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Custom Die Cut Stickers

Our custom die cut stickers are weather-resistant, made in USA, and come with a FREE proof!

If you need custom stickers that are cut to a specific shape, look no further. Our custom die cut stickers are cut by a computer-guided blade for extreme precision! With StandOut Stickers, there are no custom die fees, or fees per color. You get vivid full color stickers cut to any size or shape you want. Your sticker's custom shape can be as intricate or simple as you'd like. We'll help you create a perfect cut path and send a free digital proof to approve before printing to ensure perfect results.


Enter Quantity:
Size (In.):
Finish(???FinishChoose from our original glossy finish, satin-smooth matte finish or glitter finish. All sticker finishes offer superior protection from harmful UV rays and weather in addition to making your stickers thicker and more durable.)
Easy Peel(???Easy PeelWe will add a single kiss cut around the edge of your sticker design to allow for easy peeling of your design off the front of the sticker.)
Kiss Cuts(???Kiss CutsKiss cuts allow you to create sticker sheets with multiple shapes that peel out. Order a kiss cut for every shape you need to peel out of your sheet.)$0.00
Template Help(???Template HelpIf your artwork is not on our template, you must order template help. Submit your high-res artwork to us, and we will place it on the proper template to ensure accurate printing. We will also help set up your kiss cuts or die cut lines.)
Hang Tags(???Hang TagsWe will add a bit of sticker material to the top of your designseparated from your design with a kiss cut so that once removed from its backing, your sticker shape will remain as you design it. A 1/8" hole is cut in this extra material for you to loopa string through to to use as a retail tag. See Sample Gallery)


Order Custom Die Cut Stickers - Made in the USA (7) Order Custom Die Cut Stickers - Made in the USA (8) Order Custom Die Cut Stickers - Made in the USA (9)

Ordering new die cut stickers is easy: select a size, quantity and upload your artwork.
The StandOut Stickers design team will respond with your FREE digital proof of your new custom die cut sticker order.

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Reviews for Custom Size / Die Cut Stickers

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316Total Reviews

100%Would Order Again

Reviewer: shannon from nw OH

Great product. Orderer Error.Repeat customer. Great product. Only issue is operator/orderer error. I should have selected "Easy Peel" so my custom die cut stickers would have a little boarder around them to make them "easy (to) peel" off the backing. I just have to take a little more time and use an exacto knife to separate the backing.Posted:

Reviewer: Jean-Pierre Dumond from Taos nm

(Video) Professional die cut vinyl stickers, How i print stickers and labels for all markets.

Order Custom Die Cut Stickers - Made in the USA (10)Customer PhotoGreat quality!I ordered a pack of die cut. They hold up great in the high uv climate. Still in one piece on coffee mugs and water bottles through multiple washes. Stay attached on skateboards and trash cans. I’ve tested them on uneven metals and they're still there. Print quality was spot on with the art I offered. They even sent and email to make sure the stickers would get the right cut. Posted:

Reviewer: Danielle from Atlanta

Just what we wantedThe sticker sheets came out perfect. Great finish and quality. Will reorder!Posted:

Reviewer: Justin from NC

Great as alwaysI needed these really quickly for my business and they responded by getting them done super fast with great quality. Highly recommend!Posted:

Reviewer: Veronica Yabeny from New Mexico

Outstanding stickers!I really like the quality of your stickers! I will be ordering more soon. Thank you for your professionalism. Posted:

Order Custom Die Cut Stickers - Made in the USA (11)Customer PhotoPerfection!Easy to order, superior quality, lower cost, and fast without any sort of rush. Definitely my new go-to. And I plan on going to them often in 2022. Thanks SOS team!Posted:

Reviewer: Crystal from Wisconsin Dells

Great ServiceGreat stickers, great prices and fast delivery. Thank you!Posted:

Reviewer: Brent from Berea

(Video) Sticker Mule VS Sticker App | BEST WEBSITE for Custom Die Cut Stickers is...?

Faster Service. Great QualityWe needed a quick turnaround for a project that had a short lead time and as always Standout Stickers delivered. Highly recommendPosted:

Reviewer: Tina Alleva from Brooklyn

Order Custom Die Cut Stickers - Made in the USA (12)Customer PhotoGreat stickers and fast turnaroundI've ordered many stickers from Stand Out Stickers. I always appreciate the quick communication and fast turnaround times. The quality is very good, color are vibrant, you know what you are getting with every order. Posted:

Reviewer: Karen C. from Arvada Colorado

Order Custom Die Cut Stickers - Made in the USA (13)Customer PhotoGroovy! These tie dye peace sign stickers are far out, man! The kids at my school really dig them! Stoked to order some righteous ones next year again! Later!Posted:

Reviewer: Antonio Kimbrough from Memphis Tennessee

NineThank You very much on all your help in assisting me for my project...Posted:

Reviewer: Emily from Texas

Perfect custom shapeGreat quality and perfect job with my weird custom shape stickers!Posted:

Reviewer: David Aaly from Texas

Awesome as alwaysThese guys and gals knock it put of the park every time! They work closely with me to make sure my stickers are printed in the way I desire, to them every client is a custom job and that’s why I use Stand Out StickersPosted:

Reviewer: Ryan Weiss from Akron OH

(Video) custom die cut stickers being made in a Flexo printing press

Order Custom Die Cut Stickers - Made in the USA (14)Customer PhotoGreat Quality. Fast Service. I have been using Standout Stickers for my graphic arts and apparel business, rockEVERYwear, for several years now, and the quality of product never lets me down. Fast turn around, and a great quality sticker! I always get the die cut stickers, and love the matte finish option. Waterproof and long lasting! Posted:

Reviewer: Jennifer Brazil from russellville ar

Great service and qualityWe placed our order and got an email the next day to approve the artwork and cut for our custom cut stickers. My email did not open the file, so I called the company. I was able to talk to a very nice and professional person that helped me right away. The service was excellent and the quality of the stickers are great! I have recommended this company to other businesses after they saw our stickers. An additional plus, they're based out of Ohio so our product didn't have to be shipped across seas. I will be recommending this company to others and ordering another round of stickers at a later date. Posted:

Customer service and production speed are excellentThanks again, Josh, for your help with the most recent order and sizing of 9 separate stickers. We're so looking forward to sending them out! The coloring and shapes were true to the files we sent. Another great order with StandOut!Posted:

Reviewer: Shannon Mozek from Michigan

Order Custom Die Cut Stickers - Made in the USA (15)Customer PhotoMy perfect die cut cuties Loveee how fast the response times are and their flexibility with my request! Have used twice now and will continue to do so! Big hugs Posted:

Reviewer: mario A Mojica from Charlotte NC

Great WorkOrder for first time and was very pleased. Quality stickers and very quick shipping. Will be our new go to for stickersPosted:

Reviewer: Liz from South Bend IN

Order Custom Die Cut Stickers - Made in the USA (16)Customer PhotoThe ONLY place to buy stickers!StandOut stickers is the only company our office uses to order stickers. They are consistent, fast, and high quality. We recently ordered custom sized die cut stickers for the first time and the experience was no different. The stickers are perfect!! Thank you for always delivering high quality products and for your grade A customer services!Posted:

Reviewer: Mindi Bennett from Battle Ground WA

(Video) Die cut stickers - How to order stickers with custom shapes

Order Custom Die Cut Stickers - Made in the USA (17)Customer PhotoWe Love These StickersThis is our second order of stickers with Stand Out Stickers and we love them! Great quality of product and fantastic customer service!!Posted:

Reviewer: Joyce Fehl from Maine

Quality, Customer Service, and EfficientThis is our first time ordering. Start-to-finish it was easy; customer service was excellent. Pricing and production was great!Posted:

Reviewer: Lillian Jones from USA

Order Custom Die Cut Stickers - Made in the USA (18)Customer PhotoNice These stickers are great quality. Process was easy, I love them. I just didn’t pay attention to the fact they have were not on a roll so they’re hard for me to get off. Posted:

Reviewer: Saimone Penisini from Salinas

Best quality Stickers I’ve seenEverything about the stickers was perfect! And even the customer service was great there weren’t any problems. I’m a very satisfied customer.Posted:

Reviewer: Sean from Columbus OH

Custom Stickers Done RightI recently ordered some custom die-cut stickers and they turned out great. After a few very expedient review cycles regarding the cuts, the stickers were made a shipped promptly and arrived just as I'd pictured them. I'm glad I was able to utilize an Ohio company for my purchase as well.Thanks Standout Stickers!Posted:

Reviewer: Glen Mies from Kansas City MO

Perfect Stickers!The ordering process was simple and my stickers came out just as I'd hoped. High quality, too!Posted:

See all reviews

(Video) Custom die cut stickers. Roland bn20 #stickershop #diecut #roland #vinylprinting #stickers #decal


How do I make my own die cut stickers? ›

How to Make Die Cut Stickers (By hand OR with Cricut!) - YouTube

How much does it cost to have custom stickers made? ›

Make Your Own Stickers from $1.34 | Custom Stickers.

What are custom die cut stickers? ›

What is a die-cut sticker? The term 'die-cut' means your sticker gets cut around the shape of your artwork. Die-cut stickers can also be referred to as custom shaped stickers. If you order die-cut stickers, we will cut them around the edge of your artwork or image in whatever shape you want.

Can you have custom stickers made? ›

StickerYou is the best platform for creating custom products that make you stick! Order custom die-cut vinyl stickers, labels, decals, tattoos, magnets and more, in any size, shape and quantity.

Can Cricut make die cut stickers? ›

How to Kiss Cut & Die Cut Stickers With Cricut - YouTube

What is the difference between kiss cut and die cut? ›

Die cut stickers typically have a backing that is cut to the exact shape of the design. Kiss cut stickers typically have a square backing around the design that's bigger than the sticker. Die cut stickers are cut straight through the vinyl and paper backing to fit the exact shape of the design.

Is MakeStickers com safe? ›

Overview. MakeStickers has a consumer rating of 4.33 stars from 6 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. MakeStickers ranks 19th among Stickers sites.

How much does 100 custom stickers cost? ›

For a limited time get 100, 2.5" custom stickers for only $19.00 normally priced at $47.00. Made from our signature Bombproof™ material.

How do I make stickers for my small business? ›

How To Make Logo Labels For Small Business - YouTube

How much is a die cut sticker? ›

125 Custom Die Cut Stickers, prices starting at $93.02

Get full color printing, great customer service and fast turnaround when you order our laser Die Cut Stickers. Featuring durable materials and a crack and peel backing, these custom cut out stickers make a lasting impression.

Is Sticker Mule legit? ›

Sticker Mule is an amazing company. They do excellent work. They were an absolute joy to work with. They gave us an extra 60 keychains on our order.

What is the cost of 250 die cut stickers 3 by 3? ›

250 Die Cut Stickers (3") - $89.

How do I make my own selling stickers? ›

How do I make stickers to sell?
  1. Printing stickers at home with a Cricut.
  2. Printing stickers with GotPrint or Sticker Mule.
  3. Printing stickers with POD (print on demand) dropshipping.
  4. Selling stickers on Etsy and Redbubble.
  5. Selling stickers through your own online shop using Shopify.
  6. How do I produce stickers at home?
Feb 23, 2022

How do I create a die cut file? ›

How To Set Up A Die Cut Card In Adobe Illustrator | Clubcard TV

How do you make a die cut sticker without a Cricut? ›

DIY Stickers (Singles, Packs, and Sheets!) | NO CRICUT NEEDED!

How do you make your own stickers? ›

3 Ways to Make DIY Stickers | Using Stuff You Have At Home! - YouTube

How do you make a die cut? ›

How To Create Custom Shape Die Cut Lines in Adobe Illustrator


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