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At times, it seemed like this day might never come. It seemed like the weeks would continue to drag along until neither Rick nor Negan remembered why they started fighting each other in the first place. But the time has come — the time for The Sanctuary to finally face off against everyone else in the last stand of this war. Was it worth the hype? Well…not really.

It was in the season 7 finale of The Walking Dead that both Rick and Negan finally said it was time for action after previous episodes teased a face-off between the two. Then season 7 proceeded with 15 episodes featuring more lead up to the showdown. After all that time, after all that teasing, after all that strung-out plot, did the finale satisfy? No, because it could’ve been a lot more.

In the end, the hour comes down to only a few things: remembrance of Carl, the walk-up to the finale, the twist, and the aftermath — with the latter being saved for next season. A brief flashback scene shows Rick and toddler Carl walking hand-in-hand down a dirt road. In the present, Rick walks spies himself in the mirror as he walks to the baby’s crib — the baby saved from the Savior outpost. Siddiq enters with a baby bottle, prompting another awkward exchange between the two, only this time Rick actually makes an effort. He asks how Carl died, something he wasn’t able to face before. Siddiq remembers his mother, who believed walkers were the souls of people trapped inside the bodies of monsters. In a way, he argues Carl died “paying respects to a woman he never knew” by killing the walkers. He further reminds Rick that when people die, all that’s left are their ideas.

Everyone else is preparing for war. Ezekiel and Jerry once again prove they need their own sitcom, Carol and Henry predict a victory, and Morgan is having another mental disturbance. Alden and the other reformed Saviors are walking back into the Hilltop after clearing out walkers for Maggie, but Morgan goes to attack them, believing they intend ill will. Henry tries to stop him, so Morgan turns on him inadvertently.

Again, he’s forced to face the horrors of his actions, but there’s so much going on in this moment already. Maggie’s making a side comment to Alden, reminding him that he and his people aren’t actually a part of Hilltop’s community. “You’re gonna be here, but you’re not us,” she says. Rick tries telling Morgan to maybe sit this one out, but he feels he needs to be on the battlefield and no one, for whatever reasons, feels the need to hold him back. He makes a nice speech about how they are both worse off now than they were before, and we cut to all of them walking toward the fight at hand.

The Sanctuary, meanwhile, is mobilizing. Dwight has been beaten and placed in a sweatsuit, marking the Sanctuary’s lowest laborers. Dwight is carted off to join their convoy because Negan has plans for him. The same goes for Gabriel, who will be on hand for when Negan makes his confession. As they drive toward their meeting point, we see Rick’s group making their way through the woods to take out one of Negan’s convoys. Morgan hallucinates a vision of a mutilated Jared as he plunges his staff into a surrendering Savior, but Jesus snaps him awake. The group finds a map off one of the bodies that gives away what they believe to be Negan’s true location, but Negan is explaining to Gabriel in the car that that too is also a trick to draw them into a trap.

Gabriel tries escaping by rolling out of the moving car, but he’s still blinded by his illness. He stumbles into trees and eventually a walker, and is quickly retrieved by the Saviors. Eugene seems ready to put a bullet through Gabriel’s head, but Negan wants to claim his life for his own.

Continuing their trek, Jesus tries to reach Morgan by proposing an alternate method for his madness: The sharpened end of his staff is the part reserved for the dead, the other, non-lethal edge will be reserved for the living. And that will make things better, he says. As the group walks into an open field, they spot a giant herd of walkers, one of the largest they’ve ever seen, off in the distance, reminding them of the true threat.

The Saviors are also rolling out. Some are heading to the Hilltop, where Tara is holding down the fort with Alden. They prepare for battle as Negan whistles into a megaphone around Rick’s location. They can’t yet see where their attackers are coming from, only that they appear to be in serious trouble. Through the megaphone, Negan mentions Dwight will be forced to watch their deaths, Eugene made today all possible, and Gabriel will be killed. (Recap continues on next page)

Negan counts down from three as a line of Saviors emerge at the top of the hill with guns…except it all backfires. As they go to shoot, their guns — the ones Eugene had prepared for all of them — explode in their hands. Even Negan is left with fingers blown off and all of a sudden the Saviors’ ambush turns into a trap for the Saviors.

The fight switches back to Hilltop, where we find Tara’s group heading into the woods. With the crying infant, they probably won’t get very far, so Tara volunteers to stay behind. Alden insists on joining her and asks more of his people to do so. They hide in the woods to await the Saviors, but before they can fire, explosions of flame engulf their enemies. Aaron has arrived with members of Oceanside, who are hurling homemade explosives. This is the only time we ever see the Oceansiders in this episode — it’s another instance where weeks of setting the stage resulted in very little payoff.

Meanwhile, the fight among Negan and Rick’s squadron’s is practically already finished. The Saviors went to kill Eugene, but he was saved by Rosita. Dwight went to attack Negan, but he dodged and hobble off. Soon, the Saviors dropped their weapons and surrendered, upon Laura’s lead. Negan was hiding behind a tree — the same tree from the vision of Rick, the one with stained glass dangling from its branches — when Rick fires at him. He runs out of ammo, so he charges instead, finding himself in a wrestle with his mortal enemy.

Negan gets in a few solid blows — one with the bat, but mostly with his fists and feet. He admits his “eenie, meeni, miney, mo” method for killing Glenn and Abarham was “bullsh–.” It wasn’t random. He just didn’t want to kill Rick in front of his son. Rick then sweeps the leg and forces Negan down. Rick suggests a way for them to both find peace with each other. As Negan picks up his bat, Rick begs to give him just 10 seconds to plead his case for Carl. He allows him this courtesy, but as Negan tears up, Rick whips out a shard of stained glass that had been dislodged earlier from gunfire to slice open Negan’s throat. The Saviors who surrendered watch from high on the hill.

Despite everything Negan has done, Rick tells the Saviors to save Negan. Maggie screams out in shock. She had grappled in the past about reconciling her need for revenge with what’s best for her people. But her actions prove she’s more interested in revenge. She’s held back as she screams about Glenn’s death and the need for retribution, but Rick repeats a line from Carl: There’s gotta be something after. He gives the surviving Saviors an ultimatum: Get with the program of peace or pay the price.

As Rosita punches Eugene in the face for puking on her in the previous episode and Morgan gives his armor to Carol, that mysterious vision of Rick plays out. He sits at the base of the tree reciting the religious line: “My mercy prevails over my wrath.” Yet another scene that was less intense than its buildup.

In the aftermath, Alden finds a place at Hilltop, with Maggie’s permission; Daryl meets with Dwight alone in the woods, tells him to drive away and never return, and suggests he find his wife, Sherry; and Morgan goes to live by himself at the junkyard, while inviting Jadis to a place to live with the colony. Dwight rolls up to a house where he finds a message from Sherry: the word “honeymoon” above the infinity symbol, forcing a smile out of a man who too long felt tormented.

Back at Hilltop, Maggie is conspiring. Now completely consumed by vengeance, she sits in the dark of her office with Jesus. She tells him he was right to spare the Saviors, but that Rick and Michonne were not right to spare Negan. They will wait and make the Hilltop thrive, but when the moment comes, they will show Rick how wrong he was. Daryl emerges from the shadows, agreeing to this plan. It’s a move, pitting Maggie against Rick, that feels…odd. A few episodes ago, Rick mentioned that he would relinquish leadership to Maggie once the Negan war was done. She would, then, technically be in power. So why all this conspiracy to circumvent someone who’s seemingly no longer a power player? Maggie’s new villainy role doesn’t feel like it satisfied the character’s trajectory. Lauren Cohan’s future on the show being in doubt makes it even more irksome. Is this how we’re to look at a beloved character who’s not only suffered so much loss but has also been with us for seasons?

We then find Rick and Michonne standing over a recovering Negan, lying on a hospital bed. They promise a new world is coming. Just to get the message across by choking him out and opening up his neck stitches, they want him to know he plays a part in all of this. Negan’s fate is to rot in a cell until he dies, existing as living evidence of the society they’re trying to build. We’re left with two more moments of hope: one of Gabriel praying to God on his knees in his burned church and another of Rick walking with baby Carl as he reads a letter written to his late son. This memory was the first time Rick knew who he was. “We were walking side by side, but you were bringing me somewhere, bringing all of us to the new world,” he says.

Again, it felt odd. The finale tried to honor Carl after Chandler Riggs’ dad said his son was “disappointed” with the character’s death. The finale also painted a new color on Maggie, just as Cohan is signing on for a lead role in another series. The Walking Dead hasn’t lately been great at goodbyes.

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What did Maggie write on the coffin? ›

As Neil is being encased later in the coffin, Maggie writes on the coffin, “We have 38 more stand down,” and tells her men to “leave it where they'll see it.”

Is acts of God the last episode of The Walking Dead? ›

Though The Walking Dead season 11 episode 16 “Acts of God” isn't the series finale for the long-running zombie series, it is the final iteration of something significant. As AMC's marketing material continuously points out, this episode is the last “mid-season finale” The Walking Dead will ever have.

What happens at the end of The Walking Dead season 11? ›

Lance ends up taking matters into his own hands when he finds Leah slain on a cabin floor. He commands his forces to take over Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside.

Is there a season 12 of The Walking Dead? ›

The Walking Dead is ending so, there won't be a 12th season. Season 11 resumes on October 2, 2022.

Who does Negan put in a coffin? ›

At the Sanctuary, Sasha convinces Negan to kill only one Alexandrian instead of three for their transgressions and agrees to help in his plan. Negan has Sasha secured in a casket on a truck as the rest of the Saviors prepare to march.

How did Eugene help the saviors escape? ›

The Saviors just mowed them down with their machine guns from an upper floor? So, the only thing that Eugene did, really, was to manufacture the ammunition necessary to kill the zombies (presumably, the Saviors had expended all their bullets in the original shootout with Rick and Co. in the season premiere).

Do they ever find a cure in The Walking Dead comics? ›

It's been the biggest deviation from the comics and one that fans were unanimously upset by. It appears to have been at least 10 years, and although there is no cure, the world no longer sees walkers as a major threat. Civilisation is largely restored.

Is Carl Grimes dead? ›

Does Rick come back to TWD? ›

In Andrew Lincoln's final appearance on the hit series The Walking Dead, the character of Rick Grimes is mortally wounded and last seen being flown away by helicopter to an unknown destination. Soon, fans will discover where Rick was taken and what he faces in a new corner of the apocalypse — only on the silver screen.

What are the bugs flying around in The Walking Dead? ›

You know, the cicadas that are infected, it's like they don't even notice that the whole backside of their body has been replaced by fungal tissue. That's why they continue to engage in these activities.

What are the bugs in The Walking Dead? ›

Zombie beetle. Adult C. pensylvanicus may look like wasps or bees, but they're actually harmless beetles and key pollinators that have a life span of a year, Steinkraus said. Their larvae are voracious, eating other insects and possibly even ticks, he added.

What are the locusts in The Walking Dead? ›

Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) is curiously the only religious character to not comment on the ominous appearance of the locusts. Their presence references the biblical tale of the 10 Plagues of Egypt, in which God inflicts various disasters on Egypt to free the enslaved Israelites.

Where is Rick in The Walking Dead? ›

He's presumed dead by members of his clan as of Season 9's fifth episode, “What Comes After,” after blowing up a bridge with dynamite to stave off hordes of walkers. While he subsequently disappears, we eventually learn that he has, in fact, survived, as he helicopters off with Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh) and her allies.

What happens to Rick in The Walking Dead? ›

The gist: Andrew Lincoln departs the series as Rick Grimes, but his character was not killed off. He gets abducted by the artist Anne/Jadis and taken away in a helicopter with a mysterious symbol that also shows up on the TWD spin-offs Fear The Walking Dead and The World Beyond.

Will there be a Walking Dead movie? ›

AMC confirmed back in 2018 that The Walking Dead movies will pick up the story of Rick Grimes where season 9 left it, after the character was picked up half dead by the helicopter that has been appearing on and off throughout the show for the last decade.

Did Eugene lie about the cure? ›

Everyone is shocked. Eugene reveals that he lied about knowing a cure, and that he only wanted to get to Washington, D.C. in order to ensure his survival Rosita guilts him by telling him people died trying to get him here, including Bob.

When did Eugene decide to betray Negan? ›

In the Season 8 finale of The Walking Dead, Eugene betrays the Saviors by creating faulty bullets. Without Eugene's double-cross, the Hilltop warriors would have all died. Even if you have been hating on Eugene for switching over to the Saviors, you have to concede that he might not be so bad after all.

Why did Eugene puke on Rosita? ›

Instead, they're keeping him alive so that he can be just as useful to them as he has been for Negan. And upon realizing this isn't really a rescue mission, Eugene begins planning his escape. As a group of walkers are closing in, Eugene creates a diversion by gagging himself and vomiting all over Rosita.

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The Walking Dead

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Walking With God Makes Things Possible

We are here to spread God's love and light to others and spread the good news that he is our savior. When we walk with God, it may not make things easy but it makes them possible. Walking with him gives us assurance of his presence and power in our lives.

Who directed Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 16? ›

"Acts of God" is the sixteenth episode and second-part finale of the eleventh season of AMC's The Walking Dead. It is the one-hundred and sixty-ninth episode of the series overall. It premiered on April 10, 2022. It was written by Nicole Mirante-Matthews and directed by Catriona McKenzie.

Where is Rick in The Walking Dead? ›

He's presumed dead by members of his clan as of Season 9's fifth episode, “What Comes After,” after blowing up a bridge with dynamite to stave off hordes of walkers. While he subsequently disappears, we eventually learn that he has, in fact, survived, as he helicopters off with Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh) and her allies.

Who is Mercer in The Walking Dead? ›

Michael James Shaw is the actor who portrays Mercer in The Walking Dead series. He is an imposing figure in the Commonwealth but is shown to be reasonable, especially in dealing with the new trainees of the Commonwealth military.

Why can't I find The Walking Dead on Disney plus? ›

Disney Plus is a premium streaming service that is somehow only accessible in a few countries. Due to the lack of accessibility, a need for a VPN is mandated. Thus, you will need a premium VPN to watch The Walking Dead season 11 on Disney Plus.

After a six-month delay, the much-needed end of the Whisperers is finally upon us.

After a six-month delay that felt more like roughly two years in APT (American Pandemic Time), here, finally, is the entertainment we’ve needed — escaping from one bleak world of violence, chaos, and large crowds dangerously ignoring social distancing and into another.. Let’s note what we’ve already seen before: Gabe’s master plan is to lure the Horde away with loud noise (check).. New Yorkers might have felt an odd sense of nostalgia watching Carol and Beatrice, one of the only Oceansiders we know by name, elbow their way through the Horde like a rush-hour subway ride in olden times.. But infinitely more fascinating is the real hero, her pal Hoodie Ninja, the hockey-masked dude who was seen double-fisting blades and throwing mad Bruce Lee vibes at Aaron in the opening scenes of the episode.. Beta’s final moments of cerebral activity provide the opportunity for a lovely sepia-toned look back at his relationship with Alpha: “In darkness, we are free,” she murmurs as his brains turn to mush and he’s surrounded by the cold embrace of the zombie faithful.. Fun to watch Negan’s “holy shit” moment as he finally realizes Beta’s true identity; also fun to see Daryl not the least bit impressed (he’s always struck me as more of a Motorhead fan anyway).. Lydia leads the Horde to a cliff, gets tagged out by Carol, and then returns to save Carol.. Fitting that they rescued each other, but also, snooze city, save for the fun shots of the Horde plunging into the river below and a final glimpse of ol’ Alpha’s mask.

Unless the finale was really satisfying, I was ready to write "The Walking Dead" off. The finale did a good job of reeling me back in, but we're not out of the woods yet, so to speak.

Note: Do not read on if you have not watched the Season 2 finale of AMC's "The Walking Dead," entitled "Beside the Dying Fire.". The first two acts of " The Walking Dead " Season 2 finale were full of excitement, honest to God suspense and characters who came up with pretty decent plans on the fly.. At its best, as it was at times in its first season, "The Walking Dead" has used potent visuals, effective music and tense situations to reveal character through action.. Granted, the second half of Season 2 made me want to throw things less than the first half, but it was a long, slow climb from the morass of "Pretty Much Dead Already" to what we finally witnessed in Sunday's well-constructed season finale.. The least subtle, most irritating character on the show was finally gone), I still wondered if "The Walking Dead" was fixable.. The gang is finally done with that claustrophobic farm and the show has finally gotten rid of a bunch of characters, some of whom were annoying, some of whom were merely unmemorable.. Two important characters from the comics will be arriving next season, and it's not giving too much away to say that it should be interesting to see how Rick deals with other leaders whose methods and beliefs aren't necessarily aligned with his.. There were many elements of the finale that worked really well: the way director Ernest Dickerson silhouetted the shuffling walkers against the burning barn; the tension and driving momentum of the first half of the finale; Bear McCreary's hauntingly lyrical score in the action scenes; the crisp, satisfying pace of the scenes at the farm and on the highway; and Rick's effective speeches.. I'll be perfectly honest, even though the second half of this season showed signs of improvement, unless the finale was really satisfying, I was ready to write "The Walking Dead" off.. I'm not expecting "The Walking Dead" to morph into " Breaking Bad ," but it'd be easier to be care about the characters if I knew the people making the show did.. As you may have already read, the great British character actor D avid Morrissey has been cast as the Governor in Season 3 of "The Walking Dead."

It’s almost the end of Woodbury vs. the Prison. Almost.

Where we pick up: Over yonder in Woodbury, the Gov beats up on his old friend Milton for setting those zombies on fire a few episodes ago.. The Governor hands Milton a knife and tells him to kill Andrea.. The Governor’s going to leave Milton to die and turn into a zombie and then devour Andrea.. Minus Milton, that would make 32 people in the Woodburian army?. Milton gasps for life and tells Andrea that he left some pliers on the floor behind her when he dropped the tool.. Andrea laments that she had a chance to kill the Governor but didn’t take it because she didn’t want anyone to die.. These people never wanted to be an army to kill other people!. Tyrese and Sasha open fire but they relent when Karen announces that the Gov killed everyone and the Prison Gang saved her.

The Walking Dead' wraps its tenth season with an underwhelming finale.

And so we come to “A Certain Doom” the season 10 finale and the end of the Whisperer arc at long last (thank goodness).. One of these groups is likely behind the whole Rick kidnapping back in Season 9 (seven years ago in show time).. I’m not sure if him showing up is a good or a bad thing for Connie.. The Walking Dead now has 30 more episodes.. Six more “anthology” style episodes for Season 10 (the first show I know of that has episodes come after the season finale!)

The midseason finale is tense, but more is expected from the ending of part two.

From the mysterious opener with Lance at a Hilltop in ruins to the ominous closing montage, the stakes can’t be much higher now — it’s the Coalition (or what’s left of it) versus the Commonwealth to determine the future of roughly 50,000 souls, including the handful that we still (mostly) care about.. The opening sequence is promising, perhaps a little too much so: With Hilltop in flames, Lance steps in something gooey, which appears to be what’s left of a fresh, unidentified corpse.. Lance decides to spare Leah by proposing a classic win-win scenario that will end with Maggie’s death: “You get the scalp of the woman who killed your family, and I finally get to do my job without interference,” he says.. Elsewhere, Daryl’s team is stuck with Lance’s lackeys on a bogus mission that’s really designed to keep them separated from Maggie and, Lance hopes, take them out.. The people’s leader, Maggie, finds her victory at Hilltop short-lived, as Leah shows up guns blazing to send everyone running for their lives (just what we need — more nighttime hide-and-seek in the woods).. No wonder Lance is pissed when he arrives: His men are dead, Hilltop is on fire, Leah didn’t take out Maggie like she promised, and the takeaway is that they killed Marco ?. As the soldiers close in and Daryl and Maggie somehow escape, Lance is left with a nasty scar and a new plan: “Now we take it all,” he declares, looking slightly out of his mind.. At both Hilltop and A-town, the Commonwealth banner is unfurled as storm troopers stand guard on the walls; the Coalition has now officially been “resettled.” Worse yet, Lance has rounded up the Oceansiders at gunpoint, and his “with us or against us” philosophy reaches its ugly climax.

After four decades, Frannie Goldsmith finally gets her showdown.

So what is Frannie’s final stand?. He will ensure that she makes it out of the well to her baby and that Stu makes it home to both of them.. The “one little thing” he needs in return?. King’s work has grown a little less cynical in the last 40 years, and it’s telling that he feels the need to not only make sure that Frannie has a happy ending, but that her stand is one that proves the value of faith.. It’s the hope viewers hold for what comes next in their lives.. It’s also a strong opening monologue for Odessa Young, who hasn’t been given enough to do this season but makes the most of her final episode.. As she hears Flagg say “Hello, bitch” into her ear, she falls back into the well, not knowing that Stu has blown a tire on the road home and won’t be able to rescue her anytime soon.. She finds her way to a vision of Mother Abagail, who tells her that God will bless her for resisting Flagg’s temptation.. Stu races home to find a worried Kojak in the road, and he rappels into the well with the assistance of a girl from the cornfield.. Her stand against evil was one of faith, a fitting coda for this character.. • You just know Boone and company wanted to use REM’s “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)” all season, but it had to be saved for the finale.

The single biggest problem with this version of The Stand: It pulled all its punches.

The Stand (2020). After this episode of The Stand , I find myself wishing the same thing.. Stu, meanwhile, has a flat tire, which means she’ll be down there for quite some time before he returns.. While she’s in the well, Flagg appears in her mind, showing her a remote tribe of people whose lack of contact with the outside world means Captain Trips hasn’t even touched them.. None of this is communicated by the show in any way.. But this iteration of Flagg—whose idea of civilization, as seen in the show’s misbegotten version of Las Vegas, is pure violent hedonism without any pretense to law and order and military prowess—simply demands to be worshipped.. Is it worth mentioning that the outbreak of Captain Trips was deliberately caused by Flagg’s intervention, instead of being an all-too-human screwup by an unaccountable military-industrial complex and the republic for which it stands?. Vegas itself is pure fantasy and spectacle; it never makes the vital point that people willing to serve a sadistic authoritarian look and sound like normal people more often than not.. To leech out so much of the power of The Stand and still come up with something vaguely recognizable as The Stand is an accomplishment of sorts, I guess.

Read Dave Trumbore's 'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Finale recap, which introduced Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the big bad, Negan, and his friend, Lucille.

Essentially, we have four different groups we get to spend a "Last Day on Earth" with: Morgan and Carol; Rick, Carl, Abraham, Sasha, Eugene, Aaron, and a very sick Maggie; the captured Glenn, Michonne, Rosita, and a gun-shot Daryl; and the Saviors themselves.. Morgan repeatedly tried to patch up Carol's mind and body over the course of these 90 minutes, but even when he saved her life from Roman (the Savior she wounded with a spear on the previous episode), Carol wanted Morgan to just leave her alone.. Normally, we watch as our heroes mow through any resistance either through brute force, clever tactics, or dumb luck, but Rick took a chance that the Saviors weren't numerous or well-armed enough to block every path to Hilltop; he chose wrong.. From there on out, Rick was forced to back out of every situation or put his people in jeopardy, like during the beautifully/horrifically produced scene in which the gang has to hack their way through a daisy chain of Walkers strung across the road while dodging gunfire (aimed at their feet, however) and dealing with the psychological torture of knowing the Saviors had Glenn and Michonne hostage.. And because they did, Rick & Co. end up on their knees in front of a massive group of well-armed Saviors and their leader, Negan.. Some of Negan's dialogue was pulled straight from the comics, some of it had to be tweaked due to censorship, but you got the idea: Negan is a big bad mother who doesn't deal in half-measures.. However, there were some solid moments from the cast overall in this episode: Father Gabriel got a great moment in defense of Alexandria and was left atop the Wall as the hardened fighters left for Hilltop, Abraham and Sasha might be the next to make a baby (even if their relationship doesn't seem to have all that chemistry), Eugene's heroic sacrificial play, Glenn's desperate attempt to protect Maggie, Carl's dead-eyed stare, and Negan's arrival.. Negan: "I'm not growing a garden, but you killed my people, a whole damn lot of them; more than I'm comfortable with, and for that, for that you gotta pay.

The Walking Dead saved the best of its Season 10 bonus episodes for last: Sunday’s emotional “Here’s Negan” focused on… well, Negan — duh — and his relationship with the wife after whom he named his infamous “vampire bat.” And not only did the hour cue up a tour-de-force performance by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, it […]

‘THERE’S ONLY SO FAR I CAN GO TO GET OUT OF HER WAY’ | As the final episode of Season 10 began, Maggie was out for a stroll with Hershel, telling him that his grandpa used to like to have a walk the first thing in the morning to get a feel for the day to come.. It was a whole spying thing.. The bikers, it seemed, had apprehended Negan on his way back to cancer-stricken wife Lucille with the chemo treatment that he’d obtained from a post-apocalyptic mobile clinic.. Only at the time, she was just a nice young woman working with dad Franklin at the mobile clinic.. As soon as he could, Franklin un-cuffed Negan, fed him and asked why he was “trying to rob a bunch of doctors with an empty gun.” Lucille had been in the middle of her treatment, Negan explained, when the world turned upside-down.. If Lucille had known that the world was going to end, she said, she wouldn’t have been so angry that he’d spent $600 on a leather jacket — which she’d hidden and now presented to him as an anniversary gift.. That night, Lucille waited for him to come home with a gun by her side.. Flashing forward again, Negan couldn’t believe that Lucille had known about Janine and still stayed with him.. “This time,” Negan noted, “you best hope I never stop talking.. Lucille had asked him to keep it down.. In response, he took it back to the cabin and apologized — to his wife, not the bat — for a lotta things, not the least of which being naming a bat after her!. From here on, he concluded, “I am gonna do your fighting for you.” Off that turning point, Negan returned to Alexandria, s–t-eating grin restored to his face, and told Carol his new digs weren’t going to work out.. “If you stay here, she will kill you,” she said as Maggie shot looks that seemed designed to do exactly that.

“The Tower” wasn’t the ending we chose, but it was the one we got.

“We don’t always choose the endings we get” could be The Walking Dead ‘s epigraph; but it’s especially applicable to Season 10, which wrapped up tonight with Episode 15, “The Tower.” One of the strongest seasons in years, TWD built on the ground set up by Season 9’s return to form to dive fully into the Whisperer War, a battle between our zombie apocalypse heroes and creepy, skin-mask wearing villains.. Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 15 “The Tower” past this point.. The action of the episode is essentially split into two parts: one following a small group as they encounter apocalyptic pixie dream girl Princess (Paola Lázaro); and several fronts on the Whisperer War as Beta (Ryan Hurst) tries to track down the refugees from Alexandria and destroy them, once and for all.. The multi-colored hair, outrageously dressed woman with a big ol’ gun has been living by herself for over a year, making live-action dioramas with the undead to amuse herself, when she meets up with Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura); who are themselves on their way to meet the mysterious Stephanie (Margot Bingham), a woman who Eugene met over the radio and probably will usher the show into the Commonwealth storyline from the comics.. I say eerily prescient, because there’s no way The Walking Dead folks could have known how relatable Princess would be right now, when they filmed the show months earlier.. The main thrust of her arc is to A) make Yumiko trust her, which she does by the end when she invites Princess to tag along; and B) make Eugene relate to her, as he knows a thing or two about lying so people won’t leave him behind — recall that he pretended to be working on a zombie cure so Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Rosita (Christian Serratos) would protect him at all costs.. Ultimately, this part of the story is resolved: Princess is heading off with our group, and should be a major part of the Commonwealth story, if it happens.. But knowing that this is the “final” episode of Season 10, spending this much time literally stuck in a minefield with this group (Princess takes them through one because she thinks she knows her way, but of course loses track halfway through) feels pointedly like a frustrating quagmire.. Meanwhile, Daryl (Norman Reedus) is tricked into taking Judith (Cailey Fleming) on a scouting mission; Carol (Melissa McBride) and Kelly (Angel Theory) have a heart to heart; and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) tries to talk to Lydia (Cassady McClincy) about chopping her mom’s head off .. The Carol/Kelly heart to heart was similarly sweet and it got a little dusty in here, thanks to Kelly calling out that Carol is the person who goes off on her own and does only what she can do… After a season watching Carol be lost in a haze of vengeance after Alpha (Samantha Morton) killed her son, having this reminder of why Carol is one of the most beloved characters in the history of the show, and a legend the same way Kelly describes her, was a lovely, grounded moment.. For my part, I’ll also note that The Walking Dead , since it’s been so good this season, has been a surprisingly calming point in the middle of this pandemic.. In our minds, we’re at the very least the people who survive to the middle — and the whole pitch of The Walking Dead is that it’s that next step after the zombie movie, the “what’s next.” There’s still the constant threat of death and horror everywhere, but part of the reason the franchise became so popular and has thrived for so long is that sense that even though doom lurks around every corner, we’ll pull through — at least for now.. As someone who has watched hundreds of hours of The Walking Dead , Fear the Walking Dead , read the comics, played the games, and more, it’s that sense of comfort that’s been helping me through, even though it’s a fiction.

Zombies splatter and illusions shatter in the season 5 finale.

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The Walking Dead saved the best of its Season 10 bonus episodes for last: Sunday’s emotional “Here’s Negan” focused on… well, Negan — duh — and his relationship with the wife after whom he named hi…

The Walking Dead saved the best of its Season 10 bonus episodes for last: Sunday’s emotional “Here’s Negan” focused on… well, Negan — duh — and his relationship with the wife after whom he named his infamous “vampire bat.” And not only did the hour cue up a tour-de-force performance by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, it begged us to rethink whether “You Are So Beautiful” is cheesy, gave us a glimpse into Negan’s introduction to a future Savior and sent back to Alexandria a version of the former (?). Mind you, the levity came to a glaring halt when Maggie spied Negan working nearby — and, at the same time, Carol spied Maggie spying the whole spy-off.. You’re a clown, Negan told his old self, “a cult of personality with no cult.” But sticks and stones couldn’t even ding the old Negan’s ego.. Shaken, Negan set off the following day to find Lucille at the spot of his last stand; the bat had been left right where it had fallen when Rick slit his nemesis’ throat .. When at last Negan unearthed what he was looking for, we flashed back 12 years, at which point he was tied to a chair and being menaced by the leader of a biker gang (Rod Rowland, who had to have auditioned to play Daryl once upon a time, wouldn’t you think?).. The bikers, it seemed, had apprehended Negan on his way back to cancer-stricken wife Lucille with the chemo treatment that he’d obtained from a post-apocalyptic mobile clinic.. ‘LET’S PRETEND IT’S SATURDAY’ | From there, we flashed back a couple of days, to Negan approaching the mobile clinic he’d been tracking with gun drawn.. As soon as he could, Franklin un-cuffed Negan, fed him and asked why he was “trying to rob a bunch of doctors with an empty gun.” Lucille had been in the middle of her treatment, Negan explained, when the world turned upside-down.. Flashing back another six weeks, we saw Negan and Lucille (Morgan’s off-screen wife, Hilarie Burton Morgan) debating turning off their generator.. “I have something to tell you.” On that ominous note, we flashed back another seven months, to Lucille railing at Negan for blowing 600 bucks on “this Happy Days s–t” jacket when he couldn’t get a new job with a misdemeanor-assault charge hanging over his head.. Flashing forward again, Negan couldn’t believe that Lucille had known about Janine and still stayed with him.. Though Negan didn’t even stop to help Laura — cold — he got back to Lucille too late to save her.. From here on, he concluded, “I am gonna do your fighting for you.” Off that turning point, Negan returned to Alexandria, s–t-eating grin restored to his face, and told Carol his new digs weren’t going to work out.

The Hollywood Reporter speaks with showrunner Matthew Negrete about the AMC zombie drama’s freshman run, and what its two-part finale sets up for the second (and final) season.

There’s hope for the future, and then there’s Hope for the future.. It was really about the generational plan that the CRM has, and it’s something we’ll delve into more in season two.. A thing that Iris has is this hope in her sister to be able to pull something off.. Entering the second and final season, what does Hope’s journey to the CRM open up to us about both this specific story and also the greater Walking Dead universe?. With the first season under the belt, what’s surprised you most about what fans have taken away from World Beyond , and what lessons are you taking with you into the final season?

But who falls victim this time around?

After an agonizingly slow season, the season seven finale for The Walking Dead finally delivered the highly-anticipated rematch between Rick and Negan.. When Rick apprehensively asks where Negan is, Eugene replies, “I'm Negan.”. The Junkyard gang open the door to Alexandria and Negan steps out of a nearby truck, admonishing Rick.. This scene with Negan and Rick played out like a video game cutscene.. There's fighting in the background; we here gunfire the entire time, but the outside action slows down as Rick and Negan get some delicious one-on-one time.. Negan is all swagger, and taunts Rick with killing Carl first.. But this isn't early season Rick, who cried and balked at Negan's double murders and cruel mind games.. This is “Rise Up Rick,” and he's ready to throw the swagger back in Negan's face by expanding on his mantra from that first encounter: “I'm going to kill you.. Rick and Carl find Michonne who had survived her fight, through brutally beaten, while Maggie and Jesus find Zombie Sasha, and tearfully give her the final send off.. Glenn didn't know Rick at all back in the first season, but helped him anyway when he was stuck under a tank in Atlanta.. It took 16 episodes but we finally got a great episode this season, and probably one of the better season finales on The Walking Dead .. Eugene: Rick was ready to kill Eugene and frankly I don't blame him.. Negan may suspect that Eugene had a hand to play in Sasha's death, but for now Eugene is back with the Saviors, and we'll continue to hate him.

Not even a CGI tiger can enliven an anticlimactic season finale.

At Alexandria, Dwight ( Austin Amelio ), who arrived in a cliffhanger last episode, reveals that Negan has learned of Rick’s plans to resist, and that he’s bringing a group of 20 or so saviors to fight the Alexandrians.. Halfway through the episode, we get the confirmation that most Walking Dead fans expected — we’ve been watching Sasha die from Eugene’s proffered suicide pill the entire time.. After the rest of the alliance, the Kingdomers and the Hilltoppers, arrive to save the Alexandrians, the Junkyard gang and the Saviors immediately retreat, leaving the Alexandrians and their alliance to nurse their wounds and prepare to fight again.. “We are; we will,” Rick tells an injured Michonne later, continuing his season-long theme of promising to lead Alexandria with her.. Watching this episode, I finally figured out why the show has so fully stagnated when it comes to its themes of violence this season.. Because in the middle of all this, The Walking Dead has expended episode after episode having characters waffle about committing acts of violence.. Of course, the recurring theme of The Walking Dead is that the fighting is never over.. Yet the future the Alexandrians are building is also steeped in the legacy of violence.. Instead, their hesitancy about committing violence has boiled down to, essentially, feeling bad about knowing they will one day have to commit violent acts.. When Sasha insists to Negan that no one has to die, Negan tells her that “punishment is how we built everything we have.” Later, Daryl ( Norman Reedus ) tells Rick that even if Dwight is telling the truth, he plans to punish him by killing him later.

The events of The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 finale have an impact on the characters and the future of The Walking Dead franchise.

With that, "The Walking Dead: World Beyond" Season 2 (and the series as a whole) is officially wrapped.. Episode 1 of Season 2, "Konsekans," shows this play out as Lt.. Audiences then find out this was all a part of a plan known as "Project Votus.". Before Silas delivers the killing blow, Dennis offers him one crucial piece of advice: Play their game but don't become one of them.. To close out "World Beyond," audiences see that Silas is now a full-fledged member of the CRM in the midst of basic training.. Both seasons regularly feature the regime, letting viewers know that it isn't a force to be taken lightly nor interfered with.. Colonel Elizabeth Kublek, whose desire to see humanity thrive under the CRM and overcome the zombie apocalypse ultimately corrupts her.. To cap Season 1 of "World Beyond," Iris and Hope Bennett are separated after kicking off their voyage to find their father.. Iris continues to learn about the dastardly deeds the Civic Republic Military tries desperately to hide while Hope winds up captured by the regime and nearly allies herself to their cause.. Thankfully, by the end of Season 2, they find each other once again with their dad in tow and slip through the fingers of the CRM.. This time it's so that they can truly save the world.. The message reveals there is a variant strain of the zombie virus.

The long-awaited "A Certain Doom" delivered thrills and emotion

Hotdamn, that was a great episode of The Walking Dead !. The plan was to stealthily move through the Whisperer-infested horde toward a wagon on the other side of the horde, which they would load up with a loudspeaker to draw the walkers away from the hospital they were barricaded in and over the edge of a cliff, where they would be swept away by the river below.. Jackson Lee Davis/AMCMeanwhile, Whisperers were storming the hospital, and Father Gabriel ( Seth Gilliam ) stayed behind to try to hold off the attackers so Judith ( Cailey Fleming ) and the others could escape.. We have absolutely no idea who the man in the iron mask is yet, other than he came with Maggie from wherever she was after she got Carol's letter asking her to come back, but know he's good with bladed weapons.. Back in the horde, Daryl and the rest were hunting Whisperers when Beta spotted Lydia -- and Alpha's mask.. As she was about to step, Lydia pulled her back.. And most importantly, Carol and Daryl talked about the future again.. He's probably coming to tell Daryl and Judith where Michonne went.. They had assumed they were too late, and it looked like it was true.. Still, Eugene vowed to keep searching, for Stephanie or for others, because they had come on this journey to find other people to help and be helped by, and they couldn't stop now.. I can't wait to see what the last 30 episodes have in store.

The Walking Dead, sadly, ends its tenth season short with a middling chapter that sets up the delayed finale.

The actual finale, "A Certain Doom," has been postponed to a later, unnamed date .While in a lockdown scenario (a familiar feeling these days, blerf), Negan and Lydia came to teary terms, Carol apologized to Kelly, and Daryl solidified his bond with Judith.. She didn't tell him about the Rick breadcrumbs because she knew how long and hard Daryl had searched for his friend's body out in the woods and she was afraid he'd leave to help Michonne track Rick down.It was a sweet moment and one that helped solidify Daryl's presence on the show even more, as the one true anchor, but it was also kind of ushered in by an odd moment where Judith felt bad about leaving a dead Whisperer in the woods.. Carol got the "you can't give up everything about yourself because bad things happen" nugget, which is actually good advice for everyone on the series.. Two big meet-ups are about to happen: Beta's herd attacking our heroes and Eugene's expedition connecting with Stephanie.. The Walking Dead, sadly, ends its tenth season short with a middling chapter that sets up the delayed finale.

The final episode of season three of The Walking Dead, "Welcome to the Tombs," aired Sunday night. If you didn't see it then look out for spoilers ahead.

When the Governor throws at Milton that he has kept him safe and fed, Milton quietly replies, “As long as I looked the other way.” The Governor reveals to Milton just how much he enjoys his nihilistic embrace of bloodshed, and Milton manages ask what his daughter would’ve thought of him.. The Governor takes Milton to his little torture chamber, where Andrea is still strapped to the chair.. The Governor orders Milton to kill her, and says if he does, he can live.. He hands Milton the knife, and Milton takes a couple of nervous steps towards Andrea before turning on his former leader–but it’s too late.. His attempt fails miserably, and in half a second the Governor has stabbed him in the gut, leaving him to bleed out on the floor, so that he can kill Andrea AFTER he’s dead, since he couldn’t do it before.. As the Governor prepares to lead his people into the bowels of the prison, we cut back to Milton, who tells Andrea about his ace in the hole.. Elsewhere in Woodbury, Tyreese and Sasha wonder how difficult it will be to leave when the Governor comes back.. Down in the torture chamber, Andrea has a frightening moment when it appears Milton has stopped breathing…but he chokes back to life (actual life) and asks her why she stuck around.. She tells him that she HAD a chance to kill the Governor, and didn’t take it.. Carl immediately pulls a gun on him, and so does Herschel, but the boy quickly surrenders, and starts to hand over his weapon…which turns out not to matter, because Carl shoots him in the head.. Herschel is especially disturbed by this, and he reports what happened to Rick when the group reconvenes after the Governor’s people have cleared out.. Glenn and Maggie will stay behind to protect the prison, should any of the Governor’s people come back there.. The three heading to Woodbury don’t get very far, however, before they run across the vehicles in the road, and the scene of the Governor’s slaughter of his own people, now turned into a zombie feast.. And it is Karen who calls out to Tyreese and Sasha that they are no threat–indeed, that the Governor has completely lost it, shot most of his own people, and run off who knows where.. They let Rick and company inside, where he tells Tyreese that Andrea never made it to the prison, and they’d like to see if she’s being kept in Woodbury.

CBS All Access’ adaptation of The Stand got much more than Stephen King’s behind-the-scenes stamp of approval: King also contributed a brand-new ending to the story, which served as the…

Here, though, we get to see their journey across the United States, whereas the book ends before Frannie and Stu get on the road.. On the edge of the property is a cornfield, not unlike the one that appeared in the pandemic survivors’ dreams about Mother Abagail — and though Frannie and Stu don’t see it happen, Kojak reaches just inside the cornfield and pulls out a baby doll, the same one that Frannie found in her very first Mother Abagail dream.. A stream of water starts to come out, then stops, and as Frannie reaches her hand into the pump to dislodge what might be in there, Randall Flagg suddenly appears by her ear.. “Hello, bitch ,” Flagg whispers, startling Frannie — and when she turns to see that Flagg isn’t there at all, her finger is bitten by a rat living in the pump.. Then, as she’s running off, Frannie’s surroundings suddenly change, and she’s in a cornfield again; when she reaches a house just outside the field, Mother Abagail is sitting on the front steps.. The struggle continues,” Mother Abagail says.. “These five will bring forth 20, and that 20 will bring forth 70,” she continues.. In the meantime, Stu has safely returned home from his trip, though he’s alarmed to see Kojak waiting for him in the middle of the road — and even more alarmed to see the young girl from the cornfield sitting on the porch steps, quietly feeding baby Abagail.. “Now stand ,” the girl instructs Frannie, and Frannie does, breathlessly telling Stu that “nothing hurts.” The girl, meanwhile, disappears as Frannie and Stu are rejoicing, though her baby doll is left behind in Abagail’s makeshift bassinet.. One week later, Frannie, Stu, baby Abagail and Kojak have reached Ogunquit, and they take in the magnificent sight of the Atlantic Ocean.. But… Despite Frannie and Stu’s happy ending, it appears Flagg is back.

Heroes fall, sacrifices are made and war is declared in an action-packed, shock-filled end to one violent season of our discontent

But before Negan puts her into a coffin to get her ready for her big moment, he thinks he has her pegged.. What Negan can’t know is that the one she has in mind is herself.. The bad guy had planned to keep her in a box, to test whether Rick was willing to make a deal to get her back.. Does it make sense that Sasha had to ride in a coffin?. The biggest blunder Rick ends up making involves his over-reliance on Jadis and the Scavengers.. We’ve been lead us to expect that the Saviors will face an ambush when they roll up.. The biggest problem with “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life” is the same thing that makes it gripping to watch: It’s so full of twists and shocks that when it ends, it’s hard to tell exactly where everything stands.. Dwight begins the episode by suggesting a strategy that involves killing Negan, wiping out as many of his lieutenants as possible, and then eradicate the rest of the outposts.. But after the villains retreat, Dwight and pretty much all the rest of Negan’s strongest soldiers are right there with him at their home base, preparing for war.. That’s something the rest of this concluding chapter reinforces, as over and over characters compare the choices they’ve made over the past few years about who to kill and why.. Even though the second half of this season has been refreshingly expedient in the way it’s moved the plot along, there was almost no chance the finale was going to end with Negan dead and the war against the Saviors resolved.. Because if nothing else, this finale makes one thing clear: Season Eight’s going to be messy as hell.. After that bloody, bullet-riddled The Walking Dead season finale, where does the show go from here?. 5 things we’ve learned from Season 7.

What Travis learns has drastic consequences, but who's left standing when the narcos arrive?

Madison puts it all together before she runs up to tell Victor that Chris is probably dead and what it’ll mean for Travis if he finds out.. Nick makes it back to the colony, where Luciana confronts him about making the trade behind Alejandro’s back.. Madison attempts to deal with Brandon and Derek with Andreas and Hector by her side.. Madison, Oscar, Andreas, and Hector were already on their way out of the room, making it easy for Travis to lock himself inside with Brandon and Derek.. The memory of the boys walking away from Chris’ dead body cuts with Travis walking away from the pool of blood by Brandon’s corpse.. He runs over to Luciana to again try to get her to leave with him.. NEXT: What does the colony find up north?. They rush back to the bus to find Alicia inside and propping up Alejandro’s head.. We cut back and forth between this chaotic scene and the bus, where Alicia gives her knife to Madison to make sure Alejandro doesn’t turn.. S4 E11 Recap Fear the Walking Dead recap: Morgan is changing lives across America

I didn't think it would be possible for The Walking Dead to one-up itself on the stupidity front after the disastrous Glenn death fakeout last fall....

As has been teased all season, this week finally featured the introduction of Negan, a villain that fans of the "Walking Dead" comics know well – and apparently love, for some reason, even though he steals from and murders lots of people?. But after this snoozefest of a season finale, and what I found to be a wholly stupid introduction of an allegedly awesome character, I think it's safe to say that my needs as an independent viewer matter less than those of the existing readership.. Problems with that specific cliffhanger aside (and make no mistake, it was a laughably awful and unnecessary one – as if diehard "Walking Dead" viewers needed incentive to tune in for another season), reaction has been kind to Jeffrey Dean Morgan's performance.. Because no matter who wound up on the other end of that bat – and again, to remind you, producers decided to call cut before revealing anything, a monumentally stupid decision to cap a season teeming with them – I just can't bring myself to find the Saviors' behavior threatening at all.. The only thing about that cliffhanger that was surprising was that its employment was surprising at all, but then again, there was really no other way for this mess of a season to end.. Just as Black Boot Guy aims to kill Carol, Morgan finally rediscovers his backbone and shoots the hell out of him, emptying his weapon into the Savior.. - I'm not sure why the Saviors were convinced that the guy they chased down at the beginning of the episode was from Alexandria, and I also don't understand why Negan didn't mention it when he had Rick on his knees.. - I will concede, however, that there was one bit of villainy that I did actually find appropriately evil: The moment when Rick and co. realized that the zombies that were chained across the road were dressed like their friends, with one of them sporting Michonne's leather vest (and a couple of her dreads), and another pierced with some of Daryl's arrows.. Then, the endless monologue begins, where he explains the Saviors' raison d'être (take half of everything other communities have, and if they can't supply it, force them to steal it on the Saviors' behalf; kill at least one community member right at the beginning, to prove their menacing mettle).. I don't know if I can bring myself to watch an entire season of Negan's preening, to breathlessly wait for the next brutal baseball bat beating, to watch characters like Carol completely abandon their personalities, and wallow in the despair that the Saviors promise.

Score after the mid-season finale: tank, 1; prison walls, 0

The Governor gets to the Prison!. And if the Governor is so fucking deadset on taking over this particular prison because he believes so firmly that it’s his only option for survival, why would he destroy its walls with a TANK?. The Governor takes Hershel and Michonne hostage and manages to convince his people that their only option for survival is to use the kidnapped pair as bargaining tools.. Over at the prison, Rick tells Daryl that Carol is out on her own because of the whole killing- Tyrese ‘s-girlfriend thing.. Rick insists he’s done making decisions for the group (except, of course, he was the only one who decided Carol’s fate, but, OK) but the Governor insists that Rick is the only one with whom he will negotiate.. Governor).. He tries to persuade the Governor that both sides can live together in the prison – they can even live in separate cell blocks.. And of course, back at their camp, the Governor’s surrogate daughter Meghan is making mudpies and manages to pry up a piece of wood.. Even when her mother Lilly drives her dead body to the prison just so the Gov can put the final bullet in her brain, even when he’s busy taking down a prison with a tank?. The Governor beats Rick to a bloody, bloody pulp and wants to strangle him into zombiedom until Michonne rams her katana through his heart.. And most of the prison population was on the bus, but Carl and Rick are in the woods.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday’s Season 11 premiere of The Walking Dead. If you’d rather watch first, read later, please exit in an orderly fashion. As it began its…

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday’s Season 11 premiere of The Walking Dead .. favorite character.. In the end, Daryl, Gabriel, Alden, Negan, Dog, Gage (remember him… at all?). So they moved underground, continuing to make tracks via the subway tunnels beneath DC.. Hey, “why didn’t [that walker] make any noise?” asked C. Thomas Howell.. Sorry, I mean Roy; that’s gonna take some getting used to.. The Reapers hadn’t done this, these walkers had been killed in the fall.. “Nobody here knows how to read a goddamn map?” Nah, he knew what this was really about.. So why didn’t Maggie just get it over with?. Please.” Down the tracks a ways, the group discovered a subway car and cave-in blocking their path.. Oh, and Gage and Roy had snuck away with all their supplies — d’oh!. Dog — no, boy, come back!. Last one up Maggie found herself being grabbed at by walkers whose grip was stronger than hers.. (Not making that up.)

The Reapers wage war on their enemies as a storm rages on Alexandria in The Walking Dead Final [...]

Gracie wants her dad to stay, but Aaron has to go: "It wouldn't be fair of me to ask someone to do something I wouldn't do myself.". "But she's not," says Pope of his enemy.. Daryl looks to Leah.. Pope doesn't have to know.. Daryl looks to Leah.

The narcos are preparing to invade the colony, Travis is back with Madison, the “savage” boys he met appeared at the hotel overnight… And with the final two episodes of Fear the Walking Dead airing back-to-back Sunday night, anything can happen. “Wrath” The season 2 finale begins with Ofelia continuing her lone-wolf journey towards the U.S.-Mexico border, but her car breaks down with fumes erupting from the front hood. The camera angle notes someone is watching her, and as she tries to fix the scolding hot wires with her shirt-wrapped hand, we learn it’s actually a few walkers come to surprise her. The first walker bites her hand but doesn’t get through the fabric to flesh, so she’s able to trap it by slamming the hood on its arm. She scrambles for the hammer in her car in time to kill the second, and the third offers a brief scare by popping through the window. Ofelia sees more walkers on the way, so she grabs her rosary beads, her backpack, and a jug of water and sets out to finish her journey on foot, walking along a long wall that disappears behind a baron hill. The still dialogue-less episode continues with Nick in bed next to a slumbering Luciana. He creeps out in the middle of the night to meet up with Pablo, and the two sneak into the medic bay to steal the Oxy they’ll need to trade with the narcos at the warehouse. As they make their way down to the bus, Pablo recognizes a change in Nick and comments, “New love will make a man brave.” At the hotel, Madison watches over Travis from a chair as he wakes from a disturbed sleep. She’s been sitting there all night thinking about how to tell him what she wants to in a way he’ll hear it. She tries to convince him he didn’t betray his promise to Liza — like he suggested last week — and he did all he could for Chris, but “the rules are different and always changing” in this new world. He’s not really buying it, but Madison promises to hold onto this hope and remind him of it until he believes it, too. In the morning, Nick and Pablo arrive at the warehouse, where the narcos are loading up trucks with supplies. When Antonio approaches, Nick says they have the Oxy and are led inside to speak with Marco. Back at the hotel, Alicia visits Travis to check on him and bring him food. She pulls back the drapes to let in some sunlight and apologizes for what she believes were her contributions to pushing Chris further away. Travis explains Chris is sick and even he, his father, couldn’t see it. He then apologizes to Alicia for not believing her when she first came forward about Chris’ leanings. Things are moving equally slow at the warehouse, though it’s clear Marco is mapping out where the colony keeps the walkers (the “sombras”) on a map, telling his subordinate they’ll claim the territory with “a lot of firepower.” Nick tries to make a deal by forking over a bag full of Oxy and reminding him of their punctuality with prior deliveries. Marco admires Nick for his smarts, but says they don’t need the colony’s “shit” anymore. NEXT: Madison connects the dots [pagebreak] As it turns out, he made a deal with a rival gang of narcos who controls what’s left of the drug trade in Tijuana. In exchange, he reveals he’s going to claim Alejandro’s colony (a “fortress”) for them. Marco says he knows how they’ve been using the walkers and then shows Nick the murdered corpses of Francisco and his family as a warning to leave the colony before they arrive. Meanwhile, Andreas is overwhelmed by the refugees seeking medical attention at the hotel. Alicia notes he hasn’t slept, and the obnoxious and racist jeers from Brandon and Derek in the corner aren’t helping matters. Madison goes over to them to check their wounds and shut them up. They claim to have been in a car accident in which their truck rolled over about a dozen times. Derek didn’t sustain any injuries, but Brandon’s arm is dislocated and their driver is dead. Madison puts it all together before she runs up to tell Victor that Chris is probably dead and what it’ll mean for Travis if he finds out. Her initial plan was to get rid of the boys, but she worries she won’t get the truth if she does. She questions whether it’s Travis’ right to know what happened, but she ultimately agrees that if Travis’ only hope for Chris is squashed, he won’t survive. Nick makes it back to the colony, where Luciana confronts him about making the trade behind Alejandro’s back. He tells her the narcos found them out and they’re coming. They bring the news to Alejandro, who’s furious, but as they try to formulate a plan, a deceased patient nearby turns and attacks them. In the scuffle, it bites Alejandro’s arm before tumbling over the side of the railing with Nick. The walker lands on another patient, biting off his nose before chomping off the finger of one of the nurses. Nick makes a quick decision to gouge out the walker’s eyes, but their shock is now on Alejandro, who is visibly shaken by the bite but claims he’s alright. We pick up with Ofelia for a moment. She’s clearly been walking along this barbed fence for some time, but is overjoyed to find a hole to the other side. Her hopes are soon squashed as she takes in her new setting: more endless desert. Cutting back to the colony, the people have gathered by the bus to deliver the infected man and nurse to the walkers. Nick fixes his eyes on Alejandro, but tells Luciana he’s just worried they won’t have enough time before the narcos arrive. She tries to assure him with a “it is faith that matters most” ploy, but his attention remains focused. Madison attempts to deal with Brandon and Derek with Andreas and Hector by her side. They promise to take the boys to a quieter room to fix Brandon’s arm, but the rest of the patients become infuriated they’re are treating two ungrateful Americans before the rest of them. Travis hears the mob’s shouts from the hotel room. He looks out the window and immediately recognizes Brandon and Derek as Madison leads them towards the gate with the shouting patients at their back. NEXT: We find out what happened with Chris [pagebreak] Victor catches Travis screaming for Chris before racing down the stairs to catch them. Madison starts pushing the boys to the gate, saying the mob will kill them if they don’t leave now. But Brandon is more shocked to see Travis running towards them. At the colony, Luciana finds Nick clearing out his bureau and preparing to leave. He wants her to come, too, saying “faith is not going to protect us when guns are involved.” When Alejandro arrives, Nick confronts him about his reaction to the bite, saying he won’t be able to convince Luciana to leave until he comes clean. That’s when Alejandro reveals he’s not immune to the disease like everyone believes. The bite he suffered was from the drug addict he tried to save, but Luciana got the wrong impression and spread the tale of his miraculous survival. He tries to convince Luciana the love she felt is still real, but Nick is already free from his manipulation. The same goes for Luciana, whose stern words cause Alejandro to walk away. Still, she doesn’t want to leave the colony because it’s her home, even more so than the one she had before the outbreak occurred. While they squabble, Ofelia’s exhaustion continues to set in, but she’s force to react quickly when a bullet zings by her feet. She rushes down a gravelly hill as more bullets shoot close by, and she takes what cover she can by a tree. She pulls out a knife, but a man with a gun is slowly approaching and is easily able to disarm her. However, his response is less violent: “Buenos dias, señorita. Welcome to America.” We return to the hotel to see Travis hauling Brandon and Derek into a room with Madison and the group in tow. The boys promise to explain what happened to Chris if they fix his injury. Andreas does so, but Brandon attempts to make another deal before giving up the information, for which Travis twists his damaged arm. Even still, Madison promises to give the boys a car so they can leave the hotel safely. The boys recall they didn’t get very far after they left Travis. They kept encountering walkers on the road which hindered their speed, and Brandon and Derek became exhausted from driving the entire time. Chris volunteered to take over the wheel while they napped in the trunk. A memory reenacts the events that followed as Chris fell asleep at the wheel, causing the truck to crash and flip sideways. They say Chris died when he went through the window. Travis, now grieving, asks where they left his body. They say they took care of him and buried him by a tree, but Travis calls them out when their explanation seems to be at odds with their initial story. Madison, Oscar, Andreas, and Hector were already on their way out of the room, making it easy for Travis to lock himself inside with Brandon and Derek. He starts furiously pummeling the boys for information; in their fear, they reveal they killed Chris. Another flashback shows Chris crawling out of the truck with bone jutting out from his leg, but he finds Brandon and Derek with a gun. They shoot him in the head, and the end of the memory marks the beginning of Travis’ wrath. Oscar is able to break in, but Travis severely injures him before turning to brutally bludgeon the boys to death. Despite getting in a few punches and a chair smash, Derek is the first to go when he’s thrown through a glass door. Travis then turns to Brandon and stomps in his skull. The memory of the boys walking away from Chris’ dead body cuts with Travis walking away from the pool of blood by Brandon’s corpse. His rage spent, Travis sits down in a corner as he falls into a labored trance. This moment has been a long time coming for Travis, whose moral compass has been searching for north since the outbreak began, but I was banking on the righteous father forced to confront and kill his corrupted son as the final nudge over the edge. The evidence seemed to point in that direction: Chris betraying his father with “baby” James, choosing Brandon and Derek over his flesh and blood, and the lingering memory of Travis killing his ex-wife. In the end, the turn was less fulfilling than hoped, but the job is done regardless. NEXT: Time for the backlash [pagebreak] “North” We instantly pick up with Travis again in a scene that makes me remember why I return to this world of the dead: Echoing breaths incite a black screen to fade to Travis, who’s still sitting on the ground. The camera lingers in slow motion on his face before cutting between a black screen and Hector breaking open a window, showering Travis’ dazed face with glistening glass shards. He and Andreas rush to unlock the door and check on Oscar, who’s unconscious on the floor. Before Madison can even get to her husband, Elena brings in men to carry him away. Hector mentions they’ll first take care of Oscar before figuring out what to do with Travis. As she watches them lead Travis away, Madison asks for Alicia’s knife. She walks back to the scene of the crime to drive it through the boys’ skulls. At the colony, Luciana is bandaging Alejandro, who acknowledges he’s going to die as he continues to shake. He recoils as she tries to put makeup on him, but subdues him by explaining he needs to look presentable and in good health to keep the people’s faith alive. He says he tried to do what he could to keep the people together and away from the world of death that lies beyond the colony. Luciana believes it’s not the end for their people, only for him, and urges him to lie to them one more time before he dies. Meanwhile, Madison argues with Victor that she can convince Elena to let Travis go since she previously fought on her behalf. He notes it was her decree that anyone who commits violence at the hotel be exiled, but Alicia chimes in to say they can’t ignore the clandestine fact that he found them after all they’ve been through. Along with her mother, Alicia agrees to leave with Travis when he’s exiled. “We found this place, and we’ll find another,” she says. Victor, however, won’t go. When Madison approaches Elena, she’s guarding Travis’ door with Hector and another man. Madison tells her of their plan, and she agrees, but Hector protests when they try to let Travis out. Elena reminds her nephew how Madison and Alicia fought for them before, so they can afford this favor now. Before Madison goes to Travis, she tells Alicia to check on Oscar and to report back if his condition sours, as it may have repercussions. She tells Travis they’re all leaving in the morning. Though he tries to dissuade her, she refuses to send him out to die, and tells him to consider the reason why he was able to reunite with his family. Nick, too, is ready to leave as he plops his bags in front of his house. He runs over to Luciana to again try to get her to leave with him. He echoes what Alicia told her mom about finding someplace safe and moving on when it’s compromised, but Luciana thinks they’ll only find death out in the world. But at the colony, they’ll meet their fate. She turns to go, but not before offering one more jab to Nick: “Do what you do, Nick. Run.” NEXT: A speedy exit [pagebreak] At the hotel, Alicia comes in to offer assistance with Oscar, who’s being treated by Andreas and Hector. A somber Andreas notes he has to remove a piece of his skull because his brain is swelling. He tells Alicia to leave as they begin to operate, but she hangs back to keep watch in case anything goes wrong. While they’re cutting into Oscar’s head, Alejandro performs his final sermon in the main square of the colony. The camera pans across the faces of his flock. While Nick walks down to the bus, Alejandro confesses that the rumors of the narcos' impending arrival are true. His sermon continues and he notes how "the evil of man" is coming for them, but Nick makes it far beyond the walker’s pen before spotting something in the distance. Looking through binoculars, he spots a helicopter landing on some sort of helipad. After night falls, the operation on Oscar continues with Andreas drilling into his skull, at which point Madison speaks with Travis in their hotel room. He admits he’s not sorry the boys are dead, and Madison says he shouldn’t be because they deserved it. She then confesses she’s done worse than him when she locked Celia in with her walkers to protect Nick. Noting how the world changed around them, she said she’s been different for a long time and she understands why he did what he did. “I’ll understand when you do it again because you will — you’ll have to, we’ll have to,” she says. They will soon face one more test as Oscar dies during the surgery. Hector wants vengeance, and amid the emotional theatrics, Andreas picks up a knife to stab Oscar through the head. They soon bust into Travis’ room and punch him to the ground. Madison and Alicia are held back as Travis is brought to his feet, with Andreas pointing a gun to his head. He wants to know why he gets to walk away after having killed his brother. In a swift motion, Alicia stops Andreas from shooting Travis by stabbing him in the chest. Hector launches at her, throwing Madison and Travis into a frenzy, but everything stops when Victor rushes in and grabs the gun. Fleeing the room, he tells the three of them to leave the hotel. They make it to a car, but Madison can’t convince Victor to come with them. He instead hands over his gun. With Travis at the helm, he drives the car straight through the front gates and onto the road. As Alicia gazes at the moon through the trees, Madison promises he’ll be okay. Back at the colony, Nick finds a shivering Alejandro trying to crush up some Oxy to numb the pain. He says he came back because he saw something, and begins mashing up the drugs for Alejandro. They revisit the conversation about what the people should do with the narcos arriving, with Nick saying it’ll all be over if they come and the colony is still there. “You want to stay and fight, but it’s their lives you’re playing with,” he says. “Yours is already over.” NEXT: What does the colony find up north? [pagebreak] Filling a syringe with Oxy, he says Alejandro can still be the great man he tried to be by giving his people permission to run. He reveals the helicopter he saw on the road somewhere north, and promises he and Luciana will lead the people together. He believes he doesn’t need a story about miracles to earn their faith — he needs to be fearless. Nick injects Alejandro with Oxy and he falls into a haze. Meanwhile, Madison, Travis, and Alicia pull up to the narcos’ warehouse, which is now barren and abandoned. Madison mentions the office where she heard Marco talking about the man she presumed to be Nick, but she's stopped on her way there by a harsh smell. She pulls back a curtain and finds the dead bodies of Francisco and his family, though she notes they're the people she saw during her previous visit. She searches their clothes for some clues that may lead them to Nick, and she finds a business card with an address. As they (presumably) make their way to the colony, the narcos have reached their destination. Marco and his men, brandishing guns, pour out of a train of cars. The find the same loose board in the wall Francisco used to escape, and they start shooting up walkers in the pen as they make their way through the bus to the other side. The colony is seemingly deserted as the men remark how easy this is. When they make it to the central square, they gleefully fire their guns in the air, but soon find out their victory isn’t really won. Alejandro, seen lurking in the background, hobbles into the driver’s seat of the bus, the fever taking hold of him. Marco and his men hear the sound of the engine starting, but when they investigate, Alejandro’s already moved the bus forward and allowed the walkers to escape. What these men hoped would be a fight to take over the colony has now become a fight to save the colony from the dead. We soon see Nick and Luciana leading the people on a journey north, all of them covered in walker blood to mask their scent. As the camera pans up to view their surroundings, a trail of black smoke is seen rising in the distance. Madison eventually makes it to the colony with Alicia and Travis, but all that’s left in the walker pen are dead bodies. She tells Alicia to wait in the car while they investigate the matter, but she soon sees the flashing light from the bus’ turn signal and follows them in. Madison and Travis pick up guns dropped along the ground as they make their way to the main square, where they find a horde of fresh walkers made up of Marco and his men. The camera cuts from face to face, but we don’t see Nick. They rush back to the bus to find Alicia inside and propping up Alejandro’s head. The once faithful leader of the colony is taking his last breaths, but is able to tell Madison that Nick went north before he dies. On the road, Nick and Luciana lead the people past a patch of abandoned cars. He drops his bag past a ticket booth containing a trapped walker to take out his binoculars. Luciana follows his gaze and he estimates they're about a couple hours' walk from what looks like some sort of refugee camp. Their hope is snuffed, however, when men wearing Army gear pop out from behind the cars and fire into the crowd. Luciana takes a bullet to the shoulder, but Nick grabs her so they can take cover. The people disperse as these men move in. They find Nick and Luciana, and shove them to the ground. We cut back and forth between this chaotic scene and the bus, where Alicia gives her knife to Madison to make sure Alejandro doesn’t turn. While the armed men take their prisoners and knock Nick unconscious, the episode ends with a last look at Madison before she likely continues searching for her son. While the back half of season 2 focused on Travis and his mission to redeem his son, it looks like Madison may be on a similar journey. Her speech to Travis emphasized the lengths she'll go to for her kids, and it was her attempt to contact Nick that led to her reunion with Travis. Now that she's on the road to finding her son, how will he test her resolve? How will he test Alicia, if brother and sister ever reunite? 

Madison puts it all together before she runs up to tell Victor that Chris is probably dead and what it’ll mean for Travis if he finds out.. Nick makes it back to the colony, where Luciana confronts him about making the trade behind Alejandro’s back.. Madison attempts to deal with Brandon and Derek with Andreas and Hector by her side.. Madison, Oscar, Andreas, and Hector were already on their way out of the room, making it easy for Travis to lock himself inside with Brandon and Derek.. The memory of the boys walking away from Chris’ dead body cuts with Travis walking away from the pool of blood by Brandon’s corpse.. He runs over to Luciana to again try to get her to leave with him.. We cut back and forth between this chaotic scene and the bus, where Alicia gives her knife to Madison to make sure Alejandro doesn’t turn.. Madison puts it all together before she runs up to tell Victor that Chris is probably dead and what it’ll mean for Travis if he finds out.. Nick makes it back to the colony, where Luciana confronts him about making the trade behind Alejandro’s back.. Madison attempts to deal with Brandon and Derek with Andreas and Hector by her side.. Madison, Oscar, Andreas, and Hector were already on their way out of the room, making it easy for Travis to lock himself inside with Brandon and Derek.. The memory of the boys walking away from Chris’ dead body cuts with Travis walking away from the pool of blood by Brandon’s corpse.. He runs over to Luciana to again try to get her to leave with him.. We cut back and forth between this chaotic scene and the bus, where Alicia gives her knife to Madison to make sure Alejandro doesn’t turn.

This is the end, my friends... or is it?

The third series in The Walking Dead franchise, The Walking Dead: World Beyond is set ten years after the original apocalypse and focuses on the last generation of kids who remember the world before.. Skeptical of each other at first, Dennis and Silas become allies and wind up working together on the escape plan run by Silas’ friends and Dennis’ wife, who turns out to be Jennifer/Huck.. The Bennetts, along with Felix and Percy, discover the chlorine gas they used to exterminate Omaha and realize the CRM plans to do the same to Portland, another thriving settlement.. Elton and Percy arrive and reunite with Iris and Felix.. As they all discover the CRM’s motives, Felix and Iris decide to surrender to the CRM and work with Leo and Hope from the inside.. Percy poses as Elton to go with Felix and Iris, while Elton stays behind with Will in Perimeter to handle communications from there.. Jadis’ soldiers first head to Perimeter, but Will ends up thwarting the attack thanks to surprise assistence from Dennis and Silas.. Jadis arrives and they fight until Jadis fatally stabs Jennifer/Huck.. Seeing the explosion, Dennis knows his wife is gone and asks Silas to kill him as he knows his wound is fatal.. Silas kills Dennis and is taken into CRM custody.. Will and Felix agree to stay behind with Indira, Leo, Hope, and the scientists to set up a research lab at the nearby Cornell.. Silas joins the CRM, and Jadis imprisons Elizabeth and declares herself the new leader of the CRM.. Or are these stories being left open for possible future appearances in other shows in the Walking Dead universe?. In the post-credits scene, we see a mysterious woman in a lab watching tapes of Dr. Jenner talking about scientific research on the stages of reanimation being conducted in the very same lab.. Will these walker variants end up in the other two series’?


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