'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Season 1 Episode 9 Review: An Ode to 'Alien' (2022)

The ninth episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds serves as a heart-pounding homage to the sci-fi horror classic Alien, while also handling the loss of a beloved crew member. Season 1 Episode 9, "All Those Who Wander," opens with a cheery graduation ceremony for Cadet Uhura (Celia Gooding), as well as a couple of very obvious red-shirts, despite their science and command uniforms. Uhura is currently still determined to leave Starfleet and continue exploring her own path, insisting that she hates goodbyes. Though she seems set in her decision, Captain Pike (Anson Mount) and Helmsman Ortegas (Melissa Navia) make it known that she'll always have a place on the Enterprise.

Mid-celebration, the Enterprise gets called into a priority one search and rescue mission for a crew that's gone missing on a dead zone planet. They're also en route to another Priority One mission, providing essential resources for a Federation planet. Pike sends Una (Rebecca Romijn) and the rest of the Enterprise crew off on their initial mission while opting to take "the kids in the station wagon" as a landing party for their new mission. The domesticity of these scenes in the Captain's quarters serves as an effortless shorthand for Strange New Worlds to really nail down how much of a family this crew is, with Pike and Una playing mom and dad to their rowdy group cadets, lieutenants, and commanders. Things like sharing meals and washing dishes together provide a certain level of intimacy on this starship that could many other Trek ensembles years to reach.

When the landing party finds the crashed ship, they come upon a ghostly scene with blood smeared all over the walls and all functionality of the ship in dire straights. La'an (Christina Chong) and M'Benga (Babs Olusanmokun) find a significant portion of the crew dead and at first, they assume they fell prey to the planet's harsh elements, but pretty soon we come to recognize the brutal destruction of an enemy we've seen before — it's the Gorn. The episode cranks up the horror elements to eleven as Pike and the others find this final message from the crew of the fallen ship. The message details a brutal encounter with the Gorn, warning Starfleet not to have followed them here.

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Pretty early on our landing party has split off into groups of two or three, making them all a bit vulnerable to the threat they're certainly well aware of. Hemmer (Bruce Horak) has naturally accompanied Uhura, having bonded together in the previous Gorn-themed episode as they worked side by side to save the ship. While it may not be immediately obvious, upon reflection it's pretty clear that Hemmer is marked for death the moment he sets foot on this planet. He's the only one that feels at ease in the cold environment, and he instantly begins doling out the most eloquent, fatherly wisdom you have ever heard as he deep dives into the reason that Uhura fears staying with Starfleet.

Her fear of connection — despite how easily it comes to her — stems from the loss of her parents. If she doesn't allow herself to get close to anyone new, then she can't feel the pain of losing them the way she did when she lost her family. Elsewhere, M'Benga is still reeling from the loss of his daughter — though she did not die he does not know when he will see her again. He projects those feelings onto the young refugee they've found, snapping at La'an when she moves to interrogate the child. He immediately comes to the realization that he overreacted and then also shares some fatherly advice with the security chief. Unlike the conversation between Hemmer and Uhura, this (thankfully) does not set up M'Benga for death but sets up La'an to take up a new personal mission when they manage to rescue the girl — to ensure her the rest of her youth is brighter than the childhood La'an had.

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In the med-bay the other alien refugee they've found begins to appear very ill, sweating, veins bulging, breathing labored — it doesn't look good. If you didn't recognize the distinct Alien vibes of this episode before this moment, you certainly will as soon as four Gorn hatchlings burst right through the chest cavity of this, well, alien, screaming and violently killing Cadet Chia (Jessica Danecker) before skittering away into the depths of the ship. Over in the boy's club consisting of Spock (Ethan Peck), Pike, M'Benga, and Sam Kirk (Dan Jeannotte), the newly promoted Lieutenant Duke (Ted Kellogg) becomes their next target, as he's attacked and ripped right out of Spock's hands.

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The Gorn mature at a frighteningly rapid pace, sending each of the groups our heroes have split into terror and fear as they begin to realize what they're up against. When Hemmer and Uhura get the power back up and running, Pike calls for what's left of the team to regroup if they want to make it out of here alive. They come together and formulate an impressive plan to eliminate the Gorn, but it comes with a great sacrifice. Though their plan works, they are doomed to lose Hemmer who hid the fact that he'd been infected in order to ensure the rest of the team's survival.

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As much as I love the combination of sci-fi and horror as a lover of both genres, I have mixed feelings about this episode. The loss of Hemmer feels quite heavy and while it's not uncommon for a main member of the crew to die in the first season of a Trek series, previous iterations of the franchise would generally carry twice as many episodes per season before that would happen. Additionally, this is one aspect of the series that would've been completely fine to leave in the past. I am reminded most strongly of Tasha's (Denise Crosby) death in Season 1 of The Next Generation and Ariam's (Hannah Cheesman) sacrifice in Discovery Season 2. Although Hemmer is afforded the ability to sacrifice himself to save the rest of the crew — similar to Ariam, whereas Tasha was killed for shock value — his life is still violently cut short. It's beautifully done and all in all a good death, but that's in part because it is so deeply sad. Especially as Uhura speaks at his funeral saying that he fulfilled his life's purpose by mending her broken heart.

The Alien references nearly eat up the Star Trek energy of the episode in some ways. While there is honestly no limit to what a Star Trek story can be, and the emotional notes of this episode do land devastatingly well, "All Those Who Wander" loses itself a little in trying to be Alien. Even Hemmer sacrificing himself mirrors Ripley tumbling into the incinerator in Alien 3. Ultimately, Hemmer's death does serve the narrative purpose of getting Uhura to open herself back up to making deep connections and putting down roots. But it definitely also leaves the viewer with a profound sense of emptiness. As Season 1 of Strange New Worlds approaches its end, "All Those Who Wander" makes it very clear that we're not ready to let go.

Rating: B+

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is streaming now on Paramount+.


Is La An leaving? ›

La'an Noonien Singh exit the Starship Enterprise. La'an chose to be decommissioned so she could reunite Oriana (Emma Ho), a young victim of the Gorn, with her family. La'an's leave of absence is open-ended and it's unclear if Strange New Worlds season 2 will follow her story of searching for Oriana's parents.

Is Kirk in strange new worlds? ›

Kirk is back, and actor Paul Wesley is promising 'a whole new look. ' We've known for some time now that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds would be showing us a new version of Captain James Tiberius Kirk, but we didn't know how soon we'd see him.

What are the Gorn in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds? ›

"Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" features the third television appearance of the reptilian Gorn. It also marks the development of the third method used to bring the scary lizards to life. The original Gorn, the villain of the classic "Star Trek" episode "Arena," was portrayed by stuntmen Bobby Clark and Gary Combs.

Who is Captain Pike's girlfriend in strange new worlds? ›

Vina is perhaps the great love of Pike's life, and we've known her since the original pilot of The Original Series. In “The Cage,” as well as the two part episode “The Menagerie” in TOS that featured footage from “The Cage,” Pike meets fellow prisoner Vina after he is captured by the Talosians.

Who will play Kirk in strange new worlds? ›

Paul Wesley makes his debut as Captain Kirk on the season finale of 'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. ' Trek fans know Kirk by way of William Shatner on the original Star Trek series of the 1960s, while a newer generation got their introduction to the character from Chris Pine in the J.J. Abrams Trek films.

Is Uhura older than Kirk? ›

So if Uhura is a cadet on Enterprise serving a 5th year field assignment, then working backwards from 2258 at the earliest she entered the Academy at age 19 in 2253, making her a year younger than Kirk (at this point making her around 24).

How long can a Vulcan live? ›

Vulcans are typically depicted as stronger, faster, and longer-lived than humans, however Vulcans are less cold-tolerant than humans. There are instances of them living over 220 years.

Is Sam Kirk James Kirk's father? ›

George Samuel "Sam" Kirk is James Tiberius Kirk's older brother. James' senior by about 10 years, Sam followed the footsteps of their father, George Kirk Sr., by joining Starfleet. However, unlike his father and brother, who both went into command, Sam is a science officer specializing in life sciences.

Do the Gorn join the Federation? ›

A halt to these hostilities was negotiated by the crew of the USS Enterprise-E, who also managed to persuade the Gorn to join the Federation Alliance in the war against the Dominion.

What does the word Gorn mean? ›

gorn is a Sindarin word meaning "dreaded, revered".

Why do the Gorn look different? ›

In the animated series, the Gorn appeared less harsh than in the original. In the Star Trek: Enterprise appearance, the Gorn Slar was designed and rendered using computer animation, and looked different from the original appearance; the clearest being lack of compound eyes.

What species is number one on Strange New Worlds? ›

Illyrians are an alien species. In Una's case, she's an Illyrian who passes as a human... She's forced to hide that part of her identity, a part of herself.”

Where does Strange New Worlds fit in the timeline? ›

Seven Years Into “The Future”

So far, the vast majority of Strange New Worlds takes place in 2259, about 6 years before Captain Kirk's earliest TOS adventure on the Enterprise in “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” which is set in 2265.

Is Strange New Worlds canon? ›

Strange New Worlds picked up after Star Trek: Discovery season 2 and, no matter what else the five-year mission of Captain Christopher Pike's (Anson Mount) entails, the Starship Enterprise will pass to Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) so that Star Trek canon can proceed as it must.

How did Captain Pike get injured? ›

He is severely injured while rescuing several cadets from a baffle plate rupture on board a J-class training vessel, the delta ray radiation leaving him paralyzed, unable to speak, badly scarred, and using a brainwave-operated wheelchair for mobility.

Who is the voice of the computer in Strange New Worlds? ›

The computer voice, stalwart first officer Number One, and the capable and compassionate Nurse Chapel are now played by Alex Kapp, Rebecca Romijn, and Jess Bush, respectively.

What is Spock's rank in Strange New Worlds? ›

So, in 2249, was Pike “Lieutenant Commander Pike” or just “Lieutenant Pike?” In The Original Series, Spock was the first officer of the USS Enterprise, and, like Una in Strange New Worlds, also held the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Who was James T Kirk father? ›

Does Captain Kirk have a brother? ›

Kirk's ancestors pioneered the American frontier, and his Midwest roots tied him closely to American history, a lifelong interest. He had an older brother, George Samuel Kirk, although "Sam" and his wife Aurelan died at Deneva in 2267; their one son and Kirk's nephew Peter survived them.

Who is Samuel A Kirk? ›

Samuel A. Kirk, an immigrant homesteader's son who became so intrigued by his childhood experiences teaching illiterate farmhands to read that he went on to an acclaimed career as the father of special education, died on July 21 at his retirement home in Tucson, Ariz.

Does Spock marry Uhura? ›

The pair are explicitly broken up in the movie, and they do not get back together.

Did Uhura serve under Captain Pike? ›

The retcon here is pretty great: It turns out Uhura was serving on the Enterprise as a cadet under Captain Pike, well before she became a full officer. Now that Celia Rose Gooding will play her on the new series, we may finally get to see the full story of who Uhura is and what her journey and Starfleet were all about.

Is Spock older than Kirk? ›

6 Spock Grew Much Older Than Kirk

No wonder he had to find fulfillment in a greater purpose. After all, those closest to him were all humans who would never live as long as he did.

Why can't Vulcans eat chocolate? ›

In the original show, Vulcans were shown offering Vulcan drinks to others. However, due to their sensitivity to sucrose, Vulcan's have a sensitivity to chocolate that mimics the type of tipsiness that a typical human being would glean from engaging too loosely with a traditional celebratory beverage.

Why is Klingon Blood pink? ›

The supposed reason for this is that having floating red blood all over the ship was considered too violent, and would have given the movie a more extreme rating than would be appropriate for the target audience. Pink blood makes it obvious at a glance that the violence is simulated, not real.

What is a Klingons lifespan? ›

Klingons were capable of living well over a century in age. Individuals such as Kang, Koloth, Kor, and Arne Darvin lived well over one hundred years. ( DS9: "Blood Oath", "Trials and Tribble-ations", "Once More Unto the Breach") No exact lifespan has been given for Klingons, just approximates.

Who killed Captain Kirk? ›

For all that, to Star Trek fans across the planet, he'll always be Dr. Tolian Soran, the man who killed Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek: Generations.

How did Kirk became captain so fast? ›

Part of the reason he rose so fast was because his father was a famous naval officer. Stephen Decatur began his naval career in 1797 and his first command was in 1802. Kirk joined starfleet academy in 2255 and took command in 2258 so Kirk has the jump by about two years.

What planet is Uhura from? ›

Strange New Worlds. In Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the character is featured as a Cadet serving on the Enterprise as part of an advanced placement. The series reveals Uhura's backstory: she is from Kenya and her parents, both Starfleet officers, died when she was younger.

Are the Gorn evil? ›

A reptilian alien of great physical strength, but also intelligent no less than a human; the Gorn cannot be considered much of a villain, actually; since he and Kirk were forced into the duel to the death by a godlike alien figure.

Did Kirk know about the Gorn? ›

Perez points out that in “Arena,” Kirk is told by the Metrons that the creature he fights is a Gorn, which gave the writers “room to play” while making sure the moment for Kirk still made sense. “Our goal is never to undo people's experience with The Original Series,” Perez explains.

How strong is a Gorn? ›

The bite strength of a Gorn has been estimated at between 5,000 to 6,500 psi. A fully-matured Gorn could easily kill a Klingon warrior with a single bite.

What does Gorn boy mean? ›

During the late 1950s to early 1960s we used the word gorn instead of gone. E.G he/she has gorn. It was common in the UK then. I was then living London. Just a slang term for gone.

Who was in the Gorn suit? ›

The Gorn, in his birthday suit, on the set of “Arena.” The Gorn costume was created by Wah Chang while actor, stuntman and Star Trek convention favorite Bobby Clark actually got into the character to play the Gorn. “[Director] Joseph Pevney hired me as a stunt actor,” Clark told StarTrek.com in a 2011 interview.

Did the Federation defeat the Gorn? ›

The Gorn Crisis was a brief Coup d'etat that happened in 2374 during the Dominion War. A faction of the Gorn attempted to take control of the Gorn Empire and expand. However the Federation was able to stop the faction and Gorn then joined the Federation Alliance.

Are the Gorn the Borg? ›

The Elite Tactical Assimilated Gorn is a special Borg Elite Tactical Drone notable for being an assimilated Gorn. This drone is very large, standing over four meters tall and requires teamwork to be overcome. There are six E.T.A.G.

Are Gorn cold blooded? ›

Subsidiary species

Unknown to most outsiders, the Gorn were not one but several distinct cold-blooded, reptilian species, all of whom evolved on the same homeworld. All Gorn species enjoyed an extremely long lifespan of approx. 300 years.

What is Scotty's alien friend? ›

Keenser, Scotty's little loyal alien sidekick in 2009's Star Trek, was played by veteran genre actor Deep Roy. And in a new video interview, Roy talks about working with director JJ Abrams and his hopes for Keenser to return in the 2012 star Trek sequel.

Who plays Captain battle in Strange New Worlds? ›

Captain Pike is forced to confront his tragic fate in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Season 1 finale, and his unexpected journey brings about a surprise cameo: Captain James T. Kirk (played by Paul Wesley).

Is Strange New Worlds part of the Kelvin timeline? ›

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds draws an unexpected parallel between Samuel Kirk and his counterpart in the Kelvin timeline.

Who is the computer voice in Strange New Worlds? ›

Rebecca Romijn (Number One)

She also portrayed Lwaxana Troi, the mother of Counselor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) on Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was also the voice of the ship's computer from the franchise's premiere until 2009 (Barrett died in 2008).

Is Strange New Worlds a different timeline? ›

So far, the vast majority of Strange New Worlds takes place in 2259, about 6 years before Captain Kirk's earliest TOS adventure on the Enterprise in “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” which is set in 2265.

Alien vs Predator vs Pike is derivative as hell, but it’s also a quality piece of killer action

Warning: This Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 1, episode 9 review contains major spoilers – many of them set to stun.. Among the highest profile were Alien and Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but aside from the outer space settings, their 1979 release dates and the fact both spawned now-legendary sequels, they couldn’t have been more different.. Although the episode has to roll out some Trek clichés to up the peril factor – an ion storm blocking communication with the Enterprise, an enemy invisible to bio-filters – the returning Gorn make for a credible threat, even in the form of squabbling juveniles.. Over the course of the season, we’ve got to know Pike, Spock, M’Benga, La’an, Chapel, Uhura and Hemmer, so we care about their fate rather more than we would a bunch of strangers – Cadet Chia and the newly promoted Lt Duke must have realised their time was up as soon as they set foot on Valeo Beta V.. To see him make a noble sacrifice after being infected with Gorn eggs is a genuinely heartbreaking moment, and one of Star Trek’s boldest moves since Lt Tasha Yar was killed in action in the first season of The Next Generation.

From Collider June 30, 2022 'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Season 1 Episode 9 Review: An Ode to 'Alien' 'Strange New Worlds' pays homage to a sci-fi horror classic as we say goodbye to a member of the crew.

'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Season 1 Episode 9 Review: An Ode to 'Alien'. 'Strange New Worlds' pays homage to a sci-fi horror classic as we say goodbye to a member of the crew.. The ninth episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds serves as a heart-pounding homage to the sci-fi horror classic Alien, while also handling the loss of a beloved crew member.. Mid-celebration, the Enterprise gets called into a priority one search and rescue mission for a crew that's gone missing on a dead zone planet.. The episode cranks up the horror elements to eleven as Pike and the others find this final message from the crew of the fallen ship.. Pretty early on our landing party has split off into groups of two or three, making them all a bit vulnerable to the threat they're certainly well aware of.. In the med-bay the other alien refugee they've found begins to appear very ill, sweating, veins bulging, breathing labored — it doesn't look good.. Ultimately, Hemmer's death does serve the narrative purpose of getting Uhura to open herself back up to making deep connections and putting down roots.. As Season 1 of Strange New Worlds approaches its end, "All Those Who Wander" makes it very clear that we're not ready to let go.

Here are some of the best "Star Trek" stories that are actually terrifying.

Despite being the darkest of the '90s "Star Trek" series, tackling more serious subject matter, and enjoying a more grim tone, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" rarely ventured into straight horror.. Despite its reputation as an action-oriented series — and one that never went as dark as its sister show "Deep Space Nine" — the '90s spinoff "Star Trek: Voyager" probably did more horror-themed episodes than any "Trek" series.. When it comes to "Star Trek: Enterprise," there are a number of creepy episodes that might qualify for this list, including "Vanishing Point" (where Hoshi Sato believes she's disappearing from reality) and "Dead Stop" (where a suspicious automated space station appears to be killing the crew).. Set at the beginning of the Xindi War story arc, the episode shows the Enterprise approaching a dangerous region of space called the Delphic Expanse, from which no ship has ever returned.. Set more than 100 years before Kirk, "Star Trek: Enterprise" surprisingly featured the "TNG" foes the Borg in the Season 2 episode "Regeneration.". An unexpected follow-up to the 1996 film "Star Trek: First Contact," the episode opens with a team of scientific researchers in Earth's Arctic region discovering the remains of the Borg vessel that had crashed there in 2063 after having traveled back in time.. The "Next Generation" episode "Genesis" rightfully enjoys a reputation as a body horror episode and one of the best scary episodes of the series.

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They also talk crossovers and legacy characters.

And by the way, season one will look like a lot of bunting compared to season two.. One of the big swings the show is taking is by bringing in Paul Wesley to play James T. Kirk.. Co-showrunner Henry Alonso Myers told Cinemablend that bringing Kirk into the show in season 1 “was one of our goals” and something he spoke to co-creator Alex Kurtzman about early on.. Myers also made it clear in a number of interviews that season 2 Kirk won’t be the same, telling Cinemablend. The Kirk that we’re going to meet in Season 2 is a totally different person than who we meet in the finale.. Myers reiterated to Inverse there is lots to work with in the time before TOS:

In 1966, a historic moment on television occurred when actress Nichelle Nichols made her debut on Star Trek’s original TV, playing the role of Nyota Uhura

Now over 50 years after Uhura and Star Trek’s debut, Paramount+ is picking up Uhura’s legacy with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds with a fresh new perspective, now played by 22-year-old Broadway actor Celia Rose Gooding.. She was popularized as a Lieutenant, as an Officer with the role of Command, and to have an opportunity to play her as a Cadet, as someone who was still figuring out if Starfleet is the path for her, means so much to me.. So, to play a character who is beloved and iconic but to show her at her beginning stages is an incredible opportunity.”. Bridging the gap between the original Star Trek series and Strange New Worlds , one of the most memorable moments from the original show is in the second episode “Children of the Comet” when Gooding shows off her musical talent when she is seen strolling around an alien comet singing.. So, to be someone who has a similar background to Nichelle Nichols was incredibly important for this character.. We also get to see her taking roles of ensemble work and seeing her really work together with her team instead of making sense of the mission around her by herself.”

The executive producer also dropped a hint about season two of 'Strange New Worlds.'

With May’s launch of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds , Alex Kurtzman has now shepherded five Trek series to release.. The executive producer in charge of the Star Trek Universe was the guest on today’s The Ready Room with host Wil Wheaton, where he talked extensively about developing the various current shows and offered hints about what is to come along with some thoughts on how fans are impacting the shows.. Wheaton noted that we actually haven’t seen a Gorn on the show just yet.. But the way Kurtzman talked about how the Gorn were developed for the show indicates we are going to get a better look at them.. The trick was, your first instinct was let’s do it as a full CG character.. But part of why–and [James] Cameron understands this, and [Steven] Spielberg understands this – is that the way you light those things is everything.. Kurtzman later teased the arrival of familiar characters in season two of Strange New Worlds :. It’s already known that James T. Kirk will show up, and recently Goldsman indicated Roger Korby will appear .. It’s likely Kurtzman is talking about other characters as well.. There are things that we set up in Discovery that we can then go back and retrofit in seasons that haven’t been written yet of other shows… It’s very important that each showrunner has their own individual take on what they love about Star Trek, while of course, embracing the fundamentals.. You don’t want the same thing in every show.. As the discussion wrapped up, Wheaton asked if Kurtzman had anything he wanted to express to Trek fans, and he did:. Having been in all the writers’ rooms, I can promise everybody that the articles that are written and the things that people are saying are always being discussed in those rooms.. We did not create Star Trek.. The full interview gets into much more about the various shows and Star Trek in general.

It’s an off week for Star Trek: Discovery as exposition becomes the name of the game in "The Red Angel."

If last week’s ode to Airiam was a high point for Star Trek: Discovery, this week’s big Red Angel reveal episode is a low point, a talky and dull outing that emphasizes Season 2’s unevenness as well as its biggest weakness: a reliance on mystery plots that pay far too little in emotional dividends for the characters or the viewer.Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Photos. But the whole mystery of the Red Angel arc falls flat, leaving one glad that at least they solved that particular riddle now and didn’t stretch it out any further.So after spending most of the episode under the mistaken belief that the time traveler is actually a future version of Burnham, which of course was among the main theories fans have been cooking up, it turns out that the Angel is actually… Burnham’s mom.. Anyway, as noted, this episode is heavy on explaining stuff, but the long and short of it is that Project Daedalus was developed by Section 31 to create a time travel suit capability, resulting in what we now call the Red Angel.. But again, “The Red Angel” is in the tough spot of having to cover a lot of territory regarding time-travel mousetraps, rogue AIs, red energy bursts, and surprise reveals.. “The Red Angel” has the unfortunate burden of being an info-dump episode, and while it’s laced with some nice character work for Burnham in particular, it can’t overcome its own dull weight.. Hopefully now that Discovery has gotten the Red Angel mystery out of the way, the remainder of the season can kick back into gear, as the past couple of episodes before this week have been quite good.

Review: Airiam finally gets her own episode, and it’s an unforgettable one in this week's Star Trek: Discovery, "Project Daedalus."

Oh, Airiam.. We hardly knew you.And now, we love you!. Somehow, this episode’s writer Michelle Paradise, director Jonathan Frakes, and Airiam actress Hannah Cheesman managed to take what was, essentially, a glorified extra for the past season and a half and give her a fleshed-out back story and a character arc that ends tragically yet heroically, all in less than hour.. Of course, her fondest memory is of her husband and her human self from right after they eloped… and right before he presumably died in the accident that would alter her forever.. That she eventually asks for Tilly to stay with her while she works shows that Airiam can sense something is wrong, but can’t quite do anything about it.. If she had somehow survived, it wouldn’t have worked nearly as well.. "Project Daedalus" isn’t really revealed until the end, and it feels like it has more to do with Burnham than Airiam.. Maybe they should’ve called the segment “The Robot Lady Dies and You’ll Be Sad.” Maybe I missed it, but why couldn’t the Disco beam everyone back to safety?. With this story, Star Trek: Discovery has hit another high point this season, as Hannah Cheesman closes out her short run as Airiam in an unforgettable turn that puts "Project Daedalus" on the all-timers list of Trek episodes.. Star Trek: Discovery follows the voyages of Starfleet on their missions to discover new worlds and new life forms, and one Starfleet officer who must learn that to truly understand all things alien, you must first understand yourself.

The Discovery crew is back with a huge bang, and there’s still a lot of love in this show for its Star Trek roots.

In fact, even the title of the very first episode of Star Trek: Discovery , Season 4, is an Easter egg.. From shout-outs to Captain Archer from Enterprise , to the tech that makes transporters beam you up, here every Easter egg and reference we caught in Discovery Season 4, Episode 1, “Kobayashi Maru.”. While describing Grudge’s species at the beginning of the episode, Burnham seems to vaguely reference another famous Star Trek cat, Spot, from The Next Generation .. The fact that the simple presence of a pet can cause an alien species to get profoundly offended also seems to reference the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “One Night In Sickbay,” in which Captain Archer accidentally offends an entire alien species because his dog Porthos pees on some trees.. We actually haven’t seen the Ba’ul since Season 2, when it was revealed in the episode “A Sound of Thunder,” that in eons in the past, the Kelpiens had enslaved the Ba’ul, a situation which was reversed by the 23rd century.. Lorca had a tribble in Season 1, and in Season 2, a tribble sound effect was used as a special code during a transmission between Burnham and Ash Tyler.. Just before Discovery jumps into Federation HQ, we see the USS Voyager-J , which was first introduced in Discovery Season 3, in the episode “Die Trying.”. When President Rillak reveals the new “Archer Space Dock,” we clearly hear the theme from Star Trek: Enterprise — “Archer’s Theme” — composed by Denis McCarthy.. Tilly jokes that being a cadet “feels like 1,000 years ago and yesterday — which it was, simultaneously.” This references the fact that Discovery jumped from 2258 to 3188 at the end of Season 2.. When Nalas mentions his space station is “squiddled” Burnham later tells Detmer that this is an “Akoszonam expression.” Previously, Nalas’ species wasn’t actually established on screen, but he appears to be the same species as Kima from the Short Treks episode “Children of Mars,” which served as the prologue to Star Trek: Picard Season 1.This means that Kima and Nalas are both, retroactively, members of the Akoszonam, species.. Burnham asks Detmer and Owo: “How long will it take our Dots to remove that debris?” This references the Dot-23 robots on Discovery , which replaced the Dot-7s that Disco and the Enterprise had in Season 2.. Burnham pilots a craft called a “Worker bee” in this episode, which appears to be a souped-up 32nd Century version of a deep-cut Star Trek craft.. Either way, unlike any Star Trek captain before, Burnham has a Space President breathing down her neck, seemingly at all times.. Star Trek: Discovery airs new episodes on Paramount+ on Thursdays.

Nichelle Nichols, who gained fame as communications officer Lt. Uhura on the original “Star Trek” television series, has died at the age of 89.

Nichelle Nichols, who gained fame as communications officer Lt. Uhura on the original “Star Trek” television series, has died at the age of 89.. Like other original cast members, Nichols also appeared in six big-screen spinoffs starting in 1979 with “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” and frequented “Star Trek” fan conventions.. In fact, it got the most “fan mail that Paramount had ever gotten on ‘Star Trek’ for one episode,” Nichols said in a 2010 interview with the Archive of American Television.. Nichols first worked professionally as a singer and dancer in Chicago at age 14, moving on to New York nightclubs and working for a time with the Duke Ellington and Lionel Hampton bands before coming to Hollywood for her film debut in 1959’s “Porgy and Bess,” the first of several small film and TV roles that led up to her “Star Trek” stardom.. In an AP interview before her flight, Jemison said she watched Nichols on “Star Trek” all the time, adding she loved the show.. Original “Star Trek” cast member Nichelle Nichols poses at the premiere of the new television series “Star Trek: Discovery” in Los Angeles.


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