RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 - "Chronological" Mission Order (2022)


This thread contains spoilers pertaining to the story missions of Red Dead Redemption 2. Details on missions will be hidden, so only mission names will be visible unless you wish to view details and notes. Each chapter is labeled, so you can safely view up to the chapter you are in without any spoilers unless indicated in advance.


In this thread I will be attempting to put the story missions of Red Dead Redemption 2 in a “chronological” order. Of course, RDR2 is an open, non-linear game at times, so any player is free to play how they choose and at their own pace. But man players such as I enjoy playing in a way that allows you to experience the story in the most logical and cinematic fashion possible. And that is what this proposed mission orders aims to accomplish.

I compiled this order as I played through the game for the first time, noting areas where the narrative didn’t make sense or had less of a cinematic impact, and then reconfigured the order to better achieve the goal. I’m now playing a second time through using this order, and so far it seems that for the most part, it accomplishes exactly what I had hoped and I encourage others to give it a try.

In the below list, I organized each mission into the official chapters and included notes with each chapter on my methods and reasons for the placement of certain missions. A space between missions indicates the passing of a day (or several, depending on the mission), meaning in my view they take place on different days. Some days will only have one story mission, and on those days I spend the extra time hunting, fishing, doing side missions or exploring. But all of that is up to you of course.

I’m sure there are probably things that I missed, so any input is welcome and encouraged! Let me know if you think I got something wrong here.



[01] - [X] - Outlaws from the West

[02] - [X] - Enter, Pursued By A Memory

[03] – [P] – The Aftermath of Genesis

[04] – [X] – Old Friends

[05] – [X] – Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?

[06] – [X] – Eastward Bound


Chapter I - Notes

-Chapter I was easy. It's the shortest chapter, and it's almost completely linear, save for one instance where you can go hunting with Charles [P], or raid the O'Driscoll camp . In this instance, I chose to do "The Aftermath of Genesis" first. The reason for this is because the other mission is more intense and story-driven; doing the hunting mission after the camp raid awkwardly breaks the action and story momentum that was established in "Old Friends."

-Additionally, I feel that Arthur's first priority in Colter is keeping his fellow gang members fed, rather than going after O'Driscolls, so hunting first makes more sense.


[07] – [R] – Who is Not without Sin?

[08] –– Polite Society, Valentine

[09] – [?] – Good, Honest Snake Oil

[10] – [JE] – Americans at Rest

[11] – [JE] – The First Shall Be Last

[12] – [H] – Exit, Pursued by a Bruised Ego

[13] – [H] – The Spines of America

[14] – [LS] – Money Lending and Other Sins [I-II]

[15] – [LS] – Money Lending and Other Sins [III]

[16] – [K] – Paying a Social Call

[17] – [J] – Pouring Forth Oil

[18] – [ML] – We Loved Once and True [I-III]

[19] – [D] – A Quiet Time

[20] – [M] – Blessed are the Meek?

[21] – [J] – Pouring Forth Oil [II-III]

[22] – [A] – A Fisher of Men

[23] – [J] – Pouring Fort Oil [IV]

[24] – [M] – An American Pastoral Scene

[25] – [J] – The Sheep and the Goats

[26] – [D] – A Strange Kindness


Chapter II - Notes

-Chapter two is the second biggest chapter, and because of that it starts to get a bit convoluted here. However, after playing though it once, it becomes rather simple to piece the missions together into a more coherent and logical narrative.

-At the very beginning of this chapter, Hosea will tell Arthur about two potential leads: one involves the boys who have gone into town, and the other involves the Reverend, who has “found something” at the train station to the south. The boys can wait. You can justify meeting them later, but there is no reason for the Reverend to be sitting around at the train station for days waiting for you to arrive.

-“Good, Honest Snake Oil” is not a required mission to progress in the story. However, it is necessary to complete in this chapter if one wants a good introduction into bounty hunting side missions. The best time to do it is early, almost right after you first visit Valentine, because at this point the gang has not caused any trouble in the area and thus, are not sought after by the law.

-“Exit, Pursued by a Bruised Ego” fits best after “The First Shall Be Last,” because after the latter mission, there is a break in the narrative where Arthur has no other obligations to anyone or anything. Sean is back, morale is high, so now is the perfect time for a two-day hunting trip with Hosea.

-UPDATE: Originally I had "Money Lending and Other Sins [III]" occur after "We Loved Once and True," but it turns out that the game will not allow this to happen. If you try to do it in the opposite order, Strauss will confront you and force the game to trigger the money lending mission. Therefore, this needs to be done the day following the other money lending missions in chapter two.

-UPDATE: Right before "Blessed Are the Meek?" is a good time to do any side missions/explore around Strawberry and West Elizabeth in general. Right afterthis mission you are wanted in the area with a high bounty, so it would make no sense for Arthur to ever return here.

-UPDATE:Originally I put "Fisher of Men" after "Pouring Forth Oil [IV]." But I had to change this because during the train robbery, Arthur will mention t the gang that he has encountered Pinkerton Agents just outside of camp which is an obvious reference to "Fisher of Men." Therefore, "Fisher of Men" should occur before the train robbery.

-“The Sheep and the Goats” and “A Strange Kindness” happen on the same day, because after Cornwall and the Pinkertons corner the gang in Valentine, the pressure is on to leave the area immediately.


[27] – [D] – The New South

[28] – [P] – Further Questions of Female Suffrage

[29] – [D] – American Distillation

[30] – [GR] – The Course of True Love [I-II]

[30] - [GR] - The Course of True Love [III]

[30] – [A] – Advertising the New American Art [I-II]

[31] – [D] – Magicians for Sport

[32] – [H] – The Fine Joys of Tobacco

[33] – [T] – Friends in Very Low Places

[34] – [J] – Horse Flesh for Dinner

[35] – [MO] – An Honest Mistake

[36] – [L] – Preaching Forgiveness as He Went

[37] – – Sodom? Back to Gomorrah

[38] – [M] – Blessed are the Peacemakers

[39] – – A Short Walk in a Pretty Town

[40] – [D] – Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern


Chapter III - Notes

-Chapter three is shorter than the last chapter, and as a result it isn’t quite as convoluted. However, there are three separate “threads” to this chapter, and mixing and matching missions from each thread can break up the cohesive narrative, so it’s best to do each back-to-back.

-Thread I: “The New South” is the best mission to open up chapter two, as it introduces the player to the state of Lemoyne and foreshadows the gang’s involvement in the Gray’s vs. Braithwaite’s family feud. It is also a very upbeat, happy mission that contrasts well with the chapter’s rather chaotic finale. “Further Questions of Female Suffrage” can be done the same day, or by itself the next, but it is hard to avoid triggering this mission so it will depend on how you play.

-Thread II: “American Distillation” through “Horse Flesh for Dinner” make up the second thread of missions, which focus on the gang’s interference in the local family feud. At this time, the gang members haven’t caused enough trouble to be noticed by local law enforcement, allowing them to freely meddle with the Grays and the Braithwaites.

-Thread III: The remaining missions deal more with the local outlaw gang, the Lemoyne Riders. This thread comes last because in these missions, the gang is beginning to fly too close to the sun, drawing unwanted attention from authorities, and others, which will ultimately force them to flee again at the end of the chapter.


[41] – [X] – The Battle of Shady Belle

[42] – [BR] – The Joys of Civilization

[43] – [D] – Angelo Bronte, Man of Honor

[44] – [?] – Help a Brother Out

[45] – [ML] – Fatherhood and Other Dreams

[46] – [MB] – No, No and Thrice, No

[47] – [H] – The Gilded Cage

[48] – [?] – American Fathers

[49] – [BD] – Brothers and Sisters, One and All

[50] – [T] – A Fine Night of Debauchery

[51] – [EF] – American Fathers [II]

[52] – [SA] – Horseman, Apocalypses

[53] – [D] – Urban Pleasures

[54] – [D] – Country Pursuits

[55] – [D] – Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten

[56] – [D] – Banking, the Old American Art


Chapter IV - Notes

-“The Battle of Shady Belle” is technically the last mission of chapter four, but since it occurs on the same day as the first chapter five missions, I included it in this section of the list. This mission and the two following it are basically all about finding and rescuing Jack, which all occurs in a single day. With the urgency of the situation, it wouldn’t make sense to do anything else until this story arc is complete.

-The next day, Arthur will receive a letter from Mary. Story-wise, it develops Arthur’s character, but gameplay-wise, it gives Arthur an excuse to travel to Saint Denis despite him as a character being resentful of such civilization. Technically, this mission and “Help a Brother Out” are optional, so it can be skipped entirely if desired.

-These next three missions all take place in Saint Denis, so you will be spending an entire day there, allowing you to do whatever else you please. “American Fathers ” is just a cut scene where Eagle Flies tells you to meet him in the Heartlands in “a couple days.” You can literally wait a couple days and just explore/do side missions, or you can go the next day. This mission takes place at night, so go later in the afternoon to give yourself more time to do other things during the day.

-The rest of the chapter is pretty straightforward. Most of them occur at night as well, so note that you can spend the day doing other things instead of triggering the missions, and then time-skipping several hours. This is a good time to finish up anything you might have missed that you want to do, because the story momentum really picks up after this, and never really slows down.


[57] – [X] – Welcome to the New World

[58] – [?] – Savagery Unleashed

[59] – [D] – A Kind and Benevolent Despot

[60] – [X] – Hell Hath No Fury

[61] – [X] – Paradise Mercifully Departed

[62] – [X] – Dear Uncle Tacitus

[63] – [X] – Fleeting Joy

[64] – [SA] – A Fork in the Road

[65] – [SA] – Icarus and Friends

[66] – [D] – That’s Murfree Country


Chapter V - Notes

-Like the first one, chapter five is pretty straightforward and linear. I did “Savagery Unleashed” before “A Kind and Benevolent Despot,” because the latter mission has more impact on the overall story. Doing “Savagery Unleashed” second creates an awkward break in the narrative.

-Both “A Fork in the Road” and “Icarus and Friends” can be done in chapter six, but they work best in chapter five. It’s best to get these out of the way before chapter six opens in order to avoid working them into the mess that is chapter six. Plus, these missions set up important plot points that benefit chapter six cinematically if done before it starts. Additionally, they both take place in Saint Denis, so if you want to avoid long travel distances, it’s best to do them before the gang moves further north.


[67] – [SA] – Visiting Hours

[68] – [M] – Just a Social Call

[69] – [R] – A Rage Unleashed

[70] – [?] – Of Men and Angels

[71] – [SA] – Goodbye, Dear Friend

[72] – [LS] – Money Lending and Other Sins [VI]

[73] – [RF] – Archaeology for Beginners

[74] – [CM] – Honor Amongst Thieves

[75] – [LS] – Money Lending and Other Sins [VII]

[76] – [ED] – Do Not Seek Absolution

[77] – [M] – The Delights of Van Horn

[78] – [ED] – Do Not Seek Absolution [II]

[79] – [T] – The Fine Art of Conversation

[80] – [EF] – Favored Sons

[81] – [JM] – The Bridge to Nowhere

[82] – [C] – The King’s Son

[83] – [SA] – Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow [I-II]

[84] – [D] – My Last Boy

[85] – [D] – Our Best Selves

[86] – [X] – Red Dead Redemption


Chapter VI - Notes

-Oh boy, here we go…

Chapter six is the longest and easily the most convoluted section of the game. My main concern here was the travel distance between mission starting points. As many have noted already, story missions’ starting points in this chapter are often extremely far from each other, and as a result, it suffers from the somewhat annoying and tedious problem of travelling the same long distance multiple times (usually along the same path, too). With this list, I’m attempting to alleviate this issue as much as possible while staying true to the narrative. It’s been a difficult task, and I’m still not sure of it, so if you have any suggestions, I strongly encourage you to voice your thoughts!

-“Of Men and Angels” comes right before “Goodbye, Dear Friend,” because these are the only two missions in the chapter to take place in Saint Denis. It’ll save you a trip to do both the same day; just make sure you start with “Of Men and Angels.”

-Strauss’s money lending missions and Edith Downes’s missions are both optional, and Edith’s missions are only available if you have high honor. However, I think they both do a terrific job of actually showing us Arthur’s desire to redeem himself in the face of his lethal condition. For that reason, I feel they are important to experience. The money lending missions come first, because it seems that after Arthur realizes how evil loansharking is and how it has ruined people’s lives, he then decides not only to stop doing it, but actually help some of those whom he has hurt by loansharking in the past, like Edith Downes.

-“Money Lending and Other Sins [VI]” can be done on the way out to the Wapiti Indian Reservation if you choose to talk to Rain Falls at the end of “A Rage Unleashed.” This will make the long ride more eventful and meaningful. If you choose to help the Captain, do his mission the next day, set up camp in the wilderness so you don’t have to travel too far.

-John’s mission can be done on the way to Charles’s mission at the reservation. John’s mission is part of a thread that can be unlocked early, but it make more sense to do later in the chapter for two reasons: One, the purpose for blowing up the bridge is to stop the army from reaching camp, a problem which escalates in the previous mission, “Favored Sons.” Two, this is where we first see Arthur’s plan to help John escape the gang. This has more impact if it is closer to the end, because from here on out, saving John will be pretty much his only concern.



I did not include the Epilogue in this list because it's too straightforward and simple to have any specific order. I might add it to the listat a later datejust for the sake of completion.


And there you have it! I'm sure this is far from accurate, especially Chapter VI, and I realize that I may have missed a lot of things. For example, I did not include most of the Money Lending Missions simply because I did not play them my first time around.I did not include "The Course of True Love [IV-V]" because I could not find any good spot to place it. If you have any suggestions about stranger missions or side activities that would fit neatly in here, let me know!

If you like this list, give it a try during your next play through and let me know how it goes. Additionally, if you have your own take on the "chronological" order, I encourage you to share in this thread. I'm still not 100% sure on this so I'd like to hear other people takes on it!

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