18 awesome games that died at retail (2022)

We’ve already covered thebestselling crap (opens in new tab); this time, we’ll take a look at some of the times when the public couldn’t be bothered to follow the critics’ advice – and in doing so, missed out on some amazing games.

18 awesome games that died at retail (1)

Average Metacritic score: 82

What was it? A third-person shooter/platformer starring Glitch, a gun-happy little robot who could drive vehicles, control the robot minds of his enemies and generally wreak explosive havoc.

What made it so great? Metal Arms' cast of characters was made up entirely of belligerent robots, and while some might read that as an attempt to make a shooter like this more “family friendly,” it in fact enabled the game to soar to ridiculous heights of carnage. Explosions were huge and constant, the arsenal of available weapons was enormous and individual body parts could be shot off enemies, crippling their ability to attack you. Frequently compared to both Halo and Ratchet & Clank, Metal Arms was a rich, versatile experience, packing in lots of vehicles to drive, guns to shoot and puzzles that required you to destroy large chunks of the environment. Add in Glitch’s ability to hijack and remotely control enemies, and you had a shooter that borrowed from the best, but still managed to stand on its own merits.

Highest praise: “It's flawless down to the lovely presentation – even the animated loading screen is super cool! Metal Arms: Glitch In The System is one of the finest games to come out in this generation and one of the most underrated ones too.” –AceGamez (opens in new tab)

18 awesome games that died at retail (2)

Why it tanked anyway: While we could chalk this up to any number of factors – the generic title, the squat robot protagonist on the box, the fact that the game looked too “kiddy” for “serious” gamers and too violent for little kids – the real culprit is more likely the infamous 2003 holiday season. Crammed to the gills with ultra-high-profile releases – including Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando and the first Call of Duty – the months between October and December drowned would-be new franchises in a torrent of higher-profile games. Without the marketing muscle or the name recognition to keep its head above water, Metal Arms was one of the season’s first casualties.

What was it? A sci-fi adventure that borrowed all the best bits of Zelda and Spllinter Cell to tell the story of a crusading photojournalist and her uncle, an anthropomorphic pig.

What made it so great? Beyond Good & Evil was a relentlessly beautiful game with a likeable heroine and a cool soundtrack, but a big part of its strength came from its gameplay. Putting heroine Jade on a quest for photographic evidence to use against a totalitarian regime secretly running both sides of a war, the game was frequently compared to Zelda, and its approach to combat and puzzle-solving did borrow a bit from Nintendo’s venerable franchise. However, BG&E rounded out its action with camera- and partner-centric puzzles, along with stealth sequences and hovercraft combat. It also didn’t hurt that the script was almost as beautiful as the game itself, with memorable characters and an epic scope combining to create a world you actually wanted to save.

Highest praise: “Where most games entertain us with cutscenes to observe, Beyond Good & Evil is a cutscene. This is the first game to fully, properly inject the undeniable power of cinematic technique into the experience.” – Play magazine

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Why it tanked anyway: Another victim of the aforementioned 2003 holiday season, Beyond Good & Evil had the added disadvantage of having to compete against its own publisher’s other titles, which included Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and XIII (which also tanked hard). But at least there’s more hope for BG&E than there is for the other sad cases on this list, as trailers released by publisher Ubisoft have confirmed there’s a slick-looking sequel in the works.

What was it? The first-ever GTA for the Nintendo DS, and the most relentlessly enjoyable attempt to bring the series to a handheld.

What made it so great? Chinatown Wars sported amazing graphics for a DS title, but more than that, it was a lot of fun. While it (more or less) accurately re-created Grand Theft Auto IV’s huge Liberty City in a simplified, overhead-view form, it was a return to the goofier tone of the series’ roots. As such, it featured instantly accessible action, touch-screen-centric minigames that brought players closer to its enormous handheld world, and one of the most engrossing drug-dealing strategy games ever created.

Highest praise: “Chinatown Wars is a triumph, not just in terms of bringing a difficult game to a new platform intact, but because it actually improves it in the process, and demonstrates a mastery of DS form and function. … This is GTA as it first was, with the inherited wisdom of GTA as it's been since, finished off with all sorts of things that would happily belong in a GTA of the future.” –Eurogamer (opens in new tab)

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Why it tanked anyway: For all the complaints we’ve heard that there still aren’t enough “mature” games for their systems, it seems not enough Nintendo fans are willing to put up or shut up when it comes to buying the ones that actually come out. Either that, or the DS is more dominated by young children and families than we realized. Either way, there’s clearly not a lot of overlap between the GTA and DS fanbases, and that’s a lesson Chinatown Wars learned the hard way.

What was it? A bizarre, frequently hilarious platforming-adventure about psychic kids. It took place mostly in the minds of its troubled characters, which manifested as huge, puzzle-filled 3D worlds.

What made it so great? At first blush just a strange-looking platformer, Psychonauts – created by Tim Schafer, the mind behind Brutal Legend and most of LucasArts’ best adventure games – quickly became much more. As Raz – a young would-be cadet at a summer camp for psychics – players solved problems in the “real” world by journeying inside the minds of its characters and fixing their mental issues. And because every mind is different, every one of those mindscapes looked and behaved differently, hewing to their own rules.

One was a massive cube floating in space, seemingly featureless until its owner would lose control and emotional baggage flooded out; another took the shape of a strategy game between a poor nincompoop and Napoleon, who had taken over his personality. Others looked like a ravaged World War II battlefield, a black-velvet painting come to life and a hyper-paranoid vision of ‘50s suburbia in which every inhabitant was an obvious spy. That the actual platforming action was pretty fantastic only made the creativity on display more memorable.

18 awesome games that died at retail (5)

Above: The stuff that happened in Raz’s waking world could be even weirder, like this battle with a giant lungfish

Highest praise: “Taken as a whole package, Psychonauts is the best platform game ever to grace the Xbox. … Gamers who don’t try it will miss one great game, while the adventurous gamer who takes a chance and gives Psychonauts a play through will count it as an unforgettable game with production qualities that are some of the best of the year.” –GameShark (opens in new tab)

Why it tanked anyway: Psychonauts was sort of doomed from the start; originally slated to be a huge exclusive published by Microsoft, it was killed off part of the way through development. Gamers cheered when it was announced that Majesco would swoop in to help finish the project, but it turned out the game’s internet notoriety wasn’t enough to move copies, and the lack of a serious marketing push (not to mention the reported lack of copies actually shipped out to retailers) sealed Psychonauts’ fate.

What was it? A lighthearted, near-future skatepunk romp set in the backstreets of Tokyo and centering around in-line skate tricks, graffiti, gang warfare and dodging cops.

What made it so great? Jet Grind Radio (aka Jet Set Radio) was absurdly fun, wonderfully fast and anarchic in a way that was almost unprecedented in the pre-GTA III world of 2000. It also holds up better than most other Dreamcast games, thanks in large part to its pioneering use of cel-shaded graphics, which gave the whole thing the feel of a 3D, fully explorable cartoon. The ease with which we were able to grind on rails and pull off jump tricks in the game very nearly did for in-line skates what Tony Hawk did for skateboards (read: create a legion of uncoordinated posers who think they can skate in real life), and there was an undeniable thrill in leaving downtown Tokyo plastered in our own custom logos. Oh, and the soundtrack kicked all kinds of ass, too.

Highest praise:Sega has once again successfully created an entirely new genre for game fans to become addicted to. … Jet Set Radio's graphics are the type that force people to run out of their home to the nearest import shop. Jet Set Radio gives you an excuse to buy that Dreamcast instead of holding out for the PS2.” –Gaming Age (opens in new tab)

Why it tanked anyway: The last console generation was not kind to Sega, which churned out some of its best-ever games and was rewarded with years of mostly lukewarm sales. The trouble began with its storied Dreamcast console, which thundered onto the market in 1999 and quietly exited just two years later. Those two years saw a surprising number of brilliant, creative games, and Jet Grind Radio was one of the best. It also gained an enduring cult following, which unfortunately didn’t do much to prop up its sagging sales.

It’s hard to say exactly what dragged JGR down. It could have been a victim of the relative unpopularity of the Dreamcast, or it might just have been a case of gamers’ stereotypical reluctance to try new things. It could have been the bizarre advertising campaign, the eye-shatteringly colorful box art or just bad luck. Whatever the case, JGR wound up in bargain bins within months of its release, dropping its price as low as $10 in some stores.

What was it? A badass NES side-scroller featuring a robot that could flip gravity at will.

What made it so great? Part action game, part puzzler, Metal Storm was fast, violent, addictive and hard as hell. Its protagonist, the M-308 Gunner, could fire in four directions and, at any time, reverse gravity so as to walk around on the ceiling – something that was essential for beating most of the game’s mind-bending jumping puzzles. It was also a jaw-dropping graphical powerhouse, notable for featuring fluid animation and multiple levels of scrolling backgrounds. It certainly wasn’t the deepest game ever released for the NES, but it still stands as one of the more unique.

Highest praise: This:

18 awesome games that died at retail (7)

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In 1991, there was no higher praise than being plastered on the front cover of Nintendo Power and given eight full pages of coverage inside.

18 awesome games that died at retail (8)

Why it tanked anyway: It’s difficult to say, 18 years later, exactly what caused an incredible-for-its-time game like Metal Storm to curl up and die the way it did. It might have even had something to do with the crappy localization it received, which removed its cutscenes and messed with the color palette, although that’s doubtful.

18 awesome games that died at retail (9)

More likely, it was a case of gamers being too interested in the more sophisticated Genesis/Mega Drive and the upcoming Super NES to pay attention to an oddball NES game about some robot. It could have been that – aside from the spread in Nintendo Power – the game didn’t really receive much publicity or attention. Or it might have been that, even in 1991, gamers needed to a face or a recognizable character to connect to in order to give an untested new property a chance – and the Metal Storm’s faceless M-308 Gunner just didn’t cut it.

What was it? The second chapter in what was supposed to have been an epic trilogy of martial-arts-themed, quicktime-event-tainted, awkward-conversation-filled adventures.

What made it so great? Building on the epic scope of the original Shenmue, the sequel took the action out of protagonist Ryo Hazuki’s sleepy Japanese hometown and moved it to Hong Kong, and with that sudden jump in scale came a flood of new things to do and see. It also ramped up the number of action scenes, including quicktime events (which were still new and interesting back in 2002) as well as the more interesting Virtua Fighter-inspired fights. These also had a greater impact on the fascinating, multi-part plot this time, and losing fights could take the story in a slightly different direction (instead of just forcing you to try again).

Highest praise: “The series, especially this installment, has become among the most memorable game-playing experiences of my life. … The greatest compliment I can give this game is that it has convinced me that the only thing that keeps my world together is the existence and peculiarities of others.” –GameCritics.com (opens in new tab)

18 awesome games that died at retail (10)

Why it tanked anyway: Sega had a rough time of it even after the Dreamcast died off. If a lot of the praise Shenmue II received seemed a little strained, it wasn’t without good reason. By the time the game ended up arriving on Xbox, it already looked dated, and its repetitive conversations quickly went from a device for fleshing out the world to an inane laughingstock. Also, most of Shenmue II’s fanbase had already imported the European Dreamcast version of the game, which effectively dried up the market for this latecomer port.

What was it? A weird, Wild West-themed shooter about a monstrous bounty hunter who uses live animals as ammo and hides a strange and terrible secret.

What made it so great? A standout title even among the usually excellent Oddworld games, Stranger’s Wrath mixed first-person shooting – using a crossbow and different kinds of (very) live ammo – with acrobatic third-person climbing and platforming. It also starred a bounty hunter who looked like Clint Eastwood crossed with a goat, and who wandered a Wild West hellscape capturing cowboy-looking thugs and handing them over to the chicken-faced townsfolk. This being an Oddworld story, it also hid a deeper, anti-corporate story for those who stuck with it – one involving water rights, natives being forced off their land and the last survivors of a noble species that used to rule the countryside. No matter how heavy-handed its satire got, though, it was always a blast to play.

Highest praise:“[Stranger’s Wrath] offers such a mix of modern game genres that pretty much everybody will find something to love and many, like myself, will find a lot to love. … A perfect 5 out of 5 gaming experience and the first great Xbox game of 2005.” –GameShark (opens in new tab)

18 awesome games that died at retail (11)

Why it tanked anyway: It probably didn’t help much that Stranger’s Wrath veered sharply away from the established Oddworld narrative – no Abe and no Munch meant a lot of fans didn’t really see it as worth their time. Add to that the fact that it was hyped as a first-person shooter – a genre that was flooding the Xbox in ’05 – and you can see how certain would-be gaming “connoisseurs” might turn up their noses at it. (Oh, cruel irony!)

What was it? The Xbox-exclusive sequel to the Sega Saturn’s flagship series, which involved flying around on a dragon’s back and blasting every weird thing that moved.

What made it so great? The Panzer Dragoon games were arguably the best things about Sega’s failed Saturn console, combining amazingly pretty (at the time) on-rails shooter action with the thrill of flying a giant mutant dragon through a strange, post-apocalyptic world. And while the highly acclaimed (and extremely rare) Panzer Dragoon Saga took the franchise in an RPG-flavored direction, Orta brought it firmly back to its rail-shooter roots, with the full power of the Xbox behind it. For fans of the original games, Orta was nothing short of breathtaking, and its story – while a direct continuation of Saga’s – was nonetheless relatively easy to follow for newcomers.

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Highest praise: “This game looks beautiful, and is one of the best shooters we’ve ever played, but we just can’t explain how therapeutic it is to incinerate everything with the power of a thousand George Foreman grills.” –Maxim (opens in new tab), in a rare fit of actually liking an obscure game

18 awesome games that died at retail (12)

Why it tanked anyway: While it’s tempting at this point to just throw up our hands at this point and declare Sega’s early-2000s efforts to have been cursed, Orta’s failure at the market was really down to two things: by 2003, Sega fans – the vast majority of Panzer Dragoon’s fanbase – had become a niche unto themselves, and relatively few of them followed Sega onto the Xbox. As for mainstream gamers coming at Orta fresh, it seems the brand was a little too weird, the ultra-linear action a little too confining and the run-time a little too short for the game to really catch on or be seen as worth full price at retail.

What was it? An endlessly brilliant point-and-click adventure that starred Dia de Los Muertos skeletons and took place almost entirely in the Mayan underworld.

What made it so great? Where to begin? The art deco presentation was memorably slick, the game’s vision of the afterlife was richly realized and believable and the story – about a post-life travel agent who falls in love with a mysterious woman – spun an elaborate Mayan-noir yarn, filled with intrigue, skeletons and friendly demons, that has to be played to be believed (or even understood, for that matter). The heroes were lovable, the villains diabolical and the puzzles – which included a competitive beat-poetry slam, among other things – were unforgettable. In short, this was the apex of the point-and-click genre. Too bad it came out when nobody cared about point-and-click anymore.

Highest praise: “Quite possibly one of the top five adventures of all time, and certainly in the Top Ten. The style, atmosphere, wit, creativity and inventiveness are what make Grim Fandango remarkable. … One would almost say that ‘they don't make them like that anymore’ – but fortunately that isn't quite true.” –Just Adventure (opens in new tab)

18 awesome games that died at retail (13)

Why it tanked anyway: Impenetrable title? Skeleton protagonists? Oh yeah, we bet that’d sell millions. Even putting aside the obvious lack of mass-market appeal, though, Grim Fandango’s failure at market can be chalked up to a general disillusionment with point-and-click adventures, which by 1998 were seen as slow-paced, antiquated relics. Perhaps it’s fitting that a game about death and what happens afterward sounded the death knell for adventure games as we knew them, but Grim Fandango’s so relentlessly enjoyable that we can’t help but wish it’d happened to a crappier title.

What was it? A beautifully realized point-and-click adventure that features innovative claymation, a warped sense of fun, an incredible soundtrack and a “DURR HURR HURR” aesthetic.

What made it so great? Essentially a full-motion-video game, The Neverhood distinguished itself by using lavish, stop-motion claymation (by Doug TenNapel, creator of Earthworm Jim) instead of live actors on bluescreen sets. The actual gameplay was a combination of traditional point-and-click puzzle-solving and Myst-style first-person exploration, and it was all crisply rendered, with characters that exploded with personality. At the center of it all was Klaymen, a moronic, rubbery everyman whose extravagant bumbling generated most of the game’s bizarre slapstick humor, and the whole thing was accompanied by an incredible soundtrack of original songs.

Highest praise: “Has time been kind to The Neverhood? It certainly has. On many levels, the game is superior to more contemporary counterparts that may be technically superior. ... In other words, it is still as fun to play today as years ago—and fun is, basically, what gaming is all about.” –Adventure Classic Gaming (opens in new tab)

18 awesome games that died at retail (14)

Actually, you can’t get a feel for why it was awesome just looking at a still picture. Here, check out this YouTube clip:

Why it tanked anyway: While we like to think of Grim Fandango as the beginning of the end for point-and-click gaming, the truth is that the slide started long before then. The Neverhood might have gained a cult following (as well as a sequel, Skullmonkeys, which ditched adventure for a platforming approach), but it never flew off the shelves – a shame, considering the amount of time and money that must have gone into creating its elaborate clay sets and characters.

Oh, and…

What was it? Either the single most amazing PS2/Wii game ever made or an endless public guilt trip we keep laying on our readers, depending on who you ask. Also, it’s a Zelda-like game about a sun-goddess/wolf out to rescue Japan from an oppressive gray curse with the power of art.

What made it so great? Pssh. You didn’t think we were going to leave this out, did you? Any opportunity to shoehorn Okami into a feature is an opportunity we’re going to take. A deep, versatile and endlessly enjoyable romp that borrows heavily from the Zelda series, Okami offers up a huge, more-or-less freely explorable version of folkloric Japan to run amok in, and then fills it with seemingly endless monsters to kill and activities to pursue. These only get more diverse and interesting as you gain new powers (most of which revolve around painting designs on the screen with a magic brush), and include making friends with animals, building bridges, digging wells, regrowing vegetation and occasionally tormenting the locals. Of course, the single most striking thing about Okami is its visual style, which is not only brilliantly animated but creatively uses cel-shading to create a look that’s part cartoon, part watercolor painting. And it’s all awesome.


Highest praise: “If games can be art, here’s the best possible example. … If you consider yourself a gamer in any way, buy this right now. You will not be disappointed.” –GamesRadar (opens in new tab)(Sorry, we had to.)

18 awesome games that died at retail (15)

Why it tanked anyway: It’s hard to say. There wasn’t anything too notable that came out around the same time to distract gamers (unless you count Scarface, which hit almost a month later). However, the 360 was already starting to make PS2 games seem antiquated by late 2006, and with the PS3 and Wii just over the horizon, it’s possible gamers were too busy looking ahead to take a risk on what was in front of them. It’s also possible that Okami’s charms actually worked against it, as the unusual name and cartoony presentation might have been a turnoff to gamers looking for more “serious” fare. Or maybe gamers just didn’t like the idea of playing as a dog on fire. Whatever the case, it looks like the DS sequel might be headed our way soon, so let’s hope it finds an audience this time.

Oct 21, 2009

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18 awesome games that died at retail (17)

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Apex Legends was released in February 2019 and since then, the game has been continuously compared to Epic Games' Battle Royale Fortnite. Considering the fact that both games belong to the battle royale genre, comparing them is justified to a certain extent.

Was twisted metal a battle royale? ›

“As far as I'm concerned, Twisted Metal is the grandfather of battle royale games [multiplayer games where everyone fights to be the last man standing], even though it was never exactly that,” Matt, a 38-year-old in Minnesota, tells me.

Is Minecraft a roguelike? ›

Dungeon crawl games such as Diablo, as well as sandbox games such as Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft have a great deal of randomly generated content, and while none are technically roguelikes, they all draw inspi- ration from the genre.

What was the first rogue like game? ›

Though the term "roguelike" derives from the 1980 game Rogue, the first known game with the core roguelike gameplay elements was Beneath Apple Manor (1978), written by Don Worth for the Apple II; Beneath Apple Manor is also recognized as the first commercial roguelike game.

What is a metroidvania game? ›

Metroidvania is a subgenre of action-adventure video games focused on guided non-linearity and utility-gated exploration and progression. The term is a portmanteau of the names of the video game series Metroid and Castlevania, with games in the genre borrowing from both series.

From different companies like video game publishers, developers, hardware creators, marketers, and much more, many establishments saturate the gaming industry.. Atari is like the grandpa of video games, they started it all but eventually made their way to a walker.. After the video game crash of '83 had happened, Atari was forced to split into two companies: one that produced arcade games and the other that operated on home and computer gaming.. Westwood Studios had a brief stint in the gaming industry.. Founded by Trip Hawkins, who also founded EA, the company hatched what seemed like a revolutionary idea—partnering with seven companies to manufacture its console, the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer.. Hudson developed the wildly popular Mario Party series up until its 8th title.. Commodore eventually filed for bankruptcy in 1994.. Sega was once a giant in the video game market.. Due to lack of console sales, as those two concoles came out with some consoles which were somewhat ahead of their time, Sega suffered financial trouble from 1998 to 2002 due to poor console sales.. The financial struggles would lead to Sega's death,until they switched to software only, successfully reviving themselves from nearly permanent failure.. The company released plenty of Star Wars and Indiana Jones titles for many great consoles.. Although it’s still publishing, LucasArts failed to continue as a game developer.. Believe it or not, the video game studio founded by the creators of Diablo died.. Core Design split into two teams: a core group that created Tomb Raider and another who created lesser known games, which would lead to the company's passing.. Lionhead Studios is known for the development of the Xbox exclusive Fable series, with Fable II being the most famous of the franchise.

PC gaming is dying!. A report that desktop sales were down and laptop sales were up, plus the misreading of another report from NPD (which didn't include digital game sales) were enough to declare the desktop PCs were canceled forever.. You'd think that the fact that people have been making the argument for years would be a tip-off that it wasn't true.. Anyway, there's a cool laptop that can run big PC games (if you spend $5,000 on it) so again, desktop PCs must be dead, and PC gaming along with it.. Though… what exactly were we going to be playing on our gaming laptops again, if not PC games?. And plenty of people play them on consoles, too!. I don't get it.. There's no doubt piracy was a big issue (and that it still happens) but it certainly was never in danger of killing PC gaming.. No, PCs weren't dead.

In the list below, we look at 15 most bizarre deaths caused by video games.. This was an online Sim that allowed them to raise a virtual baby online.. Whatever the case, this is a massive case of brainwashing or toxic addiction to video games.. Within three weeks, Taiwan had lost two gamers due to binge gaming.. The first case was of a 38-year old man who played video games for five straight days at an internet café in Taipei.. Sadly for Chuang, this was the fall of death, and it is not yet clear exactly what caused his death.. A staunch Grand Theft Auto player, Moore decided to take his experience into real life, to add some spice to it.. If you’ve played online RPG games then you understand how addictive they can be.. While waiting to win one of the coveted consoles, Jennifer died due to water intoxication.. In 2005, Xiao Yi took this too seriously that he decided to jump off a 24-storey building, to begin enjoying the after-life before the rest of the team headed there.

There’s been a lot of negative perception about violence in video games in recent years that’s contributed to games getting a bad rap among certain overly sensitive groups.. Truth be told, death is a big part of most games.. Without death, most games would be pretty bland.. Decapitations, disemboweling and savage beatings are just some of the grotesque ways in which video game characters meet their deaths.. These are the top 15 most gruesome deaths in gaming.. Some of that inexperience comes into play during deaths scenes found in the game.. One of the most shocking death scenes in the game occurs should the player fail to maneuver Lara out of the way of incoming debris.. While the game does offer the player the option to clear it pacifistically, it also features a plethora of creative and gruesome ways to take out your opponents.. When performing a 'splatterkill,' Beasts receive the worst death in the entire game.. However, it does say a lot when in a game filled with zombies the most polarizing death is that of a human.. Wolfenstein: The New Order showcased one of gaming’s most cringe worthy death scenes, simultaneously serving as one of the most shocking moments in the series while mitigating that nagging fear you have whenever you go to the doctor for a checkup.. The game relies on incredibly detailed descriptions to drive home most of the death and terror found throughout the game.. The most terrifying death being that of one of the game's non-playable characters – Mayu.. The Resident Evil series is one of the most influential survival horror series in game history.

The game, developed by Take-Two Interactive and published by Rockstar Games, was released in 2011 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.. Image: www.insomniacgames.comIn the game, protagonist Nathan Hale gets infected with the deadly Chimera Virus.. The game was developed and published by Telltale Games and was released in 2012.. The game was first released in 2013 and has been subsequently released for different platforms a couple of years after its initial release.. Outlast is another survival horror video game to be featured in this list.. The first-person game was developed and published by Red Barrels for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.. The third-person shooter, which was released way back in 2002 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox and PlayStation 2, was developed by Illusion Softworks and published by Gathering of Developers.

As gamers our hobby is time intensive which means we should spend the little time we have before biting the dust, playing games that are good.. I have to have played the game to make the recommendation.. With the rules in place, let’s dive into my gamer’s bucket list, or as more aptly titled, 30 games to play before you die.. As the point of origin for the now crazy popular Souls series, it’s fun to go back and play the game that started it all .. As a total package, Halo presents an intriguing singleplayer campaign, fun multiplayer, awesome soundtrack , and a silent protagonist in Master Chief which all combine to make Halo a must play gaming experience.. If you have little time left on Earth, spending it playing one of the greatest gaming experiences ever.. Why it makes the list: MOBAs have become such a huge segment of gaming in 2017, that it only seems right to include League of Legends on this list.

These 13 characters have some of the saddest deaths in all of gaming.. May, the aunt of our protagonist Peter Parker, is only a supporting character in Spider-Man , yet her death is extremely emotional.. At the end of the game, Samus is reunited with her adopted child; the baby Metroid saves her at the last moment, sacrificing itself by giving her all of its energy.. Mother Brain then shoots at the baby Metroid, killing it instantly, and its remaining particles fall onto Samus like snow.. His death is incredibly sad, especially since he also sacrifices himself to save others.. His final words are to his wife, which makes it even sadder since he knows he is dying in order to save her.. It’s a devastating loss because the player thinks for a moment that he will in fact be saved.. Sephiroth, the game’s villain, attempts to control the hero Cloud and force him to kill Aerith.. May, the aunt of our protagonist Peter Parker, is only a supporting character in Spider-Man, yet her death is extremely emotional.. At the end of the game, Samus is reunited with her adopted child; the baby Metroid saves her at the last moment, sacrificing itself by giving her all of its energy.. Mother Brain then shoots at the baby Metroid, killing it instantly, and its remaining particles fall onto Samus like snow.. His death is incredibly sad, especially since he also sacrifices himself to save others.. His final words are to his wife, which makes it even sadder since he knows he is dying in order to save her.. It’s a devastating loss because the player thinks for a moment that he will in fact be saved.. Sephiroth, the game’s villain, attempts to control the hero Cloud and force him to kill Aerith.

Spoilers follow for Final Fantasy 7, Mass Effect, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, The Walking Dead.. A good death can really move a plot along.. A good death can often be the most memorable moment in a story too, which makes it strange that don’t get more in videogames.. A few games get this very right.. Aeris has her own weapon sets and limit breaks designed to give you the impression she’ll be in your party to the final credits.. It’s still unusual to see party members die because it can ruin your party setup and punish you for putting time into developing a doomed character.. The Mass Effect games especially love to really build up a character before tearing them away in memorable cutscenes.. Mordin has been safely moved out of your active party by the time he makes his sacrifice in game three, so you’re not losing anything in RPG numberwang terms.. Not much seems to matter in Modern Warfare’s tough, militaristic universe, but amid the rockets and gunfire there was a man who served as a rock.. It’s an emotional moment.. Price seems genuinely distraught and there’s a touching respect to the way Price puts his service pistol on Soap’s chest, because all emotions in Call of Duty must be expressed using guns.. You control Lee in The Walking Dead, so you could say his death is an exercise in feeling sorry for yourself.. It's brutal to ask Clem to shoot, but it's a necessary lesson in the universe of The Walking Dead.

He saw no cause for concern since this was just his hobby and main passion in life.. The couple abandoned their newborn baby for 6 to 12 hours at a time to visit internet cafes and log into a virtual world.. Throughout this whole time, the 18-year-old had allegedly had nothing to eat or drink (he presumably also ignored the call of nature during this time as well).. Unfortunately, his heart had other ideas and he later died of a fatal heart attack.. (650 hours).. At just 13 years old, Anna-Lee is one of the youngest people to ever die of a video game-related death.

Instead, we’ve gone for both the absolute legends of gaming wretchedness and, more controversially, the titles that promised the moon on a stick, but cruelly delivered a deflated football on a rusty metal shard – which then gave you tetanus.. ‘Let’s nuke this game from orbit – it’s the only way we can be sure we won’t have to play it again’The only game in recent memory considered so bad that it inspired a lawsuit from disgruntled players (incensed by the disparity between the pre-release marketing materials and the grim reality of the finished product) Colonial Marines was widely considered a tired and derivative first-person shooter*.. With the finish line is sight, the nightmare is almost over – barring a last-minute bug that makes all the textures disappear, sending your truck spinning into a vast grey nothingnessHailed as “blatantly unfinished” by the gaming press, Big Rigs was a truck racing sim in which players had to haul cargo across the US, avoiding the cops and out-speeding computer controller rivals.. Photograph: AtariNot only is this infamous release from Mystique a crude and unlikeable game, it is also a crude and unlikeable game in which you play as the historical character General Custer attempting to rape a native American woman who is tied to a pole.. A game seemingly by miserable guys for miserable guysDark, bloody, violent and really, really boring, Hatred longed to be hated, to be held up as an example of everything wrong with games – but really, all it stands for is how unspeakably dull most attention-grabbing games are.. Haze: cleverly set in a futuristic world of aggression-enhancing drugs, where soldiers think they’re playing a mediocre shooter – at the same time, players actually areBilled as a rival to Bungie’s era-defining Halo: Combat Evolved, Hazeearned its hype through an impressive heritage.. The game was directed by David Doak, the Northern Irish designer who worked on Rare’s seminal shooters Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark before founding Free Radical Design and making Timesplitters.


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