Cooped Up Confession: Sara McCoy — In the Wild+Wonder (2022)

Since I only have girls, I can only imagine what mamas with little boys pray over them. And if those little boys happen to be cowboys; well let's just say that mamas of cowboys can wear their knees out praying for their little guys.I'm sure theypray protection over them, that they'll make smart decisions and stand up for their faith. Especially, they might pray for the woman that they'll fall in love with and marry. Theyprobably pray that she'll be strong, independent, and faithful to their son who may travel a lot by rodeoing for a living. They might even pray that she'd be able to work side by side with him on the ranch. That she wouldbe his best ranch handas well ashis best friend. She would be someone that he could always count on, confide in and dream with. Well, Janet McCoy, mother of PBR bullrider and Amazing Race contestant, Cord McCoy,without a doubt,had God's ear when she prayed for Sara to come into Cord's life. Sara is a rancher's daughter, cowboy's wife, entrepreneur, tough as nails, a sweet friend and a Godly woman, all rolled into one. I've known this gal for about 6 years now and I always looked forward to seeing her and catching up. Cord was also my husband's roommate on the road most of the timebefore Cord retired from riding. To say the least, these two people mean a lot to our family and I'm so honored that Sara let us interview her for our little blog.Cooped Up Confession: Sara McCoy — In the Wild+Wonder (1) Cooped Up Confession: Sara McCoy — In the Wild+Wonder (2)

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife:How'slife been?

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Sara: As always life is good! I count my blessings and then count them again! If I said my life was perfect and always easy I would be lying. Thanks be to God for this life that I live.

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife: Tell us a little bit about how you and Cord met and how life changed after you guys got married?

Sara: Immediately after I graduated college from Upper Iowa University I took a three month internship position at a company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Looking back, I was oh so young, indecisive, weak in my faith, and so curious as to what my future held. I first quickly reassured myself that the city life was not for me. I couldn’t fathom having to drive in rush hour traffic, taking an elevator to the 22nd floor, and sitting in a cubical every day of my life. You could say I was more than a little bit homesick after three months of that. On a Friday afternoon drive back from work with a sweet friend of mine, a huge billboard with a cute cowboy riding a bucking bull caught our attention. I know, how typical for two 22 year old country girls right…?! Homesick and trying to cope with the city life, we knew immediately what our plans were for the weekend! Long story short, that weekend my life was forever changed for the better. I met the most kind, charismatic, and adorable red-headed cowboy… In regards to relationships I can recall people always saying when you find “the one” you’ll just know…yadda yadda yadda…. Sure enough those ‘people’….were right! Immediately after meeting Cord, it was like the angels starting singing! I melted. He swept me off my feet. I fell head over heels in love and we never looked back. Two years later we were married and this November we will be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary.

Thankfully, true love landed me on a little ranch in southeast Oklahoma with my sweet husband and “Y’all” quickly became my new favorite word. My internship in the city and curiosity of the future was traded for being a cowboy’s wife, working outdoors, daily chores, and numerous weekends supporting my husband at bull ridings all across the country. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world! So, thank you eye-catching billboard and most of all, Thank You God!Cooped Up Confession: Sara McCoy — In the Wild+Wonder (3)

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife: What was life like while he competed on the Amazing Race compared to him riding bulls?

Cooped Up Confession: Sara McCoy — In the Wild+Wonder (4)

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Sara: Cord had the privilege to be a contestant on the Amazing Race with his brother Jet three times. The first time he raced we had recently just been engaged.Much to their surprise they received a call to do the race a second time in the All-Stars season. They began the second race the day after our wedding. Even more surprised, the Cowboys were asked to race a third time. Considering we were newly engaged the first race and newlyweds the second race, Jet thought surely he would be hearing news that we were expecting by the start of the third race. Unfortunately no baby, nor did they ever win the million dollar prize, but I joyfully know their experience alone and the memories they made is worth way more to them than a million dollars. Each time they raced they were gone for thirty days straight with zero communication with family/friends. The first two times they raced I was still living at home and working on my family’s ranch. Cord and I juggled a long-distance relationship and I was used to not seeing him for long periods of time so it wasn’t too bad. Although, the third time they raced we were married and had pretty much been side by side for the past three years so it was much more difficult. I stayed busy holding down the ranch. I don’t know if I was missing him or his help more… Perhaps a little of both!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife: What is a typical day in the life of Sara McCoy?

Sara: Oh boy this is a tough question, as I don’t know that there is ever anything very typical about my days… I guess I could say my days most often consist of feeding a bunch of hungry four-legged critters, exercising bulls and horses, maybe some fence fixing here and there from last night’s bull fight, perhaps a quick run of errands in town, a couple coffee breaks, and some work on my small business-Pretty Western. Cord and I always have good intentions of planning our next day, to routinely find that nothing ever goes exactly as planned. I do admire the fact that I never know what my work week will hold and I’m quite okay with there always being something left on the to-do list to push over to tomorrow.

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife: Any crazy rancher’s wife stories for us?

In four short years of being the rancher’s wife I feel like I’ve had more near death experiences than I can count. I’ve become a professional at jumping and flippingover fences to be saved from the wild cow. I’ve attempted to be the next female bull rider with an end result of flipping over backwards, landing on my head, and lots of laughs from my husband. I recently thought I could ease around a few bulls that got out in the neighbors hay field which quickly ended in the need to make a mad dash sprint in my cowboy boots. Much to my surprise I learned that I can climb up a mesh wrapped round bale with ease if a bull is on my tail!

I’ve impressed my husband with what he calls my ‘90 pt bronc ride’ when my horse decided to break in two amongst a small pen full of bucking bulls. Any other time, this most likely would have ended with me being dumped in the dirt. Needless to say, I’m humbly amazed at the things I can do out of fear!

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Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife: What inspired you to start your online boutique, Pretty Western?

Sara: My sister and I, from an early age, have always greatly admired fashion, being cowgirls, and the western lifestyle. We truly felt there was a need for a women’s fashion boutique that carried unique clothing with a western flair. After years of dreaming, learning, contemplating, and planning, Pretty Western was recently launched. It really is a little dream come true! Thus far, it’s been an enjoyable little journey being in business with one of my very best friends. We’re alike in many ways, but at the same time we’re so different. We invite everyone to check out our website and enjoy 15% off with coupon code: coopedup15.

Cooped Up Confession: Sara McCoy — In the Wild+Wonder (5)All photos courtesy of Sara McCoy.

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife: What would you like life to look like in 5 years? Just the same? Anything different?

Sara: Well, we have been hoping and praying that we would soon become parents for the last few years so I guess that’s the only thing I would be overjoyed to see change. I love being my husband’s wife, working on the ranch, and being a small-business owner. I’m so content with God’s will and his plans for us. I think it’s important that we continue to make the most of what we have, learn from our mistakes, give thanks, and aim to be more Christ-like every day.

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife: How do you keep up with your busy life? How would you encourage a wife that is finding it hard to keep up in everything in her busy life?

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Sara: I don’t know that I actually do keep up with my busy life, perhaps it keeps up with me? I’m assuming like other wives, I have the tendency to dwell on the things that I don’t finish, don’t keep up with, and I’m constantly battling to get it all done when really I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I think it’s important that we just stay focused on the bigger picture. I try to keep God the number one priority in all that I do and always be grateful that I have the opportunity to lead a busy life. Life isn’t suppose to be easy. Regardless of the circumstances, work hard and have fun!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife: What’s your best Cowboy’s wife piece of wisdom.

Sara: Being a cowboy’s wife, life can become Pretty Western. I think it’s important to know that fine line between holding your ground and keeping your mouth shut.

Well there you have it. She's the real deal with a heart of gold. Make sure to check out Sara and her sister's online boutique, Pretty Western!

'Till next time,

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace

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