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I leave you the best Canserbero phrases, Venezuelan rap singer and songwriter who died in 2015. His published albums are Basyco, base and content, Indigos, Can + Zoo, Life, Death and Apa y Can.

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-There will never be a revolution without evolution of consciousness. The difference is up to you. Take care of your course without judging that I chose. And before changing the world, first change yourself. –CANbiate.

-It takes more than courage to face death. You can run but you can't hide. "In the valley of the shadows."

-Happiness it's not about having it all. But no longer wish anything silly. - Of my death.

-You should never let a comment complicate you, because even if you improve the world, someone will have to criticize you. - Of my death.

-I want them to invent the vaccine against racism, and for the planet to accept that deep down we are all the same. -Pleasure.

-And what reason was he in warning me about this filthy life. Do not raise crows, or they will tear your eyes out of their sockets. -Jeremiah 17: 5.

-And I don't care how many years go by, how many children you have, I'll be waiting for you. And I won't care who you marry, how old you are, I'll be waiting for you. –Stupid Love Story.

-If the tongue punishes you. Learn to tie it up soon, before a bastard curses you! –Be true.

-Be objective, I advise you as a friend. This road is ugly, there are a lot of shark in these rivers. "In the valley of the shadows."

-I am already unhinged by the injustice that makes me suffer, but even so I do not ignore the news before going to sleep. –No justice.

-I am sincere even if I do not want to, true things are said lightly even if they hurt, life goes as it comes. - The voice.

-The truth is like manure, it comes out sooner or later, and sincere friends I tell them with one hand. -Indigo.

-We are going to lower our weapons and raise our brains (…). Black and white, black and white. All the united races that make up our peoples. –Ouroboros.

-Many times it is difficult for us to ask for an apology, we prefer to throw the dead to someone who is not guilty, and we believe that forgiveness comes with eternal rest, but a regret of conscience goes with you to hell. -They cannot be called dead.

-You can lie to a few for a long time. You can lie to many in a short time. But you can't lie to everyone all the time, no –Without mercy.

- "Damn the man who trusts another man." Great truth in that phrase is hidden. -Jeremiah 17: 5.

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-That they can shut me up dead and standing buried, but not a thousand songs will distort what I have rhymed. -Likewise.

-Life was called my school, there I learned that not everything in the world is painted with pink watercolor. -The voice.

-And even children, they send you to suck half an egg. But of course! If their environment seems to be from the Middle Ages. -Let's be honest.

-Fight against you, your greatest enemy. And go out and see what kings try to hide from you Get up! Against the clans that do not want you to be a bird and become one more sheep - A day in the neighborhood.

-For! Stop complaining about nothing. You have a mission down there and it's not completed. - Of my death.

-Admirable is he who dies for his ideals. Respectable is that man who respects his peers. - They cannot be called dead.

-Where the hell have our dreams gone? Without dreaming we will never be able to change! I know that success is achieved with determination, but sometimes also, you have to dream! –You need to dream.

-How long have you not talked to your parents, or is it that you hope it is too late to go hug them. –CANbiate.

-You don't have to be a Nostradamus to see where we're going, or a prophet to predict tomorrow. Just open your eyes and you will have premonitions. –Visions.

-I write only sad verses. You turned me into some pathetic. I reread what you wrote when we were happy. And I felt like butterflies what I know today are worms. -Machiavellian.

- Disease that afflicts our era. Of course, until the asshole wants. Reading literature frees you from barriers. -Let's be honest.

-While the head of state gives a nice speech, see how much oil has increased since last year, for every thousand barrels produced there is one unemployed person. -Tropical climate.

-Brother, do not stay sitting on the bed, that success will not touch the window. –Hammers and wheels.

-There are many people who do not understand that the government is not the only one that must change. Here it is necessary to read and use the notebooks and recognize that youth is not an eternal gift. –You accept.

-Doubting and not believing is something very different, and if I doubt God it is because I have not seen him. Even so I insist on emphasizing what I learned with you, that there will be many kings but you always have to go to you. -It's epic.

-You have to read, you have to learn, you have to grow. We must attack without forgetting to defend. We have to change to make people understand that we are part of the world, not the third. –Guide for action.

-We are flow, coherence. We are base and strong consistency. We are the essence and with efficiency is the resistance, and the dignified presence, language difference is noticeable. –On Datop.

- I would like to have the force of a simple pardon, after all it is wise to admit a mistake. -Sorry.

-And there are very few (...) who analyze your rhymes, and instead of envying they admire you. It is for those few that we continue (…) speaking of consciousness in the midst of the chaos that exists on earth. –Join us.

-I don't know if you and I live in the same country, but here it is almost like in the Middle East, only that the war is mainly in the neighborhoods. -Tropical climate.

-Tell me, how many people do you trust? If confidence these days is a utopia. Now everyone is wondering what would happen. Are they masters of truth, or slaves of hypocrisy? -Awake.

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-What keeps us poor is not the lack of money, it is the thirst for power, ambition and ego. Your desire to be rich, I have them to be old. -Awake.

-Until the weapons of this population are the preparation more than the bullets of a rifle, we will always be dependent on those beings who oppress you and who decide for you. -American people.

-I must clarify that there is a key factor that you forget. Fears go away the moment you lose your life. It is said that love slaughters your insults. But I'll kill you with more hatred to be fair. -It's epic.

-Let's grow up and make our land an envied people, songs of protest, proposals or responses, songs that knock on doors, songs of evolution. -Foreword.

-Now the fashion is not to just put implants in the breasts (…). Now it's products, surgery, biopolymers, fillers, from the tip of your foot to the strands of your hair. -Interlude.

-For many it is customary to savor revenge on a cold plate (…). The same vicious circle that has long been taking many. –Ouroboros.

-To sow love and peace, asphalt is sterile ground (…). Because anyone has a gun. –Ready.

-All youth is going to lose themselves in fashion, be it using drugs or knowing how to use guns. They think they have balls and they will end up like all of them. –Visions.

-Fingers pointing at me, tongues criticizing me, backs offering me, obtuse envying me, good listeners with me, support from my friends. Yes, what I write is life. -Lifetime.

-React, leave the intrigue, abandon all those lies, that while you are still alive, the bad has improvement. -Sorry.

-Nor your tirade, and unsportsmanlike conduct, knock down those who are at the top of this directive. –Level.

-My arm tells me that love will take me far, but hate taught me to be a lynx, never an asshole. -Jeremiah 17: 5.

-There is no wall that contains this dog without reins, if you want I look for his father to reprimand them. –Mount and snake.

"Damn, don't go splashing out of the water, which later raises hunger and the piranhas bite you." –Level.

-For a long time comments have been reaching my ear, (...), towards me, I hope their egos are made of rubber, so that it does not hurt when I trample them on the canvas. -Epilogue.

-I do not require shots, I am a lawyer (…) I do not need metals, my weapons are mental, verbal ammunition, my intellectual gifts. –Darealhipapitis.

-It affects me to think that there is no reincarnation, that there is nothing after death and religion lied. "The first drink."

-It is Machiavellian to meditate alone where you lived everything with her. Like a voice that tells you that to the stars, a finger can not hide, no. -Machiavellian.

-They are no longer diecipico, they are ventipico, not to mention the one with the sickle that is watching me from "far away", planning how to fulfill its responsibility, if with a crime, an accident or an illness. -C'est la mort.

-There is no justice and I wanna know where the peace is, foolish people is killing while you're sitting by doing nothing. –No justice.

-Don't envy what the other has. Do not criticize so much and start fighting for what is convenient for you, because it is only possible that you will go far, but even far you will remain only an asshole. –Guide for action.

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-It's time to see who are real now. This is the hour of judgment ladies and gentlemen, there is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow. The Apocalypse of music without a soul began, without anger without anything. - The hour of the judgment.

-Seriously, I would like to kidnap several world leaders, and show them life in our marginal neighborhoods, that they know what it is to be born, without being rich from birth, study, work, sweat without having any help. –You accept.

-They are antonyms of what they write. They sell their personality as a teenager they sell the hymen. -Nerd.

-Drugs, hunger, death, terrorism (…). So many hating me for what I sing, look around you and tell me if the world is not over. –The world is over.

-Consciousness does not reason and heart and body do not speak the same language, trusting who you love I do not know if it is a virtue or a defect. "When you go with me."

-I have seen police killing innocent people, and I have seen non-innocent people being president, do you understand? -Pleasure.

-We are from a part of the globe, where you cannot eat it with anyone, even the most stupid can be a wolf. –Ready.

-My respect goes to those people from Tocoya even if they don't like us, because they know that we are raising a flag that fills Venezuelans wherever they are. - The peasant.

-It's a pity that there are sister nations, who act as if they had forgotten that all of us in America are Americans. -American people.

-They are puppets in a crystal ball, which rotates in the opposite direction to the needles of life. God damn this age of appearances, and somebody tell me where consciousness has gone. –Where did consciousness go?

-The one who lives off a mirage, with models and rhymes without rhythm, more of the same. Tell me who you are (…). Shit may hit, but the answer is never. -Who you are.

-The city knows what I'm talking about, the street is an abyss, where we ourselves are god and the devil. –Ready.

-If something I said sounded smug, it wasn't ego but the truth that it hurts in certain ears. "Neither gold nor Goldfield."

-I close my eyes and there you are, I open them and I notice that I am blind. When I finally find you, I try to reach you and I never can. -Ice law.

-I felt so cowardly at the time, since that man lacked what I had, yet I appreciated every second of encouragement. -Tomorrow will be another day.

-This goes beyond being a rapper, protesting or wanting to have money. This is something in the chest, impossible to describe. Rap must not be gangster, rap must build. –Join us.

-Don't compare my music and historical lyrics, of great rhetoric with your sonic contamination. Do not compare to a fake lamb dress. With the most hated for speaking clearly, with Canserbero. –Without mercy.

-In other words, there are many good people, fighting for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here dogs howling in every neighborhood, and to sleep. -Goodnight.

-A people are silent, an injustice is committed. Two nations battle to prove who is stronger. -Lifetime.

-Enough of the farces that tire, we go without pause, sing not meek songs, for a people in elk that advances. -Who you are.

-Kilometers are missing to reach my feet even if it is heard, centered and cruel ego is seen. I can no longer stand those so-called artists synonymous with diarrhea, antonyms, of all my great fights. –Be true.

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-If I'm wrong, I'm sorry, because deep down I want to trust you. But if you exist, I don't think you're with me, and if what I'm saying is a lie, then send me a signal. -Losing faith.

-It is life that I write, because of injustices I am losing faith. I want to make music as far as my voice can reach. (…). This goes beyond being a rapper, it's Canserbero. -Foreword.

-To only hear about lead and marijuana, I walk around my block any day of the week. –Is Canzoo.

-And I know that it is necessary to have faith in some god (…). But when I know of so many innocents who have been killed, I wonder if God was busy. -Losing faith.

-Think well if you want to enter the underworld brother. In case you feel like going out later, you don't have to decide on your options to choose. Which ones? Which are? Die or suffer. –It was raining.

-My notebook is my skin, my pencil is the scarpe. My eyes in an attitude of mourning and a voice that tries harder, so that the mammagüevos criticize it more. -Warning.

-When you feel that life ignores you, cry but value while you smile. Someone said that it will not always rain, in return always, tomorrow will be another day. -Tomorrow will be another day.

-Here I will be waiting for you giving you a position, I hope that when you rectify I am still willing to forget the past, and forgive that you have not forgiven me. -Thinking of you.

-The evil in the window, the lie on the corner, the inhuman jails, the corrupt police, how beautiful Venezuela is. -Tropical climate.

-Raise your sword of dignity and wisdom. Charge your rights, fire your rifle of conscience. –Hammers and wheels.

-Never turn your back on the bull or it will nail your horns. –Level.

-I would like so much to have the voice of a singer not only to recite but to sing to you. Well, my only defense is to explain this misunderstanding to you. -Thinking of you.

-Even to today's education, it is based on repeating some vile philosophy. Studying matters, yes, but to open your mind, that closed does not work, just like an umbrella. - A day in the neighborhood.

-Sorry for wishing you death that time in a scolding you pinched me very hard. I promise to do my homework and obey you, but don't scare me anymore. Where are you? -Ice law.

-Changing the world does not depend on those puppets that steal from the people and that the people call leaders, changing the world depends only on you and watching over your path. –CANbiate.

-I want to open the zoo door to the animals, and lock up all the criminal officers there. -Pleasure.

-I have been analyzing guns and letters for some time, and little by little I have realized that my best weapon is the notebook. -Zoo.

-I would like to go to the past and see rectified those mistakes made that today cost me dearly. -Sorry.

-The one who leaves does not die, only the one who forgets dies. After all, death is so sure to win. "The first drink."

-There is no doubt that ignorance rises more than foam, and if you calculate serious people we are more in that sum. –Mount and snake.

-I have a cynical appearance, a dysphonic voice, an empirical talent and an unusual desire for rap, a magnificent brain and atomic rhymes. -C'est la mort.

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I leave you the best phrases of Canserbero , composer and Venezuelan rap singer who died in 2015.. -And I don't care how many years go by, how many children you have, I'll be waiting for you.. -You can lie to a few for a long time.. But you can't lie to everyone all the time, no –Without mercy.. -Fingers pointing at me, tongues criticizing me, backs offering me, obtuse envying me, good listeners with me, support from my friends.. -For a long time comments have been reaching my ear, (…), towards me, I hope their egos are made of rubber, so that it does not hurt when I trample them on the canvas.. -There is no justice and I wanna know where the peace is, foolish people is killing while you're sitting by doing nothing.. -Don't envy what the other has.. God damn this age of appearances, and somebody tell me where consciousness has gone.. -It is life that I write, because of injustices I am losing faith.. I want to make music as far as my voice can reach.. Someone said that it will not always rain, in return always, tomorrow will be another day.. -Changing the world does not depend on those puppets that steal from the people and that the people call leaders, changing the world depends only on you and watching over your path.

Aber wenn Sie existieren Ich glaube nicht q ‚bei mir sein, und wenn das, was ich sage ist eine Lüge, senden Sie mir ein Zeichen.. Es ist das Leben, das ich schreibe, für das Unrecht, das ich glaube bin zu verlieren.. Und ich weiß, dass Sie den Glauben an einen Gott haben müssen (...).. -thinking Sie.. -thinking Sie.

-Ik wil dat ze het vaccin tegen racisme al uitvinden, en dat de planeet accepteert dat we diep van binnen allemaal hetzelfde zijn.. - Vaak is het moeilijk voor ons om een ​​verontschuldiging te vragen, we geven er de voorkeur aan om de doden te gooien naar degenen die niet schuldig zijn, en we geloven dat vergeving komt met eeuwige rust, maar gewetenswroeging gaat met je mee naar de hel.. Tegen de clans die niet willen dat je een vogel wordt en nog een schaap wordt - Een dag in de buurt.. -Hoe lang heb je niet met je ouders gepraat, of hoop je dat het te laat is om ze te gaan knuffelen.. Toch sta ik erop te benadrukken wat ik met je heb geleerd, dat er veel koningen zullen zijn, maar dat je altijd naar je toe moet.. -Totdat de wapens van deze populatie meer de voorbereiding zijn dan de kogels van een geweer, zullen we altijd afhankelijk zijn van die wezens die je onderdrukken en voor je beslissen.. Nu zijn het producten, operaties, biopolymeren, vulstoffen, van het puntje van je voet tot de lokken van je haar.. -Ze zijn niet langer diecipico, ze zijn ventipico, om nog maar te zwijgen van degene met de sikkel die me van "ver weg" in de gaten houdt, bezig met het plannen van hoe ze haar verantwoordelijkheid kan vervullen, als het een misdaad, een ongeval of een ziekte betreft.. - Serieus, ik zou graag verschillende wereldleiders willen ontvoeren en hen het leven in onze marginale buurten laten zien, dat ze weten wat het is om geboren te worden, zonder rijk te zijn vanaf de geboorte, studie, werk, zweet zonder enige hulp.. -We komen uit een deel van de wereld, waar je het met niemand kunt eten, zelfs de domste kan een wolf zijn.. Maar als je bestaat, denk ik niet dat je bij mij bent, en als wat ik zeg een leugen is, stuur me dan een signaal.. -Hier wacht ik op je door je een positie te geven, ik hoop dat wanneer je het rechtzet, ik nog steeds bereid ben het verleden te vergeten en te vergeven dat je me niet hebt vergeven.. - Ik zou zo graag de stem van een zanger willen hebben, niet alleen om voor te reciteren, maar ook om voor je te zingen.. -Het veranderen van de wereld hangt niet af van die poppen die stelen van de mensen en die de mensen leiders noemen, het veranderen van de wereld hangt alleen van jou af en waakt over je pad.

-Mange ganger er det vanskelig for oss å be om unnskyldning, vi foretrekker å kaste de døde til dem som ikke er skyldige, og vi tror at tilgivelse kommer med evig hvile, men en beklagelse av samvittighet går med deg til helvete.. -De er ikke lenger diecipico, de er ventipico, for ikke å snakke om den med sigd som ser på meg fra "langt borte", planlegger hvordan jeg skal oppfylle sitt ansvar, hvis det er med en forbrytelse, en ulykke eller en sykdom.. Ikke kritiser så mye og begynn å kjempe for det som er praktisk for deg, for det er bare mulig at du kommer langt, men selv langt fremdeles vil du forbli bare en drittsekk.. -Bevissthet resonnerer ikke og hjerte og kropp snakker ikke det samme språket, med tillit til hvem du elsker vet jeg ikke om det er en dyd eller mangel.. Men hvis du eksisterer, tror jeg ikke at du er med meg, og hvis det jeg sier er en løgn, så send meg et signal.. -Her vil jeg vente på at du gir deg en stilling, håper jeg at når du korrigerer, jeg fremdeles er villig til å glemme fortiden, og tilgi at du ikke har tilgitt meg.

I leave you 130 Science phrases Of great scientists like Einstein, Hawking, Pasteur, Galileo, da Vinci, Isaac Asimov, Max Planck and many more.. 2-The characteristics of scientific work is to choose.-G.Pasquali.. 4-The science is a cemetery of dead ideas, although of them the life can leave.-Unamuno.. 7-Most people say that the intellect is what makes a great scientist.. 10-Science can never catch the irrational, for that reason has no future before itself in this world.-Oscar Wilde.. He has promised the truth and the question is whether the truth will someday be achieved happiness.-Emilé Zola.. 50-In the field of science we learn how great the strangeness of the world is.-J.. 86- A man who dares to waste an hour of time has not discovered the value of life.. The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.

Scientists practice their plain-language communications skills at a Sharing Science in Your Community workshop at UCAR on June 25.. Scientists responded by creating their own “ten hundred” word descriptions of their science, many of which are collected on a Tumblr page called Ten Hundred Words of Science .. Here are some of the blurbs created by scientists attending Sharing Science workshops at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), in Boulder, Colo., and Texas A&M’s Galveston, Texas, campus:. The big blue water body covering most of our world is taking in stuff from the air that changes the water so that it is hard for animals to make their houses.. This bad air is what gets into the water and makes it hard for the animals to make their houses.. To save animal houses, we will need to make cars run better so that they make clean air!. Land animals and water animals love clean air because it makes them happy!. The changes make it hard for the animals and trees to live.. Scientists work on a communications activity during a Sharing Science workshop at UCAR.. This is because we are changing the air and stuff in the air goes into the water.. Often we take away trees and other green things from moving water to use them, and make the water look better, and make it easier to move through the water.. However, we now know that taking these things out changes how the water moves and how animals and other living things can live in and around the water.. When the hot water rock comes out it makes noise and smoke.. That said, this exercise takes simplifying science to the extreme in a fun and simple way and hopefully makes anyone who tries it think twice about which words to choose when communicating to the general public.. To learn more about AGU’s Sharing Science workshops, visit the Sharing Science Events page.

Within his own government, scientists and professionals who do research and gather evidence, are urging the prime minister to take a second look at his own theories.. Here’s a list of ten significant quotes from that survey:. Quote 6: “Political interference”. “The current government’s positions have led to fundamental changes in environmental laws and regulations.. “Up until the Harper govt., when the media called for an interview with me as a research scientist I simply gave the interview and wrote up a media report thereafter.

Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.. Matter, force, light, memory — all metaphors.. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson. Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.. ~Author unknown. Religion is concerned with how the world should work; science with how the world does work.. ~Martin H. Fischer (1879–1962). Original man, Silverpump!. That's what I call forming a man.. It is, presumably, the total knowledge of any aspect of physical reality, whether it be of living organisms or of Nature.. ~Isaac Asimov. The basic science is not physics or mathematics but biology — the study of life.. Idel Dreimer, Physics is mathematical not because we know so much about the physical world, but because we know so little; it is only its mathematical properties that we can discover.. ~Martin H. Fischer (1879–1962). All science has one aim, namely, to find a theory of Nature.. We look at death and we believe that we are studying life!...

"It is morally as bad not to care whether a thing is true or not, so long as it makes you feel good, as it is not to care how you got your money as long as you have got it.". "Science is perhaps the only human activity in which errors are systematically criticized and, in time, corrected.". "One unerring mark of the love of truth, is not entertaining any proposition with greater assurance than the proofs it is built upon will warrant". -- John Locke. The usual approach of science of constructing a mathematical model cannot answer the questions of why there should be a universe for the model to describe.. -- Albert Einstein. "Round about the accredited and orderly facts of every science there ever floats a sort of dust-cloud of exceptional observations, of occurrences minute and irregular and seldom met with, which it always proves more easy to ignore than to attend to.... Anyone will renovate his science who will steadily look after the irregular phenomena, and when science is renewed, its new formulas often have more of the voice of the exceptions in them than of what were supposed to be the rules.". -- Albert Einstein. "Science is the century-old endeavour to bring together by means of systematic thought the perceptible phenomena of this world into as thorough-going an association as possible.. -- Albert Einstein. -- Albert Einstein. "Where the world ceases to be the scene of our personal hopes and wishes, where we face it as free beings admiring, asking and observing, there we enter the realm of Art and Science.". -- Albert Einstein. He preferred the hard truth to his dearest illusions, that is the heart of science.". "The discovery of truth is prevented more effectively not by the false appearance of things present and which mislead into error, not directly by weakness of the reasoning powers, but by preconceived opinion, by prejudice."

For the media to follow & publish a story, it needs to rank highly within the ‘news value’ framework.Although the media picks out information deemed to be “accurate, truthful and fair”, journalists would still have to adapt that information to make it engaging for the public whilst maintaining the style, beliefs and ideology of the media outlet.. So, after all these problems with getting science into the public eye, and with unscientific views then being presented as scientific, how can science communication be improved to prevent future severe health and social issues, such as the MMR controversy, occurring again?. The report also suggested that regular surveys of public opinions and knowledge of science should be taken in order to learn what, and how much, science communication is required.. The study of science communication itself could therefore benefit from more funding and commitment in order to learn how the public learns about science.. Variations in priorities for the media and science have resulted in a lack of and poor coverage of science in the media meaning public perceptions of science suffer.. Hopefully, however, the number of reports into poor science communication imply that attempts are being made to improve these issues and prevent future miscommunications so that the science you know in the future will actually be science!


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