Suicide Mouse - Original Footage (1931) (2022)

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  • Suicide Mouse is supposedly an early 1930’s Mickey Mouse cartoon made by Walt Disney. It supposedly consists of nothing but Mickey Mouse walking past an infinitely repeating background of six buildings, in a similar style to the later Flintstones cartoons from the 1960’s, that goes on for three minutes. There were no upbeat cheerful songs like most of the cartoons, only a strange, eerie group of notes being played on a broken piano. Leonard Maltin was reviewing all the old cartoons to be put onto DVD for the Disney Treasures Collection, but when he put a digital copy up on his PC, something was off. It was actually nine minutes and four seconds long. Him and a group of employees watched the cartoon. The title card said "Suicide Mouse." It was the normal three minute cartoon of Mickey's infinite walk, and after the three minute mark it cut off to black. They played the waiting game for three boring minutes of a black screen, but when the video reached six minutes in, the whole thing got more interesting. The same scene of Mickey's never-ending walk reappeared, this time with no piano song, but now a murmur from the distance. It was not a language, it was a gurgled cry. The sound got more loud over the next minute, and everyone including Leonard were disturbed. Suddenly, as Mickey continues walking forward, the sidewalk began to go forward as well, which defied all laws of physics. Out of nowhere a loud, piercing scream started, and this is where things get really strange. Mickey's eyes started to melt down his face, and his smile curled upwards. The buildings suddenly rotted away, leaving nothing but rubble everywhere. Strange colors flashed a little. The screaming kept up. Leonard Maltin and everyone else only made it to the 7:07 mark, when he sent in a professional employee to finish the remaining two minutes of the surreal cartoon, and to take notes on it all. The door was shut behind him as he continued to watch. From rumors, the next part no one is entirely sure what happens next, but it is sometimes described as the background becoming nothing but a blurred and swirled mess, with Mickey walking on with his decayed face. This hellish scene continues until about eight minutes and ten or so seconds into the cartoon, when the screaming subsides and a headshot of Mickey appears, one that is similar to the starting of most of the cartoons. No one knows but a few people of what happens in the remaining 30 seconds on this cartoon, but some say what happens is that the normal scene of the regular buildings and walk cycle reappears, and Mickey reaches a house. He begins to mourn, quickly turning into a scream with blood pouring out of his eyes. After about twenty seconds of this, Mickey leaves the house and jumps off the roof, with his body lying and bleeding as the screen fades to black. Mickey Mouse is dead, bleeding and pulsing, with the camera zooming in on his dead corpse, before fading entirely to black and then at exactly nine minutes and four seconds, the final frame shows Russian text that says "The sights of hell bring its viewers back in." After this frame, the employee stumbled out if the closed door, and uttered seven times his final words, "Real suffering is not known." He then saw the guard who is standing next to him has a loaded pistol. He suddenly and quickly snatched it from him, put the barrel into his mouth and shot himself. Everyone looked down in horror at the dead man's body and had to call in a cleanup crew and an ambulance and later had a funeral service. The current whereabouts of the original canisters and negatives are currently unknown, and a small group of employees put the cartoon up on Disney's official YouTube account under the name "Walt Disney's Lost Mickey Mouse Cartoon." The original description read, "This is an unseen cartoon of Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse from 1931, be careful when watching", only to be fired and have it be removed by YouTube no more than two weeks after it was uploaded. A few people claim to have been able to download the original upload, but most were mock-ups of the original movie. No one knows if the mystery will ever be solved and the hunt for the original film continues to this day.

Timeline of Events involving the Cartoon

Very Early 1930’s - The original suicide mouse comic panel is published.

October 1930 - The idea for a surreal cartoon is conceived, based off the comic.

December 1930 - The original storyboards and writing are completed.

Early 1931 - Animation of the storyboards begins.

(Video) Suicide Mouse - Original Footage (1931)

Mid 1931 - Animation of the storyboards completed.

Mid 1931, 1 Month Later - The cartoon is rejected by all distributors.

Mid 1945 - Most of the copies were destroyed.

1966 - A very old copy that was preserved is hidden in the archives so no one ever finds it.

1997 - Word of a missing Mickey cartoon spreads the building, a mad search of the archives begins.

1999 - Cartoon finally found.

(Video) Suicide Mouse Original Footage (1931)

2008 - The incident described above happens. The cartoon is hidden.

Late 2008 - The first original upload happens. Removed within two weeks.

2008 / 2009 - Original horror story posted to 4chan's /x/ (paranormal) board.

2009 - Jojacob666 uses a paint software to hand-draw frames based on the comic and story published. He animates the scene in After Effects or Flash, and then applies effects in After Effects. This upload follows the original story loosely, and is believed to be the original since there were literally only 12 views on the 2008 upload of the real cartoon. The only things that convince most people that it is fake is the length, which is only 7:06, the real one being 9:04, the text in the short black screen "After it cut to black, it stayed like that until the 6th minute, before coming back...," "...was different this time...," the scene looking nothing like the work of Disney artists (The obvious MS Paint...), and the visual effects looking clearly digital. This is not the only upload or this version. The ending is the Russian text from the real one, and a strange shadow man closing a door. This is another indication of being fake.

November 2009 - Nec1 saved the file of Jojacob666's remake and uploaded it unedited. He copy-pasted the original /x/ story as the description, which can be found in the next segment of this wiki page.]December 2009 - This is by far the most well-known and popular upload. Posted on the day of the Immaculate Conception in 2009 by a channel named suicide mouse avi, it features the same exact animation made by JoJacob666. However, when it cuts off, this time there is a Movie Maker effect to make it look like the ending of the film. The black screen here was originally a scene with reversed music (revealed to be a piano cover of Bach’s “Badinerie) and strange sequences and screaming, which explains the shorter length of Jojacob666 and Nec1's uploads. At the 3:34 mark, suddenly a strange closeup of Mickey's eyeless face appears and the background for it is stranger than the face itself. This lasts only to 3:40, and the significance of it is unknown. The black screen lasts until five minutes in, when the second part of the original upload appears. Since in this version this part is four minutes long, this one had to be cut short to five minutes, or else it would be more than 9:04. The screaming from the other two and the eyes falling out, strange rubble buildings and warping and stretching scene from the other two happens as normal, then the usual last thirty seconds of the face closeup from 3:34-3:40. There is strangely no Russian text or shadow figure unlike the two earlier uploads, it is just a Movie Maker effect. Link is here:

2010 - Kitty0706 uploads a comedic video on how to make the Jojacob666 version funny and not scary.

(Video) suicidemouse.avi (Original Footage 1931) (Read Description)

2010 - Another version of Suicide Mouse made by Stranger1945 is posted. This version actually looks like a 1930’s cartoon and not some MS Paint drawings trying to look real. This one fits the 9:04 length. The video begins with no title card and just a countdown. At two the countdown ends. Remember this countdown for later. The cartoon begins, and it looks quite real. There is a repeating background of two buildings, and Mickey looks as if he's quite desperate for something, as he walks with his hands outstretched. The quality on this version is quite old and crappy-looking, with everything from dust to scratches. The walk lasts two minutes, and has the original Jojacob666 piano song in the background. The cartoon cuts to black with a real-looking old film transition. It reappears with screaming increasingly getting louder at five minutes in, the same screams from the original JoJacob666 version, with the murmurs from the same video mixed in. The video gets more and more distorted, with the sidewalk stretching out. Mickey seemingly looks at the viewer and gives a sinister smile, but his eyes do not fall out. The video just gets more dusty and distorted. The sidewalk gets more and more decrepit, and it goes in physics-defying directions as stated in the account from /x/. A scene of what seems to be old footage a man talking to a woman appears as an overlay, and Mickey's body seems to start to become two Mickeys that are walking opposite ways, directly fused together face-to-face, and still walking. The walk cycle suddenly fades out, with Mickey's face appearing. The same music box is in the background from the JoJacob666 version, with the Russian text under his face. This could have been real, had it not been for the countdown (see, I said "wait until later"), which is an SMPTE Universal Film Leader, which was not invented until the 1960s. Second of all, the screams and murmurs are from a website called, the sounds being Psycho Screams 1 + 2, and Walking Shadow. The film reappears at five minutes, not six minutes. Last of all, the creator even says "This is my remake”, while even adding “HQ-remake” in the title. It was stolen and re-uploaded multiple times, but here is the original upload:

2013 - Gorixgorix uploaded his own version. He himself admits it's his own fake version. There is not much to say, just watch it yourself here: Gorixgorix also has an alternate, called "Magrolo Mouse," which can be found here: He also made "Suicide Mouse with Magrolo Theme," which is just his original Suicide Mouse with the audio from the Magrolo alternative. It can be seen if you click on the annotation (the yellow box outline) on his Magrolo Mouse version.

2014 - At last, a portion of the original 2008 upload was posted by user Secrets of Disney. The yellowish-tint was edited out as was the three minutes of black and the ending three minutes were missing from the reel, as was the title card. It features the real walk cycle film of Suicide Mouse. Can be found here:

2014 - Wirelex exe uploaded his version of Suicide Mouse, which looked very convincing, although he made it himself with Flash. It can be seen here:

(Edit: The video has now been deleted but fortunately someone by the name of harveycane saved Wirelex exe's version and reuploaded it. Here is the link:

2015 - KillerPunkSuperMarioUNCENSORED uploaded what seemed to be the original Suicide Mouse, but was just a fake ripoff using Wirelex's hard animation work as the last three minutes. He did use the original film, and he applied the yellowish-tint from the original 2008 upload, but added a fake old movie effect. It also has no end card, unlike the original.

(Video) Suicide Mouse Original Footage

2016 - At last, I myself received a saved copy of the 2008 upload by Disney Leonard Maltin after he was convinced with the threat of high-profile lawyers. I uploaded it in May of 2016, a few months after the upload of "Mickey's Strange Day," another similar-looking lost Mickey cartoon. This is the original version of Suicide Mouse, though some people are still unconvinced.

2017 - A new fake yet well-made version was made by randy hilson 1929, who claimed it was the original, but later confirmed it was fake and a prank.

suicide mouse original footage

So do any of you remember those Mickey Mouse cartoons from the 1930s? The ones that were just put out on DVD a few years ago? Well, I hear there is one that was unreleased to even the most avid classic Disney fans. According to sources, it's nothing special. It's just a continuous loop (like Flintstones) of mickey walking past 6 buildings that goes on for two or three minutes before fading out. Unlike the cutesy tunes put in though, the song on this cartoon was not a song at all, just a constant banging on a piano as if the keys for a minute and a half before going to white noise for the remainder of the film. It wasn't the jolly old Mickey we've come to love either, Mickey wasn't dancing, not even smiling, just kind of walking as if you or I were walking, with a normal facial expression, but for some reason his head tilted side to side as he kept this dismal look. Up until a year or two ago, everyone believed that after it cut to black and that was it. When Leonard Maltin was reviewing the cartoon to be put in the complete series, he decided it was too junk to be on the DVD, but wanted to have a digital copy due to the fact that it was a creation of Walt. When he had a digitized version up on his computer to look at the file, he noticed something. The cartoon was actually 9 minutes and 4 seconds long. This is what my source emailed to me, in full (he is a personal assistant of one of the higher executives at Disney, and acquaintance of Mr. Maltin himself).

"After it cut to black, it stayed like that until the 6th minute, before going back into Mickey walking. The sound was different this time. It was a murmur. It wasn't a language, but more like a gurgled cry. As the noise got more indistinguishable and loud over the next minute, the picture began to get weird. The sidewalk started to go in directions that seemed impossible based on the physics of Mickey’s walking. And the dismal face of the mouse was slowly curling into a smirk. On the 7th minute, the murmur turned into a bloodcurdling scream as the picture was getting more obscure. Colors were happening that shouldn't have been possible at the time. Mickey’s face began to fall apart. His eyes rolled on the bottom of his chin like two marbles in a fishbowl, and his curled smile was pointing upward on the left side of his face. The buildings became rubble floating in midair and the sidewalk was still impossibly navigating in warped directions, a few seeming inconceivable with what we, as humans, know about direction. Mr. Maltin got disturbed and left the room, sending an employee to finish the video and take notes of everything happening up until the last second, and afterward immediately store the disc of the cartoon into the vault. This distorted screaming lasted until 8 minutes and a few seconds in, and then it abruptly cuts to the Mickey Mouse face at the credits of the end of every video with what sounded like a broken music box playing in the background. This happened for about 30 seconds, and whatever was in that remaining 30 seconds I haven't been able to get a sliver of information. From a security guard working under me who was making rounds outside of that room, I was told that after the last frame, the employee stumbled out of the room with pale skin saying "Real suffering is not known" 7 times before speedily taking the guards pistol and offing himself on the spot. The thing I could get out of Leonard Maltin was that the last frame was a piece of Russian text that roughly said "the sights of hell bring its viewers back in". As far as I know, no one else has seen it, but there have been dozens of attempts at getting the file on RapidShare by employees inside the studios, all of whom have been promptly terminated of their jobs. Whether it got online or not is up for debate, but if rumors serve me right, it's online somewhere under "suicidemouse.avi". If you ever find a copy of the film, I want you to never view it, and to contact me by phone immediately, regardless of the time. When a Disney Death is covered up as well as this, it means this has to be something huge.

Get back at me,


(Video) Suicidemouse.avi (Original version Footage) [1931]

Closing Words

The version uploaded by the Disney team might be the real one from 1931, but some people suspect that it is fake and Disney is hiding a more sinister cartoon, probably from the very late 1920’s or so. Still, some believe the versions we have to be real, especially the version uploaded from 2014 and my own upload. The purpose of the cartoon is yet to be discovered, but for now, that all remains a mystery.


1. Suicide Mouse 1931
2. suicidemouse.avi (v2)
(Creeper_Gamer 2006)
3. SuicideMouse.Avi 1931 (Original Footage)
(Big Mac)
5. Suicide Mouse (FOOTAGE)
(Finder Lurker)
6. suicidemouse.avi (1931 Original Lost Episode)

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