Fix PS4 Not Working Error and Some Common Errors with PS4 (2022)

Due to various PS4 problems, you may encounter the PS4 not working issue. To make the console work again, you should find the faults and then take corresponding actions. In this post, MiniTool will discuss some common errors with PS4 and offer solutions to them.

PS4, a home video game console, is developed by Sony. It is the successor of PS3. It is very popular with gamers owning millions of users across the world. It enables you to play various games on it like Bloodborne, he Last Guardian, Spider-Man, God of War, Call of Duty Warzone, etc.

Though it can work well in most time, it sometimes can throw you some errors. You can encounter various PS4 issues such as PS4 won’t turn on, ce-36244-9, PS4 extended storage error ce-30022-7, black screen of death, blue light of death, and so forth.

In a word, your PS4 may not work due to kinds of errors. How to know if PS4 stop working? Well, you can learn that from some signs. The section below will illustrate them in details. Please keep reading.

Signs of PS4 Dying

Is PS4 not working? When there’s no error message on your PS4, you may need to confirm that via some symptoms with the console. When your PS4 has the following symptoms, it indicates that it misbehaves. Then you should take some measures.

Overheating: When PS4 doesn’t have adequate ventilation and cooling, the console might be damaged. In addition, long periods of use or large buildups of dust can also result in overheating. If the overheating condition lasts long, it will lead to system failure or burnouts in the console’s hardware.

Long load up: The loading screen is the bane of the player’s survival. If your games take much longer time than usual to load, your PS4 hard drive may hang while in use. Factors like manufacture faults, damaged discs, outdated games, and outdated system software can give rise to the issue.

Loud sound during startup or gameplay: For older consoles, this phenomenon is very common. When you are booting up the console or playing games on it, it makes sounds like a fighter jet taking off. This is usually because there is too much dust on the console. Due to it, the CPU fan works harder than before, causing very loud noise.

Repeated read or write disk errors: If you find many read or write errors, it usually results from corrupt game data. When there is a power surge on the console, data will be corrupted during the initial install or an update. If an update or install is interrupted by a force shutdown, restart or Internet connection loss, game data can be corrupted too. In this case, you should reinstall the game to fix the issue.

Of courses, other symptoms like PS4 console freezes and the system crashes also means that your PS4 doesn’t work properly. What can you do to get PS4 working normally? Here is a PS4 repair guide for you.

How to Fix PS4 Not Working Issue

In this section, we will introduce you some methods to fix PS4 not working issue. Then you can play PS4 as before.

Fix 1: Check HDMI Ports

Faulty HDMI ports can lead to issues like PS4 turns off randomly, PS4 audio & video problem, PS4 black screen flickers, PS4 HDR & PS4 Pro 4K problem, etc. Hence, it is necessary to check HDMI ports when PS4 stop working.

How to know if HDMI port is broken? If your PS4 console doesn’t display a video picture properly while using it, it might have some HDMI issues.

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When you see distorted graphics, blurred images, no sound or video signal, check the HDMI cable and port function. If possible, you can try testing alternative HDMI cables.

Fix 2: Update TV’s Firmware

Some users find that updating television firmware can solve the lack of audio-video signal. If you have a television with Internet connectivity, you can update its firmware by following its instruction manual. You need to note that this operation might change HDMI settings and fix device compatibility.

Fix 3: Check the Power Supply

If you see the blue light on the PS4 console, you should check the power supply. To do that, press and hold the Power button on the front of the PS4 until the system beeps twice and powers off. After that, disconnect the AC power cord from the electrical outlet and check the AC IN connector and power cord for any obvious damages or anomalies.

Fix 4: Check Hard Drive for Errors

When your PS4 hard drive contain errors, you can encounter PS4 not working error. Given to that fact, you’d better check your hard drive for errors. MiniTool Partition Wizard, a professional partition manager, enables you to find hard drive errors with ease.

Tip: Bad sectors, file systems errors and bit rot are the common errors with hard drive.

Apart from that, MiniTool Partition Wizard also allows you to recover missing data, convert MBR to GPT, migrate OS, rebuild MBR, copy disk, etc. It is helpful for solving errors like AMD Radeon settings missing, 0x80072f8f, MSI Mystic light not working, Fallout 4 crashing, etc.

Click on the buttons below to download and install MiniTool Partition Wizard. Then press and hold the Power button on PS4 console to turn it off. Disconnect the AC power cord and any other cables, and then take out the HDD from the device.

Free Download

Step 1: Connect the HDD to your PC.

Step 2: Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard to enter its main interface.

Step 3: Choose the connected HDD and then click on the Surface Test option in the left pane.

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Fix PS4 Not Working Error and Some Common Errors with PS4 (1)

Step 4: In the pop-up window, click on the Start Now button to begin the process. Once you click the button, MiniTool Partition Wizard will immediately scan the selected hard drive for errors.

Fix PS4 Not Working Error and Some Common Errors with PS4 (2)

Step 5: After a while, you will receive the scan results. If there are any blocks in the scan area marked with red color, it means that there are bad sectors on the hard drive. You should procced with the steps below. On the contrary, you should skip the following steps.

Step 6: Type cmd in the search box, and then right click on Command Prompt from the listed search results and click on Run as administrator.

Fix PS4 Not Working Error and Some Common Errors with PS4 (3)

Step 7: In the elevated Command Prompt window, type chkdsk e: /r and hit Enter to execute the operation. When the process ends, detected errors on the selected drive will be solved. Then you can disconnect the hard drive and put it back to your PS4 console. Power on the console and see if PS4 works properly.

Tip: You need to replace e with your actual drive letter.

Fix PS4 Not Working Error and Some Common Errors with PS4 (4)

Fix 5: Reset Controller

After ensuring that everything is connected properly, press and hold the PS button on the controller until the system light turns orange. Then, press and hold the PS button until the light turns white. Now, try rebooting PS4 to see if it boots properly.

Fix 6: Initialize PS4

If the above fixes fail to work, you should try initializing PS4 to restore to its default settings. However, this method will remove all the data like downloaded games, saved game data, and others on the hard drive. Based on that, you are recommended to back up PS4 data before starting the initialization.

Step 1: Turn off PS4 console by pressing the Power button.

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Step 2: After waiting for some time, press and hold the Power button until you hear two beeps. By doing so, you will enter the Safe Mode of PS4.

Step 3: Select the Initialize PS4 option and then follow the on-screen instruction to finish the process.

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Frequently Asked PS4 Problems

In this part, we would like to discuss some frequently asked PS4 errors. If you are bothered by them, follow the steps below to resolve.

PS4 Won’t Turn on

According to user reports, they sometimes cannot start the PS4. When this error occurs, they can’t play games on the console and may even can’t get the disk out. For this issue, we can share some methods with you.

First and foremost, reconnect the power cable. This operation will power reset PS4 and clear the corruption issues with the console. Disconnect the power cable from the console and then wait for 30 seconds at least. Then plug the power cable back and turn on the console as usual to see if it works.

Secondly, you should clear the dust in the console as it can stop your game console from working properly. This post illustrates you the detailed steps to clean PS4.

Thirdly, hit the PS4 console gently. It has been proven to be useful by some users. To do this,. Finally, you can also try rebuilding PS4 database to fix the PS4 won’t turn on issue.

PS4 Keeps Disconnecting from PlayStation Network

The PlayStation Network (PSN) controls many aspects ranging from online games playing, deals of PlayStation store, to the communication with friends. Hence, it has important influence on PlayStation.

However, sometimes PS4 keeps disconnecting from PlayStation network, which is rather annoying. Actually, this issue is the result of ongoing maintenance with the PSN. You can solve it by taking some measures.

One solution to the issue is to reset the router’s DNS and IP settings. Switch off the PS4 console and unplug the router to give it some time (about 30 seconds). Then plug the router back in and turn on PS4 console. Now, connect the network again.

To fix this PS4 problem, you can also seek for technical help from service team or update your router firmware and then reconnect to the network.

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Is PS4 not working? You can see that by checking if your PS4 has the described signs in the post. If it doesn’t work properly, fix it with the given methods. If you see the specific error code or error message that is mentioned in the article, you can click on the link to obtain the details.

If you encounter other new PS4 errors, you can share with us by writing them in the following comment area. For any questions about MiniTool Partition Wizard, directly send us an email via [emailprotected].

PS4 Not Working FAQ

What is the white light of death on PS4?

PS4 white light of death (WLOD) is a phenomenon that PS4 turns on and shows the white light but not showing anything on the screen.

How to force start PS4?

You can force start PS4 with the steps below.

  1. Turn off PS4 by pressing the Power button. The indicator should blink a few times before console power down.
  2. Press and hold the Power button until you hear two beeps.
  3. After booting up in Safe Mode, plug your controller into PS4 and click on the PS button. Then you can control PS4 from here.

Is there a reset button on PS4?

Yes, there is. You can perform a factory reset on PS4 by clicking the Initialization tab in the Settings menu. Then click on the Initialize PS4 option to reset the console.

Does rest mode damage your PS4?

No, it doesn’t. Rest mode is a bit like the sleep mode on PC, which means that it enters into a low-power mode rather than turning off completely. Then you can access your games faster when you wake it up. The drawback is that it consumes more energy than turning PS4 off.

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Fix PS4 Not Working Error and Some Common Errors with PS4? ›

How to Fix PS4 Not Working Issue
  • Fix 1: Check HDMI Ports. ...
  • Fix 2: Update TV's Firmware. ...
  • Fix 3: Check the Power Supply. ...
  • Fix 4: Check Hard Drive for Errors. ...
  • Fix 5: Reset Controller. ...
  • Fix 6: Initialize PS4. ...
  • PS4 Won't Turn on. ...
  • PS4 Keeps Disconnecting from PlayStation Network.
Dec 8, 2021

Why does my PS4 keep coming up with error? ›

This error occurs because the games or applications crash. Generally speaking, it is caused by the PS4 corrupted data or the system software issues.

How do you fix errors on PS4? ›

Close the application, install the latest System Software and game updates and restart the system. If you have upgraded the Hard Disk Drive ("HDD") in your system, please re-install the original HDD. If the error occurs again, back up your saved data, and then go to Settings > Initialization and choose Initialize PS4.

What are common problems with PS4? ›

Some of the most commonly occurring PS4 faults include blinking lights, overheating, damaged or worn out HDMI and USB ports, as well as malfunctioning hard drives. The so-called “Blue Line of Death” is one of the most serious problems reported in our Norwich PS4 repair shop, but even this can be overcome.

How do you know when your PS4 is dying? ›

What Are The Signs To Know If Your PS4 Is Dying!? - YouTube

How do I know if my PS4 hard drive is broken? ›

Signs of a failing HDD:
  1. Downloads are corrupted.
  2. Lots of errors in games and applications.
  3. Turn on console and database starts rebuilding without previous power loss or error.
  4. Video applications (Youtube) stutter pause resume freeze or don't load.
Sep 6, 2016

What causes PS4 blue Light death? ›

The blue light of death is a common issue that PS4 users may experience. It usually means you have a software issue or a faulty power or HDMI cable.

Can the PS4 get viruses? ›

Even though a PlayStation 4 is not a computer it can get a virus from various things including downloading or streaming games from an infected server or simply opening an infected message that says it is from PlayStation.

How do I fix error 34878? ›

How to FIX CE-34878-0 PS4 Error Code & Fix Application ... - YouTube

How do you hard reset a PS4? ›

Hold the power button down until you hear two beeps, which will allow it to boot in Safe Mode. Step 4: Choose Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software) on your PS4. From there, follow all the prompts from your PS4. As you go through, the console will wipe everything, including system software.

Is PS4 easy to repair? ›

Well, good news: The PS4 is easy to repair, scoring an 8 out of 10 on the repairability scale. Tom's Hardware picked up a video from tech hardware and repair outlet

How long does a PlayStation 4 last? ›

On average, a PS4 can last 5 years at least. However, things could be different in certain cases. To make sure your PS4 can last longer, you need to take care of it in your daily life. In the following content, you can get some tips that can help extend the PS4 lifespan.

Is PS4 repairable? ›

Share All sharing options for: Just how repairable is the PS4? PlayStation 4 owners can expect their new consoles to be relatively easy to disassemble, reassemble and repair despite the fact that Sony warns against it, according to the recent PlayStation 4 Teardown at

How do you know if your PS4 is overheating? ›

A sure sign that your PS4 is overheating is when the cooling fan is always running at its maximum speed. While you play, you might also notice or experience reduced performance.

How do you clean a PS4? ›

First, make sure that your PS4 is switched off and all cables are disconnected from the console's body. 2. Next, you want to clean the outside of your PS4. To do this, take your can of compressed air and spay bursts of air into each of the ports, front and back, as well as the vents.

Can I send my PS4 to Sony to get fixed? ›

If your device is still under warranty then the best option would be to send it in to Sony for warranty repairs. There are several exceptions to this however. If you have already removed the warranty stickers then Sony will charge for any repairs and in some cases probably will not accept the console at all.

How do you fix an error has occurred in the following application CE 34878 0? ›

If you receive a CE-34878-0 error, you will need to restart the game.
If a PS Camera is connected to the system, remove it and reboot the system, then turn off Enable Face Recognition.
  1. From the PlayStation 4 home screen, select Settings.
  2. Select User.
  3. Select Login Settings.
  4. Uncheck Enable Face Recognition.

What is error e 8210604A? ›

The PlayStation error code E-8210604A occurs when issues with a payment method. This problem most often occurs when users have just updated an expired debit card and can prevent them from completing their subscription to PS Plus or PS Now.

What does it mean when your PS4 says CE 30005 8? ›

Cannot start the application CE-30005-8 means that either the game's disc is corrupt or your PS4 console “thinks” that its hard disk drive is corrupt (e.g., if a PS4 update is installing and you try to install a game through the disc, then it may show the error at hand).

How do I fix error code WS 44949 0? ›

How to Fix PS4 Error WS-44949-0
  1. Set up your Internet connection. You might see that PlayStation network failure at times. ...
  2. Test your Net Connection. ...
  3. Check Server Status. ...
  4. Restart your router. ...
  5. Use LAN cable.

This guide will explain common PS4 problems and fixes for these issues that will help you get back to playing your PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro faster without the need to call Sony or look for a replacement.. You can use this list of common PlayStation 4 problems and fixes to get back to gaming faster.. PS4 problems include disc errors, the PS4 turning off without warning and problems connecting to PSN to play games with friends or to download games.. Here are common PS4 problems and how to fix them on your own so you can get back to playing faster.. This issue first appeared in November 2013 , and Sony soon offered a collection of fixes for this PS4 problem, including an option to get a replacement if none of them work.. There are a lot of complaints on the PlayStation Forums from users who cannot fix this PS4 WiFi problem.. Check your cables and the HDMI port to fix this PS4 problem.. How to fix common PS4 controller problems.. For users who cannot fix these or other PS4 Problems, Sony Support is the next stop.. A new HDMi cable did not fix our problem, but it may help you.. The PS4 supports HDR gaming and the PS4 Pro supports 4K and HDR in games, but you can easily run into problems trying to set this up.

This will fix any hardware compatibility issues and reset your TV’s HDMI settings, which sometimes affect your console’s signal.. But if the problem isn’t due to maintenance and you’re still experiencing connectivity issues, you can try the following hacks to get back online:. You’ll see a prompt with two DNS settings – select “Manual”.. The problem is probably faulty firmware, a network issue, or overheating.. Here’s how to fix PS4 consoles with this problem:. If none of these suggestions work, schedule a console repair to fix your fan.. If your PS4 stopped working and none of these hacks could fix it, it might be time to let an expert look at it.

Any gadget out there comes with its problems and there is the need to come up with solutions that will help users fix these problems without the need of spending money to hire a tech guy to fix these problems for them.. Since its release, these problems are increasing in various online communities, over 70 million users have posted problems they face with the console.. Most PS4 users end up spending a lot of money on simple problems they can solve without even leaving the comfort of their home, and some will even abandon their gaming console and consider buying a new one instead of fixing the problem on their own.. In this post, we’ll talk about common PS4 problems that are faced by users so that if you ever encounter these problems you can fix them on your console fast without the need to call Sony or wait for days before getting support online communities.. Check HDMI ports ; you should test the cables to ensure the problem isn’t from them, check for leaks or any issue, try replacing another cable and if it works it means the previous cable has some fault.. These are some common problems for PS4 users, the list can be longer than the ones we’ve shared, but at some point in time, most PlayStation 4 users encounter some of these problems.

In fact, the console has done so well that it seems to be bogging down the PlayStation Network service – so much so that Sony has even suspended the ability to redeem / access vouchers for the time being.. If this accurately describes your issue (that being largely related to “connectivity”) then you need only give it some time, they’re working on refining the service as we speak.. Unfortunately this means that money cards, product vouchers, PlayStation Plus vouchers, PS3-PS4 upgrade vouchers and any other vouchers for digital content are not redeemable at this stage..”. Specific error codes which might also be related to connectivity issues are:. Similar to the blue lights problem, it’s being reported that issues related to a red line appearing across the screen of consoles is directly caused by the PS4 overheating.

What’s funny is the fact that Sony put a safe mode option in the PS4, but Microsoft does not have a comparable option for the Xbox one, even though everyone knows about safe mode from Windows.. Turning off your PS4 and turning it back on is the same thing as restarting, so if that didn’t fix your problem, let’s move down.. Update System Software – You can use this option to update the PS4 software via Internet, USB or disc.. Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software) – This option is the same as 6, but will delete the system software too.. If your PS4 is not powering on correctly or turns off randomly and gets stuck with a blinking blue light instead of turning white, then you could have a problem with a piece of hardware.. You can do that by going into safe mode, choosing option 4 and then when the console restarts, choosing option 6.. If you have an audio splitter and your center channel is not outputting any audio, you should set the output to Digital Out (Optical) , uncheck DDS5.1, ACC, and DTS5.1 and then check Linear PCM under Audio Format.. To fix that problem, you have to press Options when the disc is playing, go to Settings and chose Bitstream (Direct) under Audio Format .

One of such problems is when your PS4 can’t connect to server.. However, if your internet connection and the router seem to be working fine, perhaps the PSN servers may be down.. First of all, for your PS4 that cannot connect to the server, you must go for power cycling your router – since it is the easiest thing to do without harming your stored data or anything else.. You will plug the cable again into the main power outlet and see if your PS4 can make a connection to the PSN server.. At times, checking your Wi-Fi router thoroughly usually resolves many connection problems.. If your PS4 cannot connect to the server, it would be great if you checked for your router’s firmware.. Therefore, if you come across PS4 not connecting to a PSN error, you would want to restart your PS4 console and see if it helps fix the error.. Restarting the console helps clear the device’s cache; that may be why your PS4 cannot connect to the server.. Next, navigate to the IP address settings and select ‘manual.’ To come to terms with Google DNS settings , you will write for primary DNS settings, while for the secondary, it is Firstly, you will navigate to the settings on your PS4 and select ‘ system software update .’ If the screen shows any update, you will select ‘ update .’ Once you have downloaded the updates on your PS4, you will select ‘ downloads ‘ to install the latest software on the console.. At last, you will restart your PS4 and see if it can connect to the PSN server.. You can try restoring all the settings on your PS4 to default and see if it helps resolve the PS4 that cannot connect to the server error.. Setting up your Wi-Fi manually can resolve the PSN server issues, and you can do it by following the steps given below;. Firstly, you need to move to ‘ settings ‘ and then ‘ network .’ Next, you will select ‘ set up internet connection ‘ and choose ‘ easy ‘ for your WI-Fi.. The solutions mentioned above must help you fix the PS4 that cannot connect to the PSN server issue.

Let’s start with the worst offender – something that has gone by the name of the Blue Line of Death for a lot of years.. In the case of the Xbox 360 and its Red Ring of Death, gamers generally found that there wasn’t a plausible fix.. Some users have found that simply updating their television firmware has revived the video signal – although this is rare as the problem tends to be with the console itself.. Usually, these will become clear and you might only have to repair or replace a small component, rather than the whole console.. The reason this time is very simple – your console has started to overheat.. There are many occasions when this can signal the end of your PS4’s life, but don’t throw it with the trash just yet – there are a couple of things you can do.. Firstly, some users will find that their disc keeps auto ejecting, which obviously causes all sorts of chaos.. Most of the time, when your machine isn’t able to connect to the network, it will mainly because of problems with PSN and their service maintenance cycles.. Some users have found that basic tasks such as “forgetting” and connecting again to the same network works, while simply powering off, unplugging and turning on again in a few minutes has also been known to resolve network issues.

However, Sony's PlayStation 4 console is way ahead in sales than its entrant.. Tons of common and atypical problems and issues have been reported by the users of both next-gen consoles.. According to the latest report by Fixya , a do-it-yourself (DIY) community that suggests simple DIY solutions for electronic devices and consoles' problems and issues, PlayStation 4 issues and problems are getting aggravating.. Console Turning Off (35% of PS4 owners experiencing a problem) No Audio / Video (25%) PS4 Freezing (20%) Disc Drive Problems (10%) Other Technical Issues (10%). The most common PlayStation 4 issue that was reported by 35% Fixya members who own Sony's latest console is the PlayStation power/turning off problem.. Obvious by name, the power issue is associated with turning off and on of the console.. Before plugging it back in, users can also carefully open the hard drive to see if there is any issues with the disc drive that are causing the problem.. Common problems related to the PlayStation 4 audio and video issues can be solved at home through the following suggested steps:. Check if your PlayStation 4 is experiencing a blinking red or blue indicator light.. Examine your HDMI cable and/or the HDMI ports on your television for any issues, as sometimes the PlayStation 4 will not display audio or video despite the issue not being a result of the console malfunctioning.. According to the reports, this problem occurs specifically when users are trying to update their console via PlayStation Network and using it to play video game content.

When the PS4 disc drive malfunctions in any way, you may find that it won't take new discs, won't read discs, or will refuse to eject your discs.. When a PlayStation 4 has trouble handling discs, it's due to physical hardware, the console firmware that controls everything, or damaged discs.. The disc drive mechanism itself may be broken, the disc sensor or eject button may be broken, or there may be a bug or corruption in the firmware that prevents the system from accepting, reading, or ejecting discs, or any combination of those problems.. This problem happens when there is already a disc in the system, when the disc you're trying to insert is dirty or damaged, or the system doesn't recognize that you're trying to insert a disc.. The disc drive itself may also be damaged or have a firmware problem.. You can always eject the disc using the manual eject screw, but fixing the problem may be more difficult.. If you're having disc handling issues with your PS4 and it won't take, read, or eject a game or movie disc, use these troubleshooting steps to get it working again.. If you're trying to eject a disc from your PS4 and nothing happens, or you're unsure if there is a disc in the system, you can use the manual eject screw to remove anything currently in the drive and start fresh.. Carefully holding the PS4 so that the disc slot points down may help the disc come free.. If you're sure there is no disc currently in the system, the disc you're trying to insert may be dirty or damaged.. If you're still unable to insert a disc, or the PS4 won't read your disc, set aside the disc you were working with and try a different one.. Try a variety of PS4 game discs and DVD or Blu-Ray discs if you have them to see if the system will accept and read any of them.. If too much dust has accumulated in the drive, or the rollers are dirty, it may refuse to take in new discs or read any disc currently in the system.. Remove the top cover of your PS4 and physically inspect the disc drive.. If any foreign objects have been allowed to enter the disc slot, you may find them jammed inside the disc drive.

Your external hard drive is not compatible with your PlayStation 4 There’s another drive connected to the console The drive has faulty cables or ports The drive is corrupted The game data is corrupted Your drive is suffering from overheating Your drive has hardware damage The PS4 is functioning poorly The PS4 system data is corrupted. External Drive PropertyRequirement for PS4PS4 system software4.50 or newerType of USB interfaceUSB 3.0 or newerStorage capacity250GB minimum, 8TB maximumEncryptionNo encryption on storageNumber of partitions1Drive formatexFATYour drive could have the wrong format, and not always can the PlayStation format the storage.. Plug your drive on your Windows PC Go to This PC Right-click the drive Select Properties On the General tab , check the File System. Plug your drive into the PC Go to This PC Right-click the drive Select Format Select exFAT or FAT32 Leave “ Allocation ” on default Press Start , and wait for the process to finish. Plug the drive on your Windows PC Go to This PC Right-click the drive Select Properties Go to the Tools tab Select Check on Error Checking. Turn off the console Unplug all of its cables for 30 seconds While the console has no cables, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds Plug its cables back in, including the hard drive Turn the console back on again. Power cycle the console With the console off, press and hold the power button for about seven seconds, after you hear a second beep Connect your PS4 controller via USB cable, and press the PS button You’re now in Safe Mode.. Power cycle the console Plug the cables back Press and hold the power button for about seven seconds until you hear a second beep Connect your DualShock controller via USB, and press the PS button In Safe Mode , select Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software) The PS4 will download and install the system software.. Plug the USB drive on your PC Format the drive to FAT32 or exFAT Create a folder within the drive with the name “ PS4 .” Create a subfolder within PS4 with the name “ UPDATE ” (don’t use the quotation marks on either name).. Save the PS4UPDATE.PUP inside the UPDATE folder Plug the USB drive on the PS4 console Start the console in Safe Mode (turn it off, and then press and hold the power button until you hear a second beep) Select Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software) Select Update from USB Storage , and the OK. After the process finishes, please try power cycling the console and plugging your external HDD drive while the console is off.. Connect the drive to your Mac PC Open the Disk Utility app Select the drive on the app Click on Erase at the top Add a name to the disk, and select exFAT as format Click Erase to finish. Plug the drive on your PC Open the Disk Utility app Select the drive on the left column Check on Format under its name. Plug a FAT32 or exFAT USB drive or external HDD into the PS4 Go to Settings Go to System Select Back Up and Restore Select Back Up Confirm the data you’d like to save. Plug the USB drive with the backup data on the PS4 Go to Settings Go to System Select Back Up and Restore Select Restore PS4 Select the backup files

Login into the email account you used to set up your PSN account.. Note: If plenty of time has passed since you created your PSN account, the link in the email they sent you may have expired and you may need to request an additional one by logging into their website and clicking the Resend email button from the website.. Since some users simply couldn’t verify their account because of certain issues with the PSN servers, a logical solution would be to simply create another account and use this one instead.. Create a new user option This should create the local user on the PS4 itself, not a PSN account.. Once the error has occurred on your console, navigate to Settings >> Account Management >> Sign out in order to log out of your account.

Blue Light of Death (BLOD) Repair:. If you pop in a DVD and it reads it, but it’s not reading games, then the issue is almost definitely with the laser.. All disc-based consoles use lasers to read discs and, consequently, a faulty or damaged laser means discs may not play.. This can happen for different reasons but the most prevalent is a bad update or game save; if there was a WiFi drop or power cut during an update, then this fault can develop.. So what causes this issue?. We can replace or repair the modules and antenna to make sure the PS4 is back online and connecting to controllers too.. We de-solder the defective chip from the motherboard and solder in a new chip and carry-out our normal testing i.e. play games at work!. Above is a summary of the most common PS4 repairs that we see at our repair centre.

Dust clogging up the device Faulty power cable Faulty USB, HDMI cables Faulty Wall-outlet A software problem or technical glitch. And, if it still doesn’t work, try replacing the power cable and check if the issue has been resolved.. Apart from the power cables, HDMI and USB cables may also be faulty, causing the ‘PS4 not turning on’ problem.. Try to fix the issue by starting the PlayStation 4 in safe mode with the below-stated techniques.. Turn off your PlayStation system, remove the HDD and turn it on.. However, re-building the database will remove all of your data on the HDD inserted in your PlayStation.. Once connected, launch the software, select what to recover, scan the HDD, and recover the files.. Now that you have recovered all of your PS4 game files, you can start re-building the PS4 database to fix the problem.. To fix the problem, you may try out all effective methods shared in this blog, including replacing USB/HDMI/power cables, replacing faulty wall-outlet, power cycling, starting PS4 in safe mode, and re-building the PS4 database.. If even a data recovery software fails to retrieve your game data, it’s time to take your PS4 to an authorized service center.

Cool down PS4 Clean the game disc Restart the PS4 console Free up PS4 system space Install game and software updates Check hard drive for errors Restore software to defaults. Note: This method is only available in situation that you encounter the PS4 crashing issue while playing games with a game disc.. According to a survey, deleting apps or games, capture gallery, and saved game data can release much space for the PS4 system.. Step 1: See how much space each game is taking up by clicking Settings > System Storage Management > Applications .. Step 2: Choose the game that you would like to delete and then click Delete .. Tip: Though your chosen games can be deleted through this operation, their saved data aren’t deleted.. Step 1: Click on Settings > Applications Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Delete .. Note: If you want to keep the saved game data but remove it from PS4, click the Copy to USB Storage Device option in the Saved Data in System Storage section to back up the data.. Step 3: Click on the unwanted game to view its all the saved game files.. Note: You can delete saved game data by pressing the Options button and choose Select Multiple Applications after seeing the games with the saved data.. Then, install the hard drive back to your PS4 console and play the game again to see if the error is fixed.

The console is perfected and improved with many hardware upgrades but the PS5 error codes still exist to an extent that they add flaws to the console.. The error code ‘CE-34878-0’ on the PS4The error ‘CE-34878-0’ most notably occurs to indicate that the currently running game or application has crashed.. Error codes on the Playstation 4 & 5 systems consist of a hyphen code .. At some point, the game files or its updates may have gone corrupt during the Installation process.. The disc drive or a defective power supply can cause errors like these while running your games.. How to transfer Games PS4 Now simply head to the Storage options in Settings and into your main System Storage Location.. Once in the ‘Applications’ list, you can click on the options button on the Dualshock 4 to select which games you want to transfer over to your External HDD device.. You can update the Playstation 4 software manually by heading into the system settings and selecting software.. Select the 3rd option of ‘Update System Software’ to begin the process via USB or the Internet.. The PS4 should be able to detect the update file without any issue and install the system software update.. Head back onto your Console and check if the error CE-34878-0 still exists in the game.. How to update games on PS4It should be a universal fact in the gaming world that updates for games help maintain its ecosystem.. But for some reason, you might be required to scan for them manually via the options menu on PS4 Video Games so that you can prevent errors like CE-34878-0 to take place on the system.. They can also verify the integrity of game files on Steam or repair game Files on the Battle Net game launcher.. Moreover, the issue might resolve but it may possess your system again since of course, it’s a “Common Error” of the console.

In some cases, users might receive an error message that the USB storage device is not connected .. Now, the external hard drive should be able to work on your PS4.. It’s possible that the PS4 external hard drive not working might come up with data loss issue.. Step 1 : Connect the PS4 external hard drive to your computer.. This post has introduced how to fix “PS4 external hard drive stopped working” issue in 2 different cases and provided the way to recover data from a PS4 external hard drive.

The errors that I encounter were the following CE-33984-7 (Cannot obtain an IP address within the time limit), NW-31456-9 (Cannot connect to the server with the time limit), NP-37637-6 (An error has occurred - which is in relation to failing to connect to psn), NW-31204-0 (Cannot connect to the Server), NW-31201-7 (Cannot connect to the Server) .. If you have 2 groups of numbers, the first will be your Primary DNS and the Second will be your Secondary DNS - if it only shows you one group of numbers enter this group of numbers as both your Primary DNS and Secondary DNS.. REMEMBER, IF THE VALUE YOU ARE ENTERING INTO THE PS4 ISN'T A GROUP OF 4 NUMBERS SEPARATED BY 3 DECIMALS WHERE EACH NUMBER RANGES BETWEEN 0 AND 255, IT IS NOT THE RIGHT NUMBER TRY LOOKING FOR IT AGAIN.. These numbers are safe numbers due to being out of the DHCP range your network uses (meaning that those DNS Servers are not in use by other objects on your network) as well as being Google's public DNS numbers.. If you have a Linksys router, you have to go to Setup -> Basic Setup, then look under Network Setup for "IP Address Range:" this will show you something like and a range next to it will be anything from 2 to 254, often the range will be only around 50 number wide.. Here you will see the first 3 numbers of your IP Address/Default Gateway locked in a grey box and the 4th number will be a 2 in the "Single/Start IP Address" and a 254 in the "Finish IP Address".. For NETGEAR we will go to Basic -> Attached Devices, here we can see the IP Addresses that are currently taken and so now we can go ahead and pick a random number that isn't among the list of other numbers (we will just use 8 for this example, however make sure it doesn't match any other IP that is visible) we will now go back into our command prompt/terminal and type in: ping If you are using any router, the first 3 numbers (represented by the xs') are the original 3 numbers of your IP Address/Default Gateway and the 8 is a random number that hasn't been used by any other Object on your Network.. Now you will be able to download the update and fix the NP-37637-6 error, if error code NW-31204-0 shows up, it means that you did not change your IP Address to the new one, if error code NW-31201-7 shows up it means that you changed your DNS's to the new static IP Address.. PROTECTION & SPEED MODE : if you're NAT Type is not Type 2 (you can check this when you test your connection or in View Connection Status, which can all be found in Settings -> Network) you are going to want to forward a few ports to your PS4 (I would do this regardless of whether or not your connection shows as Nat Type 1 or 2 though), you can do this by logging into your router once more and finding the Port Forwarding/Port Triggering tab.

To further help you discern HDMI port or cable issues and other problems, you should verify its power light.. No light: Your console is powered off.. In particular, if you see a white light rather than blue, the issue is the HDMI cable rather than the HDMI port.. Check your TV is set to the correct display channel Unplug the HDMI cable from your console, and try another HDMI device like a laptop.. (Try the same cable as well to identify the culprit) Try reconnecting the HDMI cable to your PlayStation Make sure the HDMI cable and the PS5 have a proper connection.. It could be that your cable is not working.. In that case, rather than seeing a blue light on your console, you’d see typical white light.. The problem may be your TV’s HDMI port as well.. Follow these steps if you’re seeing a blue light or a blinking white light on your console:. We recommend this solution as it resets the configurations to tackle any conflicts between your console, cable, and TV.. Turn on your TV Plug the HDMI cable between the console and the TV (only after you see the white light).. The HDCP is the resolution you’re setting for the PlayStation .. The HDMI cable works with other devices The HDTV port works with other devices Your PlayStation is showing a blinking blue light, a solid blue light, or a blinking white light


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