Complete list of bucket list ideas (2022)

Complete list of bucket list ideas

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1. work at a haunted house.

2. build my dream house.

3. visit greece.

4. own a classic muscle car.

5. visit irish castles.

6. visit heavens gate in china.

7. visit the black sand beaches of hawaii.

8. be an extra in a movie.

9. drive on the autobahn.

10. drink in a real irish pub.

11. go to rio during carnival.

12. have a water balloon fight.

13. stomp grapes in italy.

14. own a fennec fox.

15. find a love like allie & noahs.

16. bathe in the mineral baths in italy.

17. visit mexico.

18. go on an alaskan cruise.

19. see the great pyramids.

20. visit jerusalem.

21. see the hobbit houses in new zealand.

22. go on a caribbean cruise.

23. zip-line.

24. skydive.

25. pet a white tiger.

26. own something by betsey johnson.

27. learn russian.

28. swim in a tropical secluded cove.

29. swim in every ocean.

30. see the tulip fields in holland.

31. see the mountains in alaska.

32. eat pasta in italy.

33. own a lake house.

34. slow dance in the rain.

35. marry the man of my dreams.

36. bungee jump.

37. get married on the beach.

38. have a killer body.

39. be the girl of someones dream.

40. crowd surf.

41. catch fireflies.

42. party in vegas.

43. visit every continent.

44. go to the olympics.

45. swim with dolphins.

46. ride an elephant.

47. be apart of a flash mob.

48. fly in a fighter jet.

49. meet my favorite band

50. learn to swing dance.

51. go scuba diving.

52. stay at an underwater hotel.

53. celebrate mardi gras in new orleans.

54. attend a masquerade.

55. visit an island paradise.

56. move into an apartment with my best friend.

57. eat a cheesesteak in philadelphia.

58. go to times square.

59. sit in a hot tub in winter.

60. celebrate new years in paris.

61. see the northern lights.

62. feel beautiful inside & out.

63. have sex on a beach.

64. be a mother.

65. pet a whale.

66. ride horses on the beach.

67. drink at an ice bar.

68. go to a paint rave.

69. write a message in a bottle.

70. adopt a dog.

71. get a tattoo.

72. own my dream car.

73. watch the ball drop in times square.

74. meet joseph gordon levitt.

75. go paintballing.

76. fall in love.

77. kiss underwater.

78. go to a real fashion show.

79. take a cross country road trip with my best friends.

80. ride in a hot air balloon.

81. recreate the beatles abbey road picture.

82. visit all 50 states.

83. meet lady gaga.

84. shop on rodeo drive.

85. visit the palace of versailles.

86. visit venice.

87. help deliver a baby.

88. visit the hollywood walk of fame.

89. visit africa.

90. visit pompeii.

91. meet ke$ha.

92. go to the taipei lantern festival.

93. jump in a taxi and yell “follow that car!”

94. donate my hair to locks of love.

95. learn to surf.

96. visit st basil’s cathedral.

97. spend a summer in tuscany.

98. celebrate holi.

99. meet chris evans.

100. grow old together.

101. be a grandmother.

102. ride in a submarine.

103. go parasailing.

104. learn to snowboard.

105. meet channing tatum.

106. visit angel falls.

107. actually do things on my bucket list.

108. remember to stop and smell the roses.

109. be kissed under mistletoe.

110. be fluent in another language.

111. live near the beach.

112. meet tom hardy.

113. meet chris hemsworth.

114. own a pair of louboutins.

115. fly first class.

116. go to an aquarium.

117. kiss the blarney stone.

118. have a summer romance.

119. swim in the dead sea.

120. visit yellowstone.

121. go hand gliding.

122. eat sushi in japan.

123. kiss a complete stranger.

124. go to a drag queen show.

125. base jump.

126. have a one night stand.

127. go white water rafting.

128. have sex in public.

129. shoot a sniper rifle.

130. bust a myth.

131. visit the sistine chapel.

132. visit the taj mahal.

133. go cave exploring.

134. hold a chimp.

135. have lunch at a café in paris.

136. go shopping in milan.

137. ride a motorcycle.

138. drive a monster truck.

139. find my soulmate.

140. visit scotland.

141. shoot a gun.

142. save someones life.

143. see swan lake.

144. go skinny dipping.

145. visit stonehenge.

146. see cirque du soleil.

147. be kissed at the top of a ferris wheel.

148. own an albino burmese python.

149. visit the redwood forest.

150. visit thailand.

151. get a fish pedicure.

152. become a southern belle.

153. hike the appalachian trail.

154. explore the great barrier reef.

155. go to a hawaiian luau.

156. visit tibet.

157. fly in an ultralight.

158. visit australia.

159. meet katy perry.

160. have a secret admirer.

161. go to cancun for spring break.

162. visit prague.

163. participate in zombie walk.

164. ride an ostrich.

165. visit translyvania.

166. visit ireland.

167. visit the rainforest.

168. ride on a glass bottom boat.

169. visit a bamboo forest.

170. ride in a cop car and pull someone over.

171. visit angkor wat temple.

172. play eponine in les miserables.

173. dye my hair bright red.

174. dye my hair blue.

175. dye my hair hot pink.

176. dye my hair purple.

177. dye my hair multi colored.

178. dye my hair black.

179. be a brunette.

180. have mermaid hair.

181. shave my head.

182. run a marathon.

183. be a redhead.

184. meet kate beckinsale.

185. become a suicide girl.

186. get a boob job.

187. go to a nude beach.

188. celebrate day of the dead in mexico.

189. visit the santa monica pier.

190. throw a party with my best friend.

191. see demi lovato live.

192. see one direction live.

193. own a naked palette.

194. participate in la tomatina in bunol, spain.

195. pierce my lip.

196. have dreads.

197. have a mohawk.

198. visit hawaii.

199. reach my goal weight.

200. look good naked.

201. own a pair of sexy pumps.

202. meet nicki minaj.

203. marry my best friend.

204. have the first kiss with the last man i will ever kiss.

205. be an aunt.

206. be a godmother.

207. meet gerard butler.

208. own something chanel.

209. throw a costume party.

210. walk the entire length of the great wall.

211. visit spain.

212. visit russia.

213. visit canada.

214. own a pair of jimmy choos.

215. receive a bouquet of flowers for no reason.

216. be an inspiration to someone.

217. see pink river dolphins in the amazon.

218. sing on stage with lady gaga.

219. drink water from a glacier.

220. swim with whale sharks.

221. join the mile high club.

222. receive a love letter.

223. be proposed to at the top of a ferris wheel.

224. be proposed to with a ring pop.

225. have a love better than allie and noah’s.

226. write something in wet concrete.

227. own a timberwolf.

228. ride a roller coaster.

229. live in scotland.

230. run a 5k.

231. ride a horse.

232. slow dance with the love of my life.

233. learn to tango.

234. learn to salsa.

235. go caneoing on the amazon river.

236. visit dubai.

237. get a sleeve.

238. visit a buddhist temple.

239. visit budapest.

240. be in a roller derby.

241. participate in warrior dash.

242. go to the kentucky derby.

243. participate in spartan race.

244. go to a renaissance festival.

245. witness a miracle.

246. be confident.

247. learn to walk in heels like a pro.

248. help my dad with his addiction.

249. feel comfortable in my own skin.

250. meet leonardo dicaprio.

251. go to the born this way ball.

252. dance with my crush at prom.

253. see lgbt treated equal.

254. visit london.

255. meet norman reedus.

256. meet gary oldman.

257. have a handsome stranger play me my favorite song.

258. meet zac efron.

259. find out the secret recipe for kfc.

260. meet my tumblr crush in person.

261. have a threesome.

262. own an owl.

263. eat chocolate in switzerland.

264. own a bulldog.

265. meet lana del rey.

266. punch someone in the face who deserves it..

267. go to a toga party.

268. own something dolce & gabbana.

269. wear couture.

270. meet sandra bullock

271. see a ufc championship fight.

272. be kissed underneath a waterfall.

273. have dinner with tom hiddleston.

274. drive a ferrari.

275. become a millionaire.

276. dye my hair green.

277. overcome my depression.

278. love myself.

279. have my perfect happy ending.

280. visit bora bora.

281. come out to my family and friends.

282. meet blake shelton.

283. visit india.

284. eat cheesecake in new york.

285. open my own bakery.

286. see a shooting star.

287. spend a night under the stars.

288. spend thousands of dollars on me and my best friend.

289. flash someone.

290. design my own shoe line.

291. have children with the love of my life.

292. meet ellen & portia.

293. be one of the voices in an animated movie.

294. visit germany.

295. visit austria.

296. meet james mcavoy.

297. dip dye my hair.

298. create my own perfume.

299. own something by dior.

300. go to a rave.

301. go to a bonfire on the beach.

302. meet misha collins.

303. elope in vegas.

304. visit los angeles.

305. visit paris.

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306. see the hollywood sign.

307. go to the forever in tokyo.

308. own something prada.

309. learn to tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.

310. learn ballet.

311. invent something.

312. drive a lamborghini.

313. be front row at a broadway show.

314. visit the jungfraujoch ice palace in switzerland.

315. own a corvette.

316. meet adam levine.

317. visit croatia.

318. go sailing.

319. look like marilyn monroe.

320. be elegant like audrey hepburn.

321. see the sphinx.

322. dress like a pin-up girl.

323. meet dita von teese

324. have a closet full of shoes.

325. own a pair of giuseppe zanotti heels.

326. see a pink floyd laser show.

327. have sex in the backseat of a car.

328. go cage diving with a great white shark.

329. go cage diving with an alligator.

330. ride a camel in the desert.

331. model in a fashion show.

332. visit monte carlo.

333. drive a mclaren.

334. get my fortune told.

335. go to a strip club.

336. meet jeremy renner.

337. go to a burlesque show.

338. jump off a cliff into water.

339. visit maui.

340. go canal tubing in kauai.

341. own something yves saint laurent.

342. work backstage and run a victorias secret fashion show.

343. meet daniel radcliffe.

344. meet jim parsons.

345. learn to pole dance.

346. visit the seven modern wonders of the world.

347. be hynpotized.

348. throw a surprise party for my best friend.

349. visit the vatican.

350. have a surprise party thrown for me.

351. sing at a karaoke bar.

352. learn to break dance.

353. go to oktoberfest in germany.

354. climb a volcano.

355. go heli skiing.

356. witness a solar eclipse.

357. witness a lunar eclipse.

358. see halleys comet.

359. drive the entire length of route 66.

360. swim with sharks.

361. meet garth brooks.

362. meet my online friends in person.

363. visit the wreck of the titanic.

364. visit bethlehem.

365. meet randy orton.

366. see everyone i love come to jesus.

367. mud wrestle.

368. meet john cena.

369. go mudding.

370. visit hong kong.

371. meet anthony hopkins.

372. celebrate st. patrick’s day in ireland.

373. get high at least once.

374. get drunk at least once.

375. own a bunny.

376. pose for playboy.

377. change someones life for the better.

378. visit egypt.

379. own something burberry.

380. become famous.

381. walk the red carpet.

382. attend a hollywood movie premiere.

383. meet michael fassbender.

384. own a pair of steve madden heels.

385. see paramore live.

386. own a pair of ray bans.

387. meet the cast of the avengers.

388. open my own boutique.

389. dye my hair orange.

390. ride on a mardi gras float.

391. move to san francisco.

392. drive on lombard street.

393. visit petra.

394. crash a wedding.

395. visit buckingham palace.

396. ride the london eye.

397. eat waffles in belgium.

398. feel weightlessness.

399. see earth from space.

400. donate blood.

401. meet tom hiddleston.

402. move to another country.

403. milk a cow.

404. eat poutine in canada.

405. design my own clothing line.

406. hold a lion cub.

407. meet jennifer lawrence.

408. go to disney land.

409. eat gelato in italy.

410. try hot yoga.

411. live to see cancer cured.

412. participate in the color run.

413. see my friend recover from cancer.

414. star in a hollywood blockbuster movie.

415. get my pilot’s license.

416. adopt a baby.

417. become tumblr famous.

418. eat fish and chips in london.

419. visit crete.

420. kiss under the eiffel tower.

421. meet nicholas sparks.

422. walk in the gay pride parade.

423. learn to belly dance.

424. be in a professional photoshoot.

425. meet scarlett johansson.

426. party on a yacht.

427. learn italian.

428. go on a safari.

429. get arrested.

430. own a hedgehog.

431. visit amsterdam.

432. audition for a broadway play.

433. walk over the brooklyn bridge.

434. meet bradley cooper.

435. throw the first pitch at the world series.

436. drive a bugatti.

437. get my tongue pierced.

438. live to see animals not be abused anymore.

439. meet george clooney.

440. overcome my bulimia.

441. be a surrogate for a couple.

442. own something by vivienne westwood.

443. meet robert downey jr.

444. renew our vows.

445. donate a large sum of money to my favorite charity.

446. meet julia roberts.

447. see the gum wall in seattle.

448. join the military.

449. visit pripyat.

450. learn the thriller dance.

451. be in my best friend’s wedding.

452. ride a bull.

453. study fashion in paris.

454. read all of nicholas sparks’ books.

455. have a friend with benefits.

456. meet tom cruise.

457. visit the sedlec ossuary in the czech republic.

458. know the cause of autism.

459. kiss a girl.

460. visit tehran.

461. own a thousand books.

462. get slimed.

463. play in a human hamster ball.

464. drive a porsche.

465. say ‘live from new york, it’s saturday night’ on snl.

466. spend a day with my favorite celebrity.

467. have my first kiss be special.

468. adopt a cat.

469. write a best seller.

470. be kissed on top of the eiffel tower.

471. gauge my ears.

472. own a summer house in martha’s vineyard.

473. lose my virginity.

474. meet danny worsnop.

475. be a guest on glee.

476. meet darren criss.

477. meet my biological parents.

478. own an iguana.

479. quit smoking.

480. spend a summer in the hamptons.

481. own a pair of miu miu heels.

482. quit cutting.

483. own a pitbull.

484. learn how to play the guitar.

485. pet a giraffe.

486. visit ground zero.

487. kiss ronnie on the cheek.

488. stay in a 5 star resort.

489. visit toronto.

490. meet selena gomez.

491. stop killing my butterfly.

492. eat barbeque in kansas city.

493. find my passion in life.

494. pet a capybara.

495. visit singapore.

496. audition for american idol.

497. be in a no h8 photo shoot.

498. meet olivia wilde.

499. read the bible cover to cover.

500. open my own art gallery.

501. become a successful wedding planner.

502. be on the cover of vogue.

503. become a singer.

504. see florence + the machine live

505. learn how to make sushi.

506. own a sphynx cat.

507. live to see tibet’s independence.

508. walk through brooklyn in the rain.

509. visit boston.

510. french kiss in france.

511. visit california.

512. perform with henry rollins.

513. meet ashley purdy.

514. go to paris with my best friends.

515. give the world a reason to remember my name.

516. swim with a mermaid tail on.

517. see a ufo.

518. live in boston.

519. go to prom with logan lerman.

520. go to the electric daisy carnival.

521. swim with sea turtles.

522. learn to longboard.

523. get my nose pierced.

524. break a world record.

525. own something gucci.

526. meet ryan gosling.

527. drive a maserati.

528. open my own catering company.

529. learn to play the piano.

530. visit switzerland.

531. take a class at the second city.

532. see my soldier come home.

533. become a makeup artist.

534. write a hit song.

535. read the graffiti on the berlin wall.

536. own a husky.

537. hold a koala bear.

538. stay in an igloo in the arctic.

539. meet tom hanks.

540. see the mayan ruins.

541. visit pier 39.

542. stay at an ice hotel.

543. meet brad & angelina.

544. dye my hair blonde.

545. stay in a bungalow.

546. visit napa valley.

547. see the great wall.

548. run with the bulls in pamplona, spain.

549. visit the louvre.

550. meet beau boken & lights.

551. visit dubrovnik.

552. run through the green tea fields of boseong.

553. visit dutch harbor.

554. see alter bridge live.

555. move to santorini.

556. own a sugar glider.

557. own a camaro.

558. get and keep the perfect tan.

559. rock a little black dress.

560. meet mark ruffalo.

561. go to comic con.

562. ride in a limo.

563. get tattooed by ami james.

564. become a photographer.

565. get my septum pierced.

566. be in a band.

567. tour with motionless in white.

568. become a tattoo artist.

569. attend all four tennis majors.

570. build a doll house by myself.

571. learn to ballroom dance.

572. go to the cannes film festival.

573. go to prom.

574. meet shania twain.

575. become a famous actress.

576. meet cristiano ronaldo.

577. model for valentino.

578. become a footballer.

579. play tracy in hairspray.

580. graduate college

581. meet meryl streep.

582. be a host on good morning america.

583. walk over the golden gate bridge.

584. have a good relationship with my family again.

585. do a triathlon.

586. visit bali.

587. meet simon pegg.

588. spend a night on the beach.

589. own a bengal cat.

590. visit israel.

591. attend new york’s fashion week.

592. meet tom felton.

593. have a nick & norah night in new york city.

594. own a convertible.

595. participate in a mud run.

596. go to an opera.

597. overcome my anxiety.

598. send my parents on an amazing vacation.

599. own a huge lighter collection.

600. go to disney world.

601. move to hawaii.

602. own a lab.

603. live my life to the fullest.

604. take a photo every day for a year.

605. own a minskin cat.

606. become friends with my old best friend again.

607. meet russell brand.

608. visit laguna beach.

609. swim with a manatee.

610. go shoe tossing.

611. skyjump off of the skytower in auckland.

612. own a cocker spaniel.

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613. be the best mother i can be for my children.

614. eat french onion soup dumplings at the stanton social.

615. meet johnny depp.

616. throw a drink in someone’s face.

617. go to iguazu falls.

618. visit coney island.

619. go to las fallas festival in valencia, spain.

620. start a food fight.

621. drive a stock car on the track.

622. watch a scary movie without covering my eyes.

623. kiss in the rain.

624. meet jude law.

625. see eminem live.

626. get every tattoo i have ever wanted.

627. meet adam lambert.

628. meet the midnight beast.

629. be in a protest i believe in.

630. attend the grammys.

631. attend the emmys.

632. attend the academy awards.

633 . be in an action movie.

634 . become a stunt person.

635 . drive an ambulance.

636. have breakfast at tiffany’s.

637. stay in the playboy suite at the palms in las vegas.

638. own a food truck.

639. have sex in the shower.

640. visit the seven natural wonders of the world.

641. meet steven spielberg.

642. learn sign language.

643 . chase a tornado.

644. become a ghost hunter.

645 . rent out an amusement park for me & my friends.

646. have a walk-in closet.

647 . go to the ghibli museum in tokyo.

648 . meet emma stone.

649 . own a boat.

650 . learn photography from ernst wildi.

651 . own a pair of manolo blahniks.

652. be the voice of the main character in a video game.

653. be a father.

654. live my life for me and no one else.

655. be swept off my feet.

656. see the sick puppies live.

657. be proposed to in a cemetery.

658. be the best wife to my husband.

659. become a part of the sea shepherds on whale wars.

660. marry her.

661. go to the womens college world series.

662. become a doctor.

663. become youtube famous.

664. visit tokyo, japan.

665. marry him.

666. perform at the royal albert hall.

667. meet lea michelle.

668. sing on stage with taylor swift.

669. be fearless.

670. become a lawyer.

671. own pets named after disney characters.

672. risk everything for love.

673. go to the sundance film festival.

674. see eisley live.

675. visit seoul, south korea.

676. try lsd.

677. stop pretending to be someone i’m not.

678. meet lady antebellum.

679. meet taylor swift.

680. meet adele.

681. watch the detroit red wings win the stanley cup .

682. move to seneca rocks.

683. become a flight attendant.

684. try ecstasy.

685. write our own vows.

686. love each other til death do us part.

687. help him pursue his dreams.

688. meet henrik zetterberg.

689. go on a no budget shopping spree vacation.

690. meet troian bellisario.

691. model.

692. have sex under the stars.

693. get matching tattoos with my soulmate.

694. become a teacher .

695. visit voodoo donuts.

696. watch the san jose sharks win the stanley cup.

697. meet ashley benson.

698. meet hollywood undead.

699. buy something from topshop.

700. visit wales.

701. have my wedding day be perfect.

702. work at a day care.

703. visit miami.

704. visit hanalei beach, hawaii.

705. go paddle boarding in the ocean.

706. meet shay mitchell.

707. meet cory monteith.

708. visit venice beach, california .

709. have my palm read.

710. watch the florida panthers win the stanley cup .

711. meet my chemical romance .

712. visit turks and caicos.

713. meet amy lee.

714. own a house on the venice canals in los angeles.

715. go to blizzcon.

716. visit the seychelles islands.

717. visit maldives.

718. visit whitehaven beach in australia.

719. meet tarja turunen.

720. eat in an underwater restaurant.

721. meet christina perri.

722. go to margaret river beach in australia.

723. meet liam & miley.

724. become a famous female wrestler.

725. get a hip piercing.

726. build my own computer.

727. become a successful artist.

728. marry a soldier.

729. play a slot machine.

730. ride on a train.

731. meet green day.

732. meet mcfly.

733. visit seattle.

734. get a tongue web piercing.

735. visit panama city beach, florida.

736. go to the elliott bay book company in seattle.

737. visit the cayman islands.

738. watch baby sea turtles hatch.

739. own a beach house.

740. own a house with an indoor pool.

741. get a massage.

742. drink frozen hot chocolate at serendipity 3.

743. go swimming at lake retba.

744. become a successful female machinist.

745. go to all the disney theme parks.

746. move to los angeles.

747. visit havana, cuba.

748. visit the french quarter in new orleans.

749. meet evan rachel wood.

750. dine at club 33.

751. attend a party at the playboy mansion.

752. attend the tony awards .

753. find my dream job.

754. attend a world cup game.

755. move to oceanside, california.

756. go see the colosseum in rome.

757. visit corcovado.

758. meet andrew garfield.

759. go to the idlewild amusement park.

760. sing with kellin quinn.

761. visit france.

762. meet emma roberts.

763. explore the world.

764. visit costa rica.

765. own horses.

766. have sex in an elevator.

767. win a trip to somewhere amazing.

768. visit dunn’s river falls.

769. own a weiner dog.

770. have my photos appear on magazine covers.

771. visit rio de janerio.

772. see the christ the redeemer statue in rio.

773. go back to my country and see the family i left behind.

774. visit machu picchu.

775. visit the puerto princesa underground river.

776. visit the jeita grotto.

777. visit the new seven wonders of nature.

778. go see the great blue hole in belize.

779. see my parents get back together.

780. meet the maine.

781. become a successful author.

782. watch fireworks with the person i love.

783. live in ireland.

784. marry a guy with a british accent.

785. see an orchestra.

786. visit the baseball hall of fame.

787. meet bill murray.

788. go pub crawling across europe.

789. visit kansas city.

790. meet christian bale.

791. swim with stingrays.

792. get her on the back of motorcycle.

793. be a guest on conan.

794. have sex in a pool.

795. throw a party like project x.

796. visit the monterey bay aquarium.

797. go shopping in new york.

798. move to new york city.

799. be the best husband to my wife.

800. become a jockey.

801. hunt on horseback.

802. regain my confidence after falling off a horse.

803. teach in ireland.

804. teach in scotland.

805. meet the cast of teen wolf.

806. become a fairytale character on once upon a time.

807. have a friend like schmidt from new girl.

808. meet michael weisman.

809. meet colton haynes.

810. own a cavalier king charles spaniel .

811. visit puerto rico.

812. race a sports car.

813. race my friends on the highway in sports cars.

814. have sex in a hot tub.

815. own an audi.

816. find my own christian grey.

817. have an authentic japanese katana made for me.

818. visit okunoshima to see the rabbits.

819. play messy twister.

820. visit taiwan.

821. get a psychic reading.

822. meet dylan o’brien.

823. get slushied.

824. live in a chemical free household.

825. meet barack and michelle.

826. celebrate the chinese new year in hong kong.

827. live in nepal.

828. become a senator.

829. go fox hunting.

830. meet holland roden.

831. have a love like seth and summer.

832. meet bill and hillary.

833. meet blake jenner.

834. own a sheltie.

835. meet drew van acker.

836. meet nellie veitenheimer.

837. play naked twister.

838. meet shigeru miyamoto.

839. become a gondolier in venice.

840. meet vanessa lengies.

841. meet lindsay pearce.

842. meet damian mcginty.

843. swim with seahorses.

844. visit pixar studios.

845. see foster the people live.

846. ride a mechanical bull.

847. see the terracotta army.

848. become an archeologist.

849. cosplay.

850. have a love like ellie and carl’s.

851. get my belly button pierced.

852. meet gerard way.

853. be in a broadway show.

854. overcome my health problems and live normally.

855. go on an adventure with the tenth doctor in the tardis.

856. play hamlet.

857. be in a music video.

858. meet grant gustin.

859. go rock climbing.

860. visit japan.

861. try archery.

862. go hiking.

863. get a hot air balloon license.

864. become a hair stylist for major motion pictures.

865. believe in myself.

866. see my sister get over her drug addiction.

867. feel infinite.

868. own my own salon.

869. own my own spa.

870. join the marines.

871. see simple plan live.

872. meet demi lovato.

873. see pierce the veil live.

874. see we the kings live.

875. finish ever kingdom hearts game.

876. have a love like clare and eli’s

877. meet munro chambers.

878. meet aislinn paul.

879. meet meg & liz.

880. help my brother get into college.

881. own a tardis replica.

882. join the coast guard.

883. meet tom daley.

884. meet one direction.

885. go indoor rock climbing.

886. create an ad that appears in times square.

887. win money at a casino.

888. marry the love of my life.

889. be unforgettable to someone.

890. kiss while eating pop rocks.

891. meet cher lloyd.

892. live in a city where i can ride the subway to work.

893. learn how to ollie.

894. watch the patriots win the super bowl again.

895. move to nashville.

896. perform a burlesque fan dance.

897. perform on stage with the crowd singing my music.

898. meet tyler posey.

899. learn to live in the moment.

900. see slash live.

901. meet family i haven’t met before.

902. visit walt disney’s apartment.

903. meet the hemsworth brothers.

904. join the army.

905. be in seventeen magazine.

906. hug someone with leprosy.

907. go to the moon.

908. visit the trevi fountain.

909. visit hagia sophia.

910. visit bob marley’s grave.

911. watch the sunrise with the love of my life.

912. meet olly murs.

913. own a tag heuer watch.

914. visit mount rushmore.

915. kiss someone just because they’re irish.

916. learn to do a back tuck.

917. join the air force.

918. move to australia.

(Video) Facing 100 Bucket List Ideas In 50 Hours!

919. own seahorses.

920. join the navy.

921. visit the leaning tower of pisa.

922. star in a movie with my favorite actors.

923. listen to whales sing.

924. visit the universal studios in the united states.

925. visit the smithsonian.

926. visit the american museum of natural history.

927. marry my high school sweetheart.

928. visit the temple of apollo at delphi.

929. meet tyler hoechlin.

930. see big ben.

931. see london’s tower bridge.

932. meet crystal reed.

933. meeted sheeran.

934. meet michael c. hall.

935. meet tyler blackburn.

936. meet morgan freeman.

937. find buried treasure.

938. join the peace corps.

939. meet jensen ackles.

940. have a six pack.

941. visit plitvice lakes national park in croatia.

942. meet samuel l jackson.

943. own an iphone.

944. learn french.

945. give a homeless person $100.

946. meet tay jardine.

947. date my childhood crush.

948. meet j.k. rowling.

949. meet michael trevino .

950. meet dianna agron.

951. meet steven r. mcqueen.

952. meet paul wesley.

953. meet kat graham.

954. meet nathan fillion.

955. attend mit.

956. become a chemist.

957. become a physicist.

958. try opiates.

959. stay at the aulani resort.

960. have my portrait painted.

961. visit henry viii’s grave.

962. visit a different hemisphere.

963. become a dvc member .

964. meet emma watson.

965. paraglide.

966. visit santorini, greece.

967. see maroon 5 live.

968. overcome cold urticaria.

969. visit walt disney studios.

970. meet benedict cumberbatch.

971. meet joe manganiello.

972. meet colin ford.

973. meet alan rickman.

974. meet michael bohn.

975. watch a roller derby match.

976. eat at mangiafoco in montreal.

977. ride a trolley in san francisco.

978. own a funeral home.

979. visit the amazon.

980. meet patrick langlois.

981. see all forms of prejudice disappear permanently.

982. own a puppy.

983. visit the red sand beach in groix.

984. be awarded an honorary mbe.

985. solve a case with sherlock holmes & dr. watson.

986. meet helena bonham carter.

987. meet josh gates.

988. meet rupert grint.

989. meet evanna lynch.

990. meet matthew lewis.

991. climb a mountain.

992. have a nontraditional home.

993. meet evan peters.

994. be asked to homecoming.

995. be admired by my favorite celebrity.

996. see world peace.

997. visit kurt cobain’s old house .

998. record an album.

999. meet jeff goldblum.

1000. meet orianthi.

1001. go to a steelers game at heinz field.

1002. see fall out boy live.

1003. see my chemical romance live.

1004. see hedley live.

1005. see green day live.

1006. meet justin bieber.

1007. swim with a school of fish.

1008. run a 3k.

1009. meet zooey deschanel.

1010. meet sam worthington.

1011. meet miley cyrus.

1012. make a perfect cupcake.

1013. find the one that got away.

1014. meet cillian murphy.

1015. spend halloween in salem.

1016. go to garibaldi lake in british columbia.

1017. meet the rattpack.

1018. give meaning to the word ‘yolo’.

1019. hold a butterfly in my hand.

1020. get accepted into my dream college.

1021. meet ian somerhalder.

1022. meet nina dobrev.

1023. read one piece completely.

1024. play battleshots.

1025. visit indonesia.

1026. see him live.

1027. meet the cast of fringe.

1028. see imagine dragons live.

1029. learn to write gallifreyan.

1030. help my mom find love.

1031. see justin bieber live.

1032. see you me at six live.

1033. find my purpose.

1034. visit china.

1035. make perfect egg rolls.

1036. visit finland.

1037. open an orphanage.

1038. go on a mission trip.

1039. have a nerf gun fight.

1040. have a water gun fight.

1041. ride a segway.

1042. sponsor a child.

1043. become a youth ambassador.

1044. see muse live.

1045. meet the cast of grey’s anatomy.

1046. get a reply from someone famous on twitter.

1047. sell out a concert.

1048. meet ben barnes.

1049. meet nathaniel buzolic.

1050. have a love like lola & kyle.

1051. own ‘just getting started’ by justin bieber.

1052. have long, gorgeous hair.

1053. finish a cross stitch.

1054. meet joseph morgan.

1055. meet claire holt.

1056. move to colorado.

1057. visit celebration, florida.

1058. be baptized.

1059. meet daniel gillies.

1060. go to leakycon.

1061. win a bram stoker award.

1062. meet jared padalecki.

1063. receive my gcse.

1064. tell her what i think of her.

1065. see two door cinema club live.

1066. see zola jesus live.

1067. see dionne bromfield live.

1068. have sex in an igloo hotel.

1069. get married in an ice church.

1070. go to the tacoma school of the arts.

1071. write a screenplay for disney.

1072. meet lucy hale.

1073. meet aaron johnson.

1074. go snorkeling.

1075. propose to her.

1076. see beyonce live.

1077. jump in a big pile of leaves.

1078. become an electrical engineer.

1079. visit the philippines.

1080. read the fifty shades trilogy.

1081. see union j live.

1082. roast marshmallows on an active volcano.

1083. go to a foam party.

1084. visit the set where ‘one tree hill’ was filmed.

1085. become a nurse.

1086. ombre my hair.

1087. get a nose job.

1088. visit amnesia ibiza.

1089. have hair extensions.

1090. make a queen’s guard laugh.

1091. pass the ielts exam.

1092. get my masters degree.

1093. wear a fat suit for a day.

1094. ride in an airplane.

1095. go to a swedish house mafia party.

1096. become an emt.

1097. become a black belt.

1098. see taylor swift live.

1099. have a color powder fight.

1100. attend harvard.

1101. change all my passwords.

1102. become a firefighter.

1103. feed a penguin.

1104. visit a glow worm cave.

1105. watch a sumo match.

1106. learn to fence.

1107. marry a firefighter.

1108. play laser tag.

1109. be on cupcake wars.

1110. walk on burning coals.

1111. eat at joe beef in montreal.

1112. eat at les 400 coups in montreal.

1113. own an ONA bag.

1114. meet simple plan.

1115. visit the exorcist steps in georgetown.

1116. attend yale.

1117. own the hush, hush series by becca fitzpatrick.

1118. be able to rap a whole song.

1119. do alcohol ink art.

1120. eat at horror picture tea in paris.

1121. eat at chacha club in paris.

1122. become a historian.

1123. dance in the rain.

1124. see coldplay live.

1125. learn german.

1126. learn to sew.

1127. experience real paranormal activity.

1128. see the script live.

1129. meet jeydon wale.

1130. get lost in a kiss.

1131. have a love like marshall and lily.

1132. leave this town.

1133. memorize the quran.

1134. meet the cast of how i met your mother.

1135. decorate my house for christmas.

1136. convert to judaism.

1137. have a man want me the way christian wanted ana.

1138. learn to skateboard.

1139. find a real pearl.

1140. go on a picnic.

1141. get a new piercing.

1142. visit ferrari world in abu dhabi.

1143. own a ring from tiffany & co.

1144. try shrooms.

1145. move in together.

1146. go on a joyride.

1147. get matching tattoos with my friends.

1148. visit the birthplace or grave of an icon.

1149. visit every ipswich in the world.

1150. see the kings of leon live.

1151. meet isaac slade.

1152. work at the post office.

1153. visit bavaria.

1154. live in an abandoned cemetery.

1155. read all the harry potter books.

1156. read all the lord of the rings books.

1157. read all the chronicles of narnia books.

1158. throw a karaoke party.

1159. go on a pedal boat date.

1160. attend brown university.

1161. make a perfect cheesecake.

1162. get my license.

1163. attend an ivy league college.

1164. go skiing.

1165. swim under the stars.

1166. live life like charlie.

1167. see versaemerge live.

1168. have a love like enoch and annabel.

1169. get a white ink tattoo.

1170. write myself a letter to open in 10 years.

1171. overcome my fear of spiders.

1172. learn origami.

1173. own a harley davidson.

1174. dye my hair turquoise.

1175. meet iouri podladchikov.

1176. meet betsey johnson.

1177. visit chicago.

1178. participate in pillow fight day.

1179. meet casper.

1180. attend the university of california, berkeley.

1181. dye my hair black with red streaks.

1182. own a sexy lace dress.

1183. get highlights.

1184. kiss someone at midnight on new years.

1185. have an outdoor nighttime wedding.

1186. have a love like emma & george.

1187. meet gwyneth paltrow.

1188. become a buddhist.

1189. meet skylar astin.

1190. move to england.

1191. own a pet cemetery.

1192. meet henry cavill.

1193. visit the caribbean.

1194. meet usher.

1195. leave a lock on a love bridge.

1196. let go and begin to live.

1197. meet my true love in a library.

1198. have a marshmallow mouth stuffing contest.

1199. meet neon trees.

1200. meet taio cruz.

1201. be able to say ‘i made it’.

1202. stay at the villa seminyak in bali.

1203. get a henna tattoo.

1204. meet maroon 5.

1205. move out on my own.

1206. visit montenegro.

1207. live for them.

1208. live in a brownstone in new york.

1209. date a dancer.

1210. let go of a floating lantern.

1211. meet ed westwick.

1212. date a girl with freckles.

1213. meet rachel mcadams.

1214. make my life worth while.

1215. become who i always said i would be.

1216. move to wyoming.

1217. eat at blend hamburger gourmet in paris.

1218. eat at le dernier bar avant la fin du monde in paris.

1219. have another fall out boy album to look forward to.

1220. meet nick grimshaw.

1221. meet little comets.

1222. meet brad greenquist.

1223. learn to hip hop dance.

1224. get a hot stone massage.

1225. try all the cheesecakes at the cheesecake factory.

(Video) London Complete Travel Guide - England Travel Ideas - Bucket List

1226. date a kpop or jrock star.

1227. try every international delight flavor.

1228. order one of everything from starbucks.

1229. visit ricky nelson’s grave.

1230. get my epilepsy under control.

1231. meet itskingsleybitch.

1232. meet matt stone and trey parker.

1233. become a barista.

1234. meet tom & gisele.

1225. own a pomeranian.

1236. own a pug.

1237. have someone want me as much as i want them.

1238. own a huge hat collection.

1239. spend a day watching chick flicks with my friends.

1240. meet skrillex.

1241. see daft punk live.

1242. have my best friend be the last thing i see.

1243. be the main character on a tv series.

1244. eat at columbus cafe & co in paris.

1245. eat at upper crust in boston.

1246. meet dani mansutti.

1247. learn parkour.

1248. see britney spears live.

1249. meet britney spears.

1250. go to new york for new years.

1251. attend new york university.

1252. learn to sing.

1253. become a songwriter.

1254. see them break up.

1255. make sure he never hurts another girl again.

1256. graduate high school.

1257. live to see bullying end.

1258. see her happy.

1259. see him happy.

1260. raise my kids differently than how my parents raised me.

1261. own combat boots.

1262. give her what’s coming to her.

1263. get married on a broadway stage.

1264. phone tap someone on the elvis duran show.

1265. see rascal flatts live.

1266. go to a hookah lounge.

1267. learn finnish.

1268. own an ocelot.

1269. own a dog for its whole life.

1270. bathe in the different drinks at yunessun spa in japan.

1271. visit the guoliang tunnel in china.

1272. work at a library.

1273. own a canon eos.

1274. watch every saw movie.

1275. go to tomorrowland.

1276. study abroad.

1277. adopt an animal from the shelter.

1278. own a restaurant.

1279. own a lenovo thinkpad.

1280. marry a writer.

1281. become a food sensory panelist.

1282. visit mecca.

1283. make christmas cookies.

1284. be truly happy.

1285. meet cody longo.

1286. meet ariana grande.

1287. meet tyler oakley.

1288. meet miles jai.

1289. own a snow globe collection.

1290. meet my pen pal.

1291. smash open a piggy bank.

1292. visit anne frank’s house.

1293. meet micaela villanueva.

1294. own a waterbed.

1295. have a daughter.

1296. have a son.

1297. have a glitter fight.

1298. visit the four corners.

1299. get married on a hill in the country.

1300. meet noel fielding.

1301. learn to play the oboe.

1302. compose a film score.

1303. meet carlos pena jr.

1304. meet big time rush.

1305. move to paris.

1306. become vegan.

1307. own a cupcakery.

1308. fall in love at first sight.

1309. have a hang out like central perk.

1310. ride the blob.

1311. swim in sohoton cove with the stingless jellyfish.

1312. meet megan fox.

1313. learn to knit.

1314. find a message in a bottle.

1315. own a lava lamp.

1316. own every design of joe boxer.

1317. have a kiss like lady & the tramp.

1318. own a typewriter.

1319. tp someone’s house.

1320. visit the faroe islands.

1321. learn a dance routine from a famous choreographer.1322. see marijuana legalized.1323. date a model.1324. be in a vlogbrothers video.1325. kiss under a sakura tree in japan.1326. pass my baccalaureate exams.1327. get a pixie cut.1328. learn self defense.1329. visit the aokigahara forest.1330. date a dj.1331. meet talia castellano.1332. own a shoe collection.1333. go speed dating.

1334. go ice skating.

1335. meet the cast of lost.

1336. play quidditch pong.

1337. find a real best friend.

1338. become a figure skater.

1339. be a guest on ellen.

1340. own a schnauzer.

1341. be graceful.

1342. be happy by myself.

1343. meet clint cummings.

1344. get tattooed by jamie davies.

1345. hug a mascot.

1346. meet chord overstreet.

1347. visit neuschwanstein castle.

1348. meet iamme.

1349. meet jack & finn.

1350. own a tea cup collection.

1351. meet the cast of the vampire diaries.

1352. make out to my favorite band.

1353. become a dj.

1354. party all night.

1355. meet fernando torres.

1356. throw a pool party.

1357. go cow tipping.

1358. take a mud bath.

1359. have a snow ball fight.

1360. own a lomographic camera.

1361. work at pixar studios.

1362. watch every harry potter movie.

1363. see pentatonix live.

1364. sing on stage with hayley williams.

1365. learn spanish.

1366. meet charlie sheen.

1367. get a uv tattoo.

1368. jump into a pool fully clothed.

1369. drive an aston martin.

1370. see framing hanley live.

1371. bob for apples.

1372. rope swing into water.

1373. visit platform 9 ¾ at king’s cross station.

1374. go to rick’s cafe in jamaica.

1375. go to walden pond.

1376. learn botanical illustration.

1377. visit chihuly garden and glass.

1378. watch a movie at a drive-in.

1379. meet kings of leon.

1380. visit area 51.

1381. be an extra on neighbours.

1382. attend le cordon bleu.

1383. have my handwriting analyzed.

1384. try truffles.

1385. attend the university of cambridge.

1386. order one of everything on the dollar menu.

1387. own a cat for its whole life.

1388. meet the cast of degrassi.

1389. win a nobel prize.

1390. have a period themed dinner.

1391. own a nes or super nes.

1392. eat at le fouquet’s in paris.

1393. see the arc de triomphe.

1394. visit the tour montparnasse.

1395. literally fall in love.

1396. own a claddagh ring.

1397. go to a candy shop.

1398. ride a merry-go-round.

1399. take a walk on the beach with my love.

1400. meet coldplay.

1401. get on chat roulette.

1402. visit lake hillier.

1403. pay off my student loans.

1404. go to a full moon party.

1405. become an astrophysicist.

1406. watch a meteor shower.

1407. be a guest on the colbert report.

1408. make a new discovery.

1409. own every perfume from victoria’s secret.

1410. get my doctorate.

1411. write a novel.

1412. visit england.

1413. overcome cancer.

1414. get a pet with my love.

1415. meet aidan turner.

1416. meet regina spektor.

1417. meet josh hutcherson.

1418. meet pewdiepie.

1419. read every book on my to-read list.

1420. meet marcus butler.

1421. travel by i nterrail.

1422. own a faberge egg.

1423. meet ian harding.

1424. meet the janoskians.

1425. visit zakynthos, greece.

1426. kiss him first.

1427. visit the madoka magica cafe.

1428. meet bill amend.

1429. dress as santa & give gifts to everyone i meet during the holidays.

1430. learn how to make music boxes.

1431. visit new york.

1432. visit italy.

1433. work at hooters.

1434. meet blue.

1435. see blue live.

1436. be an au pair.

1437. meet nikki sixx.

1438. see motley crue live.

1439. meet dan under.

1440. see mumford & sons live.

1441. move to miami.

1442. visit fraser island, australia.

1443. see cry monster cry live.

1444. build a natural swimming pool in my backyard.

1445. spin the big wheel on the price is right.

1446. meet paul walker.

1447. wear a bikini.

1448. have a fling.

1449. move to berlin.

1450. meet brittany underwood.

1451. be the voice of a tv character.

1452. be in a quentin tarantino movie.

1453. learn to build video game arcade cabinets.

1454. build my own roller slide.

1455. meet gregory gorgeous.

1456. visit the stone mirror in istanbul

1457. visit the phuktal monastery in india.

1458. visit the colosso dell’appennino in italy.

1459. visit the original starbucks in seattle.

1460. meet vincent castronovo.

1461. get braces.

1462. date a bad boy.

1463. be the best father i can be for my children.

1464. rappel.

1465. have sex in a cemetery.

1466. meet chace crawford.

1467. visit puzzlewood.

1468. become a dentist.

1469. become a college professor.

1470. become a midwife.

1471. dance on a table.

1472. learn elvish.

1473. become an allergist.

1474. become a biologist.

1475. become an acupuncturist.

1476. live in arizona.

1477. meet patricia routledge.

1478. meet p!nk.

1479. visit the to sua ocean trench.

1480. visit the hidden beach at marieta islands.

1481. meet joss whedon.

1482. become a disney princess.

1483. have rainbow extensions.

1484. go on an ice cream date.

1485. own a boxer.

1486. spend a year sailing.

1487. learn to accept the things i cannot change.

1488. be an extra on the walking dead.

1489. visit the giant buddha in leshan, china.

1490. visit the door to hell in turkmenistan.

1491. visit the tunnel of love in the ukraine.

1492. visit the antelope canyon in arizona.

1493. visit the glowworm caves in new zealand.

1494. visit the ancient region of anatolia in cappadocia.

1495. visit the haiku stairs in oahu, hawaii.

1496. visit the bunda cliffs in australia.

1497. go dog sledding.

1498. swim in the devils pool in africa

1499. meet kyle busch.

1500. visit mont st. michel.

1501. visit the sagrada familia.

1502. visit the rock of gibraltar.

1503. meet jai courtney.

1504. meet theo james.

1505. meet shailene woodley.

1506. meet emilia clarke.

1507. visit auschwitz.

1508. see onerepublic live.

1509. see dead man’s bones live.

1510. build my own kotatsu.

1511. meet ellen page.

1512. visit the disney archives.

1513. ride roller coasters all day.

1514. meet martin freeman.

1515. eat everything i want for a week.

1516. run through a fountain.

1517. put soap in a fountain.

1518. take a selfie everyday for a year.

1519. meet kris wu.

1520. read every book i own.

1521. become a professional dancer.

1522. go to a spa.

1523. see echosmith live.

1524. see thirty seconds to mars live.

1525. go to the van’s warped tour.

1526. go to rock am ring.

1527. visit cambodia.

1528. visit armenia.

1529. eat deep dish pizza in chicago.

1530. solve a rubik’s cube.

1531. meet roger federer.

1532. attend wimbledon.

1533. own a fancy camera.

1534. meet mariah carey.

1535. visit cape verde.

1536. go ice skating at rockefeller center.

1537. marry a guy with an irish accent.

1538. marry a guy with a scottish accent.

1539. take my husband to peru.

1540. visit belarus.

1541. visit bolivia.

1542. visit benin.

1543. visit azerbaijan.

1544. be asked to prom.

(Video) 100 ideas for your BUCKET LIST

1545. write and publish a comic book.


What is 10 bucket list? ›

The World's 20 Most Popular Bucket List Activities
  • See the Northern Lights. ...
  • Run a Marathon. ...
  • Take an African Safari. ...
  • Write a Story. ...
  • Walk Along the Great Wall of China. ...
  • Learn to Play an Instrument. ...
  • Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef (or Just Go Snorkeling) ...
  • Skydiving.
Aug 23, 2018

Where can I write my bucket list? ›

Alternatively, create a profile on a site such as or Your online profile lets you make a list, keep a record of achievements, meet others who want to achieve life goals, and be inspired by their achievements.

How do you create a meaningful bucket list? ›

Step 1. Name Your Bucket List
  1. Life List.
  2. Dream List.
  3. Life's Aspiration List.
  4. My Lifetime Goals.
  5. Things to Achieve in My Lifetime.
  6. My Life's To Do.
  7. Meaningful Life Goals.
  8. Things to Conquer.
Jan 8, 2018

What should be on a 2021 bucket list? ›

21 bucket list ideas
  • Go on a road trip.
  • Take a Spanish class.
  • Make a scrapbook.
  • Carve a pumpkin.
  • Learn to surf.
  • Run a 5K.
  • Meditate once a week.
  • Start a bullet journal.

What is number 1 on most people's bucket list? ›

The survey found that some of the top items on singles' bucket lists include falling in love (83%), going on a wine tour in Napa Valley (53%), changing someone's life for the better (52%), going on a safari (45%), riding in a hot air balloon (45%), and seeing the Northern Lights (45%).

Is there a bucket list app? ›

The top four bucket list apps available today are Soon, iWish, BUCKitDREAM, and Woovly. Learn more about each of these apps below.

How do I make a life list? ›

The principle of the life list is simple. You list all the things you want to do in life, and cross them off as you do them. Try to do them all before you die. It's easy and fun to make one, but to create a list of dreams that will actually come true is not quite as simple as merely writing down what you want.

What are the best experiences in life? ›

Read on and be inspired by our guide brimming with the best life experiences.
  • Drive a supercar around a world-famous circuit. ...
  • Volunteer. ...
  • Experience the hottest and coldest climates on Earth. ...
  • Watch the sunrise. ...
  • Hit the road. ...
  • Get involved with mentoring. ...
  • Visit the Seven Wonders of the World. ...
  • Host a dinner party.

How long can a bucket list be? ›

Bucket lists may be 10 or 100 items long and consist of a range of different categories. The examples listed above may help you discover which category is most or least important to you. It's also important to hand-write your bucket list opposed to typing it or not solidifying it at all.

What is the craziest thing on your bucket list? ›

Crazy Bucket List Ideas
  • Base Jump With a Wingsuit.
  • Be at the Top of the Tallest Building in the World.
  • Be Brave Enough to Bungee Jump.
  • Be Face to Face With a Tiger.
  • Cage Dive With Sharks.
  • Cage-Dive With Crocodiles in Darwin.
  • Capture a Fugitive.
  • Capture a Tornado on Film.

Should I write a bucket list? ›

Today, the meaning has expanded to encompass goals people want to achieve by certain ages or other milestones. So, whether you're five or 95 years old, sick or healthy, it's never a wrong time to create a bucket list.

What's the craziest thing on your bucket list? ›

Crazy Bucket List Ideas
  • Base Jump With a Wingsuit.
  • Be at the Top of the Tallest Building in the World.
  • Be Brave Enough to Bungee Jump.
  • Be Face to Face With a Tiger.
  • Cage Dive With Sharks.
  • Cage-Dive With Crocodiles in Darwin.
  • Capture a Fugitive.
  • Capture a Tornado on Film.

What should I put on my 2022 bucket list? ›

2022 Bucket List
  • Ice skate in downtown Greenville. ...
  • Ski or slide down a mountain. ...
  • Chase some waterfalls. ...
  • Pick berries in the spring, blueberries in the summer, and apples in the fall. ...
  • Go day (or weekend) trippin' ...
  • Become a Wild Child. ...
  • See an outdoor movie. ...
  • Make extra money.
Jan 3, 2022

If you need a little help getting started, a literal kick up the bum before kicking the bucket, here are 250 cool bucket list ideas you should add to your list.. Go on an African Wildlife Safari Ride in a gondola in Venice Kiss under the Eiffel Tower Hunt the Northern Lights Kiss the Blarney Stone in Cork Fly in a hot air balloon over Cappadocia Stand in the Sistine Chapel Visit Chichén Itzá, a complex of Mayan ruins on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula See the tulips in Holland in full bloom Scuba dive into an underwater cellar in Croatia Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Have a cigar in Havana, Cuba Road trip across the United States Bathe in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland See Christ The Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Explore the Colosseum in Rome Shop up a storm in Milan Visit the red dunes of Namibia’s Sossusvlei Visit the Mona Lisa in The Louvre Walk through the Ruins of Petra in Jordan Visit the Palace of Versailles in France Take a boat trip down the Danube River in Budapest Take a boat trip down The Nile River Spend the night on a houseboat in Kerala, India See Dracula’s Castle in Romania Visit The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt Party the night away in Ibiza Catch a Broadway Show in New York Explore the lavender fields of Provence Visit the annual Oktoberfest in Munich Raft The Grand Canyon Have breakfast on The Great Wall of China Explore the Taj Mahal in Uttar Pradesh, India Watch the sunset in Santorini, Greece Sail around the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador Visit New York during Fashion Week Go Island hopping around Greece Explore Patagonia’s glaciers from either Argentina or Chile Go stand-up paddle boarding in Amsterdam’s canals Explore a winery in every state Sail to The Statue of Liberty Sleep in a traditional hanok in Jeonju, Korea Visit Ayres Rock in Australia Take a photo in front of the Hollywood sign Explore Bolivia’s Salt Flats Camp out in the Australian Outback Visit the Acropolis of Athens See the religious Angkor Wat in Cambodia Explore the Hagia Sophia , the world’s most prominent Byzantine structure See a show at The Sydney Opera House Visit the holy Wailing Wall in Jerusalem Go sailing in Halong Bay, Northern Vietnam Discover the tiles of Porto Roll the dice in a Las Vegas Casino Travel back in time on Easter Island Explore the sheer scale of Iguasso Falls Visit The White House Soak up the spirit of New Orleans Mardi Gras Festival Ride on a red bus in London Spend St Patrick’s Day in Dublin Watch the Tour de France roadside Drink rose all day in Provence, France Explore the fjords in Norway Feel the mist of the Niagara Falls Visit the world’s largest castle in Krakow, Poland Dance under the cherry blossoms in Kyoto, Japan See a show on London’s West End Visit the Tonle Sap floating villages in Cambodia See the sunrise at Shwedagon pagoda, Myanmar Visit Buckingham Palace and see the Changing of the Guard Chill out at the lovely beaches in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam Visit the locations in New Zealand that brought The Lord of The Rings to life Drink gluhwein at a Bavarian Christmas Market Watch the whirling dervishes in Istanbul. Sleep at Everest Base Camp Go Gorilla Trekking in Uganda Swim With pigs in Exuma, Bahamas Swim with Manta Rays in the Maldives Hike Machu Picchu Walk The Camino De Santiago Swim in each of the four major oceans Go mushing in the arctic Swim inside cenotes in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico Hike through the Himalayas Dive at The Great Barrier Reef Float in the Red Sea Ride horses on the beach in Andalusia Go skinny dipping at night Snorkel between tectonic plates in Iceland Hike through Chile’s barren Atacama Desert Catch a wave surfing Go whale watching in Hermanus, South Africa Take a submarine down to the real Titanic Air boat across an alligator infested swamp Go camel riding into the Moroccan Desert Ride a mechanical bull Dive for your own diamond in South Africa Travel through the Amazon Rainforest Climb Kilimanjaro, the tallest free standing mountain Hike a part of the Appalachian Trail Go horseback riding with the Argentine Gauchos Ride on a motorcycle at peak hour in Bangkok Swim in one of America’s Great Lakes Abseil down a waterfall Watch the Serengeti Migration in a hot air balloon Go river rafting beneath the Victoria Falls Great White Cage Diving in South Africa Go bungee jumping. These bucket list items are for the real fans.. Eat pho in Vietnam Partake in the annual Valencia Tomato Festival Indulge in a quintessentially British Afternoon Tea Try Murtabak in Malaysia Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in three different countries Bottle your own jam and sell it Savour the best gelato in Italy Learn to use chopsticks Eat Pad Thai noodles in Thailand Order one of everything off the menu Have starters, mains and dessert at three different restaurants Create your own signature dish Enjoy fish and chips in Hastings, England Try a juice cleanse Try some roast goat with the Maasai in Kenya Get fresh honey from a beehive Eat a croissant in Paris Catch and fillet a fish Try molecular gastronomy Make your own sushi Eat Indian food by hand Thank a waiter with a 100% tip Enter a food eating contest Bake for a cake sale Eat waffles in Brussels, Belgium Create your own latte art Learn how to cook a traditional dish using authentic ingredients Go vegetarian for a month Savour dinner at a Michelin Starred restaurant Start a herb garden Eat at a restaurant on your own Hunt for truffles with a dog Toss pizza dough in the air Shuck your own oysters. But in reality, many of them you can achieve – if you just set your mind to it.. The ultimate relationship bucket list is not just aimed at romantic things to do.. After all none of us would eat leaves or go running – if we didn’t care about our wellbeing.. Spend time with people that uplift you Take time to appreciate nature Find something to laugh about each day. A bucket list is a great way to give your goals a life – and actually achieve them.

Visit the World Wonders The 7 Wonders of the World are definitely worth the visit, though they can be a bit remote.. Nature lovers have a lot to choose from when it comes to creating the perfect bucket list.. Taking some time to travel this path gives you a chance to discover yourself.. Find a new recipe and get to work!. You don’t need any experience or skills to visit your local bowling lanes as a family.. Beyond your family, your bucket list also brings you closer with friends.. Why not share this time with those you love?. Here are the best bucket list ideas to establish your school and career life.. Mentor a younger student Life is better when you give back.. Find your mentor Your network is the best tool for getting ahead.. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there to get a raise.. Challenge yourself to learn, explore, and expand your mind with these personal growth ideas.. Not only will you learn how to cook new things, but you’re doing good.. It’s a promise that you’ll never stop trying new things and challenging yourself.. Create your bucket list today to see what you’ll accomplish tomorrow.

I hope this list of 50 simple bucket list ideas helps out!. With all that in mind, I wanted to put together a nice long list of easy things to put on a bucket list.. Looking for an everyday bucket list to make life that bit more fulfilling?. Hopefully, these 75 simple bucket list ideas will help you establish the perfect bucket list for you.. I thought about just having ‘learn a language’ as one of these bucket list ideas.. Bucket list ideas don’t get much simpler, but it makes for an awesome experience all the same.. Be sure to include this one in your list of simple and inexpensive bucket list ideas.. Easy bucket list ideas don’t get much better than treating yourself to something you’ve always wanted!. A small bucket list idea that’d make a big different to your wellbeing would be to quit smoking!. I hope the everyday bucket list ideas in this post provided you with some actionable items to add to your own personal bucket lists.. Which of the easy bucket list ideas on this list do you hope to tick off in the future?

There is something about bucket lists that makes me feel excited and adventurous.. Today I’m combining all the different bucket list categories into one Ultimate Bucket List.. Many of these activities make great bucket list items.. I’ve got many of these on my personal bucket list.. Start planning for retirement – This may be something you haven’t thought much about, I’ve definitely been guilty of this, but now is the time to start.. Go abroad and visit a country you’ve dreamed of going to – If you are reading this post when it is published this isn’t the best idea to do right now, however, you can start planning future travel plans.. In this hodgepodge of bucket list ideas you’ll find themes like career development, adventure, health, etc.. So, naturally snorkeling would make it onto my bucket list.. Find out your family history – Spend some time talking to your parents and grandparents or go to a service like Ancestry Go see, or be in, a game show – A game show I’ve always wanted to be on is Family Feud, what about you?. Get a pen pal – If you like writing, and making new friends, this should be on your bucket list.. If you’ve never made a bucket list before, read back over these ideas.. After you’ve made your list pick the top five or so ideas that you feel you can check off first.. Once that is done I can determine when is the best time to do a no spend challenge This one I will have to play by ear, at the time I am writing this, to see how the coronavirus affects any travel plans.. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what to put on your bucket list, and how to create a game plan to make these activities happen.

This guide will give you the inspiration, the tools and know-how for you to make your own bucket list and live a life filled with meaning and unforgettable memories.. Shortly put, a bucket list (also known as life list or life goals) is simply a collection of all the things you want to try, goals you want to achieve and life experiences you want to accomplish within your lifetime.. By BK The basic idea of a bucket list is to keep track of your goals and to take steps to achieve these goals in order to maximize the memorable experiences in your life.. A bucket list is not just an idle collection of your goals and dreams, it is so much more.. My HUGE bucket list has been an inspiration to help overcome many of my fears, given me an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, made me feel incredibly “alive” and changed the monotony of everyday life.. Bucket lists make you stop and think what you actually want to experience in your life.. However, don’t just add bungee jumping or skydiving just because it is a popular item on everyone else’s list, make sure to only include items meaningful to you.. My bucket list includes both long term goals as well as easier up-lifters.. With that said, this list is not your daily to do list, it is meant for new, memorable experiences and the steps it takes to achieve them.. Usually when people start their lists, the vast majority of the first things they write down are things related to travel.. Check out my personal 1000+ bucket list or subscribe to receive my upcoming handpicked 5000+ bucket list — free of charge.. I started out with little money, but have been able to quite a few expensive bucket list items adventures.. Anyways, because a bucket list is constantly evolving, it is advised to keep it in a electronic document where you can easily edit, add and remove items.. There are also several online Bucket List community websites where you can keep your list and engage with other bucket-listers, such as:

One of the biggest things I’ve been working on is my 20s bucket list filled with all the things to do before 30.. This before 30 bucket list includes all the fun, exciting, and liberating things I want to experience before 30.. To keep this bucket list clear and concise, I have separated it into some individual categories: personal, travel, health, entertainment, relationship, and miscellaneous!. Bask in your freedom and take advantage of this liberation by setting and tackling a travel 20s bucket list.. Travel to X new states Road trip Go for a hike in a new place Visit Europe Drive across a border Swim in an Ocean You’ve Never Been In Fly first class Take a helicopter tour Visit an Island Take a selfie with an iconic landmark Stay in a bungalow Rent a house on the beach Take a spontaneous weekend trip Visit a friend that lives far away Go camping Kiss someone from another country Drive across X state borders Take a boat to an island See a new animal species Travel solo. Let’s make a healthy bucket list for your 20s so you can become the healthiest version of yourself.. This entertainment bucket list for 20 years olds is perfect for those nights that you want to do something but don’t know what!. Family, friends, or even that special someone… there are certain things on my relationship bucket list for my 20s that I want to cross off in these 10 years!. A bucket list for 20-year-olds can look really different depending on your own dreams, goals, and personal situation!. For me, this is perfect for all the bucket list things I want to do before I turn 30.. I would love to see your own bucket list for your 20s!

However, since you only get to live your life once, consider adding a bit of humor to your buck list.. Randomly choose a guy in a public place and act like a long lost friend.. In an elevator, laugh randomly for 5 minutes.. Go up to a person and ask “can I ask you a question” and when they say sure, say thanks and walk away.. Put a post in note in every mail box down your street that says: “I know where you live!!. Run down the lane and yell out, “They are back!. Act like a depressed person and cry in public place and when someone asks what is wrong with you say, “I am not able to find out my killers”.. In an elevator, stand silently, stare a person and in a demonic voice say- “You are my next target, I will leave this body and enter yours”.. In an elevator while going down with just another one person, yell out keeping hands on ears, “Not the voices again, they are taking us down to devil!. Follow someone and when they turn around yell out “Do not stare at me, I am innocent”.. Change Facebook name to “No One.” Like people’s statuses…. When people walk or drive by, you get the best looks.

Looking for some crazy bucket list ideas?. So, I decided to put together a post full of crazy bucket list ideas to help someone in this sort of situation take action on their intent.. Check out this list of 120 crazy things for a bucket list.. A word of warning: many of these crazy things to put on your bucket list are crazy in a “ you could actually die ” kind of way.. With 120 crazy bucket list ideas on it, there should be something here to sink your teeth into that invites a bit of derring-do into your life.. Got any more bucket list crazy ideas for me to add?

A good life to-do list will include some typical bucket list items and some of the most popular bucket list items, you know… the “cool things to do bucket list”.. To answer the question ‘What makes a good bucket list?’ we must also ask ‘What makes a good life?’.. After all, a bucket list is just a list of awesome fun things to do right?. This ‘relationships’ element is why a ‘bucket list for couples’ or a ‘family bucket list’ could be a good idea and why ‘get married’ is an evergreen popular idea.. Meaning – Is your bucket list all about you?. Adding some bucket list items to your list that help others or support a cause you believe in will be a good idea.. Try to connect your travel bucket list goals with other life goals for a greater impact.. But could you do this bucket list item with an important person in your life?. It feels really good.. Learning to paint gives you a skill you can use to find peace of mind throughout your life.. They can be social and help to build relationships and there is an opportunity for accomplishment too.. As well as being a great achievement becoming bilingual can help you to make new friends.. There is no such thing as a ‘best bucket list’ or even ‘best bucket list items’.. You can improve many bucket lists experiences by making sure you do it with a friend or loved one.

This is your first step to creating your bucket list.. Here are some of our best bucket list ideas to inspire you.. A bucket list is a list of experiences that someone wants to have at some point in their life.. It gives you things to look forward to Hope is a powerful thing, and making a bucket list gives people a reason to nurture that spark and anticipate what’s to come when the days feel long.. Include anything you like on your bucket list.. These are just a few of our best bucket list ideas.

Whether you’ve lived an adventurous life already or you feel like you’ve got a life full of things left to do, creating and following a fun bucket list is a great way to broaden your life experience.. From planting trees to visiting the pyramids to going skinny dipping, the bucket list ideas we’ve included below will surely inspire you to get up and get started on having as fulfilling a life as possible.. These bucket list ideas are just a few ideas among the infinitesimal list of things this world offers.. Below, you’ll find a list of 100 must-do bucket list ideas.. Ask a few friends to join you on your quest to complete a set number of these list items and make some ever-lasting memories , and don’t forget to bring your camera!. Planting a tree is one of the great bucket list ideas because it’s giving back to the environment.. These days we can connect with individuals, groups, and teachers in online chat rooms and courses, making learning a new language one of the most straightforward and most accessible items to tick off your bucket list.. Nature-oriented bucket list ideas are great because they allow us to make the best of the planet we find ourselves on.. Starting a family is on many people’s bucket lists.. Set yourself a challenge to tick at least one thing off your bucket list every month or whenever you can, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself !

When you know exactly what you want in life, it becomes much easier to achieve your goals one by one.. We have divided the list into various categories- crazy bucket list ideas, travel bucket list ideas, bucket list ideas for finances, bucket list ideas for couples, and much more!. Pexels- Crazy Bucket List IdeasYou only live once.. Below are some crazy bucket list ideas that will inspire you.. Watch a sunrise together Recreate your first date Get matching tattoos Go wine tasting Carve your initials into a tree Create special playlists for each other Travel the world together Kiss in the rain Plan your future Enjoy a tech-free day together Go to a drive-in movie Get a couples massage Learn to waltz Lay under the stars Write each other a love letter Enjoy a picnic Sext each other Dress up in couple’s costume for Halloween Go hiking Go scuba diving together Enjoy a couples game night Slow dance in the living room Watch each other’s favourite movie Enjoy a stay-in-bed-all-day weekend together Visit a museum together Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower Take a helicopter ride Stay in a tree house Have a romantic photoshoot Learn your partner’s love language Adopt a pet Buy a home together Take a bubble bath Try a new restaurant every month. Unsplash- Bucket List Ideas For Best FriendsIt’s always fun to do crazy things with your best friend!. Once things get better, it will be a great idea to get out and explore the world a little more!. If you can’t think of anything, here are some bucket list ideas that can inspire you.. Here are a few ideas for an amazing bucket list for couples that can get you started!

A young graduate from NYU film school, Justin Zackham, created a list called “Justin’s List of Things to Do Before I Kick the Bucket.” The first item on Zackham’s list was to get a movie made by a major studio in Hollywood.. The great thing about bucket lists is that they are deeply personal.. Here are some simple and accessible ideas to inspire you as you make a bucket list of your own.. As you go through this list, record your choices and then check out our guide on how to make a bucket list .. You could extend your life expectancy, which means you have more time to tackle your bucket list.. Making friends with one or two other couples you both like gives you an opportunity to spend more time with your partner.. Learn how to cook Many people don’t learn how to cook until they’re in college and living on their own for the first time.. A lot of people think bucket lists contain nothing but adventures.. Think about all the things you’ve wanted to do and never gotten around to doing and make a bucket list of your own.. You’ll soon realize that a bucket list isn’t really about doing things before you die; it’s about doing things that make life worth living.

Many people keep the bucket list to live their dreams.. You can travel around the world and live these bucket list ideas:. Visit at least 10 historic places in your country.. Plan a trip to visit your favorite movie or series scene location.. Visit India for mediation and learn Yoga.. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon. Watch the Sunrise & Sunset in one Day. Meet forest tribal people and learn about their culture. Attend a Beer Festival. Diwali Festivals | India. Sundance Film Festival | USA

Make a Bucket List Wake up in a New Country!. Everest Stay at a T’ai Shen monastery in China Visit Padar Island in Indonesia Jet SKi to the Volcano in Santorini Paragliding in the Alps.. Spend Months traveling Thailand Explore New York City Learn Rock Climbing.. Kayak the Bay of Islands in New Zealand Hike 10k on the Great Wall of China Day hike the 4 sisters Mountain in Sichuan Motorbike Around Bagan.. Drive the Great Ocean Road.. Looking to get started with your bucket list, but want to start with small personal goals in life?. Adopt an Animal Read 12 Books A Year Give Three Hugs A Day Wake Up And Watch the Sunrise Volunteer at a Shelter Do Something Kind Everyday Visit a Museum Learn a New Skill Think of a Fun Idea every week.. Traveling by Train Visit the “Top of the Rock” in New York Renting out a pool at your local hotel Swimming in ice-cold water.. Build a Blanket Fort Go to a Comic Book Convention Play in the Rain Make Your Recipe Play Mini Golf Go to an Arcade Name a Star After Yourself Send Yourself a Letter Make a movie.. Visit a New Country Every Year.. Make a list of great date night ideas list.. Create a list of great dinner ideas, or great appetizer ideas that everyone should eat once.. Go to an amusement park Go on a cruise to the best islands in the Caribbean Take a hike up a mountain or mountain range (better if there’s snow) Go camping in the wilderness for at least three days See wild animals in Kruger National Park Swim in Lake Michigan in Winter. Make your list of great dessert ideas from around the world, and then start making your way through the list.. Learn how to cook a new recipe every week for a year Take an improv comedy class Learn how to dance like Beyoncé (or at least try!)

You mull over, “if only I have lived life with a little more freedom, laughed a little more and loved a little more”.. Instead, it is an itemized list of things that are purposeful, meaningful and reasonably challenging.. Some items, such as publishing a memoir, are intended to create legacies that last beyond lifetimes.. Accomplishing worthy items on your bucket list help you to create compelling stories about how you have lived.. For example, if you have the category “Travel”, list down which countries and what you hope to see or do there.. 111 Items For Your Bucket List. Go on a long road trip with your loved ones.. Writing a book and actually publishing it is two separate things.. Learn a new language.. To be in love is to experience a warm fuzzy feeling of connection with a special someone.. – Run an online business with clients from all over the world,. – Married my soul mate,. – Done volunteer work,. – Went on spiritual retreats,. – Celebrated New Year countdown in Times Square. – Fulfilled my desire to be a parent, etc.. What items do you have on your bucket list?. Share this post with your family and friends on social media.

While I am sure you that have your own bucket list ideas and personal goals, this list will help inspire new plans and adventures!. Riding in a hot air balloon is another bucket list activity that will push you outside of your comfort zone.. Whether this cross country trip will be your own adventure, an adventure with friends, or with your person, this kind of trip is worthy of any bucket list.. Horse back riding (especially on the beach) is definitely worth including on your bucket list.. Knowing how to defend yourself is a key life skill and should not only be on your bucket list, but your life list as well.. Hopefully these bucket list ideas will inspire you to either create your own bucket list or add some items to your existing one.

And they’re right, but only if we choose for these years to be fabulous…. You see, some people believe we have the choice to live “two lives” within our one lifetime —that we’re presented with a fork in the road during this 40-something transition period of our lives, when we have one seemingly simple choice: We can either start living by embracing what’s to come in “Act II” or we can make excuses for not participating in life the way we once did and thereby get started dying .. Personally, I was shocked by how easily the people I know seemed to fall under one category or the other.. We have to make the conscious choice to start living .. Well, it’s different for every woman, but one way to “get started living” is to create a LIFE LIST to spur you into action from here on out.. Instead look it as a LIFE Bucket List where you focus on living.. Hopefully, a few of these suggestions will inspire you to keep adding to your personalized Life List.. These ideas here just waiting for you to create your personalized Life List.. Here’s to a beautiful Act II, my friends.. It would make our week if you took a second to share this post on your favorite social media spot.

There’s something magical about the word majestic and that’s one of the secrets to having a great bucket list – challenging yourself to experience the MAJESTIC and feeling incredibly ALIVE while you’re still able.. What I love about bucket lists is that there’s no right or wrong way to make them, and the items on your list can evolve with you over time.. Have a minimum of 10 items ( life is too short to have a tiny list ) Think BIG ( even if something seems impossible right now ) Get specific ( you’re more likely to accomplish things this way ) Don’t worry about what other people may think ( bucket lists are about YOU ) Read your bucket list regularly and get active ( b/c only you have the power to make things happen! ). A bucket list will bring a lot of challenges and a lot of joys to your life.. Become a self made millionaire See all of the National Parks Travel entirely by train on a 6 month trip through Europe Ride a donkey up the mountain to Santorini Get entirely out of debt Become a homeowner Land a six figure job Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge Start your own business Visit all 7 continents Make a time capsule and bury it in your back yard Take a cruise around the world Grow out your hair and then donate it to a cancer/hair loss charity Be an extra in a movie with your favorite actor/actress Create your own mobile app Get a stamp on every page in your passport before it expires Start a scholarship fund for your favorite school or group Rent a flat in a foreign country for a month Apply and get selected for your house to be on an design or garden show Go to the next World Cup Create a video that goes viral on youtube Read 52 books in twelve months Watch an event live at the Olympics Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef Visit each of the 50 states Write a journal entry every day for a year Go hang gliding in Kitty Hawk, NC Publish a book See every country in Europe Become a parent Take a cross country road trip Window shop at every store in the Mall of America Go on all the rides at Disneyland Complete a triathlon Teach someone how to read Climb an ancient ruin while your knees are still good Trek through the Amazon rainforest Hike Half Dome in Yosemite Visit every National Park Start your own blog and share your life experiences Try skydiving indoors or outdoors if you’re brave enough Ride in a hot air balloon race Swim with whale sharks in the Philippines Give a graduation speech to 3,000 students Zip line across the Amazon rainforest Visit every island in South East Asia Have dinner with your favorite musician Participate in Brazil’s Carnival Make it to the final table at the World Series of Poker Visit Victoria Falls Save a life becoming a bone marrow donor Take a selfie with your favorite celebrity Stay a week at an overwater bungalow in Fiji Learn how to play a musical instrument and perform in front of strangers Go on a river cruise through Egypt Make homemade ice cream with all your relatives at a family reunion Learn how to fly on a trapeze at a circus school Publish a book of your best recipes and gift copies to your friends Take panorama pictures from the top of the London Eye and the Eiffel tower Get a black belt in karate Go on a camping trip in Alaska Rent a boat along the Congo River Kiss a dolphin Learn how to fly a plane See all the ancient wonders in Egypt Have a conversation with a stranger in a foreign language Sing the national anthem in front of 500 people Star in a TV commercial See lions, tigers and bears in the wild Walk the entire length of the Great Wall of China Swim to and stand behind a giant waterfall Swim with sharks in Palau Audition for a game show Become the president of a community organization Learn how to scuba dive Help someone complete an item on their bucket list Be a featured artist at a local gallery or business Watch molten lava flows at an active volcano Hike down the Grand Canyon, camp out overnight, and watch the sunrise Ride a camel in the Sahara desert Fly first class on an international flight that’s at least 10 hours long Take a picture of yourself every day for a year and turn them into a video Rent an RV for a month Go on a humanitarian trip to Africa Sing karaoke solo in front of total strangers Learn how to drive a stock car at Talladega Raceway Attend the Iditarod sled races in Alaska Spend the night in a Medieval castle Revisit a favorite family vacation spot with all your siblings as adults Win a state or national food/baking contest Attend a movie premiere Visit 100 countries Attend the Super Bowl Take a trip to see glaciers and polar bears Climb Mt.. Go on a safari Retire early!. I hope I’ve given you some inspiration to create your own bucket list!. You can register your domain for under $20/year and get hosting for only $3.49/month.. Updated for 2017 and beyond

It’s a reminder of all the things we want to achieve in our time here, so that instead of pandering our time in pointless activities, we are directing it fully toward what matters to us.. Start reading the books that will help you evolve instead of merely develop. Start taking the path of least resistance instead of working against life. Create a business plan without taking 3 months to do so. Develop a reserve of time during my day. Bring balance to work, home, community and personal time over a three months. Discover my life purpose and begin setting goals to live it within 90 days. Spend 10% less money monthly. Increase personal time by four hours a week within one month. Allow one day out of each month to do something I really want to do. Meet with a Financial Advisor twice a year to keep finances updated to set goals on a weekly basis. Reorient personal and professional life completely around values (not wants and needs) within three years. Read the top 100 books of all time. Write it down, mix it up, make it personal and stay motivated.

Finding a hobby that you absolutely love is a great way to find purpose in your life.. Writing a love letter is an old-fashioned way of expressing love.. I’d love to share it with someone I love.. Which ones of these bucket list ideas have you already completed, and which ones are still on your list?. If you don’t have one yet, now it is time to create your own bucket list!


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