
Rosa Hernandez 121 Edward Neally 224
Lester Knife 123 Bobby “The Hurricane” Weatherbottom 226
Sgt. Duncan MacTavish 126
Clan Lasombra 126 CHAPTER FIVE: COTERIES 231
Sierra Van Burrace 129
“Celia” Araceli Rivera 131 Coterie Format 232
Rabbi Michalis Basaras 134
Talley 138 Coterie Name 232
Clan Malkavian 138
Jason “Son” Newberry 141 Members and Agendas 232
Bronwyn 144
Alexa Santos 146 Customs 232
Evan Klein (Raymond Falcon, and many more) 149
The Ministry 149 Type 232
Marcel 151
Thea Noel-MacCrain 154 Backgrounds 232
Aluc Romas de Leon 157
Clan Nosferatu 157 Domain 232
Cedrick Calhoun “Khalid” 160
Wauneka 162 The Anarch Center 233
Edith Beaubien 164
Nathaniel Bordruff 167 Members and Agendas 233
Charles “Crook” Dawson 169
Rowan 172 Customs 235
Adze 175
The Thin-Bloods 175 Type 235
Ben Galura 177
“Flyboy” Noah Grewal 180 Domain 236
Sylvia Roanhorse 183
Clan Toreador Backgrounds 236

Baby Chorus 237

Members and Agendas 237

Customs 239

Type 239

Domain 239

Backgrounds 240

The Blood Disco 241

Members and Agendas 242

Customs 243


Domain 244

Backgrounds 244

The Chantry 246



Members and Agendas 246 Nathaniel Bordruff 281
Customs 248 The Painted Lady 282
Type 248 Revenant Family: Ducheski
248 (Tremere Characters Only) 283
Domain 249 The Society of St. Leopold 284
Backgrounds 250 Talley 286
The Government 250 Wauneka 287
Members and Agendas 253
Type 253
Domain 254 Who are the Lasombra? 289
Backgrounds 255 Lasombra Archetypes 290
The Nihilists 255 290
Members and Agendas 256 Activist 290
Customs 256 Legate 290
Type 256 Masquerade Templar 291
Domain 257 Religion’s Parasite 291
Backgrounds 259 Winner at Life 291
Expanded Rules for Coteries 259 Disciplines 292
Miscellaneous Systems 259 Compulsion 292
Coterie Versus Personal Backgrounds 259 Lasombra: Ruthlessness 292
Coterie Boons and Debts 259 Bane 292
New Coterie Types 260 Oblivion 293
Carnival 260 Characteristics 293
Corporate 260 Level 1 293
Flagellant 260 Level 2 294
Fugitive 261 Level 3 295
Somnophile 262 Level 4 295
LORESHEETS 262 Level 5
Annabelle 263 297
Ballard Industries 264 CHAPTER SEVEN:
Blacksite 24 266 CHICAGO CHRONICLES 297
The Blue Velvet 267 297
The Book of Nod 268 The Beast 298
Capone Gang 269 Caged Animal 298
Eddie Wu 270 The Sanctity of Elysium 299
The Cobweb (Malkavian characters only) 271 Staying in Touch? 300
Cultivar 272 Whispers in the Dark 300
Cult of Shalim 273 Frenzy 300
Descendant of Lodin (Ventrue Characters Only) An Animal Out of Context 301
Descendant of Montano 274 301
(Lasombra Characters Only) 275 Zachary Forge 301
Fires and Floods and Devil’s Night 276 A Simple Favor 302
FIRSTLIGHT 277 Inferno 303
Kevin Jackson 278 Rage Unending 303
Kindred Iconography 279 With My Jealousy 303
The Labyrinth 280 Hierarchy 304
Lupine Expert Carving a Place 304
The Death of Kings 304
Lower than Dirt 305
New Sheriff in Town
Taming the Wolf of the Woods



One More Kiss, Dear 305 Part Three: Be Our Guest 325
Questions of Mercy 305 Night Becomes Day 326
Scotty Cartwright’s Last Scoop 305 Where is Malenkov? 327
Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot? 306 Gary Attack 327
306 Part Four: Elysium 328
Elena Mathers 306 Making Nice 330
The Wrath of Sullivan Dane 307 As the Night Progresses 330
307 Part Five: Bloody Bargain 331
Sullivan Dane 308 Talk to Jackson 331
Hunger 308 Newberry’s Gambit 331
Blood from a Stone 308 Hidden in the Basement Maze 332
Distracted Pursuit 308 332
One for the Road 309 The Service Corridors 333
Pick your Poison 309 Walking Through the Club 333
The Siege 309 The Succubus Club Maze 334
You Are What You Eat 309 The Meeting Between Sierra and Prince Jackson 335
Goodbye, Mr. Critias 310 The Crux of the Matter 336
Horrors in Blue 310 Part Six: Shadow Hunt 336
311 The Hunt for Malenkov 336
“Penitent” Bill Butler Nosferatu and Malkavian Assistance 336
Patrol Duty 313 Gangrel Assistance 336
Within the Friendly Confines Red Noº 5 337
313 Bennett Steadman 337
314 The Glory Pit 338
Introduction 314 Malenkov’s Hideout 339
Character Advice 316 Chapter Seven: The Sacrifice 339
316 Malenkov’s Offer 340
Handout #1: The Prince’s Letter 317 Anarch Interaction 340
Prologue 317 Damien’s Prerogative 340
Part One: Pave the Way 318 The Meeting 343
318 Epilogue 343
Approaching “Flyboy” Noah Grewal 318 Handout #5: Letter to Prince Jackson 344
Coterie Options 318 Antagonist Stats 344
Approaching Charles “Crook” Dawson 319 Malenkov 346
Coterie Options 319 Security Guards 346
Approaching Gengis 319 Felicity Miller 346
The Penthouse 320 Crook’s Meal 347
The Mohawk 320 Mohawk Punks 347
Coterie Options 320 Malenkov’s Ghouls 347
Exploring the City 321 Joe Q. Average 347
The Nightlife 321 Son’s Coterie 347
Prince Jackson 322 Zion “Snowman” Middleton 347
Clan Advice 323 Sydney “One-Round” Middleton 348
Part Two: New Blood 324 Elijah “Baggie” Franklin 348
Flyboy’s Ambush 324 Makayla “Malort” Ellery
Coterie Options 324
Leaving O’Hare Airport 325
Crook’s Hijacking
Coterie Options
Gengis’ Deception
Coterie Options
Damien’s Call




If rumors are true, you’ve done more to rehabilitate your city in the eyes of the Camarilla than perhaps any other American
Prince. You have enforced a strict Masquerade, keeping your Kindred safe from the Inquisition. You have somehow forged a
truce with the Lupines, promising peace on your streets. You have curtailed the numbers of Anarchs and Sabbat without losing
the humanity to which we cleave. What’s more, you uphold the role of Clan Ventrue ascendant, even in these trying times. On
one hand I am inclined to praise you as some kind of wonder Prince. On the other I must question: How long before the flimsy

barricade around Chicago frays, its contained fires spilling to incinerate us all?

— Justicar Lucinde, from a letter to Kevin Jackson, February 14, 2019

Chicago is more than a simple city with a few and proclaims “if we can do it, so can you,” “no Kindred
vampires lurking in alleys and nightclubs. It is a puls- is too insignificant to be denied a role in the Camaril-
ing, electric domain containing a multitude of Kindred la,” and “all you have to do is work hard for the sect
with hundreds of plots, secrets, and fears. It is the and we will take you into our protective grip.” All the
Camarilla’s North American crown jewel. Chicago is a while, fledglings burn for petty fuck-ups, Anarchs find
symbol of hope for Kindred in this age of fear. It serves their numbers culled, and the Ventrue sink their fingers
to show that when the Traditions are enforced, when deeper into the city’s heart, ensuring nobody will wrest
forgiveness is provided in exchange for future favors, power from the Clan of Kings.
and when all Kindred are given a hope of admittance
to the elite ranks of the Ivory Tower, a domain might Any Kindred can stake a claim in Chicago, claim
function effectively, no matter the disparate elements a haven and territory, and try to make the best of it. It
making up its vampiric population. is, after all, one of the wealthiest domains in the United
States. But a few nights into that Kindred’s stay — even
Chicago is a hallowed ground, wracked by a bloody as they’re feeling secure with their influence — another
history but standing tall despite infernos and fallen vampire, or that vampire’s ghouls, or even their mortal
Princes threatening to reduce it to rubble. It is also subjects, will show up at the new Kindred’s door. They
a lie built on the ashes of Kindred who have outlived might make offers. They might promise deals. They
their uses or posed too great a threat to the Camarilla’s probably smile as they threaten.
precious Masquerade.
There’s a cost to being a Kindred in Chicago and
Chicago has all the promise of a modern domain your debts will stack up, all as the hierarchy of vam-
for young vampires. It holds a youthful Prince aloft, pires above you count the sacrifices you’ve made for an
honored place under their control.



Jewels Have sive in its admittance of clientele. Discover, from a
Many Facets mortal’s perspective, the hottest bar in the city.
• Chapter One: The World of Chicago — Learn
Chicago by Night is a campaign setting for Vam- about the history of this domain, the challenges
pire: The Masquerade, providing you all the tools you facing it in modern nights, and the secrets of mul-
need for running chronicles in Chicago or indeed any tiple Kindred, all in the form of in-world artifacts
other domain, as the content within this book is simple that can be used as handouts and treasure items for
to extract and use for your cities elsewhere around the players wanting to know more about the domain.
world. Change characters, location names, character • Chapter Two: Welcome to the Night — Clan Las-
clans, and political affiliations: This book encourages you ombra has long clung to the Sabbat sect, but these
to use it as your world for Vampire: The Masquerade. nights see them flock in increasing number to the
• Introduction — You’re reading it right now. ranks of the Camarilla. Welcome to the Night out-
• Four Trips to the Second City — Fiction throughout this lines the array of reasons for their migration, details
what might make a mighty clan into refugees seeking
book illustrates the activities of several of the Prince’s sanctuary among ancient enemies, and illustrates the
Hounds; upcoming political shifts, gains, and losses; and Lasombra attitude toward their new home.
one potential introduction of the Lasombra to the city. • Chapter Three: The City — Discover the districts
• Red Noº 5 — Fiction regarding the newest night- and key locations of Chicago, the new Homestead
spot in Chicago, popular among Kindred and exclu- system for playing chronicles restricted to select ar-
eas of the domain, and an assortment of encounter
tables for Storytellers looking at presenting players



with fresh and horrifying character and territory • Chapter Seven: Loresheets — A city as rich in his-
developments. tory as Chicago contains a multitude of loresheets
• Chapter Four: Kindred of Chicago — Over 50 connecting characters, events, regions, cults, and
Kindred are provided with biographies, stats, ambi- philosophical alignments. A character may purchase
tions, secrets, relationships, and ways to play a role a loresheet from this chapter to more deeply embed
in any chronicle set in an urban environment such their past and future in this domain.
as Chicago. While Chicago undoubtedly houses
more Kindred than exist within these pages, these • Chapter Eight: Chicago Chronicles — Here we pro-
SPCs are more than enough to build any chronicle vide dozens of chronicle hooks encompassing the
in Chicago or elsewhere. core themes of Kindred existence in Chicago: The
• Chapter Five: Coteries — Chicago’s Kindred don’t Beast, Frenzy, Hierarchy, Humanity, Hunger, and
all exist in isolation. Quite the contrary, they form You Are What You Eat. For a Storyteller looking for
coteries, just like the PCs. This chapter outlines a chronicle idea in a pinch, or the Storyteller who
several of those coteries, their agendas, their rival- wishes to build something grand from a small seed,
ries, and uneasy alliances. Additionally, Coteries this chapter contains plentiful ideas.
provides multiple new coterie types for PCs to use
in their stories. • Chapter Nine: The Sacrifice — The full chronicle,
• Chapter Six: Clan Lasombra — This chapter lasting most groups approximately three game
provides the information necessary to make Clan sessions, in which Lasombra delegates make their
Lasombra playable vampires. As well as detailing entreaty to join the Camarilla of Chicago. In this
sample character archetypes, the clan’s bane and story, PCs engage in social intrigue, solve mysteries,
compulsions, along with the kinds of mortals the and get involved in combat situations — some of
Magisters are drawn to Embrace, it provides the their choosing, others less so — all to eventually
Clan of Night’s Discipline of Oblivion. decide the fate of Clan Lasombra.


Four Trips to
the Second City


Three dead men cruised Tyrus pulled a pack of Tyrus took a puff and
through Chicago. Their motorcycles cigarettes and a lighter from his grinned. Thirty years and it still
roared as they sped through its busy jacket. He glanced at the ghouls. spooked them. “Let’s dance!”
streets. Ramrod and his ghouls took “You two got your shit together?”
the rear, keeping any cars behind He kicked the thick wooden
them at a wide distance. Dread rode He didn’t remember their door open, heralding his pres-
in the middle. Tyrus rode in front, names. He didn’t care. Ramrod ence with a cloud of dust and
leading his gang to one of the city’s mentioned something about splinters. The other four rushed
union halls, where the Anarchs were them being siblings, the latest ahead of him. One of the An-
meeting. in a line of people desperate archs leaped for them, only to
enough to drink his blood. Tyrus get pinned down by the ghouls.
For Tyrus, meeting in never asked where he got his Dread held off any other wan-
respectable places like this was ghouls, or why they vanished nabe heroes with a sawed-off
a bad sign. In the old days, the every couple of years. As long shotgun. Maldavis stood at the
movement kept itself to squatted as he wasn’t embarrassing the front of the hall, glaring at Tyrus.
buildings or crumbling ware- Pack, what he did was his own
houses. Those were better times. business. She growled. “Did Jackson
Now, so many of the old faces send you?”
had died or left for the deserts. “Yeah, yeah,” the brother
In their absence, the Anarchs said. Like his sister, he was fresh Tyrus shook his head. “We
were getting bolder. Tonight from feeding, eyes open and wild. were in the neighborhood, and
Maldavis, one of their greatest He whipped out a switchblade. thought we’d pay a house call.
shames, called them together for Make sure no one’s got any big
a “discussion on our future.” “You’d better be,” Tyrus said. ideas.”
“The Anarchs are wusses, but you
So, the Wolf Pack went on the get enough of them in one room “Bullshit.” Maldavis stormed
hunt. As agents of the Camarilla, and they think they can take on down the steps in front of the
they were duty-bound to put the anyone.” stage. “Who else could you an-
fear of God into them. Kicking swer to?”
their skulls in was just for fun. He lit his cigarette. Dread
and Ramrod flinched in the pres- Tyrus strolled up to meet her
ence of his lighter’s flame. halfway down the aisle. “Just us.”
He blew smoke in her face.


Maldavis didn’t blink. “You loyalties lie. But what about you? wall. He crawled up to the rafters
could have walked away, like the See, I heard—“ to see a man in combat fatigues
rest of your clan. Then you could halfway towards the exit. The
fight for something that really A shot rang out from above. man examined him with gray,
matters.” Tyrus turned to see one of Ram- bloodshot eyes.
rod’s ghouls hit the floor twitch-
He pulled the cigarette from ing. His head was blown open. Tyrus rushed towards him.
his mouth. “You think I care “Got something to say for your-
about what my ‘clan’ does?” “Ray!” Ramrod ran toward self?”
the ghouls.
He held the cigarette up to He didn’t know where the
her face, close to her cheek. Mal- Dread aimed his shotgun up- man pulled the pistol from. All
davis grimaced. ward but the other gunman hit first. he knew was that it was a point-
The blast tore through his throat. blank shot between his eyes. By
“I’m a member of the Wolf The shotgun flew from his hand. the time he wiped the blood and
Pack. That’s all.” bits of brain from his eyes, the
Tyrus looked up to see a fig- gunman was gone.
He crushed the still-lit ciga- ure in the shadowy rafters above.
rette into his arm, not breaking
eye contact. “I know where my “Hey!” He shoved Maldavis
to the ground and ran onto the


The four of them came in few weeks. After she helped them He made awkward attempts at
from the rain, following the signs bury her brother somewhere off gentle assurance and dime-store
into the psychic parlor. The wait- of I-80, she wanted to talk to his platitudes about “being in a
ing room was small, dimly lit, ghost. better place.” It felt wrong. So he
and smelled of sage incense. brought them to Max’s parlor.
At first, Tyrus was against
The visit was Nadine’s idea. it. He knew vampires who Tyrus didn’t know what to
Tyrus knew her name now. It was could talk to ghosts. They were make of it. Maybe Ramrod was
hard to forget it after hearing not good people. Still, there just getting soft. Maybe he was
Ramrod say it hundreds of times was something in the way that too, for even taking them here.
in all kinds of tones over the past Ramrod talked to her lately. He shuffled on the sofa, his damp


clothes slipping on the uphol- He asked Nadine to shuffle They don’t see the eagle watching
stery’s protective plastic. a deck of tarot cards and drew them.”
enough of them to make a full
Max parted the curtain be- half circle. While she did so, Max Tyrus stood up. “What are
tween his studio and the waiting sat back in his chair, eyes shut you talking about?”
room and stepped through. tight.
“The pack leader thinks he
“Careful there, big guy. The Tyrus frowned as Nadine can hide in the forests. They fol-
Galura Water Slide’s for paying revealed the cards. It wasn’t like low but the eagle hops from tree
customers only.” He smiled. anything in the movies. The deck to tree.” Max moved through the
was filled with images of flying cards faster, tapping each one.
Tyrus didn’t smile back. He dragons, iron forges, and cele- “They think they’re all alone, and
grabbed a wad of damp bills from his brating skeletons. Max caressed the pack leader takes a moment
pocket. He was halfway to handing each card as it came on the to lick his scars but the eagle
them over when Nadine spoke up. table, as if he read them with his comes down. And the last thing
fingers. the leader sees before it tears out
“Do you speak with the its throat is these big, gray eyes…”
dead?” She looked at Max with “I see a soul at peace,” he
hopeful eyes. said. “It has moved on and for- Tyrus slammed his hands on
given.” the table. “Shut up!”
After a moment, he said,
“No. That’s not really what I do.” Nadine let out a happy sob. Max came out of his trance.
Ramrod patted her shoulder. “You’re all in danger.”
Nadine’s face fell. “Oh.” Dread and Tyrus looked at each
Tyrus smashed the money other, the former wearing a be- “Uh-huh. Nothing new
into Max’s palm. “Nadine, it’s mused smile. there.” Tyrus stepped through the
either him or the warlocks.” curtain. “Let’s go, Pack. We got
Max counted the cash. “And Max continued down the what we wanted.”
good luck with getting them to spread. He frowned. “I see
do anything.” wolves.” “Don’t leave the city!” Max
“There you go,” Tyrus said to yelped. “The eagle’s going to
Nadine. He whispered to Max, Tyrus raised an eyebrow. finish the job if you do. You don’t
“Her brother died. Just…make The seer continued. “They’ve know what that’ll start!”
her feel better.” been running for years. They
The young man beckoned the don’t know how tired they are. “Let it,” Tyrus said. “I could
group into his studio. “I’ll try.” go for a rematch.”


When Sierra Van Burrace law, if not the letter. Tyrus didn’t She sat them at a table. They
accepted the Wolf Pack’s demand bother, wearing the same leather, heard a chorus of screaming from
to see her, she requested that they chains, and boots he always wore. the room next door. The screaming
obey the Asako Penthouse dress faded to whimpers of pain. The
code of tasteful, modern formal- Sierra looked him over with attendant returned with glasses of
wear. When they finally arrived at a sneer. “You can’t even follow warm, fresh blood. She placed one
the hotel, only Nadine and Ram- simple directions.” of the glasses before Nadine, who
rod fit the criteria. She still had gulped it down in one go.
some good clothes that she hadn’t “Directions are for chumps,”
sold off yet, and let her sire use Tyrus said. Sierra smirked. “Is she new?”
her brother’s dress shirt and pants. “Not that new,” she an-
The plaid, Civil-War-era getup “Just what I wanted to hear swered, still taking in the flavors
Dread wore fit the spirit of the from an Archon.” She motioned of terror the blood had. “A cou-
to an attendant. “Bring us the ple of nights.”


For all his fear of going soft, hand on his shotgun. “Lasom- and what we have done to earn
taking the Pack on their first bra!?” our place. I trust that you will
hunt with a newly Embraced bring it to the Prince as soon as
Nadine was a smashing success. Shadows snaked up the walls possible, so we can begin negoti-
It was serendipity: A whole and ceiling around Sierra. Tyrus ations.”
family’s car broke down on a grabbed his friend and threw him
private road. They even trusted back on his seat. “Yeah, he’ll get it.” Tyrus
the Pack, right up until they sniffed the blood in the glass. It
unleashed her on them. Naive- “Easy, easy!” He hated to was human enough. After taking
ty was a rare thing nowadays, admit it, but this was a fight he a sip, he said, “You know, it’s
Tyrus thought. Something to couldn’t afford to start. funny.”
The room returned to nor- “What?”
Sierra slid a manila fold- mal. “He didn’t know?” Sierra “The Lasombra had
er over the dining table. Tyrus asked. everything in the Sabbat. If these
caught it and pulled it toward negotiations screw up, you get
him, marking it with an oily “I kept him in the dark,” nothing. If I didn’t know any
handprint. Tyrus said. “No pun intended.” better, I’d say you were rushing it
to this. I’d say it looks like you’re
“That,” she said, “is Clan Dread glared at her. “I’ve had all running from something.”
Lasombra’s petition.” bad experiences with shadows.” Sierra gripped her empty
glass. “You might be right.”
Dread rose from the table, After a moment to regain
her composure, she continued.
“The petition describes what we
hope to bring to the Camarilla,


Two dead men talked on you go around and antagonize The Prince handed him a pic-
a pier. After Tyrus finished his the person I asked you to speak ture of a smiling young black man.
report, Prince Kevin Jackson with.” “He’s one of ours, but he’s looking
kept quiet for a long time. They to move to Seattle. Now, he hasn’t
listened to the sound of water Tyrus scoffed. “We’re just traveled before, and that’s a bigger
lapping against the beach. asking the questions that need to trip than just going to Milwaukee.
be asked.” He’ll need protection, and you
Then, the Prince said, “Do live on the road.”
you know what your problem is, “You don’t think I was
Tyrus?” already asking?” Prince Jackson Tyrus turned the picture over
grabbed Tyrus’ shoulder and in his hand. “Always wanted to
Tyrus stretched his back. pulled him close. “It’s the 21st see the forests.”
“I’m just too handsome.” century, Tyrus. We keep order,
but we keep everyone safe while Jackson raised an eyebrow.
“You start shit,” Jackson said. we do it. Do you think you’re Tyrus grinned. “Don’t worry
“You act like nothing’s changed, keeping everyone safe?” about it. Just thought of some-
and it’s putting us all in danger.” thing I heard a while back. I’ll tell
“Well.” Tyrus stood up. “I’d the Pack to gear up.”
“Hey,” Tyrus said, “You want better get back to the Pack then. Jackson nodded. The Prince
to keep the peace, sometimes you Wouldn’t want us to start some walked from the pier, escorted
gotta bust some heads.” shit, huh? Make things unsafe?” by his guards. Tyrus stayed. He
smoked a cigarette and watched
“That’s what I mean. You still Jackson motioned for him to Lake Michigan gleam in the
think your gang’s the only thing sit. “I wasn’t finished. I have a job moonlight.
keeping the peace. So you bust an for you.”
Anarch meeting, where I already
had people in place, and then “Oh?”


A Night to Remember That You’ll Probably Forget
Oh, my god! What a fantastic night!
Okay, so my girlfriend Krissie and I are from Milwaukee.
We came to Chicago for a girls’ weekend and were having a little
pre-game wine drinking session at Zed451 when Jason invited us
out to meet a couple of his buddies at this place called Red Noº 5.
We were like “sure!” We were two girls out, looking cute, ready to
mingle and, perhaps, get into a little trouble. Besides, Go-Lo was
supposed to be playing and I love his sets because I’m a big house
music fan, right? I mean, don’t let my Becky-ish looks fool you. I love
getting my groove on and getting down with the brothers, if you know
what I mean.
We got to the club, which is a couple of doors south right past the six
corners of Milwaukee, Grand, and Halsted around 10:30. Now, you wouldn’t
think a place like this would really start jumping until, like, midnight. But,
there was already a line at the door filled with people wanting to get in. It
was crazy! It felt like that movie about that club in New York that was real
big during the disco era. Anyway, the bouncers looked really rough. I mean
they looked professional, all clean-shaven and wearing black suits, the kind of
doormen you’d probably see at any classy spot. But, it was clear that they were
definitely not to be fucked with. They just had that vibe about them, y’know?
There was this one group of girls who looked like the just stepped off of an
episode of Real Housewives of Chicago who looked like they were almost about
to start a scene because the bouncers wouldn’t let them in. I don’t know why
they wouldn’t. They definitely looked like the kind of ladies guys would want
in the club. They were looking like those ghetto models with their weaves, all
squeezed into their tight dresses, which barely covered their asses or their tits,
and shivering in the cold because they left their coats in the car and didn’t
want to pay a coat-check fee. I mean, it’s the frickin’ middle of March! You
know Chicago doesn’t decide to get warm until, maybe, late May!
Anyway, just as they were about to really turn up and act rachet
for not being able to get in the club, one of the bouncers (a
big, pale white guy about 6’3”, 350 pounds with a spiderweb

tattoo that began on the top of his head and trailed

down to his neck with a spider at were ready to party. By that I design so I pay attention to these
the end of it) lowered his head, mean, we were smoking a little things). The DJ had his own
tipped his sunglasses down to the reefer in the car, which accen- platform above the dance floor.
bridge of his nose (so pretentious tuated a really lovely merlot It was a small, circular perch
with the sunglasses at night, buzz. Then, Jason’s buddy Trevor that was large enough to fit the
right?) and stared right into the surprises us with a couple of turntables, a small couch and a
lead chick’s eyes. Then, he says capsules of pure MDMA, not circular table to set your drinks
real calm and cool, “I’m sorry, but that corny ecstacy shit. Obvious- down. The DJ was playing some
you ladies are not allowed in Red ly, Trevor was hoping a couple of old-school hip hop from the 90s.
Noº 5 this evening.” happy pills would get him some The initial rush eased into the
lovin’ from either Krissie or me… smooth groove of some really
I don’t know, but it looked A blowjob at the very least. It good shit. We walked past the
like the lead girl almost wet her was obvious he wasn’t picky. But first bar through a doorway that
pants. She was so scared, she what he didn’t know was that didn’t have a bouncer with a rope
quickly went to her girlfriends Krissie and I were old pros in this in front…free access!
and announced they were leaving game and, we were in full TLC
that very second. The other girls mode that night, AKA no scrubs. There was another bar
were so shaken up by the look on behind the main floor! So cool!
their friend’s face they left the We paid our entry fee and There were these black leather
line without hesitation. I looked got our hands stamped. That’s couches with mahogany tables.
at the group I came here with when the pills started kicking People were hanging out and
and got extremely nervous. in a little hard, but manageable, having drinks, so I thought we
as we started walking down this should continue with another
Don’t get me wrong. I mean, black corridor into the club. The drink before heading downstairs
Krissie and I are, like, super-cute red lights made it feel a little to hear Go-Lo’s set. Those couch-
girls. We’re both blonde and we mysterious, like Eyes Wide Shut, es were so soft and buttery, I felt
both work out. Krissie is a little but less cheesy. It was kinda sexy. like we were in the coolest music
thinner and, like, two inches video ever!
taller than me, but I’ve got the We enter the main room
bigger rack and a little junk in and it was pretty big, but not So here I was, feeling good
my trunk, which the brothers crowded. It wasn’t empty. I mean, and rubbing this leather couch.
like. I totally get called a snow there were plenty of people there, Trevor thinks that this is a sign
bunny all of the time. But we but it was easy to walk around that he should make his move.
definitely weren’t model-chick, without bumping into anybody Krissie, being the baddest bitch
hoochie-fabulous like those girls unless they were really sloppy. It ever, slides between me and Jason
who were kicked out of line. On wasn’t your usual Friday-night like a good cock blocker should.
top of that, we had three guys crowd. Sure, there were a cou- Unfortunately, Trevor doesn’t get
with us, in untucked shirts, blue ple of people in suits and fancy the hint and starts trying to push
jeans, and regular shoes. If those dresses in the club who looked up on the both of us… the creep!
girls couldn’t get in, what chance like they were playing it up, but It’s about this close to getting
would our grubby little crew this didn’t feel like the usual ugly and harshing my roll when
have getting past the velvet rope? “Let’s go out because it’s Friday” the waitress comes to our table
type of crowd. They were dressed for our drink order.
I was kind of shocked when nice, but there was a casual vibe,
the spiderweb bouncer let us like they all knew each other or Oh, what I forgot to say is that
into the club with a smile and a something. all of the waitresses are hot. I mean,
friendly “Enjoy your evening.” “Off the cover of Vogue and what
The red lights hit the ma- the hell are you doing working
Now, what I didn’t mention hogany walls and chrome railings here?” hot. Our waitress was this
earlier was that Krissie and I real nice (I’m studying interior tall, light-skinned black girl with


green eyes and a close-cropped giving him some receipts to look obvious that they were getting
haircut dyed blonde. She was wear- over. There was some corpo- nowhere with us. Krissie man-
ing a tight, black, scoop-neck cock- rate-looking douchebag in a aged to get a pill from Trevor,
tail dress. I don’t know if it was the suit walking on his other side. ecstasy this time. We split it,
mix of weed, Molly, and alcohol, He was about six feet tall with popped the respective halves into
but I was seriously questioning my milk-chocolate skin. His hair was our mouths, washing the bitter
orientation with this girl. cut real low, he had a goatee, and taste down with our extremely
he wore simple metal loops in his well-made cocktails and made
So, she gives me a menu. And ears. He was chill, but had a little our way to the basement.
I’m looking at the specials and I swagger you know what I’m say-
say out loud, “Excuse me, what’s ing? He wore a tight pair of blue The basement. Oh. My. God. It
in a Winter Rosebud?” Her eyes jeans, black shell-toe sneakers, was amazing. It had a similar layout
get a little big and she quickly and a black t-shirt that hugged to the top floor, but didn’t have the
snatches the menu from my hand his muscular shoulders and arms second bar in the back. The black
and gives me another one. “I’m but hung loose untucked over his leather couches and tables were
so, so sorry! I gave you the wrong jeans. I mean, his outfit shouldn’t on an upper landing that flanked
menu! That was…um…last night’s have stood out like that. On the dance floor. Go-Lo was in full
specials. Here’s tonight’s menu.” anyone else, especially the guys effect. He was laying down some
Krissie and I were stuck with, super-funky Afro House. It felt like
I thought that her reaction you wouldn’t give that guy a sec- we were at an Afropunk festival. It
was a little over the top. I mean, ond look. But this guy…his look was all natural hair and face paint.
so what if it was last night’s was super crisp and he wore it Some people had nose piercings and
menu? What’s the big deal? I with such confidence. He totally tattoos, but some people dressed…
didn’t know alcohol went bad a owned it. Like I said, mama likes older? I mean, I saw some people
day later. Whatever. I’m rolling a little hot chocolate in her milk our age dressed like the 70s fashions
and it’s not even that deep. So I and this guy was looking very from Soul Train were new. But it
kept my thoughts to myself and yummy. didn’t matter because Go-Lo got
order my drink. them all into the same groove and
I was thinking about the everybody was dancing like it was
Then, I saw him. butterscotch babies Special Dark some tribal ceremony invoking the
Now, remember when I said (my name for Mr. Yummy) and ancestors.
that this felt like the coolest I were gonna have and being
music video ever? Okay, imagine totally comfortable with my par- And, before you ask how do
you’re moving in slow motion. ents disowning me when Krissie I know about that tribal ancestor
The music is thumping 96 beats bumped my shoulder and said stuff, I’ve taken some Pan-Afri-
per minute in sync with your we should go downstairs to hear can studies classes, too. I’m, like,
heartbeat. The lights dissolve Go-Lo’s set and to get away from totally woke.
from red to purple to blue and Trevor’s clammy mitts. I totally
back again. People from all races was down for that since Special Now, the second half of the
and backgrounds are around Dark looked like he was heading roll is kicking right when Go-Lo
you looking cool and ethnic and that way, too. We told the boys drops my favorite new track. Kris-
different and sexy… we were heading downstairs and sie and I get on the dance floor and
And then, the crowd of that they should hold down the just start getting into the whole
beautiful dancing people parts, table until we got back because groove. So, we’re dancing, and I
revealing the sexiest man God we weren’t gonna be down there see Special Dark at the left corner
Almighty ever made. long (total lies). They were busy table sitting with this tall, lanky,
He walked into the room making plans to try and mack super-dark bald black guy in a
talking to a waitress, who was on some of the girls they’d been wine-colored suit with a yellow tie.
seeing in the club, since it was He was kind of creepy looking.


And, no! It’s not because he upstairs. There he was, my dark coming back downstairs until she
was really dark that I thought he prince, alone while I was stuck broke up my potential romantic
was creepy! I’m not a racist! I’m with this basic bro trying to pub- love scene with Bennett.
just saying that he just sat there licly get in my pants.
like some sort of statue, barely Now, here’s where the story
nodding his heading to the music Then Special Dark turned gets really crazy.
while Special Dark was trying his head and our eyes locked. He
to say something to him, which studied the situation for a mo- Krissie joins us, wraps her
seemed kind of important. ment and obviously saw a damsel arms around the both of us and
in distress. What happened next we all start dancing together. Ben-
I get really focused on details is probably the sexiest thing that nett is in the middle of these two
when I roll. It’s kinda my thing. ever happened to anyone. He white girls like a reverse cookie
smiled and held out his hand, sandwich. I know that rando bro
Next to the statue was this which I took immediately, and would have been extra-pissed if
Latina woman with big, curly hair pulled me away from the asshole. he saw this happening. Krissie
wearing a yellow, flapper-style I wrapped my arms around his and I were rolling really hard
dress. She was gorgeous and she neck and we started dancing as if now. It got really hot as our hands
had her arm wrapped in the we’d known each other for years. were sliding up and down Ben-
statue’s while they sat. They were I barely noticed the bro attempt nett’s waist, arms, and all over
obviously a couple. They almost to make me the ham in his freak- each other. Then, Krissie slides
looked like they could be Special down sandwich. He must’ve from behind Bennett to come in
Dark’s parents based on the vibes finally gotten the hint, because he between us. She turns and plants
they gave off from their body finally left me and Special Dark a long, soft wet kiss on his pillow
language. I saw Special Dark alone so we could get to know lips. Normally, this would have
get up from the table and start each other a little better. pissed me off, but I was feeling so
making his way to the dance floor. good I didn’t care. In fact, it was a
I started dancing as seductively As we danced, Special Dark huge turn on. Then, Krissie turned
as possible to get his attention. told me his name was Bennett to me with a look that I never saw
Unfortunately, the only attention and he was the host for tonight’s before. I was like a deer in head-
I attracted was some greasy drunk party. I also think he said he lights as she started to kiss me!
guy trying to grind up on my was a co-owner of Red Noº 5. Next thing I know, we were all
booty. He was grabbing my waist, All I could pay attention to was kissing each other and becoming
trying to pull me close, and I rubbing his strong, milk-choc- this sweaty, sexy heap of passion.
could smell a mixture of menthol olate arms as he held me close
cigarettes and Jack Daniel’s on his while we swayed to the beat. I Oh, man. We needed to find
breath. Ugh! He was gross! Even looked into his light brown eyes a room and handle this before
worse, I could see Special Dark and couldn’t take it anymore. I we really became “those people”
dancing with Krissie…that bitch! wanted this man and it wasn’t at the club. Krissie and I were
While she was getting swept off the drugs that prompted my next definitely letting our inner hoes
her feet by my future baby daddy, course of action. I mashed my out that night. But, I guess we
I was stuck under the bridge with face against his, feeling his soft, had nothing to worry about since
this troll who could not take a pillowy lips against mine. Man, Bennett was the club owner,
fucking hint! could he kiss. He took my breath right?
away! This was it. In my mind, we
Krissie whispered something were gonna run away together, The next few moments were
in Special Dark’s ear. I think get married, and have a couple a blur. Bennett’s strong hands are
she wanted to check on Jason of beautiful mop-haired café au gripping my ass just right while
and Trevor (since they were our lait children. I was so lost in the Krissie is kissing and licking Ben-
ride) and left Special Dark on moment, I didn’t notice Krissie nett’s neck before returning to his
the dance floor as she headed lips. We’re still all moving to the


beat of the music when Bennett into a chokehold and sunk his we saw that my favorite spidery
breaks away and starts kissing my teeth into Trevor’s neck. He bouncer was working the front
neck as Krissie licks his ear… Ow! threw Trevor down like a used door. However, he wasn’t so
Did Bennett just bite me on my napkin, grabbed Jason by the warm to us this time.
neck? That was kind of hard, but neck and body slammed him to
hot at the same time. Oh, now the ground. “I’m sorry, ladies, but I can’t
Krissie is licking my neck where let you in tonight,” he said.
Bennett just gave me a hickey. She With one hand.
pulls away with her tongue stick- The last thing I remember “Why not?” I asked in my
ing out before shoving it down was Bennett’s light brown eyes best little-girl voice.
Bennett’s throat. Wait. Was that staring at me while his mouth
blood on her tongue? Wait. Was was stained with Trevor’s blood. “Last time you were here, you
that my blood on her tongue? Then, everything got very hazy… caused problems. We can’t afford
I woke up the next morning problems here.”
Jason and Trevor ruined our in my hotel room. Krissie was
love fest by coming downstairs lying next to me in the bed; we “That wasn’t us!” I pleaded.
and ripping Krissie and I away were still fully clothed. She woke “We didn’t cause the problem,
from our new favorite candy bar. up about five minutes after me. it was those two guys we came
They pushed Bennett toward the We tried to clear our heads from here with! You can’t blame us for
bar. The boys were really pissed the fog because we were both something someone else…”
and tried to start a fight with groggy as shit. The Molly we
Bennett, probably because he got took last night was clean, but Before I could get the next
farther with us then they ever still. The after-roll leaves you in words out, Mr. Bouncer lowered
could, or ever will. They got all up this half-floating state that could his head and tipped his sunglass-
in his face while Bennett stood last the whole next day. We both es to the bridge of his nose. I
there cool as a cucumber. I don’t were wondering what happened looked into his eyes and, at that
know why the bouncers didn’t get last night. It was a dream, right? moment, saw what happened to
involved, but Bennett just shot Jason and Trevor were fine, right? Jason and Trevor. They brought
them an “I got this” look and these Krissie went to get us some coffee us into an environment we knew
three big, scary guys, including the while I tried to call Jason and see nothing about and they proceed-
tattooed bouncer from earlier in if he and Trevor were okay from ed to shit all over the place and
the night backed away. the night before. The call went break the rules. They paid the
straight to voicemail. I tried call- price and it wasn’t pretty. It was
Now, during this whole time, ing again, same thing. I must have only because of the rules that
the music was going and the peo- called at least 10 times before Krissie and I were able to walk
ple kept dancing. It’s like it was finally giving up. out of the club. Now I know
no big deal. Even the statue and Jason never called back. how those hoochie mamas felt a
The flapper just sat there like this A couple of months later, couple of months past.
was nothing, just another Friday Krissie and I were back in Chica-
night at Red Noº 5… go for another night on the town. Krissie and I got out of the
We decided to head back to Red line and left. We never stepped
Until Trevor broke a beer Noº 5 since we had such a great foot into Red Noº 5 again.
bottle on the edge of the bar and time there before the weirdness.
lunged at Bennett. What came As we got to the front of the line, We don’t know what hap-
next happened so fast, and I was pened to Jason and Trevor and
so fucked up, I know I’m making we don’t wanna know.
this up. But, I thought Bennett
grabbed Trevor, spun him around We just knew that we didn’t
belong there.


chapter one

The World
of Chicago

The Greater Chicago Welcome Center Introduction

Greeting traveler, and welcome to the Greater Chicago Welcome Center. We would like to take some time to
share a bit of history about our wonderful city. While the city of Chicago was founded in 1833, Native American
tribes populated the area previously, specifically the Algonquian peoples. It also was home to the Potawatomi, Mi-
ami, and Illinois nations. Chicago was a trade center and home. When French settlers came to the city, the popula-
tions of the native tribes diminished from sickness and being forced from their lands…

My dear darling Aluc and I hope you have found it
a ghoul read this aloud for
I am glad to hear you safely traveled to our city
somewhat hospitable. I trust you will have Alexa or

you as, sadly, I do not know braille. city
bquefiIotreweadnyrtoeeuadreytnotI’emwrreaidft,reaaiysdoi,utsaohnafdsorisneyftoourtrmhesyaotnuointoeyf quite,




bgpbMaieeaemeeNlcnneokebasbapovbeudoiillyfanelngetrtdhePopaerlflifaoplomyrulyoezlgcdzokeelwnnnoeotuiluwtbtersefiigsttneiahsnntCechiihetnerioctcspahfiolgatamaoyltenlbsm— cutioaotonmsroteeionswtt!thip.wIerlerAeabnepdcetpeltoa,ihbfreKyeevbiinerunetindltcnyrnhog,eoindtstfpihlurciiepeesrcpadteewltuihbhsnzyea.itgsnitalghnbee,mtehunonlceoihdrarGhlmsaaauttnvcreeghirrntelgwhloshenyaeghnneadrd
tRthhoesrIestaelkdlnno,ieoAgswnhliut’ntscg,,lmylta,etratubveluriytnngIhoewhdro,i.spaHrtpeauasvpenipnynecgtersamitowseni.tsuthInedrusestnnrdiaieasnrbgsalstneacsnniedeovnweMrt. eeInadse.dloItahuwhasoatnvmedaaetynrephvwlaehavryoe departed in
she has in her
is an unpleas-

ant thing one must consider.
There is a much larger game, Aluc. I do hope you are ready to become a pawn,
because that is all we will ever be.
to Chicago! Don’t let my dour close dismay you from your
With that said, welcome Succubus Club whenever you find the time.
course, and come visit the

Be well,


Olaf tells all, only because it is not yet my time to terrified of! But I made mistakes,
for those who would listen be lifted. But it’ll come. child, oh how I did. My continued
missteps led to my eventual fall.
They thought me dead, child, but It’ll fucking come! I gave power to the wrong people
no. No I am not. I am here, and I am Malkavian wretches say “Wah, in the city, and it was the very low
king of the streets! Or at least, that is wah! We’re nothing more than chess dissent dragged up and began to
what they call me these days. Olaf, the pieces on a board! Our masters are dismantle what I had built. Ungrate-
One-Eyed King! I no longer have fancy the ones who get to choose where ful. Unworthy. The night will come
titles, status, o0r any station higher than we go! Somebody show us the light!” where I crush them again.
rats. But I was a mighty ruler, I tell you. Cretins. For years I served under
No scum was able to topple me, no. I Maxwell, who was undoubtedly a Ah, but I grow weary of falling
was feared and my enemies quaked at good pawn to an old vampire. But over and over again, child. Don’t say
the mere mention of my name. one night the board shifted. The I didn’t warn you. They’ll be waiting
Great Fire of Chicago left me with for you to trip and fall, and I won’t be
But much like Icarus, I flew too an opportunity to ascend to my there to cushion the fall. I’ll be climb-
high to the sun, so to speak. My damn throne, ousting Maxwell and banish- ing on your back to retake a little
pride leads me to greater and greater ing him from the city. It became the ounce or two of power. Now go, back
heights. And that’s what happens ritual, you know? A new Prince may to your fake throne and take comfort
when you fly too high, you hear me? never execute an old one. Something knowing you are not me. “You may,
The fall is much greater than if you I wanted enforced to cover my own my glories and my states depose, but
were to lay low. And so, here I am. sorry ass in the case of some jumped- not my griefs; still am I king of those!”
Squalid among the poor and forgot- up usurper, and to keep the pretense
ten, giving jobs to the lowly who can’t of nobility alive. Pfft. To put it in language you might
find work. I lift up those who I can, if I sat on my throne for many understand: Fuck off before I get
years, a ruler even my enemies were these vagrants to take you apart
limb by limb. This is my domain and
always will be.


chapter one: the world of chicago

An extract from the Chicago Mirror, October 9, 1871 an unidentified “Anarch”
The night of Sunday, October 8th will go down in history as one of the
greatest disasters in history. A fire started in the O’Leary barn swept Peace is for the weak. Silk slip-
through the city overnight, leaving Chicago in absolute ruin. Most of pers, boys and girls. Peace makes for
the businesses in the area are nothing more than smoldering ruins and soft rulers.
many citizens are left without homes. The mayor has not been able to
comment at this time, as he has been busy helping to organize groups The time of peace reigned for
of citizens to help contain the blaze, which is still slowly spreading nearly 50 years. Nothing but nonstop
today. Nobody is certain how this blaze started. boredom. The Primogen Council
lorded a power structure over Lodin,
FIRSTLIGHT Transcript CH908A ensuring their control over the city
for some time. Instead of fighting
GENGIS: Hey I hear u r in town back, Lodin focused on Modius, the
J123: Yep. I’ve been here for a couple of weeks now. Degenerate “Prince” of Gary. Lodin
Where have you been? loved a war, so while Chicago’s Kin-
GENGIS: Around. I got caught up in b’ball season dred reclined to bask in the peace
J123: You still watch that? Hey, why didn’t you warn that made them soft and unready
me about Lake Michigan? I tried to go to the beach for the eventual Lupine invasion and
the other night and was not prepared for that. Anarch uprisings, Lodin set against
GENGIS: Shit I didn’t warn you. Sorry. Yeah bad news Modius.
there. Don’t go there. That place super weird.
J123: Noted. So what have you been up too? Never forget Modius was a joke
GENGIS: Check the breather antifa types and every one of us who threw his
J123: Yes life into fighting that worthless ass
GENGIS: They really get some of the big yacht club was wasting more of our time than
member pissed u no wim? Last time this was a thing gaining prestige. Fuck knows I know.
they started riots and shit. Still, I can’t fault Lodin’s need for
J123: Why has this gotten your attention? distraction.
GENGIS: last round of strikes that happened caught
teh swede off guard and he lost a bunch of control. Im Pricked by Lodin’s incessant
thinking this could work in r favor rite now. needling, Modius unsuccessfully led
J123: You mean start protests and riots? To what end? the Chicago strikes as an attempt to
GENGIS: shuts down the city and make it real hard for unbalance the Ventrue’s hold over
$$$ to continue. force the yacht club to play nice for the domain and overthrow him.
a while an let some of us in Modius escaped to Gary with Anna-
J123: Ok, I like where this is headed. Just be careful belle’s assistance, and continued to
ok? grow his power base in that city.
GENGIS: Yah let’s get a drink at the red5?
J123: I’m down Of course, Lodin allowed Capone
and Ballard, two of his childer, the free-
dom to go after Modius. They set upon
the city, eroding its infrastructure and
destroying the economy. Their efforts
were so successful that even to this day
the city and surrounding areas have not
been able to recover.

But hey, that’s what makes it a
fun little barony.



The Hottest Invitation in Town THE WARNING
A recorded conversation between PFJ and an uni-
You are cordially invited to attend a dentified individual
gathering hosted by Aluc of the Ministry. I know why you are here. I get it, I do. The writing is
It will be held on November 8th at the on the wall and you are just doing what you have to.
Just remember to play nice. You are in my city and if
halls of the Chicago Symphony you become a threat to my city, I will end you.
Orchestra, Chicago’s first established This is your one warning.
Elysium during the Cauchemar Era. Prince Jackson
A private performance will be held be-
forehand for those that are interested in one in the city. The Viking allowed me to live, and it’s weighed
attending. This will be a black-tie event. heavily on my mind since then. I joined because what they
believe in is right. Ultimately, it will be what keeps us safe.”
Text extracted from an email
regarding Blankbody #441C So, it sounds like she feels indebted to the C, but
you know, she’s come around to believing in it.
I saw the damnedest thing and have to tell you
about it. Rudi nodded slowly like a therapist. I’ve seen this
kind of shit before and so’s he. “I can see that being
You know Hernandez? Well I was out for a mid- important to you. I just wish you would have talked to
night snack and found her walking around outside the someone when we decided to leave the club. Rosa,” he
Lincoln Park Zoo waiting for someone. Thinking this says, “you know we can take care of ourselves. We are
could be interesting, I made myself as small as I can and the survivors. We’re good at it. While it helps to have
pretended to be a shadow, you know? backup like you feel your organization gives you, we
don’t need it. We make our own path.”
So, a beaten-up old car parks on the side of the road
and a guy — Arab, got one of those hats, early 30s, bit of I guess he’s trying to make a Prim go A++++, but she then
a spring in his step — leaves the car and joins her. They turns it around on him with a laugh. She laughs at Rudi!
speak in low tones while they walk along the neighbor-
hood, but I’ve got good ears, see? “I know. So what can I offer you to come to the
Camarilla? You would be excellent on our team.”
The guy has an accent. I guess I’d describe it as
European, but I know that doesn’t help much. German? Honestly, I couldn’t tell if Rudi was shocked, amused,
So, he says: “Primogen Rosa, it’s nice to meet you. Thank or offended. He just shook her hand and said “Nothing,
you for taking the time to see me.” right now. But thank you for the offer. You know how to
reach me if you need something. Goodnight.”
She gives him a look and shakes her head “Rudi, I
will always have time for you, brother. What is it you Off he drives into the night.
wanted to speak to me about?” Now, I’m guessing he’s up to more than that if he’s
come all the way out here. It can’t just be for a chat. Are
Rudi. the A+++++ planning a big move?
Rudi! You know, the one who leads a whole army of
animals out in Norway or wherever. He’s got a rep and CHICAGO BOTANICAL GARDENS TO
he’s not in the big C. OPEN NEW GARDEN AREA
So, Rudi makes nice a bit before continuing on “I An extract from the Chicago Mail, June 25, 1972
am curious, Rosa, why you decided to join the C------- The Chicago Horticultural Society is happy to an-
-- even after our family left it. What could they possible nounce its new Botanical Gardens, a project 10
give you that is better than the freedom?” years in the making. They have several tours, a re-
Guess he’s here to convert the big warrior queen. ception, and family activities planned for the day.
“They gave me second chances. I made a huge mistake The Horticultural Society has stated its plans for the
that night killing all those people. I risked the safety of every- new location will be educational, offering classes
and workshops for those who are interested.


chapter one: the world of chicago

From the secret recordings of Jason Newberry More from the
mouth of Olaf
[Recording Begins]
Do you want to know what the
ALEXA: Primogen Newberry, you summoned me for a lowest point of a king’s reign is? It is
meeting? What can I help you with? that moment when everyone around
him has turned their backs and he is
SON: Alexa, you cute thing! So cool to see you brought to his knees to beg for for-
again. I hope Chicago has been good to you so far. giveness. Everyone thinks it would
I wanted to introduce myself to see if I could be when he loses his crown, but no,
help you with anything. begging for a king is a lowly act.

[Silence in recording lasting six seconds] But beg is what I did, little
child. I had reached my breaking
ALEXA: It is nice to meet you, Son. I’ve been point and didn’t know what to do
learning a bit about your city, and one thing anymore. Maldavis had gotten so far
struck me as very curious. There are a great many ahead of me that I couldn’t root that
Ventrue within the city, and most of them are sow out. Everywhere I turned, she
sired by Lodin, is that correct? had something waiting for me to try
and take whatever power I had left.
[Background laughter — from a third party in the
room?] I’d never felt so threatened. It
was exhilarating, though. I’d do it
SON: That is correct. The old Prince sired a great all again for the rush of the threat.
many Kindred. That dog seems to have been very That’s the one thing other Kindred
open when it came to his own progeny. Had a tight don’t get about being Prince: You’ll
grip on that Tradition for everyone else. never find the nights tedious.

ALEXA: Curious the Primogen Council didn’t step And they let me have it, oh yes
in about that. Weren’t they more powerful than they did. Their Prince was brought low
they are now? before them, on his knees begging, and
they decided it best to kick him while
[More background laughter] he was down. They had the upper hand
on me. They always had the upper
SON: Alexa baby, the Council has always been a hand, and they knew it. I never forgot
force to reckon with in Chicago. Several of them how they treated me, though. One must
voiced their support for the Kindred known as always learn from one’s mistakes.
Maldavis to get rid of the Lodestar. You may want
to talk with Annabelle at some point about that. “One.” Christ, you wouldn’t
think we were stood under a bridge
ALEXA: I will contact her at some point, rest surrounded by bums in sleeping bags.
assured. Did the Council’s actions ever lead to
anything? I had to bend to their requests, even
though it went against my own rules.
SON: Yes. In fact, it led to Lodin losing a lot of
his power. It pays to be the swing vote
in these situations. Annabelle was
ALEXA: Thank you for your insight into this almost always the swing. She got the
matter. most out of this deal, but I’d finally
got the backing I needed to move
SON: You’re welcome, my lady. Should you ever need against Maldavis.
anything or a safe place to stay, you may contact
me. But that was the beginning of
my fall, when I flew high enough to
[More laughter] feel the sun start to melt my wings.
It was only a matter of time by
ALEXA: I am no lady, please remember that. I ap- that point. But you should talk to
preciate the offer but will decline at this time. that bitch, she’ll tell you. And she’ll
delight in it.
[Recording Ends]



A Final Letter

To whom it may concern,
By the time you find this note I will be dead. Knowing my suffering
will soon be at an end convinces me now is the time to come clean on my
knowledge of Mayor Washington’s death. I am the last surviving member
of his bodyguard detail, and though for years I maintained I was absent
during his death, I was witness to it all and scared into silence.
Mayor Washington was working late in his office November 24th, 1987
like he usually did. Thanksgiving was in a couple of days and he wanted
to get as much work done as possible so that he could spend time with
Mary Ella without worry. As he packed up his things to go, he called out
to me to switch off the office lights. It was as the lights went off a
man in the dark whispered to me “Drive him home and do nothing to save
him.” I remember my knees going weak. They say it’s just an expression,
but I felt about ready to collapse on the carpet. The wall helped steady
me. The mayor asked if I was okay and I answered “yes.” I didn’t feel I
could say anything else. The person who whispered to me had gone.
I drove him home without issue. I wondered if I was imagining
everything, but felt I had to keep watch over his house that night. I
saw him enter the lounge and fall asleep in his favorite chair.
That’s when I saw the figure, a strikingly blonde man in a black
tracksuit, easily enter the home via the conservatory. As Harold
slept, I saw the man kiss him on the neck like a movie vampire. He
was there for minutes, just holding that pose. I couldn’t move from
my seat, just watching this weird display.
When the man left the house, he came over to my car and I sped away.
I never told anyone because the man kept visiting me, every now and
then, to talk about someone called “Mal Davis” who he would say was
“Washington’s mistress.” He would laugh that with the mayor dead, as
he died the following day at work, “Davis has lost everything.” He
just loved mocking me with that.
Then he stopped coming. But I never stopped being scared.
I’m so sorry.

An extract from the Chicago Star, November 25, 1987
Mayor Washington suffered a heart attack in his office while meeting with his press secretary. He was rushed to Northwestern
Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Press Secretary Alton Miller reported that Mayor Washington slumped
over on his desk while they were discussing School Board issues, and emergency services were called immediately.
Mayor Washington was Chicago’s first black mayor and was 65 years old.


chapter one: the world of chicago

Text extracted from an encrypted email from [emailprotected] religious texts. While some may not be entirely accurate,
sunburst.col to [emailprotected] Both emails since it makes sense that water and particular floods would
deactivated. Flagged due to use of word “Anarch”. make their way into Kindred history. This is where the
great Chicago flood comes into play, and it is a dark
You stupid upstart of an Anarch. Do you really think time for both Kindred and mortals alike.
it wise to work the unions and SJWs up into a riot to see if
you can gain control over the city? The last time we tried In 1992, rumors started circulating that Clan
that, it didn’t work. And guess what? A lot of people died. Tremere was working on finding out the havens of the
Don’t you remember being run out of the city like animals? Nosferatu. It was assumed the endeavor was fruitless, as
I almost died that night, and you hid away in Milwaukee. members of Clan Nosferatu tend to make their havens
extremely hard to find and equally dangerous to get to.
You should rethink your actions here, G. Let’s not These rumors were a central point for several weeks and
get too deep and lose the fight again. We aren’t going had just started dying down when a great flood struck
up against L anymore. We have to be prepared in more the downtown area of Chicago.
ways than controlling the mortal population. We need
numbers, and a plan. Upon initial investigations, it appeared as though
the flood was natural. Chicago was built on a marshland
Let’s meet. anyway, so it was bound to flood at some point. Then,
M reports of many homeless turning up dead within the
sewers started, but they were kept out of mainstream
Entelechy School Lesson #114 — media. Downtown Chicago ground to a halt for over a
The Flood week, impacting businesses and homes within that area.
Along with those investigative reports was talk of mas-
Floods have been around for eternity. Since the sive damage done to Nosferatu havens within the city.
time man first started recording history, floods have From there, it was not hard to put the pieces together
been a central theme, appearing in history book and and finish the puzzle.



The biggest question remaining Bret: It is and it isn’t. Jackson’s but we were unaware of the bigger
was why would the Tremere do this? made steps to declare it so, but the Suck problem.
What was in it for them at the time, still leaves a bad taste with some Kin-
to endanger so many Kindred and dred. There was only one such attack, Aluc: What happened?
take the lives of countless mortals? really. That was the night the were- Bret: They destroyed a great many
wolves descended. They were after Lo- of us. They came for us everywhere. In
While there isn’t one good din, I thought. Other Kindred thought our havens, at the club, in Elysium. No-
answer to those questions, there is the Lupines were after someone more body was safe. In the end, about a third
plenty of speculation, most of which powerful, but who’s more powerful of us were dead. Some rumors still float
revolve around the Kindred Khalid than the Prince, right? out there the Gangrel were telling them
and Nicolai and a rivalry between where to find our havens. Flea-ridden
the two. Others speculate Lodin paid Aluc: Who indeed. How did pricks. I’m glad they’ve gone Anarch.
Nicolai to do this and eliminate his the rest of the city fare? If their focus Aluc: I understand your old Prince
enemies, but that Nicolai failed in his was on the club, did they attack then met his end. What happened to the
task and caused much more damage retreat? Primogen?
to the city than was originally intend- Bret: All thrown into chaos. It was
ed. Another rumor started by Tommy Bret: No, far from it. They only quickly discovered Lodin was destroyed
Walker was that another Nosferatu attacked the club one night of the in the fight. Several other officers were
was trying to destroy Khalid. whole mess. Lodin declared a blood missing or dead. It was a scramble to
hunt on all the werewolves and our city keep the city together so the Anarchs
Sheriff Damien’s answered with force. We were able to wouldn’t seize it.
Recordings #78 destroy a good number of werewolves,

Aluc: I am very impressed with the Slam Poetry from the Streets of Chicago
city so far. It has been rather welcoming
for strangers such as Alexa and I. I’ve Olaf Holte
already indulged in several sublime Prince Number One
pleasures… Motherfucker never knew what it meant to get gone
Cocksucker never understood he needed silver in his gun
Bret: I’m glad to hear you’re Motherfucker should have never woke from his coffin
finding your way around so easily, dude.
Have you visited the Suck Club yet? ha
But that cocksucker got to go and call himself Lodin
Aluc: The Succubus? No, I have Word is the weak bitch gets all up in his penthouse
not. Annabelle told me about it, but Thinks walls’ll protect him from the teeth and claws of the bloodhounds
I’ve heard it’s not easy to find if you
don’t know where to look. The pack was eight large
Tearing howling alpha in charge
Bret: Damn straight, but I know The white man came down head in his crown bang bang he shoots and one
where to find it and the secret knock.
You should come see it sometime. I wolfine goes down!
think you and Alexa would find it fun, But Olaf
given your tastes.
White Prince
Aluc: Has it always been a city Blonde hair blue eyes
staple? Cold as hell blood like ice
His ass can’t fight off the whole rest of the seven in one night
Bret: Sure. It was founded and Tales do tell they did rip him a new one
protected by Thornhill, a Ventrue. He’s Turn his ass to ash and feed him his own gun
ash now. These nights it’s more under But word on the street
the stewardship of interested Roses like Is that motherfucker can’t be beat
myself, Portia, and Annabelle. I can’t Old Olaf’s still with us
complain about being pinned between Like he ain’t never left.
those two ladies!

Aluc: My friend, your tone betrays
your bravado. I hear there were attacks
on it? I guess it isn’t an Elysium.


chapter one: the world of chicago

The Professor’s Notes TRIBUTE TO
CRITIAS: So how did you end up here in Chicago, Queen Anne Bowesley of
Mercy? London’s Tribute to Prince Lo-
din of Chicago
MERCY: I was born here. My name doesn’t just We have lost a great friend in the
straight away make me a migrant. Americas. Most of you knew Lo-
din, the Prince of Chicago. Unlike
CRITIAS: My apologies. I watch the news occa- many of our kind, he was a great
sionally, you see— traveler, and regularly visited here
and on the Continent. His visits
MERCY: Plenty of Latinas were born here old man. were always a pleasure, and he
was the finest of companions.
CRITIAS: I’ll try again. What is it you love Despite the criticism Anarchs
about this city? This domain? heaped upon him, Lodin acted
for the good of all Kindred. Some
MERCY: Chicago’s always been so alive and filled may have called his rule harsh,
with a drive to bring about change. I’ve always others called him pawn, but our
wanted to be a part of that. welfare was always paramount
in his mind. He defended the
CRITIAS: What makes you believe you are worthy Masquerade with incomparable
of joining my academy? dedication and ability, and pro-
tected all those of the Camarilla
MERCY: I thought this was some Prince-mandated from our many enemies.
bullshit. I have a choice? His death is a loss we all suf-
fer. Kindred have lost a su-
CRITIAS: We don’t all have a choice. But in this, perb leader, the Camarilla
you do. Be smart. has lost a stalwart protector,
and I have lost a dear friend.
MERCY: I guess it’s not going to hurt to find out The world was made a better
about the values of our kind. place by his presence, and a
sadder place by his loss.
CRITIAS: And what makes you believe I should Lady Anne, Prince of London
waste my time with you?
Where is Tia?
MERCY: Because I am worth it. I’m a fighter, and
will continue to fight. I’m not trying to accuse you
of anything, I’m just wondering if
CRITIAS: I see. And what of your religious be- you’ve seen her. Last I saw of Tia,
liefs? Do you see those as a driving force of and she’s real special to me, she said
change? she was going to see you at the club.
I didn’t even know she knew you,
MERCY: Yes and no. That question is complicated. but she seemed to real well before
My heart knows this is where I need to be. My she headed out.
religion tells me I need to find some peace with
myc… ondition. Look Portia, I want you to
know I’m not going to blame you
CRITIAS: And now that you’ve heard the rumors, if you did need to have a drink and
how do you feel about Menele and everything he thought she was a good taster. I’ve
was able to accomplish within this city? had a drink once or twice on her ac-
count. It’s just, I love her. She makes
MERCY: From what I heard from your clanmates, me feel alive again, you get me?
your sire was a pillar of humanity and someone
who could have brought great good to this city
and this sect. It’s a shame he left, I guess.

CRITIAS: [Shouting] You are wrong! You have been
deceived as well! Until you are able to see clearly,
you are nothing more than a pawn. Leave my school!

[Sounds of items being destroyed and footsteps
running out]



So, if you’ve seen her, just tell me where. If there’s happened there. Capone was a major Masquerade issue
bad news, break it to me straight. I’m a big girl and can and Kevin needed to make sure the city would continue
take it. Just don’t leave me hanging. to have the backing of the Camarilla. When your sect
declares technology is out and hand-delivered notes are
Shifting Crowns in, you know it’s going to be a bad time for anyone with
a face like Capone’s.
Let’s be clear: the Primogen Council in the city was
always very strong. They were able to rule the city for Well, him and any clanless or dusky who doesn’t toe
a good number of years before someone was support- the line. Word is, Jackson’s made a business of disappear-
ed enough to take the praxis. But who would take the ing anyone who doesn’t support his smiling self.
From the handwritten
First up, we have Joseph Peterson from Clan transcript of Sullivan Dane
Ventrue! This boy was on fire! In fact, he was so hot
he burned out before even taking the city! See, when Voice 1: Have you heard the news? There is a Lasom-
the Primogen don’t support you and the city finds you bra in town!
incompetent, it doesn’t matter what clan you hail from,
you won’t get support. And so Joseph is our first failure Voice 2: Wait, aren’t they the ones from the Sabbat?
to the seat, and out with a blaze of glory. He’s been ex- Shouldn’t we tell the Sheriff?
iled for his failure. It’s totally fine to laugh at him.
Voice 1: No, this one was invited to be in the city.
Now we have Kevin Jackson of Clan Ventrue! Now Apparently, she was sent by her elders to talk with the
this boy is hot, right? Like, real hot. So hot that he not Prince.
only has the support of the Primogen, but the rest of the
city as well. So far, he has been able to keep hold of the Voice 2: Wait, really? That’s strange. Do you know
crown. what about?

He is so loyal to the Camarilla that he actually Voice 1: Not yet. I heard she’s like a Hilton or some-
executed his own clan’s Primogen, Capone. Can you thing though.
imagine that? It doesn’t take a lot to figure out what
Voice 2: They have those in the Sabbat?
Voice 1: Apparently.


chapter one: the world of chicago


My sire was an asshole. He was a racist, manipulative asshole,
and I am glad I no longer have to be in his shadow. For all
his edicts, he sure messed several things up alright. But don’t
worry, I took care of them. Leave it to the black man to clean up
a racist white man’s mess.

You see, Lodin had favorites, and if you were useful to him,
you could get away with shit. Capone is a prime example of that.
What in the world is an asshole whose face is all over history
books, newspapers, and museums doing being a vampire? Seriously?
That shit don’t fly with me.

So yes, I took Capone out for being a serious issue to the
secrecy of us vampires. And you know what? I cleaned up a bunch
of messes left behind after. Every Kindred that broke any of the
Traditions or threatened our kind, I took care of.

And you know what else? That earns me some respect, even from
you and the other nihilists. I got props from the Justicars for
cleaning up the city. And I intend to keep doing what’s right for
this city and keeping our kind safe. If that means being heavy
handed, so be it.

The reign of Lodin is done. May he be forgotten.

Come to Elysium if you want me to recognize your presence. If
you don’t, you’ll feel the full weight of this new era coming
down on your ugly ass.

Prince Kevin Jackson

Sheriff Damien’s Recordings #102 From the Diary of Sun Che

Wauneka: So, this is the Loop? I thought these tun- I was just walking along the path when I heard the
nels were closed after the flood? whispers on the wind.

Calhoun: They were, childe. According to the mor- “Soon,” they said.
tals. We managed to open some of them up again for us I asked myself “Soon what” and to my surprise, for
to use. They were just too convenient to let go. the first time in a long time, the voice answered.
“Soon you shall see my power.”
Wauneka: Do you really think that’s wise? What if Diary, I tried to act defiant. I said “Not if I can help
Prince Jackson finds out? Wouldn’t this be a threat to it” or “Over my dead body” or something. Obviously,
the Masquerade? I’m already dead.
I continued my walk to the park. It was beautiful
Calhoun: Probably. But nobody comes down here last night, diary. The pond and the floral walking path
anymore anyway. Besides, most of the Nosferatu who around it soothed my mind and quieted the voice. I was
knew this place existed died in 1992. staring into the still waters when the demon came back.
“Where are you going? Am I going to come out and
Wauneka: Yeah. When it flooded down here. What play?”
was that noise?

Calhoun: I doubt those rats are watching us of
their own volition. Someone wants to know what we’re
discussing. Let’s move top side, shall we?




I have found Chicago to be tolerant of my presence for the
time being. Negotiations with Prince Jackson have started and
have been going well. The residents of the city are of course
reticent, but once we impress on them the influence they can gain
with us as their allies? Well. Once I’ve concluded speaking with
Prince Jackson, I shall start conversing with others within the
domain and work to earn their support.

I believe Prince Jackson will support Clan Lasombra joining
the Camarilla, as if he does so and it goes well, he’ll look like
some kind of pioneer. We’ll play on this. It’s no secret he wants
to be the Camarilla’s American face. Obviously, his concern is
for the Masquerade and how our elders have so impacted this in
times gone by, yourself included.

I imagine he’s going to expect blood as payment, and not in the
Haqim way. I think he’ll expect a sacrifice. As you’ve requested,
I’ll gauge its properness before committing our clan to any
course of action.

Your darling,


I didn’t answer this time, diary. I continued walk- “A place to bury those who died of cholera. What
ing. I reached a broad meadow — I love these parts of are you doing here?” It wasn’t a skeleton at all. A watch-
Chicago — and some woodlands. I left the path and man, maybe. An elderly gentleman, drawn and wan, had
walked beyond the tree line. entered the cavern and was shining a flashlight in my
face. I’ve no idea how he got inside without me seeing
“Someone is following us.” him.
This time I snapped. I could feel my vitae starting to
burn in my veins. I didn’t unleash myself, but I chastised “I told you we were being followed.” That mocking
the voice. “Nobody is following us. We’re in the park. It’s prick.
night. You’re making me paranoid.”
It was then that I realized I had come to a mauso- “Shut up.” The man must have thought me mad as I
leum. I had no idea one existed out in this reserve. I felt shielded my eyes from the light “I’m sorry sir. I thought I
drawn to try the handle, and it turned. The door opened. saw my dog go down here.”
It was tight in there. The way trees roots had
burrowed through the stone it was as if it had become a “Young lady, this is no place for you. Let’s go.” He
passage built as if for children. If I still had to breathe, I went to grab my arm and started to drag me out.
wouldn’t have entered, I’m sure of it, but within seconds
I was on my hands and knees and crawling within. I couldn’t control myself any longer, diary. I felt my
“Look.” face contort before I even knew the Beast was coming to
There were skeletons all around, diary. At least 10, the fore. I think I shouted, “Keep your hands to your-
maybe 20. I asked aloud, “What is this place?” and the self!” before I struck him and drained him.
voice that came back wasn’t from within. One of the
skeletons spoke to me. The demon’s mocking voice coaxed me back to
sanity. “Your goddess will not help you. Nobody will. Nobody
but me. Just give in and let me help you.”

The thing is, diary, when I woke up the man’s body
wasn’t there. No trace of blood. Nothing. I just got the
hell out and fled into the night.


chapter one: the world of chicago

Cross-Clan Invitations Olaf’s Evidence

Ms. Stewart, Ah, do you see how the mighty can fall? Do you?
You are cordially invited to attend the I have proof right here that indeed, my own court was
Field Museum After Midnight party. working against me! How can I trust anyone? I can’t,
The party will be open to the public, so that’s why, and that was my folly. But I learned, little
please remember your manners. childe. Now I am only king of myself and the rags on my
A special tour of the museum has back.
been arranged for any who wish to have a
backstage look and see what really goes on But do you want to know how the mighty fall? Take
behind the scenes. It’ll be more than Sue this to Critias and see just how far they fall.
the T-Rex on display this coming night!
De Leon Capone
The Ministry
Here is the evidence you
requested on the Primogen
Council members within your
court. While I was following
everyone in the court, the
two that stuck out to me are
included below. Please use
this as you will. Our debt is



Maldavis From the records of Clan
I have been holding the council back from al-
lowing Lodin the ability to go after you and the I decided I’d play stick the tail
Anarchs, but I can only do so for so long. It is on the newcomers and who did I
imperative you act quickly and finish the job, or I find but Alexa and Aluc on Michi-
fear it may be too late. Watch your back. gan. I played trailing tourist, taking
in everything they were saying and
Critias doing.

See, childe, the treachery of those Bennett: What shit are you They were walking hand in hand
who I protected? Selling their loyalty seeing? down the street. He wasn’t using his
for what? Favors? Trinkets? More cane. He trusts them to guide him,
power? To what end were they trying Galura: There is something in I guess. Their conversation wasn’t
to accomplish? Well, they certainly got the lake. Like a fucking shark, only some great revelation, at least not at
their way. Supporting an Anarch? worse. It’s big. And ancient. Like, first, but here’s the skinny:
predates mortals ancient.
I dare say it is tantamount to Alexa was asking him about the
treason! Bennett: And how do you pro- International Museum of Surgical
pose we deal with it? Sciences in Chicago, and whether they
Sheriff Damien’s could take a look as these things in-
Recordings #110 Galura: I don’t know! I’m not terest them. Their partner, in turn, of-
the problem solver! I never was! fered to arrange a tour for them both
Galura: I’m telling you, there is I just have these visions and I try tonight. Guy must have some pull.
something fucked up happening in to tell people who will actually do
the city. something about it. They went on like this for a
while, talking about some morbid
Bennett: Are you seriously on Bennett: My man Adze says ig- traps for curious tourists. Famous
this thing again? I’m telling you, nore things like that. He says things crime scenes, the location of Holmes’
nothing bad is happening. Have a like that will sleep for centuries. murder castle, all that stuff. It seems
drink, man. Chill. Alexa’s into some creepy shit.
Galura: Adze, Adze, Adze. He
Galura: Tell that to my brain. I represents change. I’m not sure if it’s So then they ask him how his
can’t stop seeing things. Water, poison, good. investigation’s been going. I record
blood. Everywhere. It’s going to happen. their interaction word for word
Bennett: Guy just wants to
make as much money as possible. “Well enough, though there is
something weird going on in the
Galura: He wants more than city. I’m not sure I can describe it
that. He wants a kingdom. other than off.” That was Aluc.

Maldavis “Strange. I’ve had that same
feeling. I wonder if we are experienc-
I remain torn on my support for you. I ing the same thing.” Alexa here.
can see the situation further escalating and
I do not like where I believe it is headed. “Around the Succubus Club. It has
If you can offer me something greater, I a great atmosphere but there’s a stench
will continue to hold Lodin back. of power to it that I think the locals
have grown immune to, which interests
Annabelle me. How long do you need the gas be-
fore you become sedated?” Aluc again.

“Maybe we should pay it a visit.
Grab a meal to take home for after.”
Alexa now.

They start talking about other
things after this and I eventually
part with them when I lose them in
a shopping mall. Curious stuff!


chapter one: the world of chicago

FIRSTLIGHT Text Message hands on some of the leftist groups. We just have to
Intercept #CH832 watch to make sure they don’t shut down the city with
NUMBER BLOCKED: I understand
you have found the Dark Mother Jackson: Should that be a priority?
to be truth. Damien: My suggestion will be to see what happens
ERZULIE: Who is this? How did you with the first of the demos. If it stays civil and doesn’t
get my number? disrupt the city, I don’t see the harm. If we siderail the
NUMBER BLOCKED: Lilith calls to mortals too much, questions might start getting asked.
you, does she not, sister? Jackson: And what of our new Lasombra friends?
ERZULIE: She does, how did you Damien: She seems legit to me. He seems to be a
know this? grotesque of some kind, with no interest in his reason
NUMBER BLOCKED: We know a great for being sent here. I’ve followed her for a while and
many things, Erzulie. The coven have not seen her do anything that would make me
awaits you, if you wish to join question her intentions other than her business ventures.
us. Jackson: I’m not too concerned about that right
ERZULIE: Where? now. Keep an eye on her.
NUMBER BLOCKED: 41.8947, 87.6062 Damien: Was there anything else you wanted me to
look into?
Text extracted from email Jackson: Yeah, there’s a wooded area near Skokie
to Blankbody #1021H that had a hand found in it. It came back as a woman
missing for a couple of weeks. You might want to check
Tracy that out.
We have come to understand that you feel you have no place Damien: Understood. Is it a threat?
within your society. You have been outcast from your family and Jackson: Her hand was removed by a knife, so I
are searching for a family. We wish to offer that opportunity to would say no threat to the Masquerade, but there may
you. We do not normally accept your kind within our ranks, but be other things going on. I’d say it’s nothing to do with
you are a special case. Please accept our invitation to view our us, but we both know of the Primogen who likes to nest
headquarters. Once you do, coordinates will be sent to you an down there.
hour before the meetup time. This is for both of our safety. Damien: That sick fuck.
Good Evening
As spoken by an
Sheriff Damien’s unidentified “Anarch”
Recordings #229
Read this and read it well. I’m not in this shithole
Jackson: What have you found with the Anarchs? of a city for my health. I’m here to serve the Movement,
Damien: So far, they seem to be on the outskirts and if you’re going to obstruct me, I’ll be forced to go
and not causing too much trouble. higher than you. You may think you’re king shit as Baron
Jackson: What about Gengis? He was an issue of Gary, but Chicago is a whole other kettle of fish. Got
before. that?
Damien: He was, and still could be. He’s got his
I know you’re looking to make nice with Jacko
and his glittering new domain, but that isn’t how the
Movement of tonight is going to play. The old ways of
collaboration are long gone. You may have age on us, you
may have title, but neither of those things means fuck all
when the big boys can just close up shop and tell us to
take a hike.

No, now’s the time to fight back. I’m just waiting
for the order. When it comes, wait for the boom.



Dear Rabbi Basaras,

I know it has been some time since I have written you; I wanted
to reach out in advance of my arrival in your city. The coming
presence of my brother and I is somewhat known at this point, but
the reasons behind it are not, and I delight in keeping everyone
guessing. I am sure if you are meant to know, the Friends of the
Night will pass on that information.

I have come to ask for your help once I reach the city. Since
I will be in meetings and councils for what seems like the
immediate future, it has come to my attention that there might
be several of our clanmates residing in the city, who may need
plucking from this coil of ours. I’m unsure of whom they might be
at this time, but I do know the Hound wants them gone before I
arrive. He will do his part, but we rely on you to help clear the
board of interference.

My hope is to find these people and use their elimination as
leverage for our future bargaining. As thanks to you, feel free
to check in at the Diamond Yama Hotel at any time, should you
desire a massage, discreet resting place, or just a bite to eat.



Nights of Pleasure don’t want that to happen anymore, just let me know. I’d
like to work for you in a more official capacity.
Come and join the celebration at House
Mamuwalde! June is Pride month and we Blankbody Voicemail
are proud to celebrate all of our community’s Intercept #82CH
identities. House Mamuwalde will be hosting
several themed parties over the next four weeks. Hi, this is Annabelle. Please leave a message
Come as you are, you glorious individuals. I Annabelle? It’s Nero. I’m just worried because you hav-
want to see all you crazy diamonds shine! en’t been seen in a couple of nights. I know it’s not like me to
give a fig, but give me a call, okay?
Mama Francois
Alexa’s Dream Record #12
Text extracted from email
to Blankbody #CodeRed19 I was standing in a garden I’ve never been in, but I
was fairly certain I was in Eden, the first garden. It was
Hey, the most beautiful garden I’ve ever seen. I could feel my
So uhhhh, is it true you guys sparkle? heart burst with joy at being there in this most beautiful
Just kidding. Anyway, you really should be more place. I never wanted to leave.
careful. I was able to track you from your phone. If you
I walked around the garden, exploring all the new
plants growing there, plants I’ve never seen before. I
knew better then to touch anything. In the center of the
garden was a tree with the most beautiful apples in it. I
started to reach up to grab one when a hand stopped me


chapter one: the world of chicago

from it. I hoped it was Aluc. It was a FIRSTLIGHT Text Message Intercept #CH839
dark-skinned woman with hair long
and flowing to the earth. BRONWYN: Do you have any orders for tonight?
HQ: Nope nothing tonight.
“No, childe,” she said, “Those are BRONWYN: Okay, cool. Have a good night.
not for us. If you eat them, you will not HQ: Sorry, just got two in. One is to the SC. The
be welcome here any longer.” other is to a greenhouse.
BRONWYN: Strange, did they say what they
I found myself answering wanted?
“Mother, why am I here? What HQ: SC is the normal order for them. Greenhouse
brought me to this garden, to Eden?” was masochists. Maybe check S&M clubs?
BRONWYN: Weird hippies. Alright, I’ll get that
“Because you serve the gods, do started.
you not? You serve all of them without
question.” overwhelmed by the madness that Kevin: Yes, it is curious indeed.
struck me. In an act of desperation, I Why would you ask?
“I do serve them. It is my pur- managed to make my way to the tree
pose.” and pick an apple off it, taking a bite. Critias: Because I am wondering
what a member of the rebellion is
Her hand caressed my face and This Lilith woman screamed an doing within the walls of our Elysi-
I cried for the first time in over a unholy scream and pain washed over um. Doesn’t it go against everything
century. I even woke with blood on me like a wave. I watched as Eden you believe in?
my cheeks. started to die around me, the plants
rotting on the ground, and it made Kevin: It does. And it takes a lot
“Why do you cry?” my heart want to break into a thou- for me not to just destroy them.
sand pieces.
“Because you are so beautiful Critias: Why don’t you? Are you
and because I want to serve you.” When I woke up, I swear I spat turning into Lodin? Getting soft?
out a chunk of apple. Aluc had been
“You will, my darling. You shall keeping fruit and other food in the Kevin: No. The Lasombra have
serve me and all the gods. And Eden will apartment. Had I been sleepwalking come to Chicago for a very specific
be waiting for you when you are done.” and yet climbed back into bed? reason. And I have been asked by the
Directorate to listen to that reason.
“But who are you? What god are As I sat in bed next to Aluc, I be-
you?” gan to weep uncontrollably, fresh vi- Critias: I see. It’s not like you to
tae joining the crusted smears around take orders from others.
“I am the Mother God. I am the my eyes. Aluc told me to write this all
first woman to walk the earth, and the down and sank fast back to sleep. Kevin: In the long run, this will
first to be punished. I was a god before be helping the Camarilla. That’s
Caine. I am Lilith.” I am afraid to join him. what I’m told. It grates, but I’m
playing nice. If for some reason that
In my dream I pulled away from Sheriff Damien’s changes, there will be a couple of ash
the woman and for the first time Recordings #303 piles you can study. How does that
since I entered the garden, I wanted sound?
to leave. I cried out, “No! You are no Critias: I hear there is a Lasom-
god! You are a demon!” I am never bra within the city. Curious, isn’t it? Critias: Sounds like a deal to
this hysterical in my waking hours. me, oh Prince.
My fangs grew and a snarl left my
throat. [Recording Ends]

“You cannot leave here, childe. Not
without my permission.”

“You cannot keep me here.
Wake up!” I knew I was waiting for
this dream to end, only it didn’t. “I
said wake up!”

The garden filled with laughter
and it drove me mad. I almost felt



Welcome to chapter two
the Night

“That’s right, drink it up. Good boy.” Little Lamb looked up at Jesus and Mary, with Jesus’ face half in shadow,
pulled Mr. Carson from her breast and placed the man’s I saw the dark half smiling. He was on the cross and he was
head in her lap. She stroked the oil magnate’s curly hair fucking smiling out of the Abyss at me.”
as he dozed off like a baby filled with warm milk. Looking
down at the blood slave, Lamb cooed a little before talking Little Lamb started laughing, before genuflecting and
further. shaking her head at Jesus. “If you’re one of us, Mr. Christ,
how about you call the Inquisition off for a while?”
“Did you know we Embraced Jesus?” Carson snuffled
in response, not really listening. The Deal

“It’s true. At least it’s true according to a book I was Malenkov,
shown. We Embraced Jesus, Peter was his ghoul, and that’s I know it grates the balls of one such as yourself to
how we got in on the church building so early on. Oh, consider bending to the Cam, but it’s time to face facts:
and we helped create Islam. One of our eldest elders was a We need to take it like a trooper just this once or prepare
confidante of Mohammed, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It’s for a permanent filleting. I know which option I favor.
true, I promise.” The blood doll snored gently while Lamb There’s word the Amici Noctis reached out to
rolled her eyes. trusted Keepers, those with reputations for clan over
sect loyalty, and the Friends arranged diplomatic
“So you think it sounds like a load of horseshit, huh? missions by these same Keepers to the Anarchs and the
Well,” she looked around the empty church, “I can see why. I Camarilla. At first, these representatives are to make
mean it would go a long way to ñexplaining the resurrection solitary offerings of fealty to the Ivory Tower, before
and how interested the Magisters have always been in the petitioning for the entry of the entire clan.
Church, but it’s a big claim to swallow.” I know what you’re thinking, and I thought the
same. The act is going to be far from easy but get this:
Little Lamb lifted Max’s head slightly, moving off the Some domains are accepting Lasombra “refugees” in
pew and placing a cushion in her place so as not to wake the exchange for the sacrifice of Lasombra the Camarilla’s
addict laying there. “So most Lasombra go around having Princes deem “unsuitable.”
heard this little piece of myth and they chalk it up as crap.
But…I’m going to tell you something I’ve not even told my
sire. I attended this church the other night. I stayed in for
Mass, I droned the words and said the prayers, and when I



So, understand: We sacrifice our pawns to stand our new “allies.” Are the Amici Noctis really going to
alongside the Camarilla’s kings and queens. In this case, go for that? How long before we come for them, in that
our pawns refer to any Sabbat unprepared or unable to case?
abandon monstrosity or maintain the Masquerade. The
Camarilla want those anxious to defect, not those who Interesting nights, Mal. I hope we both survive to
might cause trouble. see the end of this turbulent period, though don’t be sur-
prised if someone labels you a “troublemaker” for being
I suspect at least half the Lasombra will remain in such an infamous war criminal in the Sabbat-Camarilla
the Sabbat, but will lack central authority or direction wars, or an elder ripe for sacrifice. After all, don’t you
if the Amici Noctis is going full Ivory Tower. Those of have childer and younger siblings?
us who held titles of Archbishop in the Sabbat now
attempt to do so in the Camarilla, bringing with us our T. Fisk
manipulation of the Catholic Church. Any Lasombra
ranked Cardinal are put to the torch as a gesture of good The Lasombra
faith. Ironic, I suppose. in Society

Few Kindred will trust us, for our betrayal of the Good evening again, my perfect flock.
Sabbat highlights fickle loyalties, or so the Degenerates Let me tell you: In the domains where Magisters
say. The Camarilla will, however, value our clan’s power, join with the Camarilla, the reluctant clans already
ruthlessness, and sphere of mortal influence. The Ventrue holding membership at least have consolation they hold
despise having to contest praxis with ancient enemies, just all the mortal influence cards. They reason we Lasombra
as the Toreador loathe sharing roles in Elysium with we will be playing catch up for some time.
latecomers. Despite this, and due to the close eye all clans Those vampires are wrong. Before the Sabbat’s
keep on us in their domains, it seems we Lasombra may formation, we Magisters concentrated our influence
yet make tenuous allies of the Camarilla. on mortal religious institutions while our Ventrue and
Toreador counterparts did so on mortal nobility. These
I’m not done, though, and neither will the Camaril- manipulating tendrils never went away, they just hid a
la be. They’ll push and push to see what they can get out little better. Few Lasombra Embraced in the last century
of us, and they’re already doing so in a few domains I’ve are even aware of our clan’s power within the Church,
heard of. The weak cities, the ones who lost half their but this knowledge now spreads thick and fast, espe-
Kindred population to the Anarchs, they’re the ones cially with myriad Protestant faiths on the rise in the
saying we just need to deliver the staked bodies of Sab- United States and the Catholic Church dominant in
bat troublemakers, Lasombra or not. The conservative South America.
domains? The ones we want to get in on? They’ve been While we Lasombra might struggle to influence
known to ask for the following: doctrine, the nomination of a Pope, or a faith’s support
• For every Lasombra joining the Camarilla, an elder of a war (those issues being high-profile and contain-
ing too many variables), members of our clan in Rome
Lasombra must be presented as sacrifice. have easier access to the Vatican’s records than others.
A vampire like myself, who preys on charity workers
• Lasombra intending on joining the Camarilla must and missionaries, can influence the Church’s effective-
submit to a Blood Bond. ness and priests at a regional level, and a mercenary
killer like Talley — you know him, yes? — benefits
• A maximum of three Lasombra may exist in any from the intelligence of where the Second Inquisition
one Camarilla domain. focuses its gaze.
As a whole, Clan Lasombra is a clan of hypocrisy
• Lasombra are to receive no warnings regarding the and pragmatism. Oh, it’s no great fault to call us hyp-
Traditions; just punishment. ocrites. A certain amount of honesty is required in a
chapel such as this. Most Keepers only use the Church
• The practice of our particular brand of blood arts is for its power, rather than in a spiritual sense. The
forbidden on pain of final death. Amici Noctis decree that it must be this way, anyway,
though you may give the finger to those dusty turds.
• No Lasombra may hold title in Camarilla domains
for at least 50 years.
I could go on. The Camarilla love this new power

they have over us.
I say let them. The only deal of the above that trou-

bles me is the talk of our murdering elders to appease


chapter two: Welcome to the Night

Hiding among congregations conveys multiple bene- In these early nights of union between Camarilla and
fits, from sleeping beneath churches to using priests Lasombra, we Magisters must exercise restraint or draw
as puppets and flocks as herds. Have you heard of the the collective ire of our new sect-mates. In the case of a
Lasombra of France and Spain who seize the catacombs vampire like Moon Si-young, she works entirely through
of all the national cathedrals as their domain? They mortal agents and shares none of her true influence with
really piss off the Nosferatu. fellow Cainites. She is satisfied, for now, domineering
over the kine. She’s a good girl.
Something in our blood makes an individual
Magister hunger for self-aggrandizement, first of With the recent division within Clan Tremere,
individual vampire, secondly of clan, and to prove many Kindred suspect we’ll be fast to occupy the War-
ourselves better than everyone else. Of course, this acts locks’ chair. In several domains, this has already become
as a means to power, whether spiritual, material, or the case, with Magisters acting as advisors, personal
governmental. We’re not dissimilar to the stereotypical bodyguards, regents, and chamberlains to Ventrue
Ventrue in this regard, except where the Ventrue desire Princes. This pleases Ventrue tyrants such as Agnethe of
to rule, we desire to triumph. Power is a symptom, not Christiania and Camilla of Rome immensely, I’m told, as
necessarily a goal. Though religion is the predominant they can now lord over another clan, one they have de-
sector in which we court influence, our clanmates seize spised for centuries. The vampires this vexes more than
the opportunity to dominate kine at the state level, as any other are those of Clan Toreador, who have long
in the way prodigal Lasombra Moon Si-young manip- felt underestimated within the sect they helped found.
ulates the affairs of Busan through control of the city’s As they see ancient enemies grabbing at posts that
media. She does this not to lead the city but to show should be rightfully theirs, Degenerates such as Edward
she’s better than other moguls in the city. The chal- Williams of Denver and Annabelle of Chicago take every
lenge becomes one of discretion. action to hamstring our activities.

Now that many within our clan nominally hold Trust me, my little flock, this is all for the good. We
allegiance to the Camarilla, we can’t easily claim a sen- want the gaps in the Camarilla a little wider so we can
ator as a puppet or whisper into the ear of a monarch. fit more easily inside.



Talley’s Tale This tale is not a sad one. I earned sect’s enemies, protect the existences
everything I wanted. The Sabbat gave of over-old Blue Bloods and Degen-
Allow me to tell you a little tale me everything I needed. By all rights, I erates, take the money of employers
about my life as a Sabbat knight, should be as content in the Camarilla to enforce loyalty, and yes, they still
Templar, and Bishop, and how these as I was in the Sabbat, but now my give less than two shits about the
roles translate into Kindred society own clanmates see me as a ripe sacri- lives of the kine. The difference is
tonight. fice to make. A ticket to join the elite now, with the Inquisition on the
club known as the Ivory Tower. scene, they are more circumspect in
In my lengthy time as a servant their nightly activities.
of the Sabbat, I slew the sect’s I loathe the bastards I served
enemies, protected the existences of diligently for years, who now betray What role does Clan Lasombra
over-old Keepers and Fiends, drank me and leave me without a sect. I now play in the Jyhad? The same
the vitae of my brothers to enforce wonder if I’ll go down like some as we ever have. We control via the
loyalty, and gave less than two shits disgruntled postal worker, shooting faith. Whether Camarilla or not, we
about the lives of the kine. up an ancient castle full of Keepers set the doctrine for the methuselah
for how they cut my career short just cults. We baptize and excommu-
I was prized for my skill with before I could claim a pension. nicate. We are still the only clan,
the Abyss, my blade, and the gun. once regarded as High, to reward
The Friends of the Night awarded No. I think I’ll enjoy the hunt. its members based on achievement
me the right to diablerize, created Anyway, you must look at the instead of lineage.
titles in exchange for my deeds, and Lasombra role in the Camarilla.
gave me anything my unbeating What do they do now, that Clan Or so we claim, anyhow. I’m
heart could desire. Lasombra didn’t before? I can tell beginning to see my own words as
you what some of my kin do: slay the quite hollow.


From: [emailprotected]
To: [emailprotected]
Subject: Grabbing a bite to eat

Hello, communicating this way, old boy, so I’ll keep it brief. If you need me otherwise, you can do what
I dislike
mtafhoreeer nuobASIts.uakno.tdnds,Fokhsowwiaprrht,vosneeit.otsrSewdy. oooT,touemhosoldgednsiotn’iebtmteostp?ehyol,saauIyctntr?oheeduescClyoigphkmhelaeaatrmymwvpeqeha.nuacIadsikteoebyotldouansuftccwfio’eeurinettmhy.oeo,Nrpxujuaeop’vsloeleeotpcxwlltciepkinheedwgaretrieheflmirvenodeecmoddreniaeoy’yntsouocliurtukeorfe’rlalypamuwoannuriidlstlyrenh,trsehobstreoo,uymytsroeogt,uocuivbcobegukuoobtniotrttbhoktioaekmvnecepekrhro.ydtoiTonolwhitwdaieinasnlngly,itiascphndeoewavpmihdiulslavoloiaalmtrler..ncplscoropeomno.vtes
Do not reply.


chapter two: Welcome to the Night

The Sins of Keepers So, what could make us flip?
Clan Lasombra Become What could make us turn our backs
Magisters on the Sabbat we loved and believed
Hey. You know you sometimes in, only to join (or attempt to join,
get that itch, right? That itch to let because it’s not an easy task) the
it all out and go a little monster? Camarilla on the other side?
You’re not alone, mate.
Read on!
We frequently make our love
for monstrous behavior well known. Read this well, oh flock of mine. The Reason
Other Kindred cringe in fear at us, It’s a new dawn for the Clan of the from Above
as we hide behind the institution Night, and an exciting time indeed.
of Catholicism while performing You’re not going to have been blind
worse feats than any other bloodline Let’s start with the history. The to the sudden devolution of the Sabbat. It
in the Camarilla. You got to laugh, words “Lasombra” and “Kindred” shocked our elders among the Amici Noc-
haven’t you? We use religion to twist rarely occupied the same sentence tis, in Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, and Italy.
innocent minds and access innocent before this century. We Lasombra Even some Lasombra in Mexico City and
bodies, using the cover of our enemy considered ourselves Cainites of the Rio de Janeiro balked at our increasing
to perform unimaginably grotesque Sabbat, above human-fearing epi- savagery. I bet it made them think “oh shit,
acts. We inspire young vampire to thets. But yeah, times change. These they’re going to rise up and eat us just like
rebel but you know what? We rarely nights, we aim to stand shoulder to we did to our ancestors 500 years back.”
lead the charge, hanging back to shoulder with our former enemies Well… They weren’t wrong.
take the reins once the fighting dies and rivals and, somehow, some of us
down. are quite comfortable with the idea. Maybe our fall wasn’t so sud-
I guess it should make us sick, but den. We’d been charging into hell
These nights, many of us seem survival has always been high on the for the best part of a century when
to be attempting to atone for sins of list of our clan’s priorities. Gehenna came. The Camarilla were
the past, striving to act with honor, hors d’oeuvres, our battles with them
loyalty, and restraint. Don’t be Yeah, the Lasombra were a whetting our appetites for the crusade
fooled, mate. These Magisters ain’t Sabbat pillar. Maybe we still are in to come. And come it did. We were
penitents attempting to find God’s some domains. Had been for 500 finally ready, years of degeneration and
mercy, but are vampires attempting years though, and that’s not a bad sin finally to be put to good use.
to show their peers they can be so stretch. We were feared, reviled, and
much more than feral beasts. They all those other cool words reserved Yeah, I know. Clearly, things
know they got to wear the mask of for the vampire who’s a bigger shit didn’t go that way.
humanity to survive the Second In- than Prince whoeverthefuck.
quisition’s eyes everywhere and the
Camarilla’s waiting guillotine. THE AMICI WHO?
According to clan legend, the Magisters listen to a council of vampires
Little Lamb told me “our blood selected from the most capable of the clan when it comes to matters
makes us prone to sins of pride and of Lasombra politics and agenda. No in-clan assassination, diablerie,
delusion, urging us to delve into or power grab may occur without this council’s say-so. If rumors are
deviant behaviors for the sake of ex- true, the Amici Noctis consist of millennia-old elders and fresh neonates
perimentation, no matter the risk.” alike. The only qualification for membership is evidence of adaptation
I don’t know about that, but I do to and overcoming of hostile circumstance. A few Sabbat Lasombra
know many of us murder blood and hold positions among this shadow council, but so too do a couple of
ethics only to find our bodies forever Lasombra who weathered the Sabbat’s many attempts at murdering
taken over by the Beast. Maybe that’s them. Therefore, the Amici Noctis is distinctly bipartisan, with clan inter-
the same thing. ests ahead of sect.

Anyway, watch out. You’ve got Of course, rumors are rumors. Nearly every clan has some fabled
enemies around you and inside you, council of elders directing the show, and not one of the Amici Noctis
get it? has a public name. Some even wonder if these “Friends of the Night”
are puppets of Oblivion or the clan Antediluvian.



Despite claimed desires for to Embrace, or whatever, just to say, elder or that to prove our worth… Well,
permanent revolution and an end to “maybe next time.” Crusty bastards. we’re only too keen to prove our loyalty.
methuselah tyranny, when the Amici
Noctis found their powerbases threat- Things may have changed for the The Other
ened by the Sabbat’s Gehenna Crusade, rank and file as we laid down their Perspective
they paused for thought. lives on battlefields for elders in dark
cathedrals, but the heads of the clan Anyway, maybe the barbarism of
Now, this is guesswork, but I’m never changed. Never. Can you taste our sect spurred some Lasombra into
betting they asked, “Why are we still the bitterness, my lovely flock? We, one abandoning the pretense of fanatical
fighting this war? Have we not already of the founding clans of the Sabbat, crusade. Sure, I wasn’t among the turn-
slain our Antediluvian? Is there really were and still are among the worst coats at first. Strategists such as myself
any way we stop the rising methuselahs offenders for crushing our fledglings’ stowed away in planes, filled cargo
and endure mortal scrutiny when our wills and steering them like pawns. containers on ships with Sabbat packs,
sect has become so debased?” even chartered our own vessels from
So why would we join the Ca- the Caribbean. When I reached Mosul,
But in secret? In secret, those old marilla? Maybe it’s because after all after a fuckload of horrifying encoun-
fucks were whispering, “This shit’s gone this time of being bound to each other ters in Algeria and Libya, I got to
too far. We’re waking up monsters we and some degenerate Priest or Ductus, taste my first ancient vampire. It was
have no hope of defeating and we’re we finally had enough of being kicked glorious, but I needed more strength
waking up monsters in our childer that into battle to fight for the same pricks than my pack possessed. I knew the
are going to climb up our pedestals and who’d lorded over the clan for half a Amici Noctis were making murmur-
eat us whole.” millennium. ings of this crusade’s fruitlessness, but
I wasn’t done. I still had a war to fight,
They looked to each other and Oh, you might think “Surely you’d and terrible beings rose from beneath
then to the Camarilla. “Perhaps we can have leapt to the Anarch Movement, the sands and stones. My pack hadn’t
offer them something and break bread Little Lamb! They stand up for that abandoned the sect yet.
with the other High Clans once more.” kind of fightback!”
You know, I laugh at the memory
So yeah, if you’re already in the Don’t be dense, my precious flock. I’m about to write about. If I didn’t, my
Camarilla, you’ve heard the Sabbat got We may resent elder mistreatment, but beautiful flock, you would see bloody
too hot for we Lasombra, making us lie down with the dogs and you might tears on my cheeks.
skip sects. There’s more to it than that, pick up fleas. Gangrel and Brujah, we
though. are not. Joining the Camarilla comes as
a calculated move. They need us. They
The View need what we’re offering. And when
from Below they ask us to make a sacrifice of this

Honestly, these elders were THE LASOMBRA MIGRATION
unchanged by time. For all their talk Chicago by Night sets forth a great change in Vampire: The Mas-
of rolling revolt, they spent centuries querade: the entry of Clan Lasombra into the Camarilla, or at least its
cementing their grip over the young departure from the Sabbat. The timeline for this migration is deliberately
and naive, myself included. Occa- vague, as this movement could have taken place at the inception of
sionally they deigned to lift an ancilla the Gehenna Crusade, at its height, or when it reaches its devastating
to recognition, but more often they depths. Alternatively, for your chronicle, the Lasombra may remain Sab-
treated their younger counterparts bat at heart. Indeed, this entire play toward the Ivory Tower may be a
with disdain, as they ever had. My maneuver to destabilize the increasingly elitist sect before the Lasombra
clan’s principles encourage dominance return to the Sword of Caine with Princes’ heads on spears and belts.
through strength and deed, citing re-
bellion as one such method of grasping How the events of Chicago by Night play out is down to you and
power. These principles are fine in the- your players, though future books will explore Lasombra activities be-
ory, until centuries-old vampires put yond the Sabbat. Though their aims in Chicago are primarily for admit-
the boot down on unasked-for upward tance into the Camarilla at the city, state, and potentially national level
trajectories. I can’t count the number (depending on the amount of influence a new Prince like Kevin Jackson
of times an elder should have rewarded can swing), there is nothing stopping them finding alms within the An-
me with the right to diablerie, the right arch Movement. It would certainly be an easier move for the clan than
initiating friendship with vampires of Clan Ventrue.


chapter two: Welcome to the Night

Out in Iraq, my Ductus — it’s what the Sabbat call a Now I get to tell you this tale, my kin of Clan Lasom-
pack or coterie leader — came to me with intelligence on bra. I get to tell you why the Amici Noctis say we’ve joined
one of these rumored, just awoken elders terrorizing the the Camarilla, why the ignorant neonates say we’ve joined
kine. We thought “easy pickings” because you know, when the Camarilla, and why I say we’ve joined the Camarilla.
vampires just wake after centuries of torpor, they’re not at
full tilt. We thought we’d killed the greatest monsters of
our clan in time immemorial, but they’re just waking up.
So off we went to dirt town, middle of fucking Fighting them isn’t going to help. We need to hide, make
nowhere. As predicted, all the mortals were dead, injured, the shadows our own, and wait for the Inquisition to purge
or hiding. No native vampires in sight to call the place a them for us. With our influence among the organized
domain. As we were scouting the place out, we found Him. religions of the world, maybe we can give the Inquisition a
I don’t know if He was our clan founder, just a real old You know, I was told in the Sabbat that “We march to
Keeper, or something completely different, but when He eliminate the methuselahs and Antediluvians! We march to
saw us, we felt the pull to his gigantic mouth, his all-con- liberate ourselves from the Jyhad!”
suming black hole. The void was calling.
I got out. My pack did not. Sometimes I wonder if It’s all bullshit, my faithful congregation. He was calling
He let me go. It doesn’t really matter, all told, because I us there to feed him. The Crusade’s strings don’t run to some
survived. That’s what we Lasombra do: We survive, and we Regent or a bunch of Cardinals; they run straight into the
go on to triumph. hungry dark.
I wasn’t the only one to see Him out there. Some claim
to have encountered Him in Libya, others in Afghanistan. I can’t help but think of all the bloodshed in
There’s even a report of His presence in Sicily, and some Africa and the Middle East for this Gehenna Crusade,
claim the so-called Emperor of D.C. is just Him in another all the Cainite lives lost, of how we celebrated the
form. What I do know, is enough of us saw Him and what one in 20 vampires who returned from conflict with a
He can do to realize our crusade was leading only to a pro- methuselah, bloated like a tick on new power. We just
tracted form of suicide. forgot the 19 fallen and where their vitae went. Who it
fed. Who or what the ashes of methuselahs summoned
to the surface.



chapter three

The City

A Tale of Two Cities When threatened, Chicago gains a unified, undeni-
ably proud, dangerous populace. Wielding the malice of
Chicago is a series of paradoxes and transitions, a swarm of hornets, Chicagoans bring ruin upon those
of ever-changing paradigms and whimsy. It is both who dare to question their will. The populace gladly
beautiful and putrid, both corrupt and a pillar of truth, speaks ill of the myriad problems plaguing their home
an unstoppable force for change while holding onto the but the moment an outsider does the same, those same
past with howling desperation. Chicago’s inherent di- Chicagoans will become fiercely defensive of their city.
chotomy is reflected in the people, buildings, neighbor-
hoods, history, and, most definitely, in its vampires. The city in a Vampire: The Masquerade chronicle
is just as an essential aspect of your campaign as your
Anyone who knows Chicago knows division is players or the storyline. It drives forward the moods
part of its makeup. It has two of almost everything. and themes you want to build within your game. It is
Newspapers, pizza styles, baseball teams — Chicago the blueprint you lay across your chronicle and pro-
is often referenced as the most segregated city in the vides boundaries, areas of inquiry, and setting for the
world. Those borders, often disguised as viaducts, were horrors that occur in the night. It provides a backdrop
intentionally put into place by systematic political and impetus for action and reaction. Yet it doesn’t
machines with overtly racist and bigoted biases. While possess one defined flavor. Each block, each tenant
many of those machines were dismantled via the building, and each neighborhood has a very distinctive
unending waves of time, the scars remain and some of flow and energy.
that machinery is still in working order, perpetuating
age-old agendas and schemes. The city of skyscrapers has infinite possibilities for
the Damned. While the so-called “pillar clans” of the
Chicago is a gilded city. Beautiful and glittering, a Camarilla — Ventrue, Toreador, and Tremere — tend
wonder of modern development laid upon the bones of to stay close to the city center (often referred to as the
history and the backs of the less fortunate. A home to Loop, or in Kindred parlance, “The Hive”), the other
some of the darkest corruption and most trying needs. clans act as satellites around the neighborhoods and
A school-board president stealing money from children sides. Each section of the city has a specific feel to it,
— a crime strangely common to Chicago — is a good almost a little city of its own.
example of the reckless brutality the city exudes.
Then there are the Lasombra. Their attempt to join
the Camarilla has caused a brand-new set of problems



Jackson, within Kindred society. With the
I’m writing this from the top of a daycare off exodus of Brujah and Gangrel from
31st Avenue on the South Side. Fantastic place the Camarilla, and the new influx
owned by the governor’s wife. Surely, a non-profit of Cainite power, old, well-known
to cover some of their more abhorrent tastes. territory lines have fallen into disarray.
Regrettably for them, their overnight janitorial Feeding grounds are now subject to
service was seen with one of our target’s the disputes of the Jyhad. Possession,
puppets. Delightful rooftop playground overlooking after all, is nine-tenths of the law, and
the entirety of the Jewel, though. It really is clans across the city are committing
quite a skyline. I can even admit I missed it during to open or subtle actions to claim
my time spent sequestered, following the Crash. positions and areas of influence.
As for the defectors, I have intelligence of
value. The work has been laborious, to say the The Fifth Star
least. I deduce Cameron is helping them into the
city. That conniving rat has always been looking There are four red stars on the
for an exit strategy. They should never have let Chicago flag, each for a famous event
him out of the dirt, let alone given him his own in the city’s history. These events
pack. I’ll be delivering him in person once I locate have been monumental levels of
him. Too valuable to leave to the staff. achievement or horrifying trage-
The contacts made in the past seem oblivious dies. Over the years there have been
to the defection, and since I started probing all multiple petitions to the city to add
communications have gone dead. Allocation and a fifth star. These were always shut
eradication should be implemented to neutralize down, but the petitions always rep-
leaks. We need to target the more “liberal” among resented massive shifts in the cities
our number. The information provided here is culture and makeup. One was even
a breakdown of the entirety of the Jewel for proposed for the huge floods that
us to effectively anticipate their movements. ravaged the city in 1992. That peti-
Investments should be reviewed to ensure they’re tion became a point of contention
not trying to buy the city out from beneath us. between the Tremere and Nosferatu,
The city is quite the sprawling beast, but never as the Nosferatu believed it to be
have I found something I haven’t been able to some sort of insult to their survival.
burn. The most recent and perhaps most
I will see you soon but must finish my work dynamic proposal in contemporary
here first. I must still decline the offered title memory was to add a star to signify
as I find loyalty to you, my leader and brother, is the years of development in an at-
its own reward. Family comes first, and I hope tempt to bid for the 2016 Olympics.
you can see the sincerity in my service.
Did you know the daycare is serving hot To most mortal eyes, the Olym-
dogs tomorrow? A Chicago favorite, how lovely. pics are a transient event in which
Perfect cover for the smell of burnt flesh. If athletes play games at a superior
Hinds was still with us, he would have said level for the eyes of an apprecia-
“They should have chosen a union-backed service. tive audience. That’s it. They mean
Scabs. Scabs, every last one of them.” I still nothing more than a month or so of
laugh at the memories. sports taking up the airwaves. Some
H. Ballard even resent the interruption to their
regular programming.

To the investor, the city plan-
ner, the government, and the Kin-
dred, an event like the Olympics is a
chance to inject life, money, radical
changes to infrastructure, and eco-
nomic strength into its host city, and


Chapter three: the City

potentially the country within which did not care, that the great goddess “father of Chicago” taking the city into
it sits. Many take the Olympics for Columbia, mother of the city born the future with all its citizens ready to
granted, but no other event brings in from the excess of the Columbian reap the benefits. In those moments,
upwards of hundreds of thousands of Expositions, had turned her loving Chicagoans were so sure they had won.
tourists and their money to a single gaze away from her children.
city in such a short period of time. The headline photographs in all
Bidding to play host for the games is Kindred worldwide began the major newspaper outlets showed
a costly endeavor, but when it goes falling into this swirling chaos of in- Daley and his surrounding fans, all
well and the city manages the surge, fluence management overwhelming in complete shock that they not
everyone benefits. the city. Chicago, being known as only didn’t win, but they were the
“the Jewel of the American Camaril- first city to be let go in the process.
The 2016 Olympic bid signaled la,” pulled in favors and boons ages The outrage and schadenfreude
a burst of mortal and immortal ac- old to try to raise the grand sporting spread through the city like wildfire.
tivity in Chicago. Mainly, it brought event into being. They lost sight Businesses had taken out loans to
the possibility of an increased kine of what the Olympics were, some support the wave of people, the city
population and cashflow throughout investors not even knowing the rea- had lost huge amounts of possi-
the city. The Kindred community of son they were pouring money into ble income by not only losing the
Chicago was excited by the prospect Chicago other than their peers were Olympics but also outsourcing their
and began influencing it in their doing the same. The brief Prince, assets. The complete and utter loss of
own ways. They founded numerous Joseph Peterson, used every bit of his the hopes of gigantic returns for the
influence movements, shifting kine leverage to fulfill this goal, placing city shook it to its core. People were,
from areas in which they’d lived the very soul of the city of Chicago, and still are, furious.
for generations, manipulating the and the legitimacy of his praxis,
leveling of entire neighborhoods in upon the table to make the Olym- To add insult to injury, the
an attempt at “city building,” though pics happen. He grew so fixated on location picked was a then-Sabbat
of course average citizens refer to it this one event he lost sight of the stronghold, Rio de Janeiro.
as “gentrification.” cost, should the bid fail.
While the city had been
The sudden surge in Kindred The day of the announcement perfectly coiffed and manicured
control over mortal infrastructure was well publicized. With the media by the marketing machinations of
greatly affected Kevin Jackson. controlled by the Prince of the city, all the Peterson praxis, the show had
The young Ventrue had carefully eyes were trained upon the then-sit- no returns and all the accumulated
cultivated his area of control within ting mayor, Richard M. Daley Jr. and debts of boons and money weighed
the Cabrini Green neighborhood adoring Chicagoans. The Prince went heavily upon the Prince. The Primo-
and the gangland. With an un- to sleep that morning knowing he gen Council completely lost faith
known promise from his broodmate would wake to showing the world how in the sitting Prince and the city
and Prince, Joseph Peterson, he he had clad the Camarilla’s Jewel in questioned heavily the power of the
gave up his areas of control in a gold. The cult of personality surround- Ventrue. Their pawn in the office of
brief moment of solidarity for the ing Daley that Peterson’s media ma- the mayor was replaced as quickly
betterment of the city. Against his chine had carefully cultivated over the as possible, seen as a scar from the
best judgement, he even snitched on years was in full display, the presumed monumental failure. Peterson tried
several of his gangland contacts in to pivot into the fame the city was
a city-wide sting that broke up the
three major gangs that had control DOMAINS FAR AND WIDE
of the city. Here, we are working with the domain of Chicago, but this model can
be used for any setting in any city in the World of Darkness. One of
City resources were outsourced the first steps is asking yourself and your players what is and is not your
to the highest bidder for centu- city. This is best as a collaborative effort within your gaming troupe,
ry-long contracts, contracts obvi- as we are at our best when we work together with other people. As a
ously put into place by those only Storyteller though, that doesn’t necessarily mean throwing out all the
who could benefit from the inability secrets of a city onto the board. A collaborative, city “Truth and Lies” list
to age. The levels of resentment are can be added as needed to the back of your relationship map as the
still alive and well to present nights, chronicle goes along or at the beginning of the game itself.
where working-class citizens felt
as if they were taken advantage of
during the process. They felt the city


[V5] [Vampire: The Masquerade] Chicago By Night

CHICAGO BY NIGHT 5TH EDITION is technically the third edition of the seminal Chicago by Night city book supplement for Vampire: The Masquerade.. We're now on the 5th Edition of that game and they've created a similar update to the Chicago setting.. This is a gorgeous book and one that was made with every possible attention to detail.. While a fan of 5E, I feel it made numerous missteps and may have changed too much for the average player.. V5 was criticized for returning to this conflict over the Camarilla vs. Sabbat but I love it.. If the negotiations go well, they can make the Lasombra a part of the Camarilla (something the player characters may wish to prevent).. A lot of old favorites return and are made better, deeper, and more intense by their updates.

Help create a beautiful Chicago By Night tabletop RPG hardcover source book for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition !

Around the end of every month going forward, I'll send out an update regarding the status of all rewards associated with this campaign, as well as letting you know about any rewards that are available, reminders about Backerkit, the lockdown process when it's almost time to ship, and giving you the inside scoop on any other kickstarters running at the time.. Again, you will receive an e-mail from BackerKit with links for these rewards over the next 4 days if any of them are on your expected list of rewards.. Starting with our month-end update next week, I'll post our list of delivered and pending rewards with each update, so that we can track everything that's needed and keep on the same page.. Once you're sure you've selected the correct Reward Tier, double-check to see if there are any rewards that you want to include via ADD-ON, as described in the update HERE < link >.. Your REWARD TIER determines what your base rewards are - you must select a Reward Tier to receive those rewards.. Again, your reward list is based on your Reward Tier, not your total pledge amount.. email confirming the campaign ended with final totals.. The survey will list the reward tier you've chosen, confirm all of the rewards associated with that reward tier, and confirm your total pledge amount.. It's Vampire James, your point person for this Kickstarter campaign.

Chicago and the surrounding area was the original Vampire: the Masquerade setting, with a core book adventure starting in Gary, Indiana, two editions of Chicago by Night from the 90s, plus Milwauke…

Chicago and the surrounding area was the original Vampire: the Masquerade setting, with a core book adventure starting in Gary, Indiana, two editions of Chicago by Night from the 90s, plus Milwaukee by Night and chronicle books like Ashes to Ashes .. These early books made Chicago by Night (along with The Succubus Club) the iconic Vampire setting for long-time tabletop fans (I will acknowledge that the Los Angeles area, location of both the Bloodlines video game and the ongoing LA by Night actual play series, is probably the iconic Vampire location for fans who are not quite so long in the tooth).. So it’s appropriate that the first setting book for the fifth edition of Vampire: the Masquerade (V5) returns to Chicago with a new version of Chicago by Night from Onyx Path Publishing ( Fall of London beat Chicago by Night to release, but it’s primarily a chronicle, not a setting book).. Some of the new characters are entirely new, while others are of the ‘new to you’ variety – characters who are presented as having long history with the city, although they were not previously covered (this is often used to address criticisms of the original Chicago by Night as populated by a very white group of characters, given the ethnic makeup of the city).. I’d break the book into the following conceptual sections: the Lasombra (~20 pages), introduction to Chicago (~60 pages), kindred and coteries of Chicago (~180 pages), loresheets and other mechanics (~30 pages), story hooks (~25 pages), and an adventure (~40 pages).. The deal also applies to individual Lasombra going to individual cities, which (1) requires that the vampire be moving, which is not really a thing vampires are fond of; and (2) denies the Lasombra as a whole a place at the table when sect-wide decisions are being made.. 5/Succubus Club (nightclubs), the Book of Nod, the Capone Gang (mafia allies), the Cobweb (aka, the Malkavian Madness Network), Cultivar (another Bahari loresheet), Cult of Shalim (worship of an Abyssal entity), Descendant of Lodin (former Prince of Chicago), Descendant of Montano (a very prominent Lasombra), Fires and Floods and Devil’s Night (definitely Chicago-specific here), Firstlight (one Second Inquisition organization), Kevin Jackson (get in good with your Prince), Kindred Iconography (working clan symbols into clothing and such), the Labyrinth (and underground area in Chicago), Lupine Expert, Nathanial Bordruff (hating other vampires), the Painted Lady (ties with a tattoo/BDSM group), Ducheski (a Tremere revenant family), the Society of St. Leopold (a Catholic element of the Second Inquisition that was also there for the actual Inquisition), Talley (Lasombra hitman), and Wauneka (connections on the streets).. Chicago by Night also presents new coterie types, although the presentation of coteries generally kind of highlights that the formalization of coterie types in V5 maybe isn’t all that helpful.. It’s also problematic in that it rates the boons entirely based on the level of the boon, without any regard for who owes the characters the boon – a boon from a neonate costs the same as a boon from the Prince (this is also inconsistent with the one place in V5 that there’s a cost for boons, which is during character creation).. The remainder of Chicago by Night is The Sacrifice , a mini-chronicle (probably three sessions worth) where the characters play a role in shepherding Lasombra envoys as they come to Chicago and present their clan’s petition to Prince Jackson.. Accordingly, although it says that the characters could be an anarch coterie or something like Bahari, it makes much more sense if the characters are just in the Camarilla (it’s unclear why, for example, an anarch coterie would take the mission at all, or why it wouldn’t side with an anarch leader early in the chronicle).. On Night One, the coterie has the option of dealing with each of them, or not, that night (the Lasombra don’t arrive until the next night).. The characters have some hard rolls to make to figure out where, but the chronicle kind of assumes that the characters accomplish this, because if they don’t then they will miss the pivotal interaction between the delegate and the Prince where they make The Deal – a Lasombra who sacrifices an elder Lasombra can get in, and this delegate will need to sacrifice her absent colleague.. The characters have played a central and visible role in an important event in the city, setting things up nicely for everyone to know who they are and have strong opinions about them, if a long-term Chicago chronicle is the ST’s intent (other vampires having strong opinions about the characters makes the plot flow much more readily, in my experience).;w=680&amp;fit=max&amp;v=1540476405&amp;auto=format&amp;

We have Annabelle explain the feud between Helena and Menele, Olaf One-Eye talk about how he was overthrown, the Great Chicago Fire, Gengis discussing an antifa protest to force the Kindred yacht club to heel, a discussion of Modius' defeat at the hands of Lodin, a threatening letter by Prince Jackson, a discussion of a meeting between Rudi and Rose, a meeting between Son and Alexa, fortune cookies, Olaf discussing Maldavis' war, a suicide note from Mayor Washington's assistant, Maldavis chastizing Gengis, Bret Stryker talking with Aluc, Critias freaking the hell out, Jackson claiming to have murdered Capone, a discussion by the Nosferatu, Erzulie discussing Liith, and finally Damien discussing the city with Kevin Jackson followed by Critias talking about the Lasombra defection. One of the big changes from Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition to Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition was a major refocusing on in-universe documents over out-of-universe information.. Having purchased The Anarch and The Camarilla, I can say both books are effectively nothing but in-universe flavor text for better or worse.. Honestly, I'm not necessarily a huge fan of this as I couldn't help but think the 40 pages of flavor text in V5's main book could have been shortened considerably.. I'm not going to fault the writers of this book, though, because they managed to convey a huge amount of information in a comparatively short amount of space while also giving a lot of insight into how various characters work, how the politics of Chicago is currently being run, and what certain characters think of the new status quo.. The in-universe fiction also teases the existence of a lot of the new characters: Alex, Erzulie, "Olaf" (for some value of new), and how the dynamics regarding other characters have changed.. * It's interesting that Annabelle now knows that Helena and Menele feuded over the city for a century but doesn't know Helena (her grandsire's) name.. Not the least because while Jackson may be hiding behind the Masquerade, killing a respected Ventrue Elder is not something I think you should go on about.. * Speaking of Al Capone, I know he's always been a controversial character and I hope he's not dead-dead (his fate is up to whoever bought his fate--not me).. * I'm pleased they incorporated Rudi from THE ANARCH guidebook because I feel like he is a potentially very interesting character as a sort of Modern Day Salvador figure.. * Maldavis and her revolt gets a decent amount of attention and I feel like books like ANARCHS UNBOUND really should have had it as a seminal event in the Eastern Anarch War.. This was a huge deal for me, far more than Kevin Jackson is negotiating with the Lasombra, because Damien was always a fun-loving pro-Anarch NPC I used as backup for my PCs.

Help create a beautiful Chicago By Night tabletop RPG hardcover source book for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition !

I'll post our list of delivered and pending rewards with each monthly update, so that we can track everything that's needed and keep on the same page.. Final Week - Check it out!. As noted in previous updates, some orders went out with customs information that mis-classified Chicago By Night as a board game, and that resulted in some non-EU international orders being charged erroneous customs fees.. Again, you will receive an e-mail from BackerKit with links for the Chicago Folios PDF today if it is on your expected list of rewards.. Chicago By Night Errata Form for The Chicago Folios. You've already made the game a reality with your Kickstarter support.. The good news for Chicago By Night is that most backers (roughly 97%) have received their books and are enjoying a whole host of Kindred excitement!. The Chicago Folio PDF The Chicago Folio PoD Coupon Let the Streets Run Red PDF Digital Wallpaper: Chicago By Night. For this project, Onyx Path has teamed up with a second UK-based fulfillment partner called GamesQuest to handle worldwide, non-US shipments for this Vampire: The Masquerade book.. On some of the international orders shipped out, the sku data pulled into the customs form was incorrect, and the Chicago By Night book was declared a "boardgame" rather than a "book.". It's James, the only person who wants your Chicago By Night rewards delivered more than you!. As the orders ship, you will (*should*) get an e-mail with Tracking Information.. It's a HUGE help to me and Onyx Path if we can solve any wayward shipment or stuck orders in February, rather than waiting until the spring when shipping systems finally give up delivery attempts and return the items to our fulfillment partner (at an extra cost to Onyx Path).

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